Chapter 4

Ryuu's POV

Today I was given a new more secure room in which a small suite was surrounded by a larger room that could accommodate not two but 4 people within it giving one extra slot on the outside room that outside room was then attached to the regular dorms. The three bodyguards were; my old roommate Charlotte Dunois who received the order from the French government to protect me, a new student from Germany named Laura Bodewig, and Tatenashi Sarashiki the Russian representative.

Houki's POV (night time in the arena)

Of course I have heard the news thats supposed to be secret and of course I also lied to everyone earlier about having no way to contact Tabane.

I reluctantly dial the number

"Hows it going sis" an overly cheerful and slightly agitating childlike voice comes from the other end.

"Hey sis I have some information that you'd be interested in." I way

"Well what is it, spill spill" my hyperactive older sister responds

"Not so fast sis we help each other it's a two way streak after all' I say annoyed at my sisters disregard for the effort helping her took.

"I already know and have completed your IS, so what do you have for me, everyones favorite genius" Tabane said

"Fine here it is Dr. Mugen is at IS acadamy right now" I whispered into the phone.

"WHAT! REALLY?" Tabane shrieked.

Dr. Mugen being one of the only people she wanted to meet