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They saw the boat in the distance, and with a simple squeeze of her hand, he ran through the brush with her following closely behind.

She stopped a few feet behind him, and watched him light the fire on the shore. Wrapping her arms around her body, she inhaled deeply.

He slowly turned around, and approached her. "Are you ready?" He asked, bending his head to gaze into her eyes.

She licked her lips, and slowly nodded her head. "As I ever will be," She answered, giving a small smile.

He smiled, and lifted his right hand to caress her face, gently. "Let's go home." He whispered, searching her eyes.

She leaned into his hand, and smiled. "Finally," She whispered, wrapping her left arm around his waist, as he followed suit with his right, securing her to his side.

They sat in silence as they were wrapped up in blankets, and given food, wishing they could make it to civilization soon.

She turned her head, and found him staring straight ahead. She knew without asking what he was thinking about. Leaning her head over, she laid it on his shoulder, placing her right hand on his forearm.

She felt him relax underneath her touch, and she smiled, despite everything that happened. She smiled.

They were taken to the hospital when they arrived at Starling City, with him not wanting her out of his sight. They had been through too much to be separated now.

She had placed her hand on his chest, letting him know she would return, and followed the nurse to her room.

After an examination, the doctor told her she was in good physical health considering everything that she had been through. In her mind, she told him he had no idea what she had been through. Instead, she asked if she could return to him, and watched as the doctor deliberated, and finally nodded his head.

The moment she entered the room, she was engulfed in his arms, and felt her body melt into his embrace.

"We're home, Oliver." She whispered, pulling back to look into his eyes.

He smiled, and brushed his hand over her face. "Yeah," He whispered, kissing her forehead, gently.

They heard the doctor outside the door, and another voice. She felt Oliver stiffen, slightly, and she placed her right hand on his chest, trying to give him comfort.

The door opened, but neither turned around, until his name was called.

Slowly, they turned, and she let go of him as he approached his mother.

"Oliver," Moira whispered, tearfully.

He paused for only a second, and let a small smile cross his face. "Mom," He whispered, slowly moving towards his mom, and enveloped her in a hug.

"Oh, my boy, my boy." Moira whispered, over and over again in his ear.

She pulled back, and placed her hands on his face, and tears fell down her face. "You're home." She whispered, shaking her head.

He smiled, and nodded. "I'm home, mom." He whispered, holding her eyes.

Slowly turning his head, he stretched out his left hand, allowing her to come to his side. "Mom, this is a very good friend, Felicity Smoak." He remarked, gazing down into Felicity's eyes.

Moira watched the exchange, and smiled. "It's a pleasure, Felicity." She remarked, stretching out her right hand, allowing Felicity to take her hand in hers, for a small shake.

"Likewise," Felicity whispered, nodding her head.

"Mom, can she stay with us? She doesn't have a place to live." Oliver asked, after a moment.

Moira smiled, and slowly nodded. "There is plenty of room at the mansion." She returned, nodding her head.

Oliver smiled, and turned his gaze to Felicity, who smiled in return. Hidden in the depths of each other's eyes, they saw what Moira didn't recognize. They saw the pain of the past five years, and a hardened core in one of their souls, and the light, in the other, straining to break it.


Moira Queen watched her son hold onto the strange blonde, as if he was afraid to let her go, and something inside her told her that whatever they had been through on that island for five years, made them stronger.

She could see how much her son relied on the blonde, and even though his past didn't help the situation in Moira's mind, she could see that this blonde was different, and she was exactly what her son needed.

They made it to the mansion with Oliver's arm still wrapped around Felicity's waist, making sure that she was there by his side.

Oliver greeted his family with warmth affection, while Felicity stood back and watched. Moira stepped closer to her, and noticed how Felicity flinched at the closeness, but just sent the girl a warm smile.

"I had Raisa prepare a room for you, Felicity." Moira remarked, kindly. "It's next to Oliver's, if that's okay." She added, watching Felicity's eyes meet her, shyly.

"It's perfect. Thank you, Mrs. Queen." Felicity replied, softly, bowing her head.

Moira smiled, and nodded her head. Lowering her eyes, she saw a tiny scar on the side of Felicity's neck, and her heart nearly stopped. It looked like a burn, a very specific kind of burn, but she wasn't sure what.

Placing her hand gently on Felicity's arm, she felt the blonde stiffen for a brief moment, and then relaxed. "Is there anyone we could call for you, dear?" She asked, watching Felicity's eyes fill with tears.

Felicity shook her head. "No, thank you." She answered, politely.

At the question, Oliver moved closer to her, and Moira watched as Felicity seemed to blend into Oliver's side. She smiled, and gave her son a nod of approval. Whatever this girl's story was, for some reason, she was grateful that her son was helping her.

Oliver introduced Felicity to his sister, and smiled as Thea welcomed her with open arms. He turned his gaze to his mother, and watched as Moira leaned into Walter's side. He knew something was going on, and he wanted to know what.


That night Felicity sat next to Oliver at the dinner table, with Thea on the other side of her, and listened to his best friend Tommy Merlyn talk about Super Bowls and everything else that has happened since they disappeared.

Oliver snuck a glance towards Felicity, and smiled, comfortingly towards her as she listened to everyone around her.

Raisa, who had been coming around Oliver, tripped, and in a second Oliver caught her, and the bowl. In fluent Russian, Oliver told her it was alright, and there was no harm done when she apologized.

Felicity snuck glances towards the others, and noticed how shocked they seemed at his reaction and speech. Biting her bottom lip, she gazed at Oliver, and watched him nod, and answer Walter's question.

She toned out when Oliver made a mention of Walter sleeping with his mother. She lifted her eyes, and found him standing, and reached his left hand out towards her. Nodding her head, discreetly, she stood up, and nodded to the rest of them, taking his hand, and followed him out of the dining room towards their rooms.

She bowed her head as he entered his room, and followed him after. "That was interesting." She whispered, as he closed the door behind them.

He sighed, and slowly turned around. "I knew things would be different, but…" He began, slowly shaking his head.

She nodded, and pressed her hand to his chest. "Give it time, Oliver." She whispered, as he pulled her into his embrace.

"I'm sorry my mom asked about your family." He whispered, placing his lips on the top of her head.

She sighed, and wrapped her arms around his waist, securely. "She didn't know, Oliver. It's okay." She whispered, feeling his arms wrap around her back.

He sighed, and kissed her head once again. "Tomorrow, I'm going out with Tommy." He whispered, softly.

"I heard." She whispered in return.

He closed his eyes, and pulled back to gaze into her eyes. "Felicity," He began, searching her blue eyes. "I want you to come with us, but…"

"You need to go, and make amends." She finished, nodding her head.

He smiled, and placed his forehead on hers. "You always knew what I wanted to say, before I said it." He whispered, feeling her shoulders shrug.

"Perks of being stranded on an island with you," She remarked, feeling his lips touch her forehead, gently.

He shook his head, and pulled back to gaze into her eyes. "Is that the only reason?" He asked, softly, a slow smirk appearing on his face.

She smiled, and felt a blush appear on her face. "No, it's not." She whispered in a soft answer.

He bent his head, and softly rubbed his nose over hers. "You're safe now, Felicity." He whispered, feeling her melt against him.

"I know, Oliver." She whispered, lifting her face to his.

He smiled, and leaned ever so closely to brush his lips over hers. "Are you going to be alright tonight?" He asked, softly.

She lowered her eyes, and slowly nodded. "It'll be different." She answered, lifting her eyes to meet his.

He stroked her face, and sighed. "If you need to come to me…" He whispered, holding her eyes.

She smiled, and placed her right hand on his chest. "I know where to find you." She returned, lifting her face to kiss his lips. "Good night, Oliver." She whispered, stepping back, moving her right to his right hand, and held it as she stepped back towards the door.

"Good night, Felicity." He whispered, smiling softly as she left the room. The smile faded as the door closed, and his closed his eyes.

This would be the first time in five years they ever slept apart.


Felicity sat up from the floor, and gasped as she felt a disturbance in the other room. Standing up quickly, she rushed towards his room, and found the door opened. Shaking her head, she ran inside, and stopped Moira from touching Oliver as he groaned in his sleep.

"Let me," She whispered, bending beside him. Glancing at Moira, whose face was etched with worry, she turned back to Oliver, and softly touched his face. "Oliver," She whispered, feeling the rain beat down on the side of her face. "Oliver, wake up." She whispered, instantly reacting as he almost grabbed her to toss her on the floor.

Blocking his advance, she landed on her back, with his eyes becoming focused, causing him to blink several times.

"Felicity," He whispered, pulling his arm from her grip, and shook his head. "Oh, my Felicity," He whispered, pulling her up into his arms, and held her close.

She nodded, and ran her hand over the back of his head. Lifting her gaze to Moira, she nodded. "I'm here, Oliver. I'm here." She whispered, over and over again, not caring that the rain soaked her clothes.

Moira lifted her face to her husband, and leaned into his side. Her son was damaged, but from the sight of the blonde girl, she knew he was going to be alright. Bending down, she placed her hand on her son's back, and waited for Oliver to turn his head and looked at her.

Oliver flinched, and realized his mom had seen it all. "I'm sorry, mom." He whispered, shaking his head.

Moira smiled, and shook hers. "It's okay, Oliver." She returned, soothingly, wanting to make whatever he went through disappear.

He nodded, and reached for her, knowing that she wanted to hold him, and pulled her into his embrace.

That night, Felicity slept in his arms.


He stroked her face, gently, before Tommy came to pick him up, and smiled, tenderly. "Are you going to be alright?" He asked, searching her eyes.

Felicity nodded, and sighed. "I'll be fine." She replied, straightening his coat. "You go play catch up with Tommy." She added, lowering her eyes.

He lifted his left hand, and cupped it underneath her chin. "I'll be a phone call away if you need anything." He whispered, holding her eyes.

She smiled, and nodded. "I know." She whispered, placing her right hand on his chest. "Be careful." She whispered, worry leaking into her words.

He smiled, and kissed her forehead, longingly. "Always," He whispered, stepping back, and touched her face with his left hand.

She smiled, and watched him walk out of the house.

Two hours later, she heard that he had been kidnapped, and she prayed, prayed that he wouldn't kill the kidnappers.

The answer was no.


After he gave his statement to Detective Lance, he found her in his room with the window open, and staring out.

Her blonde hair was down, and flowed halfway down her back. She was wearing shorts and a tank, and looked relaxed as the wind blew her hair. She turned her head, and in her eyes, he saw what he needed to see.

Sighing, he closed the door, and approached her. "I'm sorry." He whispered, sitting down on the window bench next to her.

She shook her head, and placed her right hand on his arm. "From what you said, you had no choice, Oliver." She replied, shaking her head once again.

He sighed, and threaded his fingers through hers. "I saw Laurel." He whispered, feeling her hand clench under his.

She swallowed, and lowered her head. "And…" She barely whispered.

He tilted his head to the side, and gently pulled her into his lap. "She said she wished I had died instead of Sara."

She heard his distress, and placed her left hand on his chest. "You can't blame yourself for her death, Oliver." She whispered, placing her head on his chest.

He sighed, and placed his cheek on her head. "I know." He whispered, holding her close.

She sighed, and closed her eyes. She felt his right hand at her back, lazily drawing circles over her bare skin where her tank had ridden up.

"I found the perfect place." He whispered, hearing her moan.

"Did you?" She asked, lifting her face to look into his eyes.

He smiled, and nodded. "I figured we can go check it out tomorrow, if you like?" He asked, watching her eyes light up with the possibility.

"Anywhere with you," She vowed, watching him smile, and lean forward to kiss her lips.


She couldn't stop laughing as they ran down the street after escaping from Oliver's new bodyguard, John Diggle. It was the first time she had laughed since being rescued from the island.

Oliver chuckled with her, and shook his head, as he held her hand. They entered the building, and Felicity's eyes widened.

"Oh, Oliver, it's perfect." She replied, looking around. She turned, and saw his smile, and returned to him. "What?" She asked, placing her hands on his chest, as his hands rested on her lower back.

He shook his head, slowly. "You just look so beautiful when you get excited." He whispered, watching her blush.

She placed her forehead on his chest, and slowly shook her head. She felt his lips on the back of her head and she lifted her head as he turned them around, and walked towards the back door.

"There is a basement down here, where we can set up our operations." He replied, leading her down the stairs.

She nodded, and slowly looked around. "It's going to need some work." She remarked, walking around.

He nodded, and folded his arms over his chest. "Well, I figured we could fix it up in a few days, together." He added, watching her turn to look at him.

She smiled, moved towards him, her hips, swaying slightly in the knee length skirt she had borrowed from Thea, and the sweater top to match. "Together." She whispered, placing her hands on his chest.

He nodded, and placed his forehead on hers. "Always."

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