?: Soo...what are you doing here?

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?: And what happens to the main character?

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Draconis: Yeah I guess.

Dragon of the Elements.

Chapter 1

To Become One with a Super Pervert.

Draconis: Begin!

Edit: I forgot to add the Disclaimer. I do not own Highschool DxD. It is owned by Ichiei Ishibumi


In Underworld's capitol, Hades stood a single man, a single devil in the courtyard of the castle. "Hmm.." He said watching a screen he had made of his own magic. The man had long crimson hair, and wore a blue mantle and dark-silverish armor with gold lining. This man was Lucifer Sirzechs, the Lord of the Devils.

On the screen was a battle, not taking place in his own world, but a battle nonetheless. It showed a man with similarly colored hair as Sirzechs, but shorter. The man wore a tattered red chinashirt and matching red pants, as well as a black jacket. Across from him stood a shirtless man with black eyes, yellow irises, and regally cut hair, wearing gray martial artist's pants. He was muscled, much more so than his opponent who had a leaner build. In this man's hand was a glowing blade of white. Looking at it made Sirzechs uncomfortable, so he refocused on the other man.

"Lord Sirzechs, what are you doing out here?" Sirzechs turned his head to find a woman walking up to him with silver hair, braided in the front along her face, but tied in the back making it look thicker. She wore a blue/white maid's outfit.

"Oh, it's just you Grayfia." Sirzechs said. "I'm merely watching this battle."

"Oh. You've been interested in that man for quite awhile." Grayfia said. "I still believe those cat ears on the head of the red haired one look out of place on such a serious man." She said with a smile.

"Yes. I've researched his entire history in my spare time. He's of the Kuroshi Youkai Dragon Clan. He's the last male of their kind to boot." Sirzechs said.

"The Kuroshi? You mean the allies of that Cat Demon Clan, who your own clan made an alliance with during the war?" Grayfia asked.

"The very same." Sirzechs said. "It's a shame that he's the only one left in the present day of his world."

"Present day of his world?" Grayfia asked.

"He and his sister found a way to transverse time itself." Sirzechs said. "She's gone, but he still fights to this minute."

"I'll make you pay for what you did to my family and I, Forbesii!" The crimson haired man shouts.

"We'll see about that, Kenshin." The muscled man, known as Forbesii said.

"Kuroshi Kenshin." Sirzechs said.

"I believe it would be Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin, My Lord." Grayfia said. "He has the ears of those Cat Youkai."

"Ah, of course." Sirzechs said. He watched as Forbesii began to brutalize the one known as Kenshin after a short offensive from Kenshin.

"Oh dear. He's being demolished." Grayfia said, concern in her voice.

"He and his sister fought a god prior to this fight, he's rightfully exhausted." Sirzechs said.

"A god? Interesting." Grayfia said.

Two other demons came to Kenshin's aid. "Those are his parents." Sirzechs said. Grayfia nodded and watched as Kenshin blinded Forbesii and hacked off his sword arm, and restrained him while the male demon hit Forbesii with his strongest attack. "...I want to bring him here." Sirzechs said.

"The one known as Kenshin?" Grayfia asked as the attack progressed through the course of five strikes.

"Yes, I've looked through his history as I said, he's a tortured soul who is hounded to his doom by the very world he just saved, in the present era of that world." Sirzechs said. "There's no future in that for him...even if he has comrades, the world will seek to take them away until he's so lost in despair that he takes his own life. Especially since his only means of refuge from it, an organization called Rikudou was completely annihilated."

"You sympathize with him don't you?" Grayfia asked. "That's why you want to bring him here, to give him an escape from it all."

"Well that's part of it." Sirzechs said. "I was hoping to have him and Rias encounter one another."

"Are you still concerned about the Phenex clan?" Grayfia asked.

"Somewhat, among other things. Our hands are tied at the moment." Sirzechs said. "I was hoping this one could befriend and protect her when necessary." "She has her pieces, but she doesn't have a full set."

The two watched as Forbesii and Kenshin crashed into the ground and Forbesii vanished. "You know, if Rias finds out you did this, I can't imagine she'd be too thrilled about it." Grayfia said. "Unless she needs it she'd rather you not help her."

"So I tell him to keep it under wraps." Sirzechs said.

"And if he protests?" Grayfia asks.

"I'll deal with that." Sirzechs said as he saw Kenshin levitating into the air. "Well if I'm going to do this I better do it now." He said as a magic circle appeared under his feet. The same circle appeared on Kenshin's back as he vanished, changing his destination. While it happened, Sirzechs slipped part of himself into the circle on Kenshin's back and closed the screen. "Well, I must be going."

Meanwhile, Kenshin appeared in a meadow. "Uhhnn..." Kenshin rose up and immediately winced. "What the...? This doesn't look like the River of Time. Grrh..." He got to his feet. "Not good..." He started walking in a random direction.

What Sirzechs had failed to notice about the blade Forbesii had used, was that it killed a demon's regenerative factor. "Ugh...I give myself about...five minutes before I pass out from blood loss, seven until I bleed out."

Two minutes later. He came up to a park, He saw a nearly nude black haired woman wearing next to nothing, with black angel wings. On the ground was a young man with brown hair, wearing a black jacket, matching pants and a white shirt. He was bleeding as the woman pointed a glowing spear at him. "That woman...is she...? !" Kenshin thought.

He hardened his gaze and tapped into what little magic he had left. "Serene Conqueror!" He thought.

"!" The woman's head snapped toward him, eyes wide with shock. "Such power, from a dying man? !"

"You were going to attack that person on the ground. I will not allow that." Kenshin said as he raised his hand. "I may be on my last legs, but I am far from dead. Leave or test my wrath."

"..." The woman stepped back as Kenshin stepped forward. "I shouldn't, I've never seen this man before...who knows what he is capable of." She took off and Kenshin approached the young man.

"..." The young man looked up as Kenshin made it up to him. "Who are you...?"

Kenshin's legs gave out and he knelt down next to him. "I'm another dyin' fool. The names Kenshin, Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin...or Kuroshi T. Kenshin. Yourself?"

"H-Hyoudou Issei..." The young man gasped out.

"Heh, nice ta meet ya." Kenshin said with a pained grin. "Huh?" He said as he saw multiple lines developing on Issei's feet and legs before the former shattered to nothing.

"Wh-What's going on?" Issei asked.

"Your...your body is slowly starting to disintergrate." Kenshin said.

"Really...? Huh...I guess I've lost so much blood...I can't feel it anymore." Issei said with a tired grin.

"Yeah...shame though...you won't even leave a corpse to bury at this rate." Kenshin said.

"Yeah...that sucks." Issei said.

An idea came to mind. "Say...tell you what...I can pull your soul out and you can pass on with me...it'll be like we're both leaving the same body." Kenshin said.

"My soul? What are you?" Issei asked.

"I'm a demon." Kenshin answered.

"I see...well, I'm gonna die anyway...so why not." Issei said.

"Alright." Kenshin said as a white aura surrounded his hand. "You may feel colder, it will only be temporary."

"It's fine." Issei said as Kenshin's hand phased through his chest. "Aaah..."

"..." Kenshin said nothing as his hand moved about inside Issei.

"You know...if I was going to die...I'm kinda peeved that you're not a sexy woman with a nice chest." Issei said with a weak laugh.

"Hahahaha." Kenshin laughed. "I'm sure there's not a straight man alive who wouldn't feel a little miffed about something like that." "Alright...here we go."

"Haah!" Issei gasped as his soul was ripped from his body. A small orb rested in Kenshin's palm, before immediately sinking in. Issei's body shattered completely and Kenshin fell forward, rolling onto his back. "Everything OK in there?"

"Ah, Y-Yeah." Issei said.

"Yosh...Alright...now we just have to wait for the cold embrace of death." Kenshin thought.

"Hope it's a beautiful, busty woman." Issei said with hopeful eyes.

"Hahahahaha..." Kenshin chuckled as he passed out from blood loss.

A moment later, a young woman with long crimson hair not unlike Sirzechs'. She wore a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks. She glanced back. "Those damn Fallen Angels, what were they trying to hide?" She thought.

She walked up to the prone body, expecting it to be Hyoudou Issei whom she had been observing for the past few days while he dated a fallen angel in disguise, but was confused when she found Kenshin instead. "Who is this person? What happened to Issei?" She wondered. "Regardless this one looks like he's been through hell." She went to her knees and placed her hands on his chest. "!" Her eyes went wide. "What in the? ! This man has at least three times the potential Issei had...wait...two souls? Hmm..." She thought. "In any case...this one interests me and I'm curious about the whole two souls thing." She took out a crimson pawn chess piece and pressed it against Kenshin's chest.

"Nothing..." She said. She looked at the top of the pawn and saw a fraction reading one eighth. "So that's how it is...well no matter." She took out seven more pawns and pressed them against his torso. They glew with a red light and sank in. Kenshin's wounds healed and the tone of his skin, which was pale from blood loss returned to normal. "Hm...this one's a demon, even before I got to him he was a demon, now he's a demon/devil hybrid. Regardless, I can't let him stay out here, but I can't take him to Issei's house right now either. I suppose he can rest in the bed at the clubroom." She placed her hand on his chest. "Oh dear..." She said as she scanned him over one more time. "Only his fatal wounds healed completely and he's barely got enough energy to sustain himself." "Alright, I better get moving." She said as a red magic circle appeared underneath the two and they vanished.


In Kenshin's mind

Kenshin and Issei looked around. "Huh, I guess we're not dead..." Kenshin said.

"So...what's that mean for me?" Issei asked.

"You're a squatter inside of my body." Kenshin said with an eyeroll. "Lovely."

"D...Does it annoy you?" Issei asked.

"Not so much. I have experience in this sort of thing." Kenshin said.

"...How?" Issei said.

"Eh, I don't know you well enough to say, no offense." Kenshin said.

"Well we're going to be basically living together. Why not?" Issei said.

"Because to a normal human like you, such a thing would be unbelievable." Kenshin said. He looked to his left. "Hey is that a busty woman in a string bikini? !"

"Where? !" Issei said taking his eyes off of Kenshin.

Kenshin disappeared and reappeared behind Issei chopping him in the back of the neck. "..." He lowered him down gently. "Sorry, but something tells me my company didn't exactly want to meet you just yet."

"Oh? You noticed me?" Kenshin turned to find Sirzechs walking up to him.

"It'll be a cold day in Hell before someone gives me the slip in my own head." Kenshin said with narrowed eyes. "Now, who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I am Sirzechs Gremory, better known as Lucifer Sirzechs." Sirzechs introduced. "And contrary to what you said, Hell isn't really that hot."

"Lucifer, as in the ruler of Hell?" Kenshin asked with narrowed eyes.

"Yes, although we call it the Underworld." Sirzechs said. "That said...I've observed you for quite some time now Kuroshi Kenshin."

"Oh really?" Kenshin asked with his arms crossed.

"Yes, I've observed you during your work with the Rikudou organization, I've seen you walk into heavily armed strongholds and walk back out as it toppled around you. Against a demon god, a false god." Sirzechs said. "You are nearly unmatched in battle and that..."

"Oh you dirty bitch work the shaft!" Kenshin interrupted.

"Ex...cuse you?" Sirzechs said with narrowed eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kenshin said waving his hand. "It's just sometimes I like to dirty talk when someone's Sucking. My. Dick." He said with narrowed eyes.

"...Perhaps I should just skip to my point." Sirzechs said with narrowed eyes.

"Perhaps you should." Kenshin said with a shrug.

"Like I said I am Sirzechs Gremory and..."

"And I'm Waldo, guess where I am!" Kenshin said as his outfit shifted to a beanie with a red/white stripped sweater and blue jeans.

"I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you here." Sirzechs said with an annoyed glare.

"And so am I, and I'm failing...and I'm sorry for that." Kenshin said. "It's just...I'm a liiiittttlle bit agitated right now." "I was fighting a Demon King before I came here and was on my way back to my home time era. Only to find myself in a world I do not recognize. My twin sister's going to be distraught unless I get back there!"

"Actually, part of your soul split off when I brought you here." Sirzechs said. "It likely stayed in that world."

"You brought me here? !" Kenshin shouts with a scowl.

"Yes, but list-" Sirzechs said.

"NO! You listen, what the fuck gives you the right to take me from my home? !" Kenshin interrupted, bearing his fangs at Sirzechs.

"I've observed you and even delved into your history." Sirzechs said.

"And? !" Kenshin shouts as he held his hand out to his left as a black nodachi with red flames painted on appeared in his hand.

"Do you honestly see a happy future for yourself in that world?" Sirzechs asked.

"!" All the proverbial fire Kenshin had was gone as his eyes went slightly wide with shock.

"Well?" Sirzechs asked, crossing his arms.

"You don't understand...I don't care if part of my soul split off, I need to be back there with...!" Kenshin said.

"You want to be sure your twin sister, the remnants of your family and the few friends you do have remain safe." Sirzechs said with a smile. "It's admirable, but you needn't worry. After you passed out, you were reincarnated along with this boy as a devil, like me. Well...in your case it's a hybrid, a demon and a devil." "When you reincarnate your soul regenerates, so it's plausible to assume that the other half of your soul has regenerated in full as well."

"...I...I see..." Kenshin said bowing his head.

"You're still going to miss them. I realize this, but...in the meantime I have a favor to ask of you." Sirzechs said.

"Well, there would be no point in me going back, so shoot." Kenshin said crossing his arms.

"I called you here because I thought you were a capable warrior. I want to ask you to protect my younger sister, Rias." Sirzechs said. "She has others doing the same, but I just want to be sure. You will basically be answering to her."

"Yay..." Kenshin said unenthusiastically.

"Oh I'm sure you'll enjoy it Kenshin." Sirzechs said with a sympathetic smile.

"If she has others protecting her, why do you need me?" Kenshin asked.

"There's only three of them. And while Rias is strong and puts on a strong front, she is still vulnerable." Sirzechs said. "That and she is also prone to being overwhelmed due to those few numbers. As Lucifer I can't show favoritism to anyone."

"..." Kenshin smiled. "I get it, you're just a concerned elder brother at heart. Well I can certainly sympathize with that, I mean I was ready to try and tear your head off if you didn't send me back for that reason.

Sirzechs heard him, but felt like feigning ignorance. "What?"

"Nothing." Kenshin said turning his head.

Sirzechs chuckled to himself. "Alright, you should be all healed now. But be warned. As a devil you cannot interact with holy objects. So that means your seven charms are now useless to you and your ability to make clones is gone now too."

"Whaaaaattt?" Kenshin said with a deflated tone. "Laaaammmmeee..." He whined.

"You might have crafted them as a demon, but they still used holy magic." Sirzechs said. "But don't worry, a new weapon will make themselves available to you and this Issei fellow...I hope..." He said with a sweatdrop.

"Gee, you inspire sooo much confidence Sirzechs." Kenshin said rolling his eyes.

"I'm just trying to look on the bright side." Sirzechs said with a shrug.

"Yeah Yeah." Kenshin said. "Alright, I'll see you around."

"Oh I'm sure, Oh! Before you go, please don't tell Rias I put you here." Sirzechs said as Kenshin awoke.

"...Seriously, where's the busty woman?" Issei said looking around, waking up after Sirzechs had left.

Kenshin awoke to a room he did not recognize. "Where am I?"

"No idea, think we might be in a hospital or something? And seriously, where is that busty woman you were talking about?" Issei asked.

"Ugh, not now Issei." Kenshin thought as he tried to rise up, only to realize he was being held. "Huh?" He looked to his right and found the sleeping face of a young woman with long red hair. "Who is this?"

"I know this person! It's...It's...damn, It's on the tip of my tongue!" Issei said.

Kenshin gave her a once over. "...This woman...she's stunning!" He glanced down only for his face to dye scarlet as he noticed the woman was completely nude. He shot out of bed as she awoke.

"Oh baby! !" Issei gushed, knowing exactly who this was now.

"Is something wrong?" She asked with sleepy eyes.

"I-I didn't get drunk and drag you to a love motel did I?" Kenshin asked.

"Worry not, I'm still a virgin." She said with a smile as she walked over to the chair at the corner of the room where a folded up set of her clothes were.

"Thank god...aah!" Kenshin yelped as he rubbed his head. "The fuck? !" He thought.

"I dunno, it hurt me too." Issei said rubbing his head.

"Hmm, I guess the reincarnation was a success, you're now a devil." She said.

"Before we continue, who are you?" Kenshin asked.

"Oh right. I am Rias Gremory." She introduced as she started getting dressed.

"Is she wearing a thong?" Kenshin wondered. "In any case...that was quick." He thought.

"What do you mean?" Issei asked.

"Don't worry about it." Kenshin thought.

He looked away from her as turned toward him. "You know I don't mind if you stare. We were just laying in bed together, in the nude at that."

"We?" Kenshin said before looking down. "Oh damn!" He said covering his privates with his hands.

"Relax. I've already seen it, and you've already seen me so there really should be no tension." Rias said as she walked toward him and turned around in front of him. "Could you hook that for me?"

"Sure." Kenshin said as he hooked her bra together. "By the way, My name's Kenshin, Kuroshi T. Kenshin."

"Oh? A Kuroshi hm?" Rias said as she walked over to finish changing.

"You know of them?" Kenshin asked. "That's strange." He thought.

"Of course." She said. "Many years ago that clan of demons came to our world. My clan of devils even has an alliance with them that still stands to this day."

"I see..." Kenshin said.

"I have books on my clan's history if you'd like to thumb through them sometime." Rias offered.

"That's fine, it's not like I think you're lying to me or anything." Kenshin said. "I'll keep it in mind though."

"Hmm, you're awfully accepting of the whole becoming a devil thing." Rias noted.

"Meh, I was already a demon." Kenshin said with a shrug. "Now...where are my clothes?"

"Hmhm...getting cold?" Rias asked with a smile.

"Hot actually." Kenshin said.

"Huh?" Rias said as she put the rest of her clothes on.

"Yeah, come here and touch my arm." Kenshin said holding his right arm out.

Rias shrugged and approached him. She laid her hand on his bicep. "Oh...Oh wow that is warm..." She started rubbing her cheek against it. "I knew it felt oddly warm under the covers, but now I know why."

"Whose the one feeling cold now?" Kenshin asked with a small grin. "We dragon youkai, which I am half of have higher body temperatures than normal. However at times it builds and builds until we get heat sickness. Our clothes are specially made to regulate our bodily temperature."

"Oh, well I was having your clothes repaired while we were asleep." Rias said. "That should be them there." She said pointing behind him."

"Hm?" He turned around. "Yep that's them." He said walking over to the stack of folded clothes, but not before turning his head. "You know it's impolite to stare."

"Oh, just returning the favor from earlier." Rias replied with a coy smile.

"Hahaha..." Kenshin laughed as he started getting dressed. He laid his hand on his forearm and out popped one of his black jackets with tattered endings at the bottom.

"Unbelievable, we're actually sitting here flirting with Rias Gremory!" Issei gushed.

"Is that supposed to be some kind of achievement?" Kenshin thought.

"She's the number one beauty of Kuoh Academy and one of the two Great Ladies!" Issei said.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, so I'll just leave you to gush." Kenshin thought.

"So, how did you get here? I don't believe I've seen you here before, and the Kuroshi left in it's entirety a few decades after they arrived." Rias said.

"Before you go, please don't tell my sister I put you here." Kenshin recalled Sirzechs saying.

"Hmm...I'm not from this world, you're right to assume that, but I don't quite know how I ended up here." Kenshin said.

"Oh. Well I couldn't send you back then even if I wanted to." Rias said. "As I reincarnated you as a devil, you're now my servant." She closed her eyes and smiled. "I trust there are no objections."

"Yeah, that's fine." Kenshin said with a shrug. "It's not like I had the most glamorous life. Yeah I had friends, even a few lovers, but the world I lived in would have relished the chance to take it away from me."

"..." Rias stared at him. "That's strange. The Kuroshi and their allied clan the Tsuki were well respected in this world and in their own, especially during the last war according to Father. I wonder what happened."

Rias asked Kenshin about this and he closed his eyes. "I don't know you well enough to tell you that, even if I did, we'd have to be close for me to start talking about that. Also, if that's the only reason for getting chummy with me, I still won't tell you."

Her response was to laugh. "Oh, no need to worry about that. I share your sentiments about that particular matter. If I want someone getting close to me, I'd want them to do it because they were genuinely interested as well." Rias said.

"Well, that's nice to know." Kenshin said with a shrug, a small smile appearing on his face.

"Now, could you answer a question for me?" Rias asked.

"Shoot." Kenshin said crossing his arms. "Although if you really wanted me to, you could just order it answered, right?"

"Oh I don't like taking such a harsh approach with my servants." Rias said waving her hand dismissively with a smile.

"Whatever you say." Kenshin said. "Now, go ahead."

"When I found you, I was expecting to find someone else, a Hyoudou Issei to be exact." Rias said.

"Huh, hey Issei this knockout was stalking you." Kenshin thought.

"And I don't have a body anymore! Dammit!" Issei lamented.

Kenshin audibly snickered. Rias narrowed her eyes in confusion. "What is so funny?"

"You want to know what happened to Issei? Well I got to him first. His body was disintergrating to nothing, so I offered to tear his soul out and let it rest in my body so at the very least he'd have a corpse to bury, even if it was mine. After all. I didn't expect to be reincarnated as a devil."

"Huh, so that explains the two souls." Rias said crossing her arms under her chest. "Tell me, is there anyway I can talk to Issei?"

"Sure, just give me a sec." Kenshin said closing his eyes.

"You want me to what?" Issei asked.

"Look, when we were reincarnated we were also basically fused. I pulled my soul back so you put your in front." Kenshin said.

"How...?" Issei asked.

"Look, just think about doing it OK?" Kenshin said.

"Alright...eh?" Issei said as he felt his consciousness take hold in Kenshin's body. He opened Kenshin's eyes.

"Hm? Your eyes changed from gold and blue to brown." Rias said. "Is this Issei?"

"Yeah." Issei said before he started giggling to himself. "Oh man, I can't believe I'm in the same room as The Rias Gremory! The most beautiful girl in Kuoh Academy!"

"Hmhmhmhm...thank you for the compliment." Rias said cupping her cheek, smiling at him. "I think he's just focusing on what a looker I am." She thought.

Kenshin snorted at him. "The way you're gushing is a little pathetic, act like someone who doesn't constantly have his brain in his pants."

"I don't hear her complaining." Issei said.

"Give it a few weeks." Kenshin sniped.

"Ahem." Rias said pulling Issei from his argument with Kenshin. "It took a lot longer than I anticipated to heal your new body's injuries. We've been here for a week."

"A-A week?" Issei said with flushed cheeks.

"S...She's been laying in bed with me in the nude...for a week? !" Kenshin said with a full on blush that transferred to his body.

"I took breaks, I wanted to be sure you had all your energy, but healing magic takes a lot of magic to use." Rias said. "One of you has a lot of energy and stamina."

"That would be me." Kenshin said.

"Hey don't interrupt! It's exhausting enough trying to use your body as it is." Issei snapped.

"It is?" Rias asked. "Why is that?"

"It's his soul, but it's my youki and magical energy. It's likely it's fighting against him." Kenshin said.

"I see, is there anyway for him to counteract this? You both seem like interesting characters so I'd like it if you both could act as my servants." Rias asked.

"Hmm...well we could bind our souls together. That way our consciousnesses would be the only thing swapping places, but the thing is, my soul would probably win the ensuing battle for dominance and be the one on full display, He would only be able to overshadow me for six hours at worst, a half day at best." "Another problem is that over the course of time, our personalities could begin to meld...that...isn't something I'd enjoy."

"Why is that?" Issei said.

"Look at it this way. You are yourself and I am myself...the fusion would muss that up." Kenshin said.

"Would it really be that bad?" Rias asked.

"Haaaahhh." Kenshin sighed. "Maybe, maybe not. I'd just rather be the captain of my own ship so to speak, but any chance I had at that was shot to hell when I took Issei's soul into my body."

"S-Sorry." Issei said with a wince.

"It's fine, it's not like you asked to die." Kenshin said. "Alright, let's do it." He closed his eyes and went through a series of signs with his hands. He stopped a minute later and opened his eyes. "It's done."

"It's that easy?" Rias asked.

"The handsigns were just me testing my movements after the fusion. It's my body so all I had to do with think of it to happen and it did." Kenshin said.

"So...what are we Siamese soul twins now?" Issei asked.

"I hate you so much right now." Kenshin grumbled.

Rias giggled at the exchange between the two, as well as a visual in her head of two ghosts conjoined at a random part of their bodies. "That would be kind of funny, but a little cruel to laugh at."

"Yet you just did." Kenshin pointed out, trying not to stare at her chest, while Issei didn't hesitate

"Alright, Issei...because it's been a week...your funeral has already happened. Using my magic I made everyone believe you had been cremated." Rias said. "Is that OK with you?"

"That's fine I guess..." Issei said. "But what's Kenshin going to do about a home? He's not from this world...he can't..."

"I'll live. I can survive outdoors." Kenshin said crossing his arms.

"No no no, that simply won't do." Rias said shaking her head. "So I wanted to ask you Issei...would you care if Kenshin posed as your cousin?"

"How would that even work?" Kenshin said.

"You let me worry about that." Rias said. "You see Issei, you would still be able to live at your house, it's just your room would be yours and Kenshin's room now."

"Hm...that sounds good actually." Issei said.

"..." Kenshin furrowed his brow.

"Listen Kenshin...this is more for Issei's comfort than anything, and I really don't like the thought of having one of my servants living in the streets like he was in poverty." Rias said with a comforting smile. "Could you please bear with it?" She asked cupping his cheeks.

"..." Kenshin's brow twitched as he tried to keep his expression up. "...Kaah..." He finally sighed, losing to the pure blood devil's charm. "F..Fine..."

"Glad we're in agreement." Rias said. "Now, come on if you please. I'd like to get this out of the way now."

"Alright." Kenshin said following her out of the room, and building in general. "Just where were we anyway?"

"The Occult Research Club room." Rias said. "It's basically the base for my servants and I. The room we were in was mine."

"..." Kenshin said nothing, fighting down a blush while Issei gushed about it.

"We were in her room! I knew it! I died and went to heaven!" Issei said.

"And they said no perverts allowed so they busted you back down here as a devil?" Kenshin asked.

"...You just have a jab for everything don't you?" Issei grumbled.

"Just about." Kenshin thought putting his hands into his jacket pockets.

"Huh?" Kenshin said feeling something there.

"What's wrong?" Rias asked turning toward him.

Kenshin pulled the objects out of his pocket and found four cards. "What's this?"

"Let me see." Rias said walking up to him. Kenshin showed her the cards. "One at a time." Rias said.

"OK." Kenshin said putting them into a stack. The first one had a picture of a platinum blonde haired fairy wearing a green outfit with gold trim. At the bottom it said. "Sylph, the Airheaded Fairy of the Wind." At the bottom left corner was a censor sigh, but at the top right, was a small picture of a nose.

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes.

"Something wrong?" Rias asked.

"I know this fairy." Kenshin said. "Back in my world, which was connected to the world of demons, Makai. There were four spirits that controlled the four major elements of Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. This one is Sylph the Wind Fairy."

"It says she's airheaded." Rias said.

"It's...not exactly a lie." Kenshin said with a sweatdrop as he moved Sylph's card to the back.

The card showed a girl with tanned skin, wearing a light green, light brown outfit with dull green eyes. She had long brown hair to boot. At the bottom read. "Gnome, the Silent Girl of the Earth." At the bottom left showed another censor sign, while the top right showed the picture of a hand. "Another one...this is Gnome, the Earth Spirit."

"The silent?" Rias asked.

"She never talked to me the entire time I knew her." Kenshin said. "I wonder what the deal is with the pictures on the top right corners are about?" He said moving that card to the back.

This one showed an anatomically incorrect mermaid composed of slime. The slime the composed her body was light blue while the slime the composed her 'hair' was dark blue. At the bottom read. "Undine, the Serene Slime Mermaid of Water." At the top right was the picture of an eye. "Hmm..."

"Another one?" Rias asked.

"This is Undine, the Spirit of Water." Kenshin said. "She was always kinda hard to get a read on." He said moving that card to the back. "And this is the last one." The card showed a tan skinned woman, wearing nothing. Her hair was seemingly composed of flames and she was surrounded by it as well. "Salamander of the Inferno, or Salamander the Fire Spirit. The title is accurate, She always did have a fierce demeanor, and I even heard that she taught demons how to fight."

"Hmmm." Rias said stroking her chin in thought. "Could these cards be his Sacred Gear?" She wondered.

"What's up?" Kenshin asked.

"Nothing, it's just I think I've seen these cards somewhere before." Rias said. "I'll look into it and get back to you."

"OK." Kenshin said with a nod. "If I find anything out I'll let you know as well." They came up to a house and Rias knocked on the door and closed her eyes.

A mature looking woman with brown hair, wearing a white blouse and blue jeans, and slippers answered the door. Her eyes were slightly red and puffy. "H-Hello? A-Are you here to pay respects to our son?"

"Yes, and just as well..." Rias said opening her eyes. "This young man came to town looking for you. He claims to know you."

"Huh?" Kenshin quietly said. "What did she do?"

"No idea." Issei said. "That said...it...kinda hurts seeing Mom like that."

"It should." Kenshin thought. "No one likes seeing their parents cry, especially over them. Not unless they're completely heartless."

"Aaah? !" The woman gasped. "Y-You, you're my sister's boy aren't you? ! She and her husband died a few years ago in a car crash! I thought Hikari and Ryuushin and their children all died!"

"Heh? !" Kenshin thought. "How did she or Rias, doing whatever she did, guess my parent's names? !"

"N-No...I made it alright." Kenshin said. "I spent a few weeks in the ICU, but I'm alive. I've just been bouncing around the country until I remembered you and Uncle."

"Please come in, come in!" She said stepping aside. Rias and Kenshin entered the house and had a seat in the living room, an older looking man walked in and arched his brow. "Who...?"

Rias turned to him and did the same thing she did to the woman. "Oh! You must be my wife's nephew, how ya been?" He asked.

"Uh...f-fine." Kenshin said. "S-So...where is..."

"Oh..." The parents shared a downcast look. "He's in his room."

"I see." Kenshin said. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thank you." Issei's Mother said. "Now...do you have a place to stay currently or did you hear about Issei and come to pay your respects."

"For both actually." Rias answered for Kenshin. "He's been staying at my place for the past week, but I'm expecting family in a day or so, Kenshin offered to leave to make room, but I can't have him just living on the streets."

"Oh? Is this your girlfriend Kenshin?" Issei's Mother asked.

"Aaah..." Kenshin said.

"Hai." Rias nodded with a smile. "For instance we were sleeping in bed together everyday this week."

"Nn? ! D-Don't you think that's a little personal?" Kenshin asked.

"Oh Kenshin, no need to be shy." Rias said smiling at him.

"I...I guess." Kenshin said glancing away with a blush.

"Well, if you don't mind staying in Issei's room we'd be happy to let you move in." Issei's Father said.

"Are you sure? I mean he only just passed last week." Kenshin said. "I wouldn't want to impose like that."

"It's fine, all we ask is that you don't change anything in the room." Issei's Mother said. "We...want to leave it as his room for just awhile longer."

Kenshin nodded. "I understand."

"Mom..." Issei said wiping his eyes.

"Well, do you two want to go up to the room? I'll walk you to it." Issei's Father offered.

"That would be nice." Rias said.

Issei's Father nodded and led the two up to the room in question. The room was pretty normal for a young man of Issei's age. A twin size bed, a dresser, closet, and various posters and pictures of women in bathing suits or sexy lingerie. On the shelf on the wall across from the door was an urn, and above it was a picture of Issei.

"..." Kenshin walked toward it, a solemn expression on his face. "Everything alright?" Issei asked.

"Yeah, It's just...I can't help thinkin' that I could have done something to keep you from croaking like you did if I wasn't knocking on death's door, like I was." Kenshin thought.

He let out a sigh. "Rest in peace cousin. It saddens me that I could not know you better."

"What are you...oh right you're saying that for appearance's sake." Issei said.

Rias smiled as Kenshin turned to her and Issei's Father. "Well Kenshin, I'll leave you to get yourself situated." She said. "Oh! Before I go, come to Kuoh Academy tomorrow and sign some papers, you did say you wanted to go to school together with me, right?" Kenshin nodded, just going along with it at this point. It's not like he had a choice. He was her servant now.

Besides, what guy in their right mind would say No to attending a school with who Issei claimed was the most beautiful girl there?

"Hahaha! You rail on me for being a pervert, but you are thinking stuff like that?" Issei thought.

"Hey, just because I get on to you for it doesn't mean I'm not still a guy." Kenshin thought, inwardly rolling his eyes.

"OK, make yourself at home, dinner will be in an hour." Issei's Father said. "By the way, do you have anything with you? That we should be expecting to arrive tomorrow anyway?"

"No, all I have is what I brought with me." Kenshin said. "Bouncing around the country doesn't really make an ideal situation for having any luggage. I mean I can't drive, and I didn't feel like lugging a bunch of crap with me."

"I see. Well that is unfortunate." Issei's Father said.

"...Uh listen, don't be too offended by this, but please don't expect me to call you Dad because you and Auntie are basically adopting me." Kenshin said. "I have fond memories of my parents and..."

"Hahahaha, don't worry about it." Issei's Father said waving his hand. "Now, I'll leave you be. Oh, if you like you can make additions to the room, but what we asked is that you don't move anything of Issei's out."

"We'll see." Kenshin said as the older man left the room. His back hit the mattress and he sighed in content. "Hasn't our body been asleep for a week by now?" Issei asked.

"There is such a thing is oversleeping, that and I'm mentally exhausted..." Kenshin thought.

"Yeah, I guess you have a point, it is a lot to take in at once." Issei said. "...Say Kenshin."

"Yeah?" Kenshin asked.

"What was your old home like?" Issei asked.

"...I did have friends there, but...it's not a place I'd return to unless the need was dire." Kenshin thought.

"Bad family life?" Issei asked.

"What? No, it's just...no...nevermind." Kenshin said closing his eyes. "I don't know you well enough to tell you Issei."

"Could you at least give me a hint or something? I mean I'm just sitting in here until you decide to give me control." Issei said.

"Alright...think of what it's like to have nowhere that you feel like you can honestly call home." Kenshin thought. "Now, good night." He thought as he nodded off.

"Nowhere you can call home...huh?" Issei said. "That sounds so...lonely."


The Next Day.

Kuoh Academy.

"Who the hell is that? He looks so damned weird!" The boys said.

"Kyaaa! He looks so fierce and wild!" The girls swooned.

Kenshin inwardly rolled his eyes as he heard the student body chatter amongst themselves as he followed behind Rias. "Do I really have to do this? Can't you get in contact with me whenever you want?" Kenshin whispered to the Gremory heiress.

"I could, but that takes up too much time, and I need to ensure you don't cause any chaos as well." Rias said.

"In other words, you just want to be lazy about watching over me." Kenshin pointed out.

"Is that a problem?" Rias asked.

"N...No." Kenshin said with a slump.

"Hmhm, glad you see no problems with it." Rias said. She walked ahead. "I'll send a messenger for you later Kenshin, I have matters that need to be taken care of alone."

"Very well." Kenshin said. "By your leave." He said with a respectful bow of the head.

At this moment, after Rias departed. Kenshin leaned back avoiding a punch from a young man with buzz cut silver hair. "Who the fuck?" Kenshin said with a glare. He leaned to the side and jabbed the young man in the stomach. "Issei, who the fuck is this?" Kenshin thought.

"That's Matsuda." Issei replied. "He's one of my friends."

"What the hell is going on here?" Kenshin asked as he pushed Matsuda to his feet.

"Why is it you and not us dammit? ! Why does a guy like you get to enjoy the company of a girl like Rias Gremory? !" Matsuda said.

"Us?" Kenshin looked back seeing another one with glasses and black hair. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Motohama, Matsuda, Issei and I make up Kuoh Academy's Perverted Trio...although...I guess we're more of a duo now that Issei died." He said with a bow of the head.

"I see, and why is this near bald jackass so wounded that I'm in the company of Rias?" Kenshin asked as he turned to the bespectacled pervert.

"Well c'mon man, she's the most beautiful girl in the school, you were basically the envy of every guy in school today." Motohama said.

"Uh huh, and did it occur to any of you that this is my first day she offered to walk with me?" Kenshin asked.

"You lucky prick!" Matsuda and Motohama said with a shout.

"Hey Kenshin, say this to them..." Issei said.

"...Eh, sure why not." Kenshin thought. "I've seen more bare breasts than you have anyway."

"You have? !" Issei shouts.

"Tell me, Matsuda, Motohama...have you two ever seen bare breasts before your eyes?" Kenshin asked with a small smirk.

"Aaaaghh? !" The two perverts stepped back with shocked expressions.

"And I'm not talking about a pair you saw in some magazine, or some video or by sneaking in the girl's locker room." Kenshin said. "I'm talking a pair that were exposed to you, and the girl knew you were looking, but she didn't care."

"No way! !" Matsuda and Motohama shout.

"Heheheheheh." Kenshin snickered. "I didn't think so."

"Nice one." Issei said.

"Pat yourself on the back, that was funny." Kenshin thought with an inward grin.

Meanwhile, Rias had ascended the stairs and ran into a fellow devil, but from another clan. She had short blackish hair with red-violet eyes. She wore the same outfit as Rias. "Is he the one you were observing?"

"No, he isn't Sona, but he is certainly worthy of notice." Rias said.

"Oh? And what makes you say that?" Sona asked.

"When I found him. He had taken in the soul of the one I had been observing, but even then. His raw power alone put him in the same class as us, although that might just be from their power being fused together by being in the same body." Rias said.

"Oh really?" Sona asked. "Then the red haired one is easily a mid class devil all on his lonesome." "That said it is unlike you to wantonly take in someone like that."

"Well I have to do something to keep you all on your toes." Rias said with a small laugh. "In any case, he's perfectly capable of handling himself. He asked me if there was a good place to get a sword on the way up here. He claimed he had lost his." "He's quite the looker to boot."


After school.

Kenshin leaned back in his desk. "Fuuaaahh..." He yawned. "Where is that messenger at? It's been quiet some time." "Hm?" He said as he noticed an abundant cry of overjoyed girls. He saw a blonde haired male walk through the door.

"Well, I've located the school Bishounen." Kenshin thought. "Maybe he can take some of the attention off of me."

"He's walking toward us." Issei said.

Kenshin looked up as the blue eyed blonde walked to him. "Hm? Oh, sorry man, hate to ask, but can I borrow some fangirls? I'm fresh out." Kenshin said.

"Hmhmhm, cute." He said with a smile. "You're a clown aren't you?"

"Sure, just give me some face paint, a weird costume, an ice cream truck and some flaming hair and I'll go enter the demo derby." Kenshin said with a chuckle.

"...I can't help but feel that's a reference." He said.

"It's from the video game Twisted Metal." Kenshin answered. (A/N: Don't own.)

"Aaah." He said.

"Anyway I'm just sitting here waiting for someone so please excuse the jests." Kenshin said. "Kiba right?"

"That's my name, Yuuto Kiba." He said. "I've come to find you, to deliver a message from Rias Gremory." He said.

"Oh so you're the messenger?." He said pointing his index finger and thumb at him, sending a rubber band at Kiba hitting him in the chest.

"What was that about?" Yuuto said.

"Oh, just shooting the messenger." Kenshin said as he got up. "Well, what message to ya bring Yuuto?" Kenshin asked.

"Before I tell you, could you please come with me?" Yuuto asked.

"Sure." Kenshin said.

"Kyaaa! The wild new guy and Yuuto-kun are walking together." The girls said as the two left.

"You realize that if there is an artist amongst them we can expect to see drawings of us together tomorrow right? Yaoi drawings at that." Kenshin asked.

"I am well aware." Yuuto said with a sweatdrop.

It was sunset as the two arrived back at the building Kenshin left just the day before. They walked into the lounge. He looked around. "Does this place not have electricity or something?" Kenshin asked.

"It does, we just don't use it." Yuuto said. Kenshin nodded and looked over seeing a white haired young girl wearing the Kuoh academy girl's uniform.

"She's cute." Kenshin thought.

"Oh, I didn't think you were going to be here so soon." Yuuto said. "Kenshin this is Toujo Koneko from Year-1. Koneko, this is Kuroshi T. Kenshin."

Koneko turned and stared at him. "...There's a second soul inside you." She said.

"Caught that did ya?" Kenshin asked. "Yeah from time to time I'll be letting him take over. He's Hyoudou Issei."

"Nice to meet ya." Issei said waving Kenshin's hand. "A frail body type, a matchless loli face. This is a mascot character, popular with boys and girls both. It really is the entrance of a little kitten!" He thought.

"...I'm starting to see why you fit in so well with Matsuda and Motohama." Kenshin said with a deadpan expression. "I'm taking back over."

"Fine." Issei said.

Kenshin looked over seeing a curtain as well as hearing running water. "Huh? A shower in the...club...room..." He trailed off seeing the outline of a buxom figure and the clarity of light glaring off of red hair. "Aaah..." He said turning around wiping his nose to make sure he wasn't having a spontaneous nosebleed.

"Holy crap! You can make out every curve on her body!" Issei shouts.

"Chief, you have a guest." Another voice said.

"Thank you Akeno, I'll be out shortly." Rias said as she turned off the water.

"It's her! Holy crap this is the best club EVER! !" Issei shouts.

"Stop drooling!" Kenshin thought.

"Oh right like you weren't drooling over Rias-Senpai as well!" Issei snapped.

"Keep it up Hyoudou and I'm coming in there and beating the pervert out of you." Kenshin threatened.

"Are you disgusting?" Koneko asked Kenshin.

"The other soul is." Kenshin said with an eyeroll.

"He's in your body so you're part disgusting." Koneko flatly said.

"Aaaigh..." Kenshin sighed.

"Ara, Ara Ara..." Kenshin glanced over and saw another girl wearing Kuoh's uniform with black hair, tied into a high ponytail that went past her waist. She walked up to him and smiled. "So you're the new club member, nice to meet you." She bowed respectfully and rose up, her chest bouncing as she did. "I'm the Vice-Chief, Himejima Akeno. Please have a nice time here." She said with a giggle.

"Well, with such friendly people around how can I not?" Kenshin asked with a small grin. "As you probably heard already. I'm Kuroshi T. Kenshin, and the idiot inside me is Hyoudou Issei."

"Long and slender with black hair tied into a ponytail, the embodiment of Yamato Nadeshiko, she stands behind Rias-Senpai as the second flower of this school!" Issei gushed.

"Ugh..." Kenshin said fighting down a blush as Issei's imagination gave rise to an image of a nude Akeno and Rias standing side by side.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Rias said walking out into the room full dressed. "You didn't give me much time to freshen up when you arrived at the academy."

"I was bored." Kenshin said. "There's no backyard to train in over at Issei's house so when I woke up I slipped out and came to the forest."

"So that's why you were changing when I arrived." Rias said.

"Yeah." Kenshin said.

"Now you should know that this is the Occult Research club, but it is really a mere hobby for us and a facade to fool everyone else." Rias said.

"I can't see anyone reacting too kindly to club of devils so it makes sense." Kenshin said.

"Yes, so anyway..." Rias said.

"Hang on." Kenshin said pulling a bottle of wine from one of his storage seals. "Sorry, I haven't hand anything to drink in awhile, throat's getting dry."

"...is that alcoholic?" Rias asked with a dubious stare.

"Yeah...what?" Kenshin said with a confused stare. "I used to work for an underground intelligence agency that fronted itself off as a terrorist organization. My jobs were to take out interest targets. I started that job when I was ten, so if you're old enough to do that, you're old enough to enjoy adult vices in my mind."

"When you were ten? !" Issei shouts. "What the hell man? !"

"Yup, bumrushing an enemy compound in the dead of night, stalking my target like a predator, making myself older and seducing information out of a willing female, you name it I've probably done it." Kenshin thought.

"YOU...! YOU...!" Issei said as Kenshin tuned him out, snickering to himself.

"I...see." Rias said. "Well I won't speak on it then, enjoy."

"Thank you." Kenshin said taking a pull off the bottle.

"Now, this is more for Issei to hear so listen up in there." Rias said.

"Huh?" Issei said.

"The woman who killed you last week was what is known as a fallen angel." Kenshin arched his brow at this.

"A fallen angel?" Issei wondered.

"A nephalem?" Kenshin asked.

"Yes. Even though they were the hands of Kami, they had impure intentions and fell from the heavens." Rias explained. "They wanted to control humanity while at the same time exterminate we devils." "Since ancient times they have passed from Heaven to Earth to Hell." Rias said. "Along with them, the pure angels sent by Kami to murder us as well."

"Jeez." Kenshin said. "Sounds like you were getting blasted from both sides."

"Yes, now Issei, do you remember Amano Yuuma?" Rias asked.

"? !" Issei, who had taken control as his name was brought up, couldn't stop his eyes from widening. "Wh-What about her? How...do you know about her? Hearing you bring her up...it doesn't exactly make me feel uneasy...but it doesn't exactly feel right." Issei got up, alerting Kenshin who took control of his legs stopping him. "Hey! Let me move Kenshin!"

"No, something tells me you might want to hear this." Kenshin said. "Don't be a coward."

Rias took this opportunity to toss a picture on the table in front of Issei. "!" Issei picked it up and saw it was a picture of him and Yuuma together. "What...how did you...?"

"She did exist, of that I am certain." Rias said.

Kenshin had Issei walk in front of a mirror as Rias went on. "This is the girl, right? Amano Yuuma?"

"Yes, she is!" Issei said. "But how do you...?"

"This girl...no this is a fallen angel." Rias said. "This is the same being as the one who attacked you last week."

"So that's what that was." Kenshin said.

Issei glanced at the mirror. "Huh?"

"When I found you Issei, I had to shoo off a scantily clad woman with black angel wings, holding a glowing weapon. She looked to try to finish you off, and if it hadn't been for me, she would have." Kenshin said.

"But still, when I asked Kenshin to ask my friends about her they didn't remember her at all, her number was even deleted from my phone!" Issei shouts.

"She used her powers, just like I did on your parents to have them believe Kenshin was a relative of theirs." Rias said. "Seeing as her job was complete she erased herself from everyone's minds."

"Her job?" Issei asked.

"Her job was to kill you." Rias said.

"!" Issei stared at her, at a loss for words.

"Makes sense." Kenshin said.

"But...why? !" Issei shouts.

"To determine whether or not there was something hideous inside your body. When she determined this to be true, she struck you down with her blade of light." Rias said.

"...It's all a haze..." Issei said. "I can't remember if she said anything."

"I may have been far away at the time, but thanks to these demon ears of mine, I heard something as I approached." Kenshin said. "She said something like...'If you wish to hold a grudge...hold it against the Kami who put the Sacred Gear in your body.'. That...and when I took your soul into my body Issei, I did feel something extra entering me."

"Sacred Gear?" Issei asked.

"So, you have two?" Rias said. "That's unheard of."

"Two?" Yuuto asked.

"It's not what you're likely thinking Rias." Kenshin said. "I found out what those cards were when the spirits inside them visited me. They also confirmed that Issei does indeed have one of his own, but I can't use it, and he can't use mine."

"Of course, they are after all tied to the soul of a person, not just their body." Rias said.

"Yes, but no god gave this to me." Kenshin said. "The spirits of my world left their presences and powers in the cards and the cards allow me to use them...the obvious drawback is that I now have to retrain myself and also, when I activate the cards I have to give something up."

"Oh?" Rias said. "What would that be?"

"I'll demonstrate later, we are in the middle of something after all." Kenshin said. Rias nodded and refocused on Issei.

"Issei, raise your hand and imagine the strongest power you can." Rias said.

"Huh?" Issei said raising his left hand. "Alright, I'll try." He chanted a mantra of focus...no literally he chanted the word focus over and over again, but he couldn't, because he kept staring at Rias, or more precisely her skirt riding up.

Kenshin facepalmed in the mirror as Issei fell to his knees and lamented his lack of focus. "Ugh...I can see already that this is gonna be interesting...in a very annoying kinda way."

"Well, it seems you're not ready yet anyway." Rias said. "What about you Kenshin? Would you like to demonstrate now?"

"My powers are more easily demonstrated in battle." Kenshin said taking control of his body.

Rias nodded. "Alright, well the meeting is adjourned. I'll come find you when I have something for you to do."

"Alright. In the mean time I'll start handing those things out." Kenshin said with a shrug. He walks over and grabs his wine bottle only to find it half empty. "What the?"

"Hm?" Rias said.

"Someone downed half of my wine." Kenshin said as he noticed Yuuto, Koneko and Akeno walking in separate directions. Yuuto and Koneko walked normally, but Akeno had a slight stumble. He narrowed his eyes and approached her. He tapped her shoulder and she turned to him.

"Ara ara? Can I help you with something?" Akeno asked with a smile.

"Here." Kenshin said handing her the bottle. "You already polished off half of what was left, finish it up on your own time."

"Oh, thanks." Akeno said accepting the bottle with a giggled.

Kenshin nodded and left the building entirely. "Issei." Kenshin thought.

"Wha?" Issei asked.

"When you take control of my body, you will train." Kenshin thought. "Work out, learn something from Rias or myself, I will not let you control my body if you do not agree to this."

"OK, that's fine." Issei replied. "Do I at least get some free time?"

"Of course of course." Kenshin thought. "...man what I would do to have access to the resort or the Diorama Sphere right now."

"What are those?" Issei asked.

Groaning at his absentminded blunder he sighed and explained. "They are magical artifacts from my world that compress the passage of time. The former of the two compressed the entire passage of a day inside it, to a single hour on the outside."

"Eeeeh? ! Man that is convenient!" Issei exclaimed.

"Indeed." Kenshin thought. "Anyway. I guess I gotta start handing these damn fliers out that Rias packed and gave to me before we got to school today."

"We could actually get our own slave!" Issei gushed.

"...idiot." Kenshin thought.

"What?" Issei asked.

"You're just gushing about it because you want to have a squad of fifteen beauties who would do whatever you say." Kenshin thought, rolling his eyes. "The whole point of doing it is to surround yourself with capable allies be they male or female."

"So if you saw a beautiful girl dying in front of you, and you could save her by reincarnating her as your devil servant, you wouldn't do it?" Issei asked.

"..." Kenshin went silent for a moment. "What kind of a question is that? I'd do it, but I'd also train her myself if she needed it."

"Aha, so you couldn't do that fourteen more times?" Issei asked with a grin.

"...Clever bastard." Kenshin grumbled.

"Neh heh heh." Issei snickered.

"Alright...let's get this done quick." Kenshin said taking out his cards and picking out the Sylph Card. "Activate Sylph, the Airheaded Fairy, by sacrificing my sense of smell."

A gentle breeze surrounded him as he noticed the smell of the air around him all but vanish. "So she wasn't kidding." He said as he took off at a dead sprint.

A couple of hours later he returned to the Occult Research club. "Honey I'm home!" Kenshin called out.

"Oh? That was fast." Rias said stepping out of the shower with a towel loosely covering her.

"...Uhm..." Kenshin chuckled nervously. "Rias...It's not that I'm not enjoying the view, but weren't you just getting out of the shower when I showed up here earlier?"

"Well...Akeno kind of went overboard on the wine you gave her." Rias said. "Some of it splashed on me."

"Oh...sorry bout that." Kenshin said with a wince. "When she wakes up, give her some coffee. I didn't think she was a lightweight."

"Well I looked at the bottle after she was finished, it was at least twenty years old." Rias said. "Even an experienced drinker would have trouble drinking a bottle of aged wine to themselves...by the way."

"Aaah!" Kenshin yelped as a pair of arms wrapped around him. He turned to find Akeno smiling at him.

"Heeey Kenshin-kun..." She said stroking her hand across her cheek, while rubbing his ears. "You sure came back in a hurry...sorry I didn't save any of the wine...it was just soooo gooooddd..." She said with a lucid giggle. Her eyes landed on his lips. "...Mm...come here for a moment."

"A-Akeno, you really need to lay down." Rias advised with a soft blush seeing Akeno grinding her body against Kenshin's.

"Sure, can I take Kenshin-kun with me?" Akeno asked.

"!#%$?" Kenshin stammered out an unintelligible response.

"He has a job to do Akeno, I need him to take care of one of Koneko's contracts." Rias said.

"Aww surely he can be a little late." Akeno protested. "Like...an hour late."

"Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! !" Issei shouts.

At the same moment Akeno passed out in Kenshin's arms. "Is she...?" Rias asked.

"She's fine, she just nodded off." Kenshin said. "Man she was off her ass drunk." He sad carrying her to the couch. "So what do you need me to do?"

"Koneko got two contracts today, so she's a little tied up. Could you go and take care of it?" Rias asked.

"Sure, just give me the location and I'll be on my way." Kenshin said.

"I could just use magic to warp you there." Rias offered.

"Eh, I read in one of your books that when one first becomes a devil, they typically aren't ready for warp magic yet." Kenshin said shrugging.

"Oh?" Rias smiled. "Very well, On your way then." She handed him the contact details and Kenshin left.

He arrived at an apartment complex a short while later and knocked on a door with 2-1 written on it. "Oi, Morisawa. You summoned me here." Kenshin called out.

"The devil I summoned is Koneko-Chan and she appeared from this circle on the flier, go away!" Morisawa said.

"She got tied up and it's my first day." Kenshin said. "So come on, let's hammer out your request."

"Oh fine." Morisawa said opening the door. He was a lanky fellow wearing a white shirt and blue sweatpants and had brown hair. Kenshin walked in and leaned against the door.

"So what do you need from the Gremory Devils tonight?" Kenshin asked.

"If you're a devil you must have powers right? Show me." Morisawa said.

"Uh, my powers are more battle oriented." Kenshin said. "Out of curiosity, what powers does Koneko have?"

"Princess cosplay while cradling me to sleep!" Morisawa declared as he held up an outfit.

"Couldn't you pay a hooker for that? !" Kenshin snapped with a comical glare. "That's has to be a gross misuse of our power!"

"A little girl like her cradling a guy like me? No one but a devil could do something like that." Morisawa argued.

"Your soul." Kenshin shrugged. "OK, now...what do you want, and sorry, but I ain't putting on no cosplay outfit and rocking you to sleep."

"Fine, I could use a partner getting through this game." He said holding up a video game case.

"Sure, just show me how to play and I'll give you a hand." Kenshin said.



"...I can't believe...he fell asleep before I got him to sign the contract." Kenshin grumbled.

"I know right?" Issei said. "I can't believe I took you over to argue about Drago-soball with him."

"!" Kenshin felt a strange sensation as he looked above at the now purple sky. "The hell?"

"It's her! It feels just like her! !" Issei said.

"This is strange. It does not appear that I have the wrong person. But you look so different now...did you get a new body?" Kenshin turned around finding a woman walking up to him wearing a red tight jacket. She had long blue hair.

"Who in the blue hell are you?" Kenshin asked.

"That is none of your concern, now die!" She shouts throwing a glowing yellow spear at Kenshin's head. Kenshin tilted his head out of the way as she threw another one.

"!" Kenshin slashed his hand upward as a weapon appeared in his hand. "Huh?" Kenshin said as he lifted it up. "A dual bladed Naginata? It looks like my old one, but it has these card slots on the blades." He found a note. It read. 'Kenshin, we included this blade to appear whenever you were in battle. Signed, Yonseirei."

"Thanks you four." Kenshin thought with a smile.

He took out Sylph's card and set it in one of the slots. A breeze encompassed the blade as a insiginia glew on the back of his hand.

"The mark of the Gremory Clan? ! I see...they took you and him in, that just means you most definitely must be terminated!" She said uncasing her black angel wings.

"You wish to kill me?" Kenshin asked. "Let's see it then." He said cocking his hand back, as the twin bladed Naginata started spinning on it's own.

"As you wish!" She said throwing her spear at his heart.

"Kazerin!" Kenshin shouts, throwing the spinning naginata at her, watching it easily tear through her spear and whiz by her, ripping her clothes to shreds.

"Kenshin...let me take over." Issei said.

"What?" Kenshin thought as the fallen angel got back to her feet nursing a few small wounds.

"You can command the element of wind huh?" The fallen angel said. "No matter!"

"Wrong, I command the elements of Wind, Earth, Water and Fire." Kenshin said. "You've only seen the first one, which is all I feel like showing."

"Tch! Overconfident prick!" She snarled.

"Heh. I think I'll let the soul that's freeloading in my body finish you." Kenshin said with a smirk as Issei took over.

Issei raised his hand as Kenshin's naginata disappeared. "Come on! I need power! Focus! Focus on the strong characters from Drago-soball, focus on how Kenshin carries himself!" Issei thought to himself.

"Haaaahhhh! !" Issei's left hand balled up into a fist and he punched at the fallen angel as a powerful force slammed her into the wall. Issei looked down to see a red gauntlet attached to his hand. It hat a green jewel with a swirling light inside of it on the back of it and two yellow endings that shot out from it, forming a 'V'

"What the?" Issei said.

"S-Sacred Gear? !" The fallen angel exclaimed. "You have two? !"

"Wrong." Kenshin said taking control of his head. "There are two souls in this body. So there are two Sacred Gears. He can't use mine..."

"And I can't use his." Issei finished.

"I cannot kill you now." She said.

"You were under the impression that you could to begin with." Kenshin said with a smirk as he took his body back.

"Grrh! I must report to the esteemed one!" She said as she retreated.

Kenshin sighed. "Good thing she left. I don't think either of us know the limits of our power yet."

"Then why were you talking such a big game?" Issei asked with a grin.

"What am I supposed to do? Act nervous and timid? Hell no, I'm gonna screw with her and try to get her to make a mistake." Kenshin thought. "Well, better go let Rias know that we were attacked."



"So you were attacked by a Fallen Angel?" Rias asked.

"Yup." Kenshin said.

"You don't need a sword anymore because one will appear when you need it." Yuuto asked.

"Right here." Kenshin said holding it out for them to see.

"Issei also acquired his own Sacred Gear in the process." Akeno said.

"Sure did." Issei said holding up his left hand. "Haven't quite figured out how to cast it off." On cue, the gauntlet vanished. "There it goes."

"And you let the Fallen Angel get away?" Koneko asked.

"Yeeess, it's like I didn't just get through explaining this." Kenshin said.

"Well, congratulations you two." Akeno said with a cheerful smile.

"Thanks." Kenshin said.

"Now you've put us in a bad position." Rias said. "The Fallen Angels now know we saved Issei from death and I'm sure the Fallen Angel Kenshin scared off was their leader."

"Not too sure what I was supposed to do." Kenshin said with a shrug. "She attacked me out of the blue, and your insignia appeared on my hand for no reason."

"Well, it was pure happenstance that this even happened so it's not that big of a deal." Rias said. "Just promise us you won't get too cocky and attempt to fight them alone."

"Sure, but if one appears wanting to fight, I'm not just going to cower away." Kenshin said with a shrug. "I can handle myself and if need be, I can strategically retreat as well." He turned and walked away. "Sorry Rias, but being part dragon. I can't just run away without putting up a decent fight."

Kenshin left the room and Akeno turned to Rias. "Don't you think you took it a little far there? He is after all a beginner devil, and it was an accident that this happened to begin with."

"That's precisely why." Rias said narrowing her eyes, biting her thumbnail. "Kenshin maybe able to handle himself, but he is prone to allowing Issei to fight now. That's what worries me." "I won't let those damn fallen angels have either of them."


The next morning.

"Onii-Chan, hurry, wake up! It's morning already! If you don't wake up I'll tickle you! Tickle, Tickle!" Issei's alarm clock said as it went off.

Kenshin hit the snooze button and turned it off. "Issei, have I told you that your alarm annoys me?"

"Every day since we got here. Don't understand why." Issei said.

"What happened to just a normal ringing or a beeping noise?" Kenshin wondered. "Your alarm seems like it's supposed to tempt you with stuff that isn't there."

"I guess." Issei said.

Kenshin got up and dressed for school. He yawns as he walks down the school path. "Man I hope Chief isn't still mad at us." Issei said.

"I don't think it's so much that she was upset with us, as much as it was that she was worried for us." Kenshin thought. "It's perfectly understandable considering she probably didn't want the cat out of the bag this soon."

"I guess." Issei said. "By the way, I noticed you in a store yesterday looking for something. What was that about?"

"I noticed she had a chess table with only five pieces. So I figured I'd buy her one." Kenshin thought.

"How did you get the money?" Issei asked.

"Eh pickpocketed some blonde asshole." Kenshin thought. "He had a lot of cash on hand, so I didn't think he'd miss it. Hell I had money left over afterword." "Don't quite remember the name, but it rhymed with Kaiser."

The mental conversation would have continued if not for the sound of someone falling down. "Huh?" Kenshin said seeing an obviously female figure on the ground, if her rear end hiked up in the air was anything to go by."

"Nice Panty shot!" Issei shouts.

"Why did I fall down?" She said.

Kenshin walked over and helped her up. "Watch where you're going next time, you could hurt yourself falling with that much luggage." "This girl is dressed like a nun. Crosses and all that shit." Kenshin thought.

"She's really cute too." Issei noted. Kenshin inwardly glared. "What? ! I'm being honest! She is cute!"

"OK..." Kenshin thought.

Kenshin helped her gather her scattered belongings. Avoiding anything holy in the process. "There."

"Aaah, thank you sir." She said bowing toward her.

"Ah...hahahaha." Kenshin chuckled. "Don't mention it. I'm Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin, what's your name?"

"Oh, right where are my manners." She said with a giggle. "My name is Argento Asia."

(chapter end)

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