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~Five Years Earlier~

(Everything from Oliver's arrival to being taught by Yao Fei, and then captured by Edward Fyers happened like the show.)

He was taken by the arm towards the large tent with a curly sandy brown haired man sitting at a desk. He turned his head, and saw a young woman sitting at a small table with a frown on her face. He caught her eyes, and saw the sadness in her depths.

His eyes held hers, and something told him that she was a prisoner here too.

Fyers smiled as he followed the eyes, and focused on the young man in front of him. "Pretty, isn't she?" He asked, turning his gaze to the blonde woman, who bowed her head in disgust.

Oliver swallowed, and watched as she glared at the man at the desk. Apparently there was no love lost there. "Who…who is she?" He asked in a stutter.

Fyers smiled, and snuck a glance towards the woman. "No one you need to concern yourself with." He remarked, leaning back in the chair.

Oliver swallowed, and glanced at the woman once more. He saw her turn her gaze to his, and saw her sympathy. Something about her drew him to her, and he didn't know why.

"I want to know about this man." Fyers remarked, watching Oliver's eyes glance at the photo he showed him, and stiffen slightly. He smirked, knowing that the boy knew the man in the picture.

"I've never seen him before." Oliver returned, shaking his head, slightly.

Fyers smiled, and let out a chuckle. "Now, you see, I can tell you are a poor liar." He remarked, leaning forward to place the photo on the table.

Oliver lifted his eyes, and slowly swallowed. "My family…is rich." He stuttered, giving a quick glance to the girl at the table. "They will pay whatever you want for my return." He added, shaking his head.

Fyers chuckled, and glanced at the girl. "Nice try, but I only want one thing." He began, moving a finger to the photo. "I know you know." He added, lowering his voice.

Oliver closed his mouth, and didn't say a word. How could he turn in a man who had saved his life, and started to teach him survival?

Fyers smirked, and leaned back. "I admire your loyalty, but it is misled." He stated, lifting his right hand. "Perhaps we can get the information in a different way."

Oliver heard the girl gasp, lowly, and glanced towards her. His heart stung in his chest as she displayed fear and horror in her eyes.

"You know what to do." Fyers remarked, smiling.

Oliver felt a hand grip his arm, and dragged him out of the tent, all the while he gazed into the blonde girl's blue eyes, and his heart hammered in his chest.


Oliver hung against the pole in the tent with his shirt sticking to him from the blood coming from his wounds. His bowed his head, and let out short breathes to calm down after the man with the black and yellow mask had tortured him with a long knife.

He heard someone enter, and slowly he braced himself. Opening his eyes, he found himself gazing into the eyes of the woman he had seen earlier. "Who…?" He began, watching her smile in a comforting way.

"My name is Felicity." She whispered, moving his shirt out of the way, and grimaced at his wounds. "Oh, God," She whispered, shaking her head.

He grunted, and watched as her hands tore a piece of her long shirt, and tried to wipe the blood away. "Why are you helping me?" He asked, softly.

She lifted her eyes, and sighed. "Because you need it," She answered, softly.

He sighed, and grunted lowly as she pressed hard.

"I'm sorry, but you're bleeding worse." She remarked, pressing the cloth to his side.

He grimaced, and watched her face fill with concern. "I'm Oliver." He whispered, thinking it would take his mind off the pain.

She smiled, and tilted her head to the side. "Nice to meet you, Oliver," She returned, pleasantly.

He smiled, despite the predicament they were in, and nodded. "You too, Felicity," He returned, groaning. "Why are you here?" He asked, lifting his eyes to hers.

She sighed, and turned her head to the side to see if anyone was behind her. "Fyers kidnapped me, thinking I would help him." She answered, shaking her head.

"Why?" He asked with a shiver as her hands tended to his wounds as best she could.

"Because I'm a tech nerd," She answered, shrugging her shoulders.

He nodded, and groaned as she pressed against one of his wounds once again.

"I'm sorry." She remarked, shaking her head. "It's just, you bleeding." She added, placing her hand on his chest.

He chuckled, and shook his head. "I don't need to be told that." He whispered, watching her smile.

Footsteps could be heard outside the tent. Felicity stiffened, and he watched as fear crept on her face.

"Felicity, go," He whispered, holding her eyes.

She sighed, and stepped back. "I'll come back if I can." She replied, heading out the back of the tent.

Oliver groaned as his torturer came back inside. Another round, it seemed was in the books for him.


He had escaped, returned, and captured again all in the next few days, and it had proved to be fruitless for him. He had returned for the man who had saved him, and for some reason he thought he might be able to save her, but he couldn't find her in time.

Oliver sat in the cage, and groaned as it swayed back and forth. He lifted his eyes to find Yao Fei standing before him with a soft look in his eyes. He wanted to know the truth. He wanted to know why. After everything, was he working for them?

Yao Fei didn't say a word, only placed a cup of water on the cage, and walked away; hating that he couldn't help the boy.

Oliver groaned, and kicked the can to the ground.

"What did the can ever do to you?"

He lifted his eyes, and sighed, as he saw her approached, quietly. "Felicity," He whispered, moving to side up.

She smiled, and grasped the cage. "Oliver, you should have stayed away." She whispered, shaking her head, her face turning to a solemn expression. "They'll kill you." She added, tears springing to her eyes.

He shook his head, and sighed. "My family probably thinks I am, why not make it true?" He asked, sarcastically.

Felicity shook her head, and reached through bars, trying to reach him. "No, you can't give up." She replied, shaking her head.

He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Then get me out of here." He whispered, watching fear reach her eyes.

"I can't." She whispered, shaking her head. "I want to." She added, sincerely.

He sighed, and closed his eyes. "Sure," He whispered, though he knew that she did.

She sighed, and placed her forehead on one of the bars. "If you get a chance, run, Oliver, and don't look back." She whispered, feeling a hand touch hers on the bars.

She smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "Remember," She whispered, holding his as she stepped back, her heart pounding in her chest.

He felt his hand tingle as it had touched hers, and he his heart beat hard in his chest. Something in her eyes made him want to protect her, even though he was horrible at that kind of protection, but something about her called to him. "What's your last name?" He asked, watching her smile.

"Smoak," She answered, after a moment. "Felicity Smoak," She added, watching him smile.

"I'm Oliver Queen." He whispered in return, softly.

Felicity smiled, and felt a shiver run through her body. "I better get back before they realize I'm gone." She returned, softly. "Remember what I said, Oliver. Run and don't look back." She stated, firmly, shaking her head.

Oliver swallowed, and slowly nodded, though a part of him knew he wasn't going to follow through with that promise. He was horrible at keeping promises, and this was definitely one he wasn't going to follow.


He returned for her days later, and for Yao Fei, and fought his way to get to her.

Holding her hand, he guided her through the firefight, trying their best not to get shot. They had lost Yao Fei on the way for reasons they had yet to know, but had gained a friend in one Slade Wilson.

Felicity sat on the other side of Slade, and helped to hold him, even though it wasn't necessary as Oliver dug the bullet out of his shoulder.

She walked to the doorway of the broken plane as Oliver and Slade discussed what they were going to do now.

"Are you okay?" Oliver asked, standing next to her.

Felicity slowly nodded. "Yeah," She remarked, folding her arms over her chest. "I told you not to come back for me, Oliver." She stated, shaking her head.

Oliver bowed his head, and sighed. "I couldn't leave you back there, Felicity." He replied, watching her shake her head once again.

"You put yourself in more danger by bringing me here." She replied, softly, shakily.

Oliver turned his head to find Slade listening, though he was pretending not to. "Why?" He asked, after a moment.

"Because what Fyers is planning, he can't complete without me, and he will stop at nothing to get me back." She whispered, tears appearing in her eyes.

Oliver sighed, and shook his head. "What is he planning?" He asked, watching her slowly turn to face him.

"He wants to shoot some plane down using a missile system I designed, and one that only I have the codes for." She stated, shaking her head.

Oliver closed his eyes.

"Oh, Oliver, I'm so sorry." Felicity whispered, shaking her head, and turning from him.

"What does he want with Yao Fei?" Slade asked, stepping towards him.

Felicity sniffed, and bowed her head. "He wants to use Yao Fei as a scapegoat, and then he plans to kill him." She whispered, lowering her eyes.

"What does he have on Yao Fei?" Oliver asked, for some reason knowing that Yao Fei would never do what Fyers is wanted him to do.

She sighed, and lowered her head. "His daughter," She answered, begrudgingly.

Slade groaned, and closed his eyes, as he turned around.

Oliver shook his head, and bowed his head after a moment.

Felicity bit her bottom lip, and started out of the plane, only to have a hand stop her. She turned her head, and sighed as he found Oliver holding her arm with his hand.

"We'll figure something out to stop this." He whispered, firmly.

She moved her eyes to Slade, who was staring at the young man with new recognition, and watched him nod in approval. Sighing, she slowly nodded. "Alright," She whispered, not fully understanding why she trusted him or even believed him, but she did, and it was enough for her.

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