Heyya guys! Why do I even spell hey like that? NVM that, let's get on to the topic.

As you see, I came up with a new story. This thing has been, i dunno, swimming? In my head these few days. And those few days were exams. Yay~ Holiday!

This is the Prologue (I think so) for my new story! Enjoy minna~

Inazuma Eleven Go does not belong to me. TQ. :)

Tenma's P.O.V.:

Every day… has been hard for me, especially when I'm at school. I've been trying to avoid contact with everyone ever since that happened. That very moment haunted me every time I got into bed. Even with other people.

I guess I'm the only one who can help myself since I'm not brave enough to communicate with others anymore. People taught me as someone who doesn't like to be with others, find other people annoying and someone who prefers to do things alone. But what really bugged me the most is;

"He's such a cold person. I never did talk to him ever since school started."

"Are you sure? He looks like someone who's lonely…"

"Are you blind? He's cold enough that he even sent the teachers shivers down the spine! He's definitely a cold person for sure."

That conversation bothered me every time I'm on my way to school. I've been wondering what the teachers have thought about me. I guess I'm really a cold person until none of the teachers expect more from me. They just wanted me to graduate quickly.

"Am I really that cold of a person? I- I thought…" Before I could finish my sentence, my vision was starting to get blurry. At that moment I cried all I wanted after thinking everything out.

"I-I'm such a cold person… I-I'm not good at making friends anymore… I-I…"

What? What more can I say? What is it that I seek of? Is it… Could it be…?

"…love?" My tears stopped coming out right after then. I guess that's what I really needed. I only needed love and then I'll be fine. I'm sure, definitely sure. I smiled to myself thinking when that moment will come.

"I hope so…" While gazing at the sky, I made my way home.

Tenma became cold... because of that. Don't worry. I'll put that out on another chapter.

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