Chapter 5

The next day, Freed hardly paid any attention in his classes because he wanted to hear who was the new student council president. Unfortunately, that was announced at the end of the day in the Student Council room. Freed had a good chance at it because last year he was the vice president, and he is an extremely good student.

He stumbled into the Stu – Co room right after his last class and sat in his vice president's chair from last year. Soon enough, the principal of Fairy Tail Honors Academy, Mr. Makarov sat in the future president's chair and glanced around at all the aspiring students in the room.

He cleared his throat then began, "I know all of you here wish to become the Student Council President, and I expect that eagerness from all of the students here." He smiled at the students in the room. "The teachers here, and I have gone over all of the applications for this, and have decided on the students that will lead this school. As the treasurer, Ms. Lucy Heartfillia. As secretary, Ms. Levy McGarden. As vice president, Mr. Rufus Lore. And lastly, as president. Mr. Freed Justine. I hope you do well this year, and are ready to take on this responsibility."

The principal lead the rest of the students out the door, while the four mentioned students stayed in their seats, ready to prepare the first meeting.

Freed started speaking, "I suppose you may remember me from last year. I was the past vice president. As your president this year, I would like to get to know other students better and help improve the community that we all reside in, Fairy Tail Honors Academy. As this is the place that many of us spend seven hours or more in, I would love to make it the place where students can enjoy their time and learn to their potential."

The rest of the members clapped politely once Freed was done, then discussed each role they had in the Student Council. At the end of the meeting, they discussed what each member had to get done and then dismissed themselves.

Freed got up to leave, and walked out of the room, the last to leave. His hair blocked his face, and he ended up running into Laxus.

"Ah! Sorry there, Laxus."

Laxus looked around then back at Freed. "That's fine, Freed," he laughed then lowered his head and whispered, "But you better call me Mr. Dreyer here…"

"Oh, right!" Freed blushed.

"Good," Laxus patted the top of Freed's head, feeling the soft, green hair.

"You know… I'm the student council president."

Laxus smiled. "You are? As expected of my favorite student. I'll give you your reward, in a while," he smirked and then walked away.

Freed turned and walked away, blushing. Why did Laxus have to postpone his promise? Freed continued walking out the school after stopping at his locker and picking up his homework.

Once back at the manor, and done with homework, his cuddled up on his bed, thinking about what Laxus might have in mind for him.

Over the next several weeks, Freed was requested in Laxus's office after school to talk about homework and his times for the mile, supposedly. What actually happened was very heated make out sessions…

Laxus growled at Freed, "Come here, I need you…"

"Of course," Freed teased, walking over to Laxus, hips swaying. He then sat down on Laxus's lap, straddling him as he wrapped his slender legs around his teacher's waist.

Laxus kissed Freed's neck then started sucking on the soft, pale skin and left a hickey that would be obvious to anyone who looked at Freed. Freed responded to Laxus's work, moaning softly.

"Ah... Laxus... mmm"

He then wrapped his hands around Freed's slender waist and pulled him closer while connecting their mouths. Freed started kissing him slowly, then kissed Laxus deeply, french kissing him slowly. Freed tangled his tongue with his teachers' and they made contact like that until out of breath and then they broke apart, with a strand of spit connecting their mouths.

"Laxus, you are a really good kisser. Mmm… Your mouth is… So hot."

"Thanks for the compliments, baby," Laxus grinned conceitedly.



"When are you going to give me your promise? You said you would give me something if I became the Stu-Co president."

"Oh, that. Don't worry, you'll find out soon."

Freed bade Laxus goodbye, grabbed his backpack, and turned to leave. He still had homework, after all. Then, he left Laxus's office.

Once home, Freed masturbated, for the first time in a long time, to a mental image of his teacher. Freed wanted to be touching that body, put his hands over it. He wanted to please his teacher, let him pleasure Laxus so that he would be coming on Freed. Freed shuttered quickly, then, in a flash of ecstasy, let himself go on a few tissues and threw them away.

Once done with his homework, Freed cuddled his blankets in shame. He was letting himself come undone for his teacher. He was doing something that was against the law! But, no matter how many times Freed thought about it, he still wanted to be with Laxus.

At the next student council meeting, something interesting happened. It was a few days after the make out session, and Freed was more than ready for Laxus to give him his reward for his hard work. Unfortunately, someone else came up to Freed.

"Hey there, Freed…" Rufus stated.


Rufus leaned down and started whispering in Freed's ear, "Hey, this is all just a bore. How would you like to go somewhere a little more exciting?" He then winked. "You're hot, and I'm looking for someone who has talent and passion like you do. What do ya say? You in?"

Freed looked at him, kind of appalled.

"C'mon Freed. You don't have a boyfriend, and it will only be us, you have no reason to worry."

Freed smiled politely and stood up. "Sorry Rufus. I… I already have a relationship that I'm rather devoted to."

Rufus looked at him. "Whatever. I'm probably way better than that man. If you ever want to hook up, just give me a call. I'm more than willing." Rufus then winked and left the room.

Freed sighed and slumped, leaning against the table. He would much rather be with Laxus right now than go home for another uneventful weekend.

Just then, Laxus walked into the room. "You ok, baby? I just saw pretty boy walk out of here."

"I'm fine. Although, he tried to ask me out."

Laxus growled protectively.

"Don't worry… As I said, he tried."

"Good. No way is my boyfriend leaving me, especially for someone like that. Anyway, on a different note, I was planning on giving you your reward tonight," Laxus smirked as he grabbed Freed's waist and pulled him against his large body. "What do you think?"

"That would be wonderful. Where though?"

"How about in your bedroom?"

"Does that mean we're telling Evergreen about us?"

"Oh. Well, we've been together for at least two months now. Don't you think… Well…"

"I think it's time too. C'mon Laxus. I'll call the butler to drive us home."

Once settled into the couch in the huge living room in Freed's mansion, Freed called Evergreen down to talk.

Evergreen immediately looked at Laxus sitting rather close to her brother.

"Freed… Why is he here?"

"I want you to take this extremely seriously and don't you dare tell anyone, got it?"

She nodded silently.

"To you, this is Mr. Dreyar. Well, to me he is Laxus. Okay?" Freed paused then continued. "He's my boyfriend."

Evergreen's mouth dropped. "You… are dating him?"

Freed nodded.

"Well… I don't know what to say. First, congrats. Finally you let someone into your life. And secondly, Freed, you probably know this already, but honestly, this is dangerous."

Freed nodded again. I know the consequences. But, I am ready to take them. Freed cuddled into Laxus as he put his arm around the smaller man.

At last, Evergreen got up and smiled. "Thank you for taking care of my brother. And, um, I figured why you would invite him over tonight, Freed. So, let's talk in the morning Laxus."

Evergreen walked toward the stairs. "Freed, I'll be in the basement in case you end up being pretty vocal."

Laxus looked over at Freed and grinned. "You have an awesome sister."

"I know."