Chapter 1

It was the first day of senior year for Freed Justine. He had just gotten dressed in his uniform, a white, button – up shirt and black dress pants. After eating breakfast, his shoes were handed to him by his butler, and he raced out the door.

"What took ya so long, Freed?" asked Evergeen.

"Nerves, I suppose." Inside the black limo, Freed and his sister, Evergreen, sat in the back, while a chauffeur directed the long vehicle into and out of traffic.

Freed threw his bag on one of the seats and sat in a proper position, legs crossed and hands folded neatly on his lap.

"What's up?"

"Nothing really. I just don't know what to expect."

"C'mon. It will be fine. You've been at Fairy Tail Honors Academy for three years already. You know how it's gonna be."

Freed sighed and pushed a strand of long, green hair out of his face. "You're right. There is really nothing that I should be worried about. Everything will be fine."

"Oh, remember that your student council meeting is Wednesday. It's the first of the year, you probably don't wanna miss it."

"Thanks, Ever. I have been wanting to ask you, are you still going out with that football player?"

"Elfman! Uh, yeah, I am. Why?"

"I just wanted to ask. That's all."

"Freed, I know you are serious and shy, but you really need someone like that in your life to loosen you up. Isn't it annoying being professional all the time?"

"Not at all. It is part of my nature, honestly. Ever, I really don't need a girlfriend. She would just distract me. I like my solitude."

Evergreen looked at Freed seriously. "Look, I know letting people into your life is hard. I understand that. For you it's always been a challenge. But I think it would help your stress level and personality a lot if you had someone special in your life. It doesn't matter who it is, but I think it would help you."

He lifted his head a little to look back. "I will think about it, okay? I don't know anyone I think of like that. If I find someone, you will be the first to know."

"Sounds good, bro."

Freed laughed as the car stopped. The man in the front seat stepped out of the car and opened up the door. Evergreen jumped out of the car first, standing up and straightening her black skirt and white button – up shirt. She bent down and pulled up her white knee – highs and tied one undone shoelaces on her mary janes and reached her hand to Freed. Freed grabbed it and pulled himself up.

"One more year," he mumbled.

"Oh be quiet. I still have to get through two more years."

He smiled and started walking towards the school, Evergreen next to him. Once heading to the office for their locker numbers and schedules they parted ways.

"214, 214, 214... Found it!"

Freed walked up to his new locker, near the English room. It wasn't a bad location. Window on the other side of the hallway, and plenty of space from the gray tiles on the ground. Freed moved all the objects from his bag into the locker, and shut it carefully after gathering the supplies for his first hour, Chemistry.

Ms. Daphene was nice enough, but a little obsessed with health food. Second hour History with Mr. Rocko and Technology with Mr. Lates passed quickly enough. After a calculus lesson with Mr. Lahar finally, it was lunch.

Freed walked into the lunch hall, awkward as always. He didn't really have any friends, and sitting alone was typical for him. He found a seat near the large window overlooking the lake outside where students raced on boats across it. While eating his lunch, a stranger came up to him.

"Hey, can I sit here?"

"Uh, if you want to."

The odd looking senior sat down. "I'm Bixslow."

"Nice to meet your acquaintance, Bixslow, my name is Freed."

As they talked, Freed started to like Bixslow, even though he was weird. He had a good sense of humor and seemed a little perverted, but overall, friendly.

"Freed! I forgot to tell you. Have you heard the rumors about the new physical education teacher?"

"No. What about him?"

"All the chicks are saying he's hot."

"What about it?"

"It looks like we got competition," Bixslow grinned.

The bell rang for fifth hour. Freed hurried off to go to French with Ms. Mirajane Strauss. He was particularly good at learning different languages, which is why he hired a private tutor to help him learn some over the summer. English was taught by Ms. Vermillion and then art. Bixslow was in his class and Freed discovered Bixslow was great at woodwork. Lastly, Freed had Physical Education.

When he arrived in the all-male class, students were spreading rumors about this teacher faster than ever.

"He has a massive scar across his face and he can kill you with his looks…"

"He comes from California where he kills sharks with his bare hands for a living…"

"He has even killed a bigfoot in North Siberia…"

Freed thought this was a bunch of lies. Then, the new teacher started up the stairs to the gym. He walked slowly with huge steps into the room. Six foot three and huge, the teacher continued until he stood in front of the class. He had a nice purple shirt on, tight enough to see the bulging muscles underneath, and black dress pants and shoes. His face did have a lightening scar across one eye. His messy blond hair and forbidding look made even the seniors afraid.

"Hello. I'm Laxus Dreyer. I will be your teacher for this year of physical education."

Freed looked him up and down. He was hot, for a guy. Freed could see why girls would like him so much.

After taking attendance, the man talked about gym uniforms and basic rules. Soon, it was the end of class and the end of the day.

Freed scampered back to his locker, grabbed his books, and ran outside. The limousine was waiting for him, door held upon by the chauffeur. Freed hopped in and took a seat next to Evergreen.

"Hey. How was your first day?"

"Fine. I think I have decent teachers."

"That's good."

They sat in silence for the rest of the ride, each thinking about their own day. Once at the manor, Freed went to his large room and Evergreen sat in front of the television in the home theater. Freed walked upstairs and laid on his bed, thinking.

For some reason, he couldn't take Mr. Dreyer out of his head. All Freed could think of is how he said Freed's name during attendance and how his body was so perfect, so muscular. Mr. Dreyer himself was certainly handsome, and his scar made him look hot and dangerous. Suddenly, Freed realized what he was doing. Daydreaming about the PE teacher? That's shameful. Freed wasn't gay in the slightest.

It was just a long, confusing day. Freed needed sleep. Without changing out of his uniform, he slept, dreaming about Mr. Dreyer.

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