Chapter 6

Once Evergreen was out of sight, Laxus stood up.

"You ready?" he asked, smirking.

Freed nodded eagerly. "Yes, oh yes. You do not know how long I've waited for this, Laxus!"

"Alright, baby," he leaned down and put his lips near Freed's ear. "Show me your bedroom."

Freed blushed and muttered an "ok" then started leading the way upstairs. Once in his room, Freed sat on the bed while Laxus was still standing. Laxus then moved over to Freed, and standing in front of him, he started to kiss Freed.

Freed closer his eyes and pressed closer, wanting more. Laxus provided a bite to Freed's lip and Freed gasped, opening up his mouth. Laxus took advantage and put his tongue in Freed's mouth, licking the sides and his teeth. Freed grab Laxus's shirt and pulled it, wanting more friction. Finally, Laxus broke the kiss, and started undoing his belt.

"Lick to get your reward," he said.

Freed bent down on his knees and bit his lip, anticipating to finally taste his boyfriend. Laxus slid his belt out, letting it fall to the floor, then he stopped and crossed his arms, smirking.

"Undo the rest to claim your prize."

Freed eagerly unzipped and unbuttoned Laxus's pants and they fell to the ground. Freed then pulled Laxus's boxers down all the way and looked at his treasure.

"Laxus, it looks so big and delicious," Freed whined.

"Start sucking, if you wanna taste my cum."

Freed rubbed his cheek against Laxus's balls then put his mouth on the tip of Laxus's cock. Laxus shuddered slightly, and Freed continued. He put his mouth further along Laxus's length, trying to take it all in but failing to do so because Laxus was so long.

Freed started bobbing his head and Laxus moaned, and made a small thrust against his mouth. Freed liked up and down and then bit gently and Laxus gasped. He smiled and continued to suck, creating more pressure with his mouth. After a few minutes, Freed could taste pre – cum, so he took his mouth off and wiped it with his finger then licked his finger slowly while Laxus looked at him.

"F-Freed, please, continue…"

Freed smiled and went back to work. He sucked Laxus quicker, wanting to taste more. Laxus was so delicious and the only way to taste more of him was to lick and suck.

He massaged Laxus's balls, wanting to bring more pleasure and sucked harder this time. He bobbed back and forth with more speed, while hearing Laxus's deep moans in front of him. Freed licked the tip of his cock and Laxus whimpered.

All of a sudden, Laxus threw his head back and moaned and Freed's mouth was filled. Freed greedily swallowed all of it the licked him again, making sure he got all of it in his mouth.

"Laxus, you are so yummy."

"Great job, baby."

Laxus picked Freed up and set him gently on the bed, then moved in beside him. They breathed heavily for a few minutes, then Laxus spoke.

"Good job on making student council president."

Freed laughed. "Thank you."

They snuggled until Freed fell asleep and then Laxus covered him up with the blanket that was on the bed with them. Laxus kissed Freed's head gently and muttered goodnight. Then, Laxus fell asleep.

The next morning, Laxus woke up to a sleeping teenager snuggled in his arms. He sighed and pressed his forhead against Freed's.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Laxus grinned.

"Hello there, my prince."

Laxus laughed. "I can't wait to see what food is waiting for us, you?"

"I'm pretty much used to this," he sighed.

"More food for me!" Laxus exclaimed as he got up and reached for his clothes but found that they were not on the floor. "Uhhh, Freed?"

A noise came from the bed. "What?"

"Where are my clothes?"

"Oh. Just look on my desk, the butler should have put new clothes there."

Laxus pulled on a black tank top and khaki shorts as Freed threw on black shorts and a green long – sleeve, v – neck shirt. They then walked to the dining room where Evergreen was waiting, already dressed.

"Good morning, you two!" she said over a plate of food. "Have fun last night?"

Laxus nodded. "Oh yes we did."

"Good. Now, since you're dating my brother, I want to know a little more about you. I know you are a gym teacher at our school, but what else?"

Laxus and Freed sat down as Laxus talked with Evergreen. By the end of breakfast, he has gained her approval and was most pleased about it.

Freed looked at Laxus after eating. "So, what do you want to do today?"

"Could I take you out?" Laxus blushed. "I know it won't be that interesting to you, but we haven't gone out before, and I think that-"

Freed cut him off, smiling. "That would be great."

Laxus sighed. "Great."

"But first, do you mind helping me with my hair? It's not looking too good."

"Of course. Although I've never done anyone's hair before. Are you sure?"

Freed nodded. "It's easy. I bet you could even manage a braid."

Laxus moved into the living room where the butler brought him a brush and a hair tie. Freed seated himself in between Laxus's legs and leaned back against his chest. Laxus started brushing Freed's hair slowly, weaving his fingers and the brush in Freed's waterfall of green hair. He brushed it then Freed started to show him how to braid.

"Okay, you split the hair into three sections and then you alternate them. I'll show you if you have trouble."

Laxus easily braided Freed's hair after a few times of tangling the long green strands. Freed shivered at the feel of Laxus's fingers on his neck and back. Once Laxus finished Freed relaxed and turned around to face him and then kissed him gently.

"I love you, Laxus."

"I love you too, Freed."

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