Kurumu had recently had a fight with her mother. She was due to start school in a year, and she was struggling to find 'the one' that her race were destined to find in order to reproduce. As a result, she had come to the human world to cool down and fly around a bit, winding up in southern England via a portal a witch created to allow Yokai to travel on occasion.

She wouldn't have to worry about being seen. She was flying high enough that no one would notice her, and if they did, they would think she was a bird or something. She did wish she had picked better clothes for the weather though...If only she had known it would be winter there before she came. A miniskirt was not doing her any favours after all...

Kurumu sighed as she decided to take shelter for the night in a shed or something of one of the houses down below, not wanting to return to her mother yet. She could probably try nicking some human clothes during the night while everyone was asleep. So, making her descent, she was naturally caught off guard when, as she passed by an apartment building, she got hit by a chunk of packing snow that had been swept off of one of the terraces and right into her head, throwing her off balance and causing her to spin out of control, and right into a snow bank in someone's backyard.

Kurumu slammed into the snowbank, then groaned, her butt the only thing sticking out of the side of the snow.

Little did she know, her problem with the snowbank was minor compared to what was happening to a certain little boy inside the house she was in the backyard of. Only vaguely did she hear the agonized scream from within the snow she was trapped in...

Inside the house, if one were to judge based solely on the screams, they would think it was bloody murder being performed. In reality, it was actually worse then murder, as they didn't have the decency to put the poor boy out of his misery and pain from what they did to him. Needless to say, Harry James Potter's life was a living hell, and even that was putting it lightly. Harry was beaten, starved, abused mentally, emotionally, and physically, and this was all on a day to day basis. Right now, Harry was being 'punished' because of something that Vernon perceived as being wrong. Harry had managed to complete all of his chores hours early today, something that hadn't happened before, and it apparently made Vernon extra angry, as he had brought out what he called, 'Old Spikey'. Harry couldn't see what it was, but, he did feel like someone was pricking him in the back every time 'Old Spikey' made contact with his back, causing him to scream in pain.

Harry felt uncontrollable tears slide down his cheeks as the pain erupted throughout his body. Unbeknownst to him, Old Spikey was actually a thin board with thumb tacks sticking out of it, the tacks stabbing into his back as Vernon hit him, sometimes getting pushed into his skin by the stick.

Harry hated his life. All he wanted was for things to get better, for someone to save him and love him...

Little did he know, the answer to that prayer lay just outside, her butt sticking out of a snowdrift.

After struggling for five minutes, Kurumu managed to free herself fromt he snow. However, when she flew backwards from the snowbank, popping out of it like a cork from a bottle of wine, she landed on her butt with a loud 'OOF!'. Shaking her head a bit, she stopped as she heard a long, loud, pain filled scream of suffering from the house that she was in the yard of. She knew humans were violent, but, that scream sounded like it was from a child. They wouldn't really be so evil as to harm a child, would they? Making her way to a window, she peeked inside, and had to hold a hand to her mouth to stop herself from throwing up upon seeing a child being beaten by a bloody and edged board with some kind of metal on it, and a fat walrus or pig holding it and beating the boy with it. She couldn't make out the board or what was on it too clearly, but she could make out enough to tell that the boy was being tortured.

The succubus collapsed by the window, eyes wide and breathing heavily.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God..." She whispered as she panicked, having no idea what to do. She couldn't just leave the little boy behind...could she?

Suddenly, and without warning, the walrus/pig man hit the boy across the head with the non metal covered part of the board, causing him to drop like a sack of bricks, still and unmoving. Not wasting another moment, Kurumu acted on an instinct she didn't know she had, and, acting quickly, smashed the door down and stormed into the house taking the walrus/pig by surprise. She glared at him and ran to the child, slamming into Vernon, sending him off balance into the television in the room and causing him to tip it over. The TV fell onto his head, smashing and bursting electricity, causing it to electrocute the fat mess of flesh. Wrinkling her nose, Kurumu picked up the child, and and looked him over. He was still breathing, but, it was what was happening to his body that caught her interest. It was healing itself, before her eyes, and she knew humans didn't heal that fast, which meant, while the stink of sweaty humans was all over the house, and the smell of dead human quickly suffocating the room, the child before her wasn't human. Quickly leaning down and taking in his scent, she followed it to where his room was, and was disgusted to find out it was under the stairs in a cupboard.

Opening the door of the cupboard, she was met with the smell of old and dried feces, stale urine, and the sight of dried blood. She really didn't want to reach in there, but she could make out 5 objects worth saving. Four plushies, and a blanket. Grabbing all five, she was about to leave, when she noticed a photo album that had been hidden by the darkness in a corner. She doubted the child had known it was there, and took it with her. After all, it had obviously been hidden, and as a result, was probably tied to the child whose room might asw ell say, 'this is the room of our secret'. Closing the door, she reached for the phone, dialed the emergency number, and when she got a response, she shouted, "PLEASE HELP, I THINK SOMEONE WAS MURDERED AT NUMBER FOUR PRIVET DRIVE!" before hanging up roughly, grabbing the boy, and taking off for the portal to her home, carrying the child, his possessions, and the photo album. As she left, she could hear the sirens closing in. She had done what she did as they would find the clue she left to check the cupboard under the stairs, but as far as they would know, the child had vanished.

Smirking evilly, Kurumu used her wings to give her a boost upward, and hid in the branches of a tall tree until the police had went inside. Once she was confident she wouldn't be seen, she flew out from her post, and made her way high above the ground, making sure to keep a tight grip on the child and his possessions.

She could hear the police shouting orders and screaming for a search party as they discovered the fat one on the shorted out tv. Taking flight, she flew as fast as she could, and soon reached the portal to her world. In short order, she reached her home and braced herself. She was determined to raise this little guy as her own child, even if she was a bit young to be a mother, and she refused to let her mother gainsay her.

She looked down at the child in her arms, and her eyes widened. She had just realized...He was absolutely adorable... He had a sweet little aristocractic looking face, messy dark hair to mess around with, an adorably tiny size, around the size of a toddler...And on top of all of that, he had subconsciously began clutching at her sweater in his sleep.

Smiling, she made her way inside the house, only to be caught off guard by her mother waiting for her, and looking disappointed, "Ready to talk abou-" only to stop when she saw the child in Kurumu's arms, and how he was covered in blood, "GOOD LORD KURUMU, WHAT DID YOU DO?!" she shouted, assuming it had been her daughter who had inflicted the wounds. In hindsight later, it would be clear that Kurumu hadn't done the damage, but, in the heat of the moment, conclusions and theories do often get spawned.

Kurumu blinked. "Huh?"

"IT'S A CHILD, KURUMU! HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" Kurumu's eyes widened briefly before narrowing angrily.


Kurumu's mother was taken aback, realising her error, and then blushing in embarrassment. "S-sorry dear, I apologise. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. But... why would you bring a human here?" she asked, curious about what her daughter was thinking.

Kurumu smiled. "Thats the thing," she replied, "I don't think he IS human..." she finished.

The older succubus raised a brow and put a hand on her hip.

"Oh? Well, if he's not human, what is he?" She asked. Kurumu looked down at the child in her arms.

"Well, I saw his wounds and stuff healing pretty quick...Don't wizards have that sort of thing going for them?"

"Hmm...Yes, I think wizard magic helps to keep them alive...That would make sense..."

"Hey, mom? You think we could focus on taking care of all the bleeding and bruises and stuff?"

Kurumu's mother smiled, and nodded. "If he does have magic, that means he won't be as much of a target to other monsters." She said as she went off to get some cloths and fresh clothing that should fit the child better, and some towels to clean him with. "Kurumu, dear, take him to the washroom It will make it easier to clean and bathe him, and treat his injuries," she said as she left the room.

Kurumu nodded and carried the little boy up to the washroom, holding him tightly against her bosom. She looked down at him and smiled sadly. He was so cute...It wasn't fair for him to suffer like he did. She knew he was going to be confused, scared and traumatized from what he had gone through when he woke up, and the thought of it broke her heart. She wanted to be there for him. To be the one to help him recover from the horrible life he had lived.

Succubi naturally had higher affectionate emotions than most species...and amongst those, was maternal instincts. Succubi were very protective of their young, and even children they hadn't been raising. It was only natural for Kurumu to want to care for the child in her arms, even if she was only just starting high school. She just hoped she could convince her mother to allow it.

Kurumu began scooping water with her hands and letting it fall onto his body, moistening the dried blood, and making it easier to clean. As she cleaned the blood off him, she noticed the bruises and infected wounds, but what she noticed most, was the scars. she wasn't surprised to see scars, given what she had seen in that house before her instincts took over, but what surprised her was the sheer NUMBER of scars there were.

Eyes wide in disbelief, the succubus slowly began to trace over one of the scars with her finger. She then realized it spelt one very, simple word.


She couldn't believed that they had scarred what they no doubt considered a title or a name they had felt fit him. She shed a few tears, as she began applying some of her family's anti-scar lotion to the scars. It would take several more applications of the lotion, but, with time, they would fade. As she attempted to apply it to the scar on his forehead, however, the lotion hissed and bubbled, before burning away from that particular scar. She would definitely have to ask her mother about that, as no normal scar could burn away this special family lotion. Hopefully, either her mother would know what caused it, or know an expert who could figure out what was wrong with that scar in particular.

Kurumu's mother finally arrived with the clothes, and medical supplies. When she entered the room, she stopped, first at the scars, but then she saw his face. "We will have to do something about all those scars, but I can see you're already taking care of them for now at least, however, we will need to see a specialist about them..." then she noticed a circle of lotion around the one on his forehead, but that none was on the scar itself. She turned to look at Kurumu, flabbergasted. "Why-?" she began, only for Kurumu to answer quickly. "I tried applying it to that scar too, but, it just burned off the scar like something about it didn't like the magics of the lotion," she replied.

The older woman's eyes narrowed. "There are very few types of scars that could do that, my dear." She said, sounding angry, "And none of them are good..." She continued, "We will definitely have to see a specialist about that scar, and the other injuries..." She then turned to Kurumu. "What do you plan to do with him, Kurumu?" she asked.

Kurumu's eyes widened at the question, and she turned to give her mother a nervous grin. Oh boy...How was she going to explain this...?

"Ah...Um...Well, y'see, mom...I was kinda, sorta, maybe hoping that I could..." She mumbled something under her breath.

"...Uh...Speak up." Her mother repiled. More mumbling. "I can't understand what you're say-"


Kurumu's mother smiled inwardly, but decided to mess with her daughter a bit, as well as test her. "I'm sorry, come again?" She asked.


"Slow down, dear. Tell me that nice and slowly." Kurumu took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"I...I wanna adopt him..." She said softly. "I know I'm still a teenager, but...I wanna help him...C-Can I adopt him, mom?" She closed her eyes, waiting to receive an earful from her mother.

Kurumu's mother smirked inwardly, but outwardly frowned. "And how do you intend to care for him?" She asked.

"Um...I guess what I think any mother would do..." Kurumu replied sheepishly. "Feed him, you know I can cook...He'll need...hugs and stuff...He can sleep with me in my bed...And um...uh...Yeah..."

Kurumu's mother nodded, "As for clothing, that can be picked out by both of us and bought for him by me, but, what if someone comes to challenge you for him?" she countered.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Kurumu asked in confusion.

"I mean, what if someone attacks him? What if he's in danger? There's a lot of monsters out there that would jump at the chance to bite his cute little head off. Can you take care of that?"

Kurumu bit her lip. She really wasn't sure if she could come to his rescue or not if he got in danger. "I-I don't know, but, I can damn well try!" She said.

Kurumu's mother nodded. "Good answer. Now, one last question." She said. "Then I will tell you if I approve or not."

Kurumu gulped. Her entire plan to care for Harry revolved around her ability to correctly answer this one question... She took a deep breath, then exhaled and looked at her mother, eyes narrowed.

"What's the question?"

Kurumu's mother smiled. "Knowing that we, unlike humans, have access to magic..." She paused. "Would you be willing to go the extra mile, go to the Goblins, have him tested, and then use blood magic to adopt him, making him your son by blood and magic, if not by birth?"

Kurumu blinked and tilted her head. "Really? That's all I have to do?" She smirked. "That'll be easy!" Her mother chuckled.

"Well then, I can't think of a reason you shouldn't be allowed to adopt him, and give me a grandson as a result,." She replied calmly, but also sticking out her tongue childishly. "Sure, he's not my BIRTH grandson, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, I suppose..." Kurumu squealed happily and hugged her mother tightly.


"You're welcome, dear...Now please...Stop crushing my back..." Kurumu grinned sheepishly and let go of her mother. "Now then...It looks like our little patient is waking up. I'll let you talk to him." The older succubus turned to leave the room. "Let me see your parenting skills, dear."

Suddenly, Kurumu's mother stopped at the door. "By the way, one last REAL question...Do you still plan to seduce every male at the school when you attend in half a year?" She asked, referring to the preschool year classes to get an idea of what it would be like, before actually attending.

Kurumu blushed. "Well...Um...I guess it's not really a good idea...Setting a bad example for the kid and all that... So...I'll just try to find someone who's good with him..."

"Well then, I'll leave you to it." Kurumu blinked as her mother left, then turned to the boy. Sure enough, his eyes were slowly opening. He looked up, wide-eyed, when he realized he wasn't in his cupboard.

Harry's first reaction was to bolt from the bed to the nearest closet, and keep saying softy but audibly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be in the bed uncle Vernon..." over and over again.

Kurumu's eyes widened at the child's reaction. Immediately, she moved for the closet at a brisk pace, and slowly opened it, so as not to frighten him further. Harry curled up into a ball as the light flowed into the room.

"Please don't hurt me...Please don't hurt me..."

Kurumu just couldn't stand it. Without a word, she snatched up the little boy into her arms and held him close against her chest, cradling him like one would an infant, ignoring his struggles.

Harry struggled a bit, before he realized she wasn't hurting him. He calmed down, looking at her with eyes of weariness, obviously curious about what she wanted, but wary of anything that could be threatening.

Kurumu knew she had to assure him she meant him no harm. She gave him her kindest, gentlest smile. "Hi there." She said in a soothing tone of voice. Harry blinked at her words.

"Um...Hi..." He replied both shyly and quietly. Kurumu giggled.

"What's your name?" She asked.


"Harry? Nice name. My name's Kurumu."




"Good!" Kurumu said with closed eyes and a tilted head. "You got it!"

Harry looked up at the girl, and saw how pretty she was. Plus, she wasn't hurting him...

"Are...Are you an angel?" He asked shyly.

Kurumu was taken aback. Since she hadn't been on the dating scene much just yet, due to lack of options, she hadn't been called that yet. "Well, honestly..." she replied slowly, "No, I'm not." Harry frowned sadly, "But, I am willing to take care of you, if you'll let me?" she said, looking at him, hoping he would say yes. After all, it wasn't likely he would have many people willing to take him in.

Harry looked up at her, eyes wide. "H-Huh?" He asked. "Why would you want to take care of me...?"

"A few reasons, really...One, you're adorable. Two, I feel terrible for you. Three, you're adorable. Four, you deserve to be happy, and I want to make that happen. Five, you're adorable. And six, you're adorable.

"B-But I'm not adorable..." Harry replied shyly. "I'm just a stupid, useless, ugly freak who everyone hates."

Kurumu sighed, and playfully, half-heartedly bonked Harry on the head very, very lightly with her fist, "No more of that. Who would you rather listen to? The one who was torturing you and looked like they belonged in a zoo? Or, the one who saved you and is offering to take care of you, love you like her own child, and give you as much happiness and joy as you want?"

Harry looked down. "B-But-"

"No, no." Kurumu said gently. "Just answer the question." Harry looked down.

"...I...I'd rather listen to the nice one..." He replied. Kurumu smiled.

"That's a good boy." She said gently. She leaned down slightly and kissed Harry's forehead, right on the scar.

As soon as her lips made contact with the scar on his forehead, Harry screamed in pain as his scar sizzled and hissed and began to bubble. Kurumu had no idea what was going on and immediately yelled, "MOM! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HARRY!", completely forgetting that her mother had yet to learn Harry's name, so would no doubt be confused at first.

The door was immediately thrown open as the older Succubus ran in. "What happened?!" She called out in worry.

"I don't know! I just gave him a little kiss on his scar, and now it's...it's doing that!" She pointed at the bubbling scar.

"My goodness...I've never seen anything like that before..." Kurumu's mother breathed. "It's horrible..."

As they were talking, the pain in Harry's forehead began to slowly cease, and his screams devolved into soft whimpers.

Kurumu's mother looked at the boy. "That was not normal." She glared at the scar, having an idea of what it COULD be, but hoping that it wasn't, because if it was what she thought it could be, then a visit to the goblins would need to be made post haste. For now, she would contact a mind healer. "Kurumu, stay by his side. I have to make a call. DO NOT make contact with that scar until further notice. Take care of the rest of his injuries for now, the ones we couldn't get to before..." she said as she left the room in a hurry.

Kurumu stared after her mother, then looked down a the child in her arms, worried.

"I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you...Does it still hurt?" She asked softly. Harry whimpered in response. Kurumu teared up and placed a hand on his cheek. "You poor little boy..." She whispered. She kissed him once more, this time on the cheek, not wanting a repeat of last time.

It took a half hour for the mind healer that Kurumu's mother had called to come over. When Kurumu's mother opened the door, she was greeted by her old friend, Agatha, and was greeted as such. "Agatha, its been so long! I'm glad you were able to come over," she said.

"Oh no trouble at all, Ageha." Agatha replied, "Besides, it sounded urgent." Ageha nodded.

"I think it might be one of THOSE involved," she said worriedly. Immediately, Agatha was on alert.

"You can be serious!" she said, flabbergasted at this, "There hasn't been one recorded to exist in centuries!" she said. Ageha sighed.

"Hence why I called you. if it IS one of...those, only the goblins will be able to safely remove it..."

Agatha sighed and nodded. "Very well, where is my patient?" she asked.

"This way, Agatha." Ageha said, leading Agatha to Kurumu's room.

When they got there, they entered to a very heartwarming sight. Kurumu was sitting on her bed with Harry, rocking him in her arms, smiling down on him lovingly as she stroked his hair and talking to him in a soft, gentle tone of voice, occasionally stopping to plant a kiss on his cheek or the tip of his nose. Harry, for his part, was snuggled up as close to her as he could get, resting his head on her chest, smiling warmly at his comfortable situation.

Agatha and Ageha smiled, "Alright, which one is the patient?" Agatha asked, drawing the attentions of Harry and Kurumu.

Kurumu snapped to attention, and looked to the two older women with a blush.

"Oh...Um...H-Here he is..." She looked down at Harry. "...I don't wanna put him down though... He's too cute..."

"Yes, all the more reason for me to tend to his wounds." Ageha replied. Kurumu pouted, then reluctantly allowed the woman to take the child out of her arms.

Agatha then began to run her hands over the child's body before it reached his forehead, where she hissed in pain, clutching her hand back, "You most definitely need to pay a visit to the Goblins, Ageha," she said, "The sooner, the better, as it is getting stronger..." she said, sounding very worried.

"Oh no..." Ageha replied, raising a hand to her forehead. Kurumu was getting confused and worried now.

"Um...Mom? What's going on? What's wrong with Harry?" She asked.

"Not now, honey..." Ageha said, trying to wave it off.

Kurumu's eyes narrowed. "Mom..."


"No, mom, I need to know what's going on! I'M the one who's gonna be raising him, I should have the right to know these things!" Ageha smiled sadly.

"You'll be a wonderful mother, dear." She replied, patting her daughter's head. "But I'll explain later."

Kurumu huffed, "No, I want to know now dammit!" she said, covering Harry's ears after taking him back from her mother.

Ageha sighed, "Fine, alright," she looked at Agatha, "A sleep spell for Harry if you will Aggy," she asked, to which Agatha nodded and cast a mild sleep spell on Harry that would last until morning. Turning to Kurumu, she sighed sadly. "Harry has a horcrux in his scar on his forehead. The reason it reacted violently when you kissed his scar-" Agatha cut in at this moment.

"Wait, you kissed the scar, and weren't tainted?" she asked, before running a quick scan and finding no sign of taint in Kurumu.

"Wait...What? A horcrux? What's that?" Kurumu asked with a raised brow as she held the sleeping Harry against her breasts.

"A horcrux is what happens when you place a part of your soul in an object, in this case the child's scar." Agatha replied solemnly. "It's a practice that is considered forbidden and strictly banned in the wizarding world...among other worlds too..."

Kurumu was taken aback. "What, exactly, makes them so bad, other then tearing up your soul to put it in an object or person, I mean," she asked.

Aegha sighed. "It requires an act of absolutely cold blooded murder. However, first one must perform some unspeakable ritual beforehand, so that they can catch their soul and store the piece into an object or person, however, its never been recorded as a human-based horcrux being successful..." she replied, before looking at the sleeping Harry. Agatha nodded, "This is unprecedented, to be sure..." she agreed.

Kurumu looked down at Harry, who had been sleeping away in her arms due to the spell used on him by Agatha. The young succubus gave him a sad glance, and ran her fingers through his messy dark hair. "Poor little guy..." She whispered softly.

Agatha smiled, "Its not so bad," she said, "The Goblins have a ritual to destroy horcruxs without harming the 'container'," she finished.

Ageha nodded, "Hence why we should make an appointment for the Goblins to see them soon," she added.

Kurumu nodded in understanding, then looked down at Harry once more. "So...How long's he gonna be out for, anyway?" She asked.

"A day at least." Ageha replied calmly.

"AN ENTIRE DAY?!" Kurumu shrieked. "That sucks! I wanted to get to know him a little..."

Ageha sighed, "Kurumu," she said, getting her daughters attention, "He needs time for his magic to heal his injuries," she said logically, "Right now, I think I should go clothes shopping, get him fitted and have better clothes for him when he wakes up so he is not in these...rags, for lack of a better word for them." she said.

Kurumu scowled down at the torn up clothes the little boy was wearing. She hated looking at those disgusting things, matted in dried blood and other body fluids...She decided to take them off right away, and then have him wrapped up in a blanket. After that was done, she made a mental note to give him a bath when he woke.

She tucked the little boy into her bed. When he looked visibly distressed, she pulled out one of the stuffed toys she had gotten from his cupboard, a female deer, and placed it carefully in his arms. He almost instantly calmed down, and wrapped his tiny arms around the stuffie.

Kurumu smiled. It was such an adorable sight... She bent down to kiss his forehead again, being careful to avoid the scar this time. Just as her lips reached his forehead, a flash went off in the room, and Kurumu turned towards the door of the room.

Kurumu blushed as her mother looked at her with a massive, sh*t-eating grin, holding a camera. "MOOOOOOOOOM!" She whined.

"Aw, don't be such a baby. It was cute! It's going straight to the photo album..." Kurumu looked away, still blushing, but smiling warmly nonetheless, "Right under, the title of, 'First Mommy Momment,'" she added, grinning as Kurumu blushed even harder.

Ageha then smiled, "Alright, tomorrow, we take him clothes shopping, no excuses, alright?" she said, giving her daughter 'the look'.

Kurumu withered under her mother's gaze and nodded. "Y-Yes, ma'am." She replied nervously.

"Wonderful! I'll leave you kids alone, then." She turned to leave the room. "...I'm proud of you, dear. You've made a very mature decision. Now come along, Agatha. I'll prepare us some tea." Kurumu blinked, then smiled after her mother, then turned back to Harry.

Kurumu smiled. While she had been taken by surprise today, it was obviously a good surprise, even if an unexpected one at that. However, she now had a son. Even if she hadn't actually adopted him yet, she was determined to adopt him, and give him what he had obviously been lacking for some time.

The succubus let out a long yawn. It had been an eventful day...She needed her beauty rest. Wordlessly, she climbed into her bed next to the little boy, facing him as he slept. She smiled warmly at his cute little face. Carefully, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her breasts, cuddling him as he slept.

As they slept, for the first time that Harry would later be able to remember, he had good dreams for once, instead of nightmares and a restless sleep.

And Kurumu, before sleep claimed her, had one thought. "...I already love you, little guy..."