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Dragon of the Elements

Chapter 118

Between Two Worlds.

Draconis: Begin


In Yamatai

It was night time, it had been two days in Makai since they had arrived, so Tamamo suggested they all rest in Yamatai as their route had taken them close to it at her request. Kenshin had set up generators in all the rooms of Tamamo's house. He awoke and sat up. "Tamamo?" He looked around. The kitsune was nowhere to be found. Kenshin got up. He had remembered falling to sleep with her. He stood up and walked around Tamamo's house.

"..." Kenshin paused rounding the corner seeing a beautiful, long haired, fox eared figure standing before a koi pond. She sensed his presence and smiled, wagging one of her tails to call him over.

"Hello." Tamamo said.

"Heya...I woke up and you weren't there...you even isolated us just so you could sleep with me." Kenshin said with a smile.

Tamamo giggled. "I know, I'm sorry, I just wanted a bit of time alone with you."

"You've got a bit of time alone with me now." Kenshin said.

"You know what I mean silly!" Tamamo giggled slapping him playfully with one of her tails.

"I know." Kenshin said.

"I've gotten my thoughts in order...I think it's best I say this now before we depart for the Deadlands." Tamamo said with a smile, turning toward Kenshin.

"Then...what's up?" Kenshin asked, smiling back at her.

Tamamo closed her eyes, holding her hands at her heart. "Kenshin...I always adored you. Every time your father brought you over with Sheena. I always enjoyed playing games with you or teasing you."

"Tamamo, that...doesn't exactly explain your feelings. It almost seems like you viewed me as a-" One of Tamamo's tails covered his mouth as she smiled.

"During the fissure, a lot of female youkai's targets or in other cases objects of affection were younger men." Tamamo said. "Considering my diminutive form back them. I considered taking you once or twice, but decided against it. Considering what you went through in Megalo, I didn't want to scare you, even if it was when you were older." Tamamo said before smiling. "I'm sorry. I have heat cycles too and considering my form at the time, you were perfect for me. I wouldn't try anything without consent though."

"Hey...you're talking to a guy who got molested by a snake youkai in Mundus Magicus. I could ask for much worse." Kenshin grinned. "You'd have been good."

Tamamo sighed with her eyes closed. "Yeah, I've heard about Yurina."

"It's nothing." Kenshin said. "She was five YEARS behind on her heat cycles, I just wished she had asked before taking me, coulda really done without the month long gynophobia." Kenshin said before sitting down.

Tamamo smiled and joined him, looking up at the moon. "Hey...do you think it ever gets lonely up there?"

"Huh?" Kenshin asked with a curious look.

"The moon." Tamamo said, smiling at Kenshin. "One of your clan names means moon." Tamamo said smiling at him. "Do you think it gets lonely?"

"Tamamo?" Kenshin asked.

"Kenshin..." Tamamo laid her head on Kenshin's shoulder. "Answer my question." She said.

"Um..." Kenshin said. "...Yeah actually..." Kenshin looked up at the moon with a smile.

"It's pretty isn't it?" Tamamo asked as she got up and stood in front of the pond. Kenshin got up as well and looked at her. "It's always there...it's important to my people as well...could it have a conscience?"

"Well there is Tsukuyomi." Kenshin said only for Tamamo to frown.

"I've met him, he's an asshole. He killed UkeMochi and is constantly away from his wife. He doesn't have to LITERALLY personify the night." Tamamo said. "Amaterasu deserves better."

"Well, maybe as her friend, you could introduce her to someone better." Kenshin said with a smile.

Tamamo smiled. "Maybe I should...and while I'm at it, maybe I could ask you to pop him in the mouth for me."

"Heheh. Lemme get a little stronger and then sure." Kenshin grinned.

"But enough about that." Tamamo said looking back up at the moon. "Do you think the moon has feelings, watching over us...only to watch us die?"

"..." Kenshin stared at Tamamo, bathed in the moonlight. His heart thumped at the sight. "...Wow...Tamamo looks so...beautiful right now." Kenshin thought.

"Kenshin." Tamamo said. "I've had previous lovers in the past. Some young, some older, hell even some women."

"I know." Kenshin said with a smile. "We're both youkai here."

"Yes...but..." Tamamo glanced away sadly. "In the end, they all would perish...leaving me alone." Tamamo said. "My mother and sisters had already left me, sealed away while Mother asked me to enter into a new body to watch over things. I was surprised Ilias never caught on."

"I think she might have, but just didn't care anymore." Kenshin said.

"What do you mean?" Tamamo asked.

"Alipheese told her she wanted to share these realms with Ilias, had Ilias not been so jealous of her...and then Lucifina died." Kenshin said. "Ilias showed me this memory herself, of her own free will. I know your distrust of her...but in her current situation...I just can't see why she'd lie."

"I see..." Tamamo said. "But...Kenshin...after awhile...I just stopped trying...and resigned myself to watch over Makai...the various Demon Queens like Alice, Sheena, the other kitsune...I...just couldn't help seeing them as more regrets I'd have later."

"Tamamo..." Kenshin said in a distant tone.

"Honestly...all I wanted was for someone or something to talk to...that wouldn't vanish suddenly." Tamamo said. "Someone or something that knew what I was feeling." Tamamo said looking up at the moon, turning her back to Kenshin. "Sometimes I'd just come out here and...speak with the moon itself...I had stopped that when I started living with you all in Kuoh...but my confession of love and your question of why I said that brought those memories back to the surface...that and what we're about to do. I could talk with the moon sure, but it can't respond...it's eternal, but voiceless."

"..." Kenshin stared at Tamamo's back. "She sounds so somber and morose...it's so jarring." Kenshin thought. "She's usually so cheerful..." He let out a sigh. "Damn it."

Kenshin was jarred from his thoughts by Tamamo's voice. "Kenshin..."

"Y-Yeah?" Kenshin asked.

"Are you aware of how much danger you're putting yourself in here? Fighting Mother?" Tamamo asked.

"Yeah...I know I'm putting my life in danger, fighting her." Kenshin said. "But...Tamamo, I promise you...I won't kill her."

"But will she accept that?" Tamamo asked.

"If need be I'll make her." Kenshin said. "But to completely answer your question. Yeah...in the back of my mind I've always thought the fight I was in would be my last." Kenshin said. "It's scary, but...at the same time comforting."

"Comforting?" Tamamo asked, looking back at him.

"Because I know how my story ends." Kenshin said looking up at the moon. "At the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun or the hands of an enemy. It's at least comforting to know how it ends. If I make it through all that, then I'm still alive."

"Aren't you scared of dying?" Tamamo asked.

"Having died twice? Not really." Kenshin said shaking his head. "I'll do everything I can to stay alive, but dying...doesn't really scare me anymore."

"..." Tamamo stared at Kenshin sadly as his eyes were closed. "Kenshin...we're getting off track."

"Yeah." Kenshin nodded.

Tamamo glanced away. "I think it started...when you revived me out of the kindness of your heart...then...I think it only grew as you stood bravely against Forbesii's hordes of homunculi and led the charge. Then watching all of your exploits...how you always strived to save people, how brave you've been...I think that's what caught my heart."

"Yeah?" Kenshin said.

"But then...Kenshin I've always adored you, but ultimately seeing that unless you were killed by an enemy, you'd never die and I know you'd never let that happen, because you want to be the strongest and you promised the Yonseirei among others." Tamamo said with a smile. "You'd...never leave me alone and that's what allowed me to actually express my love for you...I...finally had a partner who wouldn't leave me...and I wanted to claim that as soon as I could."

"I see..." Kenshin said smiling back as he walked up to Tamamo and hugged her tightly. "You've been lonely for so long huh?" Kenshin asked.

Tamamo hugged him back. "Yeah..." She said with a smile.

"Can I just say something?" Kenshin said smiling at his kitsune lover.

"What is it?" Tamamo asked.

"You look lovely bathed in the moonlight." Kenshin said.

"Hmhm." Tamamo giggled. "You're so sweet."

"Heh, come on." Kenshin said taking one of her hands and guiding her back to her room. He fell onto her bed with her falling on top of him, but immediately turned them on their sides.

"Eh?" Tamamo blinked curiously.

"Fluffy Heaven." Kenshin said with a smile tightening his embrace.

Tamamo giggled. "I see...well wish granted my king, just so long as you keep us warm with your body heat."

"Consider it done, my queen." Kenshin smiled as Tamamo's tails wrapped around him. "Tamamo."

"Yes?" Tamamo asked.

"As long as I'm alive, you'll never feel alone again." Kenshin said wrapping his arms around her, holding her close.

"!" He heard a gasp come from her before she pulled his head down and kissed him fiercely. "Thank you for that Kenshin." She said as they parted, panting softly before smiling lasciviously. "Wanna piece of me?"

"Hahaha." Kenshin laughed. "As much as I want to, Someone would probably stop us."

"True, though a lady can't help asking." Tamamo giggled before pressing her forehead against his chest, her arms and tails wrapped around him. "Thank you Kenshin." She said.

"No thanks necessary." Kenshin said resting his nose in her blonde locks.

"Hey Kenshin..." Tamamo said. "If...we ever end up with a child...what do you want to name it?"

"Hmmmm..." Kenshin said, deep in thought. "How about Mao? It could be applied to a boy or a girl and it's a cute reference to their mother, taking letters from her name."

"You wouldn't mind it only baring letters from my name?" Tamamo asked, looking up at him with a touched but concerned look.

"The fact that they'd bare my surnames is enough." Kenshin said.

The concern faded from Tamamo's face as she smiled. "Hmn...OK, in the future...you owe me a child." Tamamo said burying her face in Kenshin's chest.

"Hm...looking forward to it Tamamo-Chan." Kenshin said.

"!" Tamamo let out a short gasp, but smiled and held Kenshin tighter with her arms and tails. "So am I Kenshin, so am I."

The two fell asleep like this, wrapped in each other's embrace.


Two weeks later. (Makai, two days for Kuoh)

At Goldport

"What do you mean you won't take us to the Makai Deadlands? !" Kenshin, Yukari, Miyuki and Evangeline shout.

"Look I'm sorry Kenshin-Sama, I already had to drop another group off at that Dark Goddess forsaken place! I'm not going a second time!"

"Yes you will." Alice said with a scowl.

"L-Lady Alipheese!" The Captain of the ship yelled in fright.

"Excuse me." The group turned to see a mature woman with mid back length maroon hair, wearing a similarly colored mantle and skirt, white dress underneath "Hello, I am Selene." She said with a smile.

"OK, what's up?" Kenshin said turning toward her.

"If you're going to the Deadlands. I could take you." Selene said. "I've been there hundreds of times."

"?" Alice blinked. "Wait...I was certain that travel to the Deadlands was prohibited"

"It is." Selene smiled. "This man broke the law like I'm about to."

"A-Aaaaaaaggh!" The Captain yelled.

"Will you shut up?" Kenshin said looking back at him. "The Demon Queen herself is with us and she hasn't told me to arrest you, you're good." He turned Selene. "You have a boat that will ferry us to the Deadlands?"

"I do." Selene smiled. "All I ask is that we make a stop along the way."

Kenshin crossed his arms, arching his brow. "As I understand it, there's no land between here and the Deadlands."

"Right you are." Selene smiled. "There's an abandoned ship I want to investigate and if need be, pillage."

"Oh? So you're a pirate?" Evangeline said eying Selene dubiously. "Something's off about this woman." She thought.

"You could say that." Selene said cupping her cheek with a giggle.

"Well I accept your proposal." Kenshin said extending his hand to Selene. "You just want a guard while you raid the ship right?"

"Of course." Selene said shaking his hand.

"Then we're your guy and gals." Kenshin smiled before turning to the other ship captain. "Could you sail the Demon Queen back to Hellgondo?"

"O-Of course." He said with a smile. "Milady do you require anything?" He asked Alice.

"Load up on food." Alice said crossing her arms. Kenshin held one of his smokes in front of her. "Hm?"

"Smoke it, it will make you hungrier." Kenshin said.

The ship captain's eyes widened in horror, but Alice smiled. "Worry not, your crew will be reimbursed by the crown."

"I-I kind of figured, I just feel bad for my cooks." The Captain said with a nervous smile. "Your reputation precedes you my Queen. Men! Go into town and buy more supplies."

Alice and Kenshin both watched as multiple men rushed by them. "I'd be insulted but I am eating for three now." Alice said.

"Yeah." Kenshin said before grabbing her hands as Selene and her crew dragged Kenshin's group away. "I guess this is where we say goodbye." Kenshin smiled.

Alice smiled back, holding the charm between her left index and middle fingers winking at Kenshin with a smile. "Not for too long. I'll call every now and again."

Kenshin moved around her, to embrace her from behind, his hand over her swelled stomach. "Stay safe Alice...I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you and our children."

"Hmhm, I'll be fine Kenshin." Alice smiled turning to him.

"I know you will, but I can't help but worry." Kenshin smiled back as he pulled her toward him, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss. "Alice, stay safe...seriously...I'd be so scared if you, Neris and Luka were in danger."

Alice kissed him back. "I know...but we'll be fine." Alice reassured with a giggle and rubbed the tip of her nose against his affectionately, before laying her hand over his on her stomach.

"I hope so." Kenshin said as he walked away from Alice. "Have a safe trip home...I love you Alice feel free to call me." He said holding up the charm he gave her.

Alice giggled and smiled taking the charm back. "I love you too, but I think I might hold off for a day or so."

"Do what you want." Kenshin said as he walked away, waving her off.

Tamamo was waiting for him with a smile. "Say your goodbyes to the mother of your children?"

"Yeah." Kenshin said. "Though it isn't goodbye." He said with a winking smile.

Tamamo giggled. "Of course it's not, you're going to be there for Luka and Neris' birth!"

"Damn right I am." Kenshin said. "So will you and your own mother." Kenshin said.

"..." Tamamo smiled. "Thank you for putting in the effort to spare her."

"Hey." Kenshin reached over and cupped her cheek. "I've watched my parent die...I wouldn't wish that on anyone else."

"Kenshin..." Tamamo smiled, pulling him into a kiss.

"Mmhh..." Kenshin embraced her tightly. "I promise you Alipheese will live."

"Thank you so much Kenshin." Tamamo said holding him tightly. "But..."

"But?" Kenshin said.

"Are you sure you have this? This is Mother we're talking about." Tamamo said.

"Well, better to go in confident, but..." Kenshin trailed off.

"...It's your empathetic link to Ragnarok isn't it?" Tamamo asked.

"Yeah...I know I gotta do this, but...his emotions and feelings keep coming up." Kenshin said. "I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this so I'm putting on this brave front."

"Well..." Tamamo smiled. "If anyone can figure it out, it's you."

"Yeah, come on." Kenshin said grabbing Tamamo's hand. "Everyone's waiting."

"Mmh." Tamamo smiled, leaning her head on her lover's shoulder.


With Issei (One week later for Makai, only one day for Kuoh)

Issei was walking through his house when he bumped into his mother. "Oh Mo-er...Miki-San." Issei said.

"Hm?" Miki stared at him after his sudden pause, but smiled nonetheless. "Hello Issei. How are you doing?"

"Fine." Issei said with a nervous smile.

"Good, say have you seen Kenshin around lately? I haven't seen him in a couple of days." Miki said.

"Oh, earlier this year he went back to his homeland and helped them with something, but now something else has come up so he went back. He said he'll be back soon." Issei said.

"Yet he left Hikari-Chan here." Miki said.

"Well...he didn't want to leave you high and dry with the housework...and Hikari-San does own a cafe that Sextum-San works at." Issei said.

"How thoughtful~" Miki laughed to herself.

"Anyway Miki-San, I should be going." Issei said walking by her, only for Miki to grab his sleeve.

"You know..." Miki said. "You remind me a lot of my son."

"H-How so?" Issei asked.

"In that you're a hopeless perverted child who adores a woman's breast." Miki said with her eyes closed.

"..." Issei sweatdropped. "Is this how Mom sees me?" He thought.

"But." Miki smiled. "You also seem like you'd do anything for your friends, just like my son would. How coincidental that you're both named Issei." She said bringing Issei's hand to her chest, avoiding her breasts. "All I'm saying is...if you want to call me Mom, go ahead."

"O-OK...Mom." Issei said with a blush.

"Mhmhm..." Miki giggled as she walked away.

"Oh Mom...if you only knew..." Issei thought with a solemn look.



(knock knock)

Issei answered the door only to gape in shock. "T-Tannin-ossan? !" Issei said seeing the former Dragon King appear before him in a miniature form of what he usually looked like.

"Hello Sekiryuutei, I've come for your assistance." Tannin said. "I laid a barrier over the area." Tannin said as he looked around. "Where is the Dragon of the Elements?" He asked as he entered the house.

"Makai had an issue going on so he went to investigate." Issei said.

"I see...then could you fill him in on this when he gets back?" Tannin asked.

"S-Sure." Issei said. "Anyway. Follow me!"

Everyone who hadn't gone with Kenshin as well as Rias' peerage arrived in the VIP room "In short, I've come for your assistance." Tannin said.

"What is it?" Issei asked.

"My role is mainly for the sake of the dragons who come from the human worlds seeking peace...and there's one in particular called the Spectre Dragon which is a rare species. It recently laid eggs." Tannin said.

"OK?" Granberia said in disinterest. "Congrats to the expecting parent, but what's that got to do with us?"

"Granberia-San, you don't get it!" Rias said with a frantic expression. "Spectre Dragons are endangered!"

"So are Dragonkin." Granberia said, still disinterested.

"Oh!" Kazumi said clapping her hands together. "Then congratulations to the parents!"

"Indeed!" Negi, Setsuna and Konoka said with matching smiles.

"Haha, many thanks." Tannin chuckled. "However...the incubation and hatching of a Spectre Dragon is very difficult. In the Underworld especially. It's environment has a bad effect on a Spectre Dragon egg. If it goes on the egg may decay before hatching."

"Oh no." Negi said covering her mouth. "That's horrible!"

"Yes, so I would like to ask you, Rias Gremory to help hatch this egg in Kuoh Town." Tannin said

Hikari rose up and extended her hands with a smile. "We'd love to."

Tannin chuckled. "I appreciate the enthusiasm Azazel's future wife."

"Is that alright though? Qlippoth might be keeping an eye on this place." Issei said.

Hikari meanwhile giggled, cupping her cheek. "Thank you for your kind words Tannin."

"Of course Hikari-San." Tannin said before turning to Issei. "I couldn't find a more suitable place. If it were anywhere else, I couldn't guarantee that Qlippoth won't go after the egg. In that case it would be best to keep the egg in a secret location underground, protected by several layers of magical barriers." Tannin said.

"Well...how long will it take to hatch?" Rias asked.

"Well, if it's one of the human worlds, it should be faster than expected. The Spectre dragon's egg was already in a unideal location prior to this." Tannin said.

"Hmn..." Rias closed her eyes and focused.

"What? What is it? I'm currently on a boat." Kenshin's voice resounded on the other end. Rias explained the situation to him as his miniature image appeared on the table. "Oh, I see. Tannin, are you sure this is wise?"

"I am, we dragons are busy so we'd-" Tannin was cut off.

"I understand." Kenshin said. "Bring it over."

"Yes, we'll do our best to protect it." Rias said.

"Sorry, Thanks for this in advance." Tannin said. "The person who will bring the egg over will be by shortly."

"Evangeline in a minute, I'm in a meeting with Rias and the others." Kenshin said.

"You owe me later!" Everyone heard Evangeline shout.

"Jeez...that horny vampire...I'm surprised Yukari, Miyuki or Alma aren't trying to jump me as well." Kenshin muttered.

Awhile later, the silhouette of a person illuminated by the light from the magic circle appeared, holding a large egg, which glowed with a shining luster. It was a man wearing a black coat, silently holding the egg.

Kenshin's and Issei's eyes widened in shock. "Crom Cruach? ! Why is it you? !" Issei shouted.

"I know you weren't rejoining Quilppoth, but if you do anything, know that I have a teleportation marker on Rias!" Kenshin said.

"Relax!" Tannin said. "It's a long story, but Crom Cruach is currently my guest."

"Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh? !" Issei said.

"Wait, seriously?" Kenshin asked.

Crom Cruach closed his eyes "I am currently being taken care of by Tannin. This is simply in return for that."

Tannin spoke again. "Crom Cruach is an evil dragon. He was also previously serving under Balor, but he is also a pure dragon. Since he's a dragon, then there is a way to understand each other." Crom nodded silently.

"I see..." Kenshin nodded.

"Though he's better than the other evil dragons, you should still be careful." Ddraig said.

"Hrm...I'll keep that in mind, but..." Everyone paused as Crom approached Ophis. Kenshin's and Issei's eyes widened in horror.

"Ophis, fight me." Crom said.

Ophis held a banana in one hand and said to him after he placed the egg in front of her. "I made a promise with Issei and Kenshin that I wouldn't fight anyone in this house or at all, it's impossible." Ophis said.

Crom Cruach blinked curiously. "Really? Then...what needs to be done for it to be possible?" He asked.

"No idea." Ophis said.

"I see...indeed." Crom said picking up the Spectre Dragon egg.

"Seriously? The Evil Dragon appeared, challenged Ophis and was turned down and he just accepted that?" Issei thought.

Crom turned to Kenshin's image. "Will you fight me instead?" He asked.

"Sorry, I've got other matters to attend to or I would." Kenshin said with a grin. "It'd be quite the journey for you anyway."

"Hrm." Crom grunted in disappointment. "I see. That's unfortunate."

"Indeed." Kenshin said.

"What other matters do you have to tend to if you don't mind me asking?" Crom asked.

"Fighting the Primordial Goddess of Darkness." Kenshin answered. "The creator of all youkai."

"Hrm...sounds exciting." Crom said.

"You'd think, but I share an empathetic link to her lover." Kenshin said.

"Oh, that sucks." Crom said.

"Indeed." Kenshin said before turning to Rias and the others. "I think he's legit, but..." Kenshin turned back to Crom. "I'm not asking you to help them in their fight against the church rebels if you don't want to, but if you're going to stay there, you will earn your keep...speaking of which." Kenshin paused turning to Kuroka who was lounging in the corner. "Hey Kuroka! We aren't letting you live here for free!"

"So mean nya~!" Kuroka said.

"Tch!" Kenshin growled.

"I agree Onee-Sama..." Koneko said. "At least do something around the house."

"Shirone and her boyfriend are bullying me-nya" Kuroka giggled, not even looking remotely hurt.

Ignoring this, Issei looked over at Tannin. "You know Ophis, Ossan?"

"Lord Lucifer told me about it. I won't tell anyone. Just knowing that the Dragon God is here with you, I can rest assured." Tannin said. "Also, Dragon of the Elements."

"Yeah?" Kenshin said.

"While Sirzechs-Sama appreciates you trying to help him and the other Satans with the Council, Mephisto-Sama asks that you quit actively trying to piss them off." Tannin said.

"Look, I'll tell you what I told them. If I smell bullshit I won't bite my tongue, and lately, I've been smelling a lot of shit." Kenshin said.

"Haa...he figured that'd be what you'd say." Tannin sighed with a smile. "We dragons are just too prideful."

"It's not about being prideful Tannin." Kenshin said. "It's about doing what's right. I may be a little biased because I'm Sirzechs' pawn but I can tell the Satans are trying to do right by Devilkind."

Everyone smiled at Kenshin, even Kuroka stepped forward. "Kenshin-nya, if we had more devils like you...I might not have had to kill my former master."

"Yeah." Kenshin smiled back. "Don't worry about that, just focus on being a good sister to Koneko."

"Nothing to worry about there, come here Shirone~!" Kuroka wrapped her arms around Koneko from behind.

In a rare showing of embarrassment Koneko blushed, pulling away. "Onee-Sama!" She whined.

Everyone paused except Ophis, Tannin and Crom before bursting out with laughter. "I-I'm sorry Koneko, but that was just too cute!" Kenshin said.

"I know right? !" Issei laughed.

"..." Koneko bowed her head with a blush, but glared at Kenshin.

"Eh?" Kenshin said.

"You owe me when you get back." Koneko said, still glaring.

"Oral or Vaginal?" Kenshin said tilting his head with a grin.

"Oh so you're talking about having sex with the catgirl, but not with me? !" Everyone heard Evangeline yell.

"Look if you want me to bang you that much let me finish this call!" Kenshin shouted back.

Almost everyone blushed at this, even Tannin and Crom while Ophis just looked curious.

"...I see...well, I'll see you later then." Evangeline's voice resounded.

"Haa...I don't know why she's so horny." Kenshin sighed.

"Maybe...Evangeline has heat cycles as well?" Hikari said with a blushing smile.

"No no." Akeno said with a smile, cupping her left cheek. "When she was revived as a devil her reproductive organs came back to life, despite being a Shinso Vampire." Akeno said. "Maybe she just wants to have a baby with Kenshin-kun."

"!" Kenshin paused staring at Akeno. "Wait, seriously?" Kenshin said.

"Ialda Entheofushia was the one who told her. She had no reason to lie." Akeno giggled.

"I see..." Kenshin said filing that away for later.

"Anyway." Tannin said. "If you're wondering why I took Crom in. His eyes have seen too many things that have occurred in the human worlds. Even I myself have not been sealed, so I watch the worlds too, so I feel like I can understand his feelings. As the times change, human culture changes with it. Good and Evil change, accompanied by the change in devils, after watching this for years, even if you are a powerful dragon, your values will waver."

"Sorry Tannin, I have to disagree." Kenshin said. "I'm still gonna be the same guy in a hundred years, as I am now."

"We'll see." Tannin said.

"Are you sure about that Kenshin?" Issei thought. "Even Ophis who has had only little contact with us...is like she is now. Maybe the stronger a dragon is, the purer they are. Well...then there are those like Grendel who are rotten to their core."

Tannin went on. "Anyway, Crom Cruach appears to be interested in my observations of dragons. There have been a lot of species of dragons which I've brought over...I'm sorry Hyoudou Issei, members of the Gremory and Kuroshi households. If you can, please don't publicize this. I want to keep watching him for a while longer."

"I know, I trust you Ossan, after all you're the dragon king that I think is ideal." Issei said.

"As long as he pulls his weight if he's living with us, I don't care what you do." Kenshin said.

Tannin timidly scratched his face in response to this. Rias followed this up. "I understand. Please entrust the Spectre Dragon's egg to us. If we find any signs of decay then we will contact you immediately."

"Right..." Kenshin turned to Granberia. "You know what decay looks like on a dragon's egg right?"

"Yes, there is a female dragon who lives in Salamander's Volcano who taught me how to inspect her eggs. I trust that this isn't much different." Granberia said looking over at Tannin.

"It's not really that different..." Tannin closed his eyes. "I'm very grateful."

"Don't worry about it." Kenshin said. "Now if you'll excuse me, a ship has appeared on the horizon." Kenshin said as he disappeared.


Later that day.

Issei was walking around in his house alone when he bumped into Asia, Irina and Sextum. "Eh? What's up?"

Sextum glanced out the window at the setting sun. "The big fight's in a couple of days...wanna have a little fun to pass the time?" She asked with a blushing smile, grabbing his left hand and pressing it against her chest.

"E-Eeh? !" Issei exclaimed.

Irina smiled, sticking her tongue out as the anti fall knob appeared between her fingers. "Come on Issei-kun~ I want your baby for Heaven's sake." She said.

"Irina, don't even act like it's not for your own sake as well." In a rare moment Sextum teased Irina

"And don't you even act like you don't want the same." Irina said pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Who said I was?" Sextum said kissing Issei on the cheek.

"I-Issei-San." Asia looked down shyly. "I-I still have yet to have you to myself, but I don't mind sharing again." Asia said with a blushing smile.

"Hmhmhm. How kind of you Asia, but really, you just have to try and put yourself out there." Sextum smiled.

"I-I know." Asia nodded.

"A-Aaah!" Issei yelped as he was dragged to his room by Sextum and Irina while Asia shoved him from behind.

They all piled onto his bed. Sextum and Irina kissing his cheeks while Asia kissed him on the lips. "Mmmhh..." Asia moaned into him.

Irina, having already applied the anti fall knob onto the door extended her hands to Sextum. "Here Sextum, let me help you out of your clothes." She said tugging at her light blue jacket.

"Oh, how kind~ Let me return the favor." Sextum said unfastening the buttons on Irina's uniform, pulling the black corset off.

"Mmhm~!" Irina unfastened the rest of her uniform, baring a white bra.

Sextum pulled her jacket apart revealing she was braless. Asia blushed in embarrassment, pulling her nun dress over her head, revealing the lingerie Rias had given her.

Issei stared at them all with wide eyes, saying "Oh...my god."

Sextum giggled while Irina and Asia blushed. Sextum pulled off Issei's pants while Irina pulled off Issei's boxers. Irina sucked on Issei's cock head while Sextum stroked his shaft and sucked his balls. Asia meanwhile kissed him deeply and intertwined her tongue with his.

"Mmmh...I love you Issei-San!" Asia said.

"Aaah...! I love you too." Issei said with a smile as they continued to make out.

"..~" Irina and Sextum both smiled at this, but the angel turned to Sextum. "Say, why aren't you wearing a bra?"

"Uhm..." Sextum giggled with an abashed smile. "I-I think my breasts went up another cup size now they're about the same size as Yukari's or Negi's. I haven't had the chance to go out shopping. On an unrelated note, I feel like my hip and waistline grew as well."

"Why didn't you say so? ! We'll make a girl's day out of it!" Irina said with a wide smile.

"Hmhm, you're too kind Irina...but..." Sextum glanced at Asia who was still kissing Issei, her pink bra clad breasts meshing against Issei's chest. "Who should go first? I mean even with this room..!" Sextum's eyes widened as Irina tackled her to one side of the bed.

"As long as I purify my thoughts before leaving I'll be fine." Irina said with a wide smile before latching her lips onto Sextum's sucking on them gently.

"Mmn?" Sextum closed her eyes and started kissing back, the two parted and smiled at one another. "Where'd this come from?" Sextum asked with a smile.

"Well come on, Issei-kun wants a harem, that kind of entails the girls loving on each other while waiting for their turn." Irina smiled widely. "Might as well accept it, since I love Issei." Irina said.

"Well then..." Sextum smiled and put Irina on her back. "Do you want to bring out those beautiful angel wings, so I can tell you when you're going too far?"

"Mmhn." Irina smiled shaking her head. "My thoughts are pure right now...I know what I'm getting into. I don't have any impure regrets or thoughts." She said extending her arms toward Sextum. "Come and get me Sextum-Chan."

"Mmmm..." Sextum smiled and kissed Irina on the lips, her tongue immediately slipping past her lips.

"I-If it's all the same to you though...I'd..." Irina was cut off by Sextum kissing her on the forehead.

"It's OK, you're very new to this, I have no problems being the giver this time around." Sextum said kissing her way down the angel's body.

"Hyaa~!" Irina gasped pleasurably as Sextum kissed and massaged her breasts.

"Whoa..." Issei said, seeing the erotic sight.

"I... didn't know Irina-San was holding back so much." Asia said with a surprised look.

Sextum pulled away, still roughly massaging Irina's breasts and smiled at them. "You two. No matter how pure someone is, everyone still has desires. The Angels are just the best at holding them back. I think it showed when you Issei started stripping every woman in sight at that three factions sports event. The female angels were embarrassed sure, but the male angels weren't exactly trying very hard to look away." Sextum said. "In conflict sure, but...they didn't seem dissatisfied with the sight."

"Irina-San, is this true?" Asia said.

"Haaannn...~" Irina moaned out erotically. "Y-Yeah...Most of the angels that participated in that event had to immediately purify themselves afterward and...I'd be lying if I said I hadn't wanted to do this with you again Issei..." She covered her mouth with a blush. "Does that...make me a naughty girl Issei...I don't...I don't want to fall." She said. "In...In the end...I'm still worried about it."

Asia smiled and sat to the side as Issei came toward Irina. "Not at all...hey if anything, that makes you perfectly normal, so what if you have to purify your thoughts before leaving this room." Issei said as the two came face to face. "Even if you did fall you'd still be the same Irina I know and adore." Issei said.

Tears leaked from Irina's eyes as she smiled. "Thank you Issei...but...I don't want to-"

"I know, for Touji-San's, your mom's and Michael-Sama's sake, and I promise you that you won't." Issei said before winking with a smirk. "Besides...didn't you say before that having the Sekiryuutei's child would be a big win for Heaven?" He asked.

"Th...That's right..." Irina said looking away.

"And I want to be the Harem King...so wouldn't that mean you'd have to incline yourself to what I want to make that happen? For Heaven's Sake?" Issei asked.

"!" Irina's eyes widened. "I-I mean, technically he's right, but...I...I just don't know if my heart is ready for it!" She thought. Issei bent down and kissed Irina on the lips. "Mmmh?" Irina moaned softly, feeling Issei's lips press against hers.

"Hey Asia, Sextum. Why don't we show Irina what unrestrained pleasure is." Issei said with a smile.

"W-Wha? !" Irina gasped as both Sextum's and Asia's lips latched onto her nipples. "A-Aaahn!"

"Mmgh..." Asia moaned, sucking on Irina's left nipple, her fingers sliding down toward the angel's crotch. "F-Forgive me, I have no experience at this, but I'll try my best." Asia said, her fingers sinking into Irina's wetness.

"Mmmhh!" Irina moaned deeply.

"Asia, when I say when, let me take over." Issei said. "It'll be nice not to use the Boosted Gear for this, so let's rock this beautiful angel's world."

"OK! U-Uhm...Sextum-San...c-can I still go first after this? Even if I've already been with him...I still want to be with him as soon as possib-!" Asia was cut off as Sextum grabbed her head and kissed her deeply on the lips.

Sextum pulled away with a smile. "Of course not Asia." Sextum said with a smile. "Irina maybe his childhood friend, but you've been in love with him longer than any of us. If you want to have him first, then..." She glanced at Irina. "I'll let the angel get her payback on me."

"Sextum-San...are you?" Asia asked.

"When Tsukuyomi would go out of control, I would be sent in to stop her.(1 )" Sextum admitted. "She was a nice girl, but grabbing the cursed Hina Blade changed her, so most times I'd have to subdue her sexually. You could just say I was used to doing with girls. So that's why I was so shy when I met and fell in love with Issei." Sextum smiled.

"Oh...I see." Asia said, smiling back. "You were just helping your friend."

"You could say that, but her soul is at rest now." Sextum said.

"That's good. Amen." Asia said with a prayer.

Issei pulled away from Irina's lips to smile and say. "I don't mind the order, as long as I get to enjoy you all. All my lovely girls."

Asia, Sextum and Irina all blushed, but smiled. "Well, we'll decide it as we go." Irina said.

"Hey, fine with me, but I'm gonna move to a different pair of lips." Issei said.

Irina's eyes widened. "N-No! Please Issei!" Irina gasped out as Asia and Sextum continued to suck on her nipples.

"Mmmhhh..." Issei moaned in content as his tongue lapped at the angel's most private spot.

"Mmnn...ooh...aaaannh...I-Issei~!" Irina moaned and gasped, her wings coming out on impulse.

"Hm?" Sextum glanced to the side, as did Asia. "Well guess we don't have a choice now. Let her have it Issei!"

"Yeah! Show Irina-San that love isn't impure!" Asia said. "As long as it's good!"

"Heh." Issei grinned. "Well, let's make this angel ascend to Heaven in our own way." He said.

"Mmmmmmmhhhh!" Irina moaned deeply, her eyes squeezed shut as Sextum and Asia sucked on her nipples, her wings wrapping around them. Issei dove back between her legs. "Aaahhh! Aahhh!" Irina gasped as her most private parts were stimulated by her lover's tongue. "Oh god! Issei, Asia, Sextum! Yes this feels amazing!"

"Mmmh..." Issei moaned, still lapping at her pussy as her hips squeezed his head.

"Hmhmhm." Sextum laughed softly, sucking on Irina's right nipple as the angel's right wing caressed her back.

"M-Mmmh?" Asia moaned nervously as Irina's left angel wing did the same. "A-Am I doing alright Irina-San?"

"Haaan...haaa...haaa..." Irina smiled at Asia with a blush. "You're doing great Asia...please...keep going."

"OK!" Asia said as she and Sextum both sucked on Irina's nipples strongly.

"Mmmh..." Issei felt Irina's hips squeeze his head harder and moved up, sucking on her clitoris.

"Oh god~! Oh god~! OH~ GOD~!" Irina writhed in undeniable pleasure as she climaxed, laying in a panting mess before Issei who rose up and smiled.

"Wow...I didn't think it'd take only that much." Issei said.

"Well it does usually take women longer, but if the man knows what he's doing then it doesn't really matter." Sextum said with a shrug. "Plus, there's three of us."

"True." Issei said. "Say Sextum, you're usually a lot shyer."

Sextum shrugged again, this time with a smile. "What can I say? I may revert back to it from time to time, but after what we did in Makai, there's no point in being shy anymore." She said kissing Issei on the cheek.

"Well, at least she's still an angel." Asia giggled, seeing Irina's still white wings.

"Yeah, that's good." Issei said before turning to her. "So, you wanna go first Asia?" He asked with a smile.

"Y-Yes." Asia said with a blushing smile. "I've been waiting for this moment ever since Kyoto. Though I'd rather us be alone. I'll take what I can get." She said. "N-No offense Sextum-San, this is why I was constantly borrowing Irina's doorknob."

Sextum waved her off with a smile. "Don't worry about it! Just have your fun. I'll give you your time alone with him. Even without the Boosted Gear, you're in for a treat"

Asia blushed, nodding and turned back to Issei who smiled. "I want to be yours Issei-San." She said.

This was paused by Sextum hugging Issei from behind. "Same here." She said kissing him on the cheek before returning to her previous spot, sitting next to Irina who was unconscious. "I just wanted to do that Asia. Carry on." She said waving her off.

"It's OK." Asia giggled before turning to Issei with a shy smile. "U-Um...Issei-San?"

"Yeah?" Issei said with a smile.

Asia wrapped her arms around Issei's neck and pulled him down. "If we have a child...what would you want to name it?"

Issei blushed at this. "U-Um, you're asking now?"

"S-Sorry. It's just...I want to be with you forever, so obviously I-" Asia was cut off by Issei kissing her.

Issei pulled away with a smile. "How about Airi?" He asked.

"Eh?" Asia said.

"'A' for you 'i' for me, and 'r and i' for Rias, who brought us both into her family." Issei said.

Sextum smiled. " Issei's right, I'm still thinking about the names I want for my child, but I know it might take awhile.

"I could help you Sextum-San!" Asia said with a wide smile. "Eep!" She gasped as Issei grabbed Asia by the waist and laid her on the bed. His other hand stroking her long blonde locks.

"Are you ready, Asia?" Issei asked.

Asia covered her face which was blushing hotly, but underneath it was a smile. She nodded. "Yes...please Issei-San..." She extended her arms toward him, showing how happy she was. "I want you."

"Hmn..." Issei leaned down, kissing Asia while the head of his cock pressed against her.

"Mmmh...mmmhh..." Asia pulled away and smiled. "Don't hesitate Issei-San."

"I wasn't going to." Issei said before kissing Asia again, this time shoving his cock deep inside her.

"Mmmhhh! Aaannh..." Asia moaned and whimpered as Issei filled her. He pulled away and saw tears in her eyes.

"As-" Issei was cut off.

"It's OK." Asia said shaking her head with a smile. "I'm just so happy is all. I'm one with you again." She said

Issei smiled and nodded. "OK, I was just worried is all."

"I know, but I'm fine!" Asia said with a beaming smile.

"OK." Issei said as he started to thrust.

"Aaahn...mmh...ummh...ummgh...mmh..." Asia gasped and moaned as Issei's cock penetrated her.

"Nnngh...nnmmnn..." Issei moaned, biting his lip.

"Issei-San...you feel so good inside me!" Asia moaned out, holding Issei tightly

"Are you sure you don't want my help?" Ddraig asked.

"Nah...I wanna see what I'm made of alone." Issei thought as his hips bucked toward Asia.

"Fair enough, even in this fashion, improving your stamina will only help in the long run. I'm gonna take a nap then." Ddraig said

"Enjoy kicking Albion's ass in your dreams then." Issei thought.

"Haha, will do!" Ddraig laughed.

"I-Issei-San! Issei-San!" Asia gasped and moaned out.

"Asia!" Issei said thrusting harder and faster into the blonde haired former nun.

"Oh god! Oh god! Issei-san please keep going!" Asia said shaking her head with a smile on her face. "Ignore what I'm doing! You feel so amazing!"

"Aah..." Sextum stared at this with wide eyes as her left hand wandered south. "Mmmh..." She moaned softly as her fingers rubbed her pussy lips as Irina's head rolled off her hips and to her right. .

"H-Hey, Issei-San...can we change positions?" Asia asked with a blushing smile.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" Issei asked.

"I want...I want you to take me on my side." Asia said.

"!" Issei's eyes widened, but he smiled and put Asia on her right side, hugging her left leg. "Like this?"

"Yes~!" Asia said with a bright smile. "Please make me yours!"

"W-Wow..." Sextum said as her fingers rubbed her inner folds. "Mmhh..." She bit her bottom lip as her fingers caressed her G spot. "Mmmhhh!" She moaned again, her index and middle fingers caressing this spot over and over again.

"Asia!" Issei said hugging her right leg as he pounded into her.

"Aaahn! Aaahnnn! Mmmmh! Issei-San! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Asia moaned and gasped.

"Mmmmgh...fuck Asia you're squeezing me so tightly!" Issei moaned loudly.

"I'm pleasing you? Aah! I'm so happy!" Asia said with a smile.

"Yeah...! Fuck! You feel so good Asia!" Issei said before dropping her leg and smothering himself with her breasts. "Man, you've been growing too Asia, you're a lot bigger."

"Mmhmhm~!" Asia giggled happily. "As long as it makes you happy dear."

"Dear?" Issei said before Asia wrapped her arms around his head. Her legs wrapping around his waist. Asia smiled down at him.

"My dear Issei-San." Asia said as their loins pressed against one another.

"Hm." Issei smiled and kissed Asia deeply.

"Hey..." Irina said sitting up. "!" She looked over and saw Issei and Asia with their loins meshed together. "Wh-Whoa...I-If it weren't for this room, I'd fall for sure seeing this...that...looks so hot." She whispered.

Sextum heard her anyway and smiled slyly. "Why don't we do something hot ourselves?" She said as she pushed Irina's back onto the bed they were laying on.

"A-Aah? !" Irina gasped out. "Se-Sextum what are you-?" Sextum silenced her with a kiss.

"What I did with Tsukuyomi...I'm calming down a horny friend." Sextum said as she kissed down Irina's jawline and down her neck.

"A-Aaah? !" Irina gasped out her arms wrapping around Sextum on impulse. "Sextum-San! That feels so good~!"

"See, now look at those beautiful wings of yours." Sextum said.

"Eh?" Irina hadn't even realized she had brought out her wings on impulse. "W-Wait...they're still white, yet...I feel so...so..."

"Horny." Sextum said smiling up at Irina. "Just Relax. I highly doubt Heaven would have made anything like the Brave Saint Cards or that doorknob without thoroughly testing the hell out of it. Besides, like what was said earlier. You're in Issei's harem, hell you're probably the main girl alongside Asia. This is going to happen more and more with other women."

"That's true..." Irina sighed with a smile. "I'm just surprised is all."

"About what?" Sextum asked with a smile of her own.

"That Heaven thought this far ahead." Irina said, still smiling. "I-I've noticed s-some of the female angels and male angels look at each other, in the same sex at that. They immediately got embarrassed and purified their thoughts."

"See?" Sextum said with a smile as Issei fucked Asia. "Like I said, everyone has desires." She said. "I mean come on. I can't imagine how many female angels are attracted to Gabriel and males to Michael-Sama."

"Oh forget it!" Irina said wrapping her arms around Sextum's neck, kissing her deeply.

"Hm?" Sextum said as Irina pulled away with a wide smile.

"Funny...I kinda always expected this thing with Xenovia after she became a devil, but you'll work nicely too seeing as she's with Kenshin-nii." Irina said after pulling away with a smile. "Come on Sextum...come and give me pleasure in Issei-kun's stead!"

"Alright." Sextum said before kissing Irina on the lips, slipping her tongue into the angel's lips before pulling away, kissing down her jawline again. She continued down her neck and chest."

"Aaahhn...Sextum-San, that feels so good~!" Irina moaned.

Sextum, who had arrived at her pussy smiled. "I know it does."

"A-Aaah! Mmmnn!" Irina moaned loudly as Sextum licked her.

Issei and Asia paused their fucking to see this. "Whoa..." Issei said.

"Irina-San was that pent up?" Asia said. "Issei-San...you should..."

"I plan on it...but right now is for you." Issei said kissing Asia on the lips.

"Mmmm!" Asia wrapped her arms around Issei's neck, deepening the kiss. They eventually parted and Asia smiled. "Are you getting close?"

"Aaahnn...Y-Yeah..." Issei said with a grin.

Asia locked her legs around Issei's waist. Issei looked at her surprised. "I-I...want it...please Issei-San." She said with a shy smile.

Issei didn't have time to answer as he buried himself inside her and let his seed flow into her. "Haa...haaa..." He panted as his orgasm tapered off.

"Haa...haaa..." Asia panted, but she also smiled at Issei. "Thank you so much Issei-San...C-Can I..."

Issei cut Asia off by kissing her on the lips. He parted with a smile. "Will that do Asia?"

Asia closed her eyes, tears in the corners of her eyes. "Of course Issei-San!"

Issei got off of Asia who had fallen asleep with a beautiful smile on her face and turned to Sextum and Irina, the latter's head still in between the former's legs, licking her pussy.

"Hmm?" Sextum felt a pair of hands grab her asscheeks and softly massage them. She turned her head to see Issei and smile. "And you're supposed to be the Oppai Dragon. Why are you rubbing my butt like that?"

"Well I wouldn't wanna take Irina's pleasure away, and this is the next best thing." Issei said with a grin.

"I-Issei-kunnnnn!" Irina moaned out. "Why her before me? !"

"Heh, sorry, but I wanna save the girl I've known the longest for last." Issei said with a grin.

Irina covered her face which was wearing a blush, but underneath was a smile.

"See? I told you that you're one of, if not the top girl. The Rias to Issei's Kenshin." Sextum said.

"Yeah..." Issei said with a smile. "Had I known you were a girl back then. I'd have probably been a lot more polite, Mom did make sure that was ground into me."

"Hahaha. Don't worry about it...I love the way you are now." Irina said with a wide smile. "Just make sure you got enough left for me OK?"

"Heh." Issei grinned. "Just please don't fall after you leave here. I'd hate to be responsible for that." Issei said.

"Hehehe~ You're so sweet." Irina giggled. "I won't leave this room until my thoughts are purified." She said sticking her tongue out at him.

"Ok." Issei said with a nod. "Sextum-San...let her have it."

"Hmn. Just as long as you let me have it as well." Sextum rubbed her ass against Issei's erection.

"I'm loving this confident streak Sextum-San." Issei grinned as he pressed his lower head against her entrance.

"Mmmh, well come on, once you've been fucked by the man you love, there's really no need right?" Sextum asked with a smile.

"The man you...?" Issei said only to be cut off by Sextum giggling.

"If I didn't, I wouldn't have let you so much as touch me." Sextum said. "Now come on." She rolled her hips around, rubbing the head of Issei's cock against her entrance.

"Right..." Issei said with a smile as he felt himself sink inside her honey pot.

"Oh god~!" Sextum moaned as she felt her lower lips expand to accept her lover's cock.

"F-Fuck, so...t-tight." Issei said pulling his hips back and bucking them back forward.

"Aaahn!" Sextum moaned, her tongue hanging out.

"Mou...Sextum-Saaannnn!" Irina whined.

"R-Right." Sextum said wrapping her arms around Irina's thighs and pulling her closer.

"A-Aaahhnn!" Irina let out a gasping moan as Sextum's tongue slipped inside her.

"Mmmh!" Sextum moaned into her as Issei thrusted his hips into her from behind.

"F-Fuck!" Issei said looking down, seeing his hips slap against Sextum's ass. "H-Heh...I know this is usually Vali's thing, but...Sextum-San...you really have a nice ass."

"D-Don't say things like that~!" Sextum complained before Issei slapped her ass. "Aaaaahhnnn~!" Sextum gasped erotically.

Issei smiled as he watched his ice mage's ass jiggle.

This of course made Sextum lick or eat out Irina more intensely. "Aaahhnnn!" Irina had taken to groping her own breasts at this point as her white angel wings flapped erratically. "Oh god Sextum-San that feels so good~!" Irina moaned out.

"Mmmhhh!" Sextum moaned as Issei fucked her from behind.

"Aaaahh..." Issei gasped in pleasure as Sextum's pussy squeeze his cock intensely.

"A-Aaaaahhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn~!" Irina moaned as she came hard, squirting on Sextum's face as she passed out.

"Wow..." Issei said before Sextum pushed him down, riding his cock in reverse cowgirl looking back at him with a smile.

"Oh fuck Sextum!" Issei moaned out.

"Hehe~!" Sextum closed her eyes and giggled.

"Oh fuck! Sextum, keep going~!" Issei said.

"Mmmh!" Sextum nodded, her hips slapping harder against his. She felt Issei's hands groping her ass. "Haha...Isn't this usually Vali's area of expertise?" She asked with a laugh.

"Sure, but..." Issei chuckled. "Come on, as a hopeful Harem King, I gotta appreciate everything about my girls. This form you're in, and I'm sorry if I didn't say it last time, but, it's really sexy."

Sextum blushed, but smiled as she turned around, Issei's cock still inside her. "Then please enjoy these instead." She said pressing her breasts against Issei's face.

"Mmmmh!" Issei moaned out as he sucked on both her nipples at the same time.

"Haaaannnn!" Sextum gasped out with a smile, still throwing her hips down against Issei's phallus. "Oh fuck...~! Issei~!"

"Mmmmgh!" Issei felt Sextum's pussy squeezing him hard. "S-Sextum-San!" He moaned out as he thrust hard into her, meeting her thrusts halfway.

Sextum gasped and moaned, her tongue hanging out between her lips with a smile. "Fuck! Issei, yes! Fuck me just like this! !" Issei planted Sextum on her back, she let out an excited gasp. "Come on! Give it to me! Give it to meeeee~!"

Issei's eyes widened as Sextum pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss, their hips bucking hard against one another. "Fuck~ Sextum-San!"

"Oh god...Oh fuck...I-I'm about to cum!" Sextum cried out. "Cum~! Cum inside me Issei~! !"

"Nnnnnggghhhhh!" Issei held Sextum close as his seed shot deep inside her.

"Aaaaaahhhnnnnnnn~!" Sextum cried out in orgasmic bliss as she collapsed against Issei.

"S-Sextum-San?" Issei asked.

"Will you please stop calling me that." Sextum said hugging Issei tightly. "I'm one of your lovers am I not...?" She asked.

"Right." Issei said with a smile. "I'm sorry..."

"Hmhm." Sextum giggled tiredly and kissed Issei on the lips. "Just, please... if you're going suffix my name, make it more...adoring of me." Sextum said smiling at Issei before she fell asleep.

Issei smiled at this and looked over seeing Irina stirring. "Irina."

"Eh?" She looked around, seeing Asia and Sextum both sleeping. "So...I'm last huh?" She asked.

"Yeah..." Issei said with a smile. "Sorry."

"Oh no, don't worry about it! After all..." Irina smiled and stuck her tongue out. "You save the best for last right?"

Issei chuckled. "Asia and Sextum will want a word if they hear that."

Irina's smile widened. "I don't care. After all I've known you for longer than anyone..."

Issei blushed at this, but smiled. "Heh. Alright Irina...are you ready?"

"Mmmh." Irina blushed with a smile. "Come and get me Issei." She said extending her arms, her white angel wings flapping excitedly. "We'll decide as we go."

"Right." Issei said leaning down to kiss Irina on the lips as she embraced him, moaning into Issei as he entered her. "Haa...god...you're spreading me apart so fully."

"Oh...fuck...Irina...you're squeezing so tightly..." Issei sighed out as he rocked his hips against her.

"Mmmmh! Yes Issei-kun! Please give it to me! I want to bare a child for you and Heaven!" Irina moaned out, feeling Issei's cock thrusting in and out of her

"Gah! Fuck! Come here~!" Issei said pulling his childhood friend into a deep kiss.

"Mmmh? !" Irina gasped with wide eyes before closing with a smile and deepening the kiss further.

"Fuck...Fuck..." Issei gasped out Irina bucked her hips against his. His back against the bed while Irina bounced on his cock

"I-Issei-kun! I-Issei-kun!" Irina gasped and moaned out. "Please cum inside~! I can feel you twitching! Please give me your child!"

"Y-You too? !" Issei said.

"Asia and aaahnnn...Xenovia and I...have...mmmmh, names of children, Asia already said hers, Airi which you already suggested yourself, to represent herself, you and Rias who brought you and her into her family!"

Issei spared a moment to smile at the sleeping Asia, who wore a big smile. "Wow...so we both had the same idea." Issei said before turning and kissing Irina on the lips. "So what name do you want our child?"

"!" Irina's eyes widened with a dark blush. "I-Issei-kun? !"

Issei kept thrusting his hips upward as he fucked her pussy, her hips bucking against his. "Irina! Irina!"

"Issei-kun! Issei-kunnnnnnn~!" Irina cried out as she bounced on Issei's cock.

"!" Issei pulled her down and kissed her deeply.

"Mmmh? !" Irina gasped in shock, but quickly melted into his embrace, kissing him back rocking her hips strongly against his. "Oh god~! Oh god~! !" She thought. "It's coming!"

"Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh~! !" Irina moaned deeply into Issei as her climax hit her.

"! !" Issei's eyes widened as Irina pressed herself fully against him, forcing his semen right into her womb.

Irina finally collapsed against him and their lips parted. "Haa...haaa...haa...haa..." Irina panted heavily, her head resting against Issei's chest. "Whew...that was...great..." Irina said, smiling tiredly at Issei.

"Yeah...you were too." Issei said.

"Did you use the Boosted Gear on us?" Irina asked.

"No actually...that was all me." Issei said with a tired grin.

"Wow~" Irina blushed as her smile widened.

Issei looked down, seeing her still white angel wings. "Hmn..." He smiled and stroked the left one. "Glad these are still the same."

"Hehe~ I am too." Irina giggled before sighing. "I hope everything goes alright. That we beat the rebels...that Kenshin-nii and the others come back safely."

"Well...it might just be you talking to Michael-Sama, but why not pray for it?" Issei asked.

"Hmhm, sure, but not right now, I don't wanna hurt you." Irina smiled.

"Fair enough." Issei said as they shared a heartfelt kiss.

"Hey...Issei...?" Irina said.

"What's up?" Issei asked.

"I wanted to say this during Christmas, but then Azazel Claus appeared, but I..." Irina was silenced as Issei smiled.

"I know...I feel the same way." Issei said.

Irina blushed but smiled, however Issei's arms were grabbed by a now awake Sextum and Asia. "You two."

"Come on, you're taking his chest, let us have his shoulders." Asia said.

"And we're gonna have to have a talk about that best for last comment." Sextum chided with a smile.

"Oh come on, it's not a sin to have confidence in yourself!" Irina whined.

"Hahaha, that it isn't but I won't let you get away with that." Sextum laughed.

"Neither will I!" Asia said.

"Hey Hey, come on now girls...let's rest for now." Issei said with a smile as he hugged all three of them.

"~!" Irina, Asia and Sextum all cuddled against Issei.

"I love you Issei." They all said falling asleep.



Kenshin was standing on the deck of Selene's ship. Now that he had gotten used to it, he actually enjoyed the cool sea breeze against his skin. "Haa..." He let out a relaxed sigh. "We should be at that ship by morning." He said looking up at the moon.

(Tmp Tmp Tmp)

The sound of footsteps reached Kenshin's ears. He turned and saw Evangeline. "Oh hey Evangeline." He smiled.

Evangeline looked back a small smile gracing her lips as well. "Hey yourself l'amour." She said, saying a french word for love.

"What's up, aijou?" Kenshin said using a similar word in Japanese.

He chuckled softly to himself as he saw Evangeline's cheeks light up just a bit before she looked away. "You...stupid Casanova..." She grumbled.

"You like it." Kenshin grinned.

"That's beside the point." Evangeline said turning to face him. "Kenshin, you know that woman giving us a ride is..."

"Dead. I know. Her entire crew are ghosts." Kenshin nodded. "Good thing Alice isn't here." He laughed.

"Hahaha, right?" Evangeline laughed back. "But if you knew, why didn't you send them to the Pure World?"

"I was going to, but Selene mentioned this ship we're going to, and it led me to believe she has unfinished business, so...I guess I kinda felt like helping her out before she moves on." Kenshin said

"I see." Evangeline said. "Well that answers that, guess I'll go get drunk and go to-"

"So you wanna have a baby huh?" Kenshin asked.

"!" Evangeline turned back toward him with wide eyes. "W-Who told you?"

"Akeno." Kenshin said.

"I-I'm gonna..." Evangeline growled only for Kenshin to cut her off.

"You're going to do nothing." Kenshin said before smiling. "Evangeline, is it a surprise, yes, but still-"

"I-I'm just still having trouble adjusting to it OK?" Evangeline said cutting him off.

"That's perfectly OK." Kenshin said "Take as long as you need I mean." He grinned. "As Primordial of Life it's not like I'm going anywhere!"

"I know, but, with all the battles you keep putting yourself in...even my cold heart can't help but worry you know?" Evangeline said with an embarrassed smile.

Kenshin walked over and grabbed her hands. "I know, but I'm gonna make it out of this." He said.

"I hope you will..." Evangeline said before chuckling softly. "Haha...it's been so long since I've felt hope...it almost feels-!"

"Mmmh..." Kenshin pressed his lips against hers wrapping his arms around her.

"Haa..." Evangeline broke the kiss herself and smiled laying her head against Kenshin's shoulder. "...I love you..."

"Heh, the feeling's mutual." Kenshin said squeezing her a bit.

Evangeline looked up at Kenshin with a smile. "Even though you love others...I'm...actually really happy to hear that."

Kenshin tilted his head to the side. "Thirsty?"

"...Fuck yes." Evangeline said as she sunk her fangs into Kenshin's neck. "Mmmh..." She moaned in delight as she lapped up his blood.

"Hey, not too much now." He said patting her head.

"~" Evangeline let out another delighted moan before pulling away a blushing smile. "I know, just every now and again...let me taste your blood." She giggled and shifted around. "It tastes so good~"

"Ara, so we have a vampire on the ship?" The two turned to see Selene approaching with Tamamo behind her.

"And we have a ship crewed by ghosts." Kenshin replied with a coy smile as Selene stared at him in surprise. "I knew from the jump. I'm the Primordial of Life, it's my job to defend the Principle of Life."

"I see..." Selene said. "Why didn't you send me off then?"

"Because you mentioned this ship we're heading toward." Kenshin said. "You have unfinished business?"

"Indeed." Selene walked past him and toward the front of the ship. "I used to be a legendary pirate..."

"I know of you, reports reached Maouzyou about your various plunders." Tamamo said before glaring. "We had to shut down sea travel to Hellgondo because of you."

"I'm not sorry." Selene said. "Being a pirate gave me freedom to do as I please. Some of Alipheese the Eighth's policies I did not agree with."

"I see...you must have made the decision when she became Black Alice." Kenshin said.

"Had to be." Heinrich said. "My Alice was usually pretty kind hearted before Yama got to her. That's kinda why Lilith and Lilim liked her so much, and cursed my name when I killed her."

"What about Alipheese the Eighth?" Selene asked.

"The line of the Dark Goddess has a technique called the Vessel of Darkness. It provides a significant power boost." Kenshin said. "However if activated for too long it drives the user insane."

"I see...so she used it to-" Selene was cut off.

Kenshin's eyes flashed blue. "No, The Shinigami Yama sealed it to always be active." Heinrich's voice resounded from Kenshin's mouth.

"Heinrich?" Tamamo said.

Selene closed her eyes and sighed. "I see, anyway, it wasn't her that got me killed."

Kenshin's eyes returned to their normal heterochromatic color. "What was it then?"

"The ship we're heading toward is my old ship. We managed to plunder a box that was sealed." Selene said.

Tamamo's eyes widened in worry. "No...tell me you didn't."

"Tamamo?" Kenshin and Evangeline both asked.

"Mother had to seal three of Kanon's creations because of their vapid hunger to give birth and take over the world." Tamamo said. "She sealed them into a box and labeled it as a Pandora Box and chucked it as hard as she could to the east."

"And then we found it and opened it. Those three killed us, but with our last breaths, we managed to seal them on the ship." Selene said as her crew appeared around them. "We refuse to rest until our mistake is rectified."

"...I see." Kenshin said. "Sending you would be pointless then. Souls with major unfinished business like this would just worm their way out of either of the two worlds and come back." He turned to Tamamo. "What are we dealing with?"

"Kanon is the creator of the Plant and Insect Youkai." Tamamo said. "One of her first creations besides the first Alarune and Bee youkai to help nurture nature as Alipheese intended was to create the first Beelzebub youkai, the ladies of the flies." Tamamo explained. "Kanon couldn't control their hunger to give birth and take over both Makai and the Divine Realms, so Mother sealed them away in a box."

"I see...so it was correct of me, with my dying breath to seal them onto the ship." Selene said.

"You sealed them?" Tamamo asked.

"Not into the box, but just onto the ship." Selene said before a regretful gaze graced her features. "Please...help me correct my mistake."

Kenshin closed his eyes with a smile. "Well if it's on the way...and helps us prepare for the coming battle, sure." Kenshin said before frowning. "However, afterward, your whole crew, as well as yourself will be sent to the afterlife."

Selene smiled. "That's alright with me. We've been waiting so long anyway." She said before walking back into the cabin. Miyuki walked by her.

The four sat down. "Alright. I feel we should get this out of the way now." Kenshin said. "Alma's, Erubetie's and my opponents have been decided already. Erubetie will face Kanade, Alma will take on Minagi and I will face down Alipheese herself, but there's still Saja, Hiruko, Kanon and Draco."

"Evangeline, I think it would be best for you to face off against Kanon." Tamamo said. "Just...please...don't kill her."

Evangeline glanced at her before nodding. "As a plant youkai she's sensitive to the cold huh?"

"Yes." Tamamo nodded.

"Well I'll do what I can." Evangeline nodded.

"Yukari should be able to handle Hiruko, albeit with some difficulty." Tamamo said.

"I'll inform Onee-Chan." Miyuki nodded. "With the Balance Breaker she is the fastest out of all of us except Onii-Chan and seconded by Alma Elma."

"OK, that takes care of Kanon and Hiruko, what about Saja and Draco?" Kenshin asked.

"...I'll take Draco." Tamamo said.

"Oh? Taking the easiest assignment for yourself." Evangeline chided.

"Evangeline." Kenshin said with a frown.

"What? It's not like I'm wrong." Evangeline huffed. "All he has is a bow and arrow and a ghost clone."

"..." Tamamo frowned at Evangeline. "You're a fool to discount Draco."

"Why? Just because he founded one of Kenshin's clans?" Evangeline asked.

"Draco also has elemental prowess from his brother Ragnarok as well as time spells from his lover, the Time Goddess Taimu. I'm the only one of the Ancestors who was ever able to beat him."

"I see..." Evangeline said before nodding. "Sorry then."

"So then...I take Saja?" Miyuki asked.

"I'm sorry, Saja is the most trusted by Mother, though we all were trusted." Tamamo said. "She carries the characteristics of Lamias, Harpies and Dragon Youkai. The only youkai to ever defeat her was Ragnarok after he'd already been turned into a dragon youkai himself."

"I-I see..." Miyuki said, shivering a bit. Kenshin reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "?"

"You can do it Miyuki, you're my sister. I know you can." Kenshin smiled.

"..." Miyuki's cheeks heated up but she smiled. "I'll do my best Onii-Chan!"

"Still I should let you know what you're getting into." Tamamo said. "As the Six Ancestors...or the Six Generals as we were known back then. Saja possessed tremendous physical and magical capabilities, though the latter was thirded by me." Tamamo said. "I won't lie to you Miyuki, you're in for a hell of a fight. Saja has the greatest overall fighting ability among the Six Ancestors."

Miyuki smirked grimly. "I see...so I'm taking the strongest huh?

"She did manage to blow me through several trees and knock my armor off." Kenshin said. "Miyuki...if it's too much. Call for help." He said.

"Hrm..." Miyuki grunted before getting in Kenshin's face. "I'll be fine Onii-Chan!" She sat back with a glare. "I'm going to prove to you that I don't need protecting! I'll kick that bird snake's ass!"

"..." Both Kenshin and Tamamo both stared at her in surprise, before Kenshin smiled. "Ok then Miyuki, give her hell."

Tamamo smiled as well. "Right, do what you gotta do."

"Also..." Kenshin turned to Tamamo. "I think it'd be a good idea for you to unbind the Malak seal when we face them..."

"Kenshin..." Tamamo said taking on a saddened look..

"I know, but Alipheese absolutely crushed me when we fought in Kuoh." Kenshin said.

"...just...promise me you won't kill her..." Tamamo said bowing her head.

"Yeah, but that also depends on her." Kenshin said with his eyes closed.

"I know, that's all I ask for." Tamamo said.

With the plans set everyone went inside except Kenshin himself who looked up at the moon. He let out a sigh. "Please let everyone make it out of this OK." He said as a semi prayer, his brow twitching. "Please don't make me kill the Dark Goddess...the creator of Youkai."

With that...Kenshin walked into the cabin, awaiting the day to come.

(chapter end)

Issei: (playing Among Us)

Kenshin: (Snaps his neck and walks away.)

Kenshin: (after the meeting was called) I think it was Vali.

Vali: What? ! No I was in weapons!

Bikou: Yeah I was in admin and saw three people in medbay when one dropped off.

Arthur: It was Kenshin! Get him out of here!

Kenshin Wait wait wait wait! How do we know it's not Arthur? ! He was in medbay with me!

Arthur: Oh don't even! I know it was you!

Kenshin: You reported the body though, how do we know it's not a self report? ! Where were you after the kill? !

Arthur: OK, I left medbay and went to cafeteria then to weapons, where I saw Vali leaving...Wait, where you going Vali?

Vali: I left weapons because I had tasks in O2 and Navigation.

Bikou: I can confirm Vali's good. I saw him scan.

Kenshin: OK, that takes away my sus.

Arthur: So it has to be you!

Kenshin: Nice of you to blame me when you haven't explained yourself! Issei, Kiba, Gasper, Saji and Tobio and Dulio are all dead Fuck that! I ain't getting blamed for a crime I didn't commit! How did we know Vali didn't do it and walked to weapons?

Bikou: I saw him scan! Impostors can't scan! I already said this!

Kenshin: …..

Vali: OK! Get the not so master assassin the fuck outta here!

Kenshin: Goddamn it! (is ejected)

Bikou: Wait...the game isn't over?

Vali: Of course it hasn't. (snaps Bikou's neck)

Kenshin: (laughs) I know you had to do it Vali, but way to go!

Vali (chuckles) Sorry everyone.

Bikou: How the hell did you fake medbay scan? !

Vali: I was stacked on top of Gasper who was scanning.

Bikou: Fuck!

Gasper: Kenshin-Senpai! Why'd you bully me? !

Kenshin (smiles nervously) Sorry Gasper, you were alone in comms and it was just too good.

Kiba: Vali killed me in O2

Tobio: He also killed me in Electrical

Dulio: Kenshin shot me in reactor.

Issei: He snapped my neck in cafeteria.

Saji: Vali stabbed me in Navigation.

Kenshin and Vali: (hi five) Go team White and Black!

Everyone else: You assholes.


(1 ) The character from Negima, not the god

Next time, Kenshin's and Issei's arcs continue.

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