Skye and Lance have a night off after a mission and take their relationship to the next level. Rated M for steamy romantic content. Happy Birthday, Llwydyn!

Skye hung the dress she'd worn to the party up on its hanger, admiring it before turning to the other dress that hung in her bathroom. Although 'dress' might have been a strong word for it. She slipped it on, flushing slightly in her excitement. The knowledge that Lance was waiting on the other side of the doors for her made her feel slightly dizzy. They'd successfully completed their undercover mission, and she was glad Coulson had let them spend the night in this hotel rather than returning to the Bus and the team. Of course, the Director thought they would have seperate rooms tonight, but Skye had booked the room, and she had other idea. If Lance agreed... Biting her lip, she slipped from the bathroom. Lance was waiting for her, wearing only boxer shorts. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw her in the negligee. A smile blossomed over his face and he met her eyes.

"You're beautiful." Exactly how beautful he found her became obvious very soon. Skye blushed and averted her eyes. Lance reddened slightly, but grinned, beckoning to her.

Skye's smile matched his as she sashayed to the bed, admiring the view his barely-clothed form presented and sat next to him. Leaning forward, she kissed him firmly. He teased her mouth open and their tongues danced. Skye could taste the wine that had been served at the party in his mouth. His hands cupped her face, and she giggled.

"We're actually getting some real alone time," she murmured. They'd been dating for almost a year, but between Coulson, May and the base's security cameras, the chances to be intimate had been so far between as to be nonexistent. Skye had been getting frustrated, and she knew Lance felt the same. Another reason this night off had come at a perfect time.

"Mmm." Lance wrapped his arms around her and began nibbling at her neck, in the way he knew she liked. Skye arched her neck to give him better access, and moved closer, straddling him. His hands rubbed up and down her back, and then he moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She explored the contours of his chest as his lips moved downward, and she sighed in pleasure, a shudder rippling through her.

Skye ran her fingers through her boyfriend's hair as she lay back on the bed, pulling him down on top of her. He was still pleasuring her and Skye arched her back, moaning now. She reached between their bodies to massage him through his shorts. He groaned, shuddering with desire. Skye smiled. Lance's eyes rolled back into his head before he returned his gaze to her.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?" His words were a gasp, but Lance smiled slyly as he slid down her body. Skye fought her gasp of pleasure, determined to make him work for every groan. He was either experienced or very intuitive, she found out quickly- probably both, knowing him! She leaned back, holding her breath to keep from screaming in ecstasy, her body trembling already. She felt tight and hot, and grabbed at the pillows, unable to stop the moan from shuddering through her.

In response, Lance intensified his work. "Don't move," he ordered, smirking arrogantly. Skye couldn't find the will to argue- or care, the way she felt right now...

"I love this!" Skye gasped, fighting to avoid squirming all over the place. She wanted him to take her, right now, but forced herself to remain patient. She thought she was going to explode... when she did, her whole body arched and she screamed his name loudly. Lance jerked away. His eyes were wide as he spluttered a laugh.

"I didn't think I was that good!"

Skye couldn't reply for a moment, panting with the shuddering pleasure still coursing through her. "Not that good," she gasped, trying to roll her eyes. "I'm... out of practice." She didn't think he bought her lie, but she wasn't about to say how good that had been- it was the last thing his ego needed!

'I thought I hurt you with that scream..." he smiled. "I guess the opposite, huh?"

Skye nodded. "You're amazing."

"So are you."

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately for a few minutes, reveling in their pleasure, before their hands found other things to be doing. Skye kissed her lover's neck.

"Are you ready for me?" Lance asked.

"Yes," she replied, slinging a leg over him.

Lance nodded, quickly putting on protection, then moving into position- he was more than ready for this! Both of them let out groans of bliss. Skye kissed his mouth hard, bruising both of their lips, and thrust her tongue into his mouth while he made love to her. He pulled his head back, meeting her eyes before kissing her again, hotly.

Skye broke the kiss to breathe, and, staring into his eyes, had never been happier in her life. She felt like she was ready for anything, like she could take on the world as long as he was at her side. She wrapped her arms round him, holding him tightly. They both were moaning with pleasure. Lance's deep voice contrasted with Skye's higher tone, and a tiny part of her mind hoped these walls were soundproof, or checking out was going to be really embarrassing. The rest of her brain really didn't care- it was too engrossed in the sensations her boyfriend was giving her.

"Lance!" she gasped.

"Skye!" His nails raked down her shoulders, then he collapsed next to her with a shudder, pulling her into his arms.

She smiled at him, snuggling close, brushing her lips on his. "That was amazing."

He caressed her hair. "It was." He'd had other women, obviously, but Skye was something different- none of them since Bobbi had really meant anything to him, and even she'd never invoked the love and protectiveness he felt towards Skye. He knew then for sure that he could never let this woman go. More to the point, he didn't want to do so. "I love you." He stated quietly.

Skye smiled- it was rare for him to say that, so she knew he meant it. "I love you too." She lay down, her head pillowed on Lance's chest as he pulled the covers over them. Soothed by his heartbeat, and warm in his arms, she began to drift off. "You think Coulson will let us share a room back at t'base?" She yawned.

Lance smirked down at her. "Maybe... but you'll have to be the one to ask. I think he'd kill me!" The reasonable part of his mind pointed out that both Coulson and May would eviscerate him if he knew what he'd gotten up to tonight with their surrogate daughter, but lying here, with the most beautiful woman in the world asleep in his arms, and sleepy and sated himself, he couldn't bring himself to care. Nothing could spoil this night... He held his Skye close as sleep claimed him. "Sweet dreams, love."