Please note this will have 2 OCs and if you do not like them or think they are too OP then too bad don't flame and secondly for gods sake its called a mary sue after star trek character Lieutenant Mary Sue no matter the gender it is still called a mary sue not a fucking gary stu! Because only fucking idiots say that anyways on with the story. Also Charlotte will be 17 and Tabane will be 19 and too add realism Chifuyu Orimura's will be 21 as her and Tabane were childhood friends. Please note that Ichika is still 15

P.S. Your grade doesn't affect what homeroom your in.

Here is a short bio for the first OC.


Joseph Hono

Age: 16

IS Hellfire

Generation +

While this doesn't evolve on it's own Dr. Mugen can modify it as this was Mugen's first IS

Hellfire v1



prototype Mugen core Inferno

*please note v1 can not fly


Chapter 1 The badass arrives

please note that this will start at the beginning of epsisode 2

(homeroom before match)

This is our new student Joseph Hono not much about him is known other then he is sponsored by the mysterious Dr. Mugen, it is even said that he knows the elusive Dr. himself. Ms. Yamada announced. In walked a boy with spikey blonde hair, dark sunglasses, a leather jacket and combat boots on his left wrist there was a studded leather bracelet. He goes and sits in the desk in the far back corner opposite from the window. When Cecilia mentions the duel Joseph speaks up he says " now it wouldn't be a very fair fight if a new pilot had to vs an experienced IS pilot all by himself so I will fight on his side to even things out abit."

(At the match Joeseph pushed a red button on the bottom of the bracelet)

The bracelet transforms into a spiked one and a Red, orange and black IS appeared.

It looked almost demonic in shape. Having a flamethrower on its wright wrist and no other apparent weapons.

Ichika then got in his IS and the match began when blue tears was visible in the sky.

"Ichika I need you to ground her IS so I can pummel it." Joseph said.

Cecilia then fires a laser beam at Ichika.

He then falls and hits the ground.

Ichika then draws his sword.

Ichika then rockets skyward and tries to strike blue tears from above forcing her to land.

This results in Hellfire hitting blue tears with a haymaker, sending her spinning.

"Hey Ichika I thought this skirt would be tougher but it looks like she is all bark no bite!" Joseph yells.

"How dare you insult me, Cecilia Alcott representative of england" Cecilia roared in fury charging straight towards Joseph.

Joseph stepped to the side and clothes-lined the charging IS then attacked with a torrent from his flamethrower. Cecilia flew skyward and Ichika used all his energy in an attack causing his IS to shut down. B;ue Tears then fired a barrage of laser beams from her sniper rifle to defeat Hellfire.

"It looks like it's my win then!" Cecilia exclaimed. When suddenly her IS lurched downward as it ran out of power causing her to face-plant.


"That new boy just stood up for that idiot Ichika and offered to help him so the match would be fair, so brave..." Cecilia thought to her self.