The next morning Kurumu, and her mother, Ageha, woke up to the smell of food cooking, so, when they came out of their rooms and saw one another from across the hall, they looked to Kurumu's bed to notice Harry was missing from it, causing them to both race to the kitchen.

"Crapcrapcrapcrapcraaaaap..." Kurumu muttered as she ran, practically flew, down, the stairs. She dashed into the kitchen. "HARRY, ARE YOU OKAY-" She froze when she saw Harry had just finished cooking a perfect breakfast of eggs and sausages.

Harry was just finishing cleaning up the pots and pans he had used to cook with when Kurumu rushed into the room shouting his name causing him to drop the pan he had been drying on his foot in surprize, but he didn't make a sound due to three years of conditioning on keeping quiet about pain.

Kurumu gasped and rushed to his side. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?! Is it broken or anything?!"

Harry shook his head, "It ok," he said, "Stings a little, but, it will go away in a while," he said like it was normal, "A-are you not happy that I made breakfast?" he asked, sounding like he wasn't sure if he should have made more or not.

Kurumu frowned. "Kid, you shouldn't even be NEAR a stove." She said with a raised brow. "You could hurt yourself."

Harry tilted his head to the side cutely iin confusion as Ageha came into the kitchen behind Kurumu, "But, its my chore to make breakfast in the morning," he said, sounding confused as to why they wouldn't want breakfast made on time.

Kurumu adopted a sour facial expression, then shook her head. "Not anymore it isn't." She replied softly. "You're too young to be cooking, so just leave it to me or your grandmother, okay?"

Harry looked at her, "Grandmother?" he asked confused. Ageha raised a hand, "She means me, Harry," she said, smiling. "Oh," Harry said, "But, I like to cook," he said, "And I am good at it," he said.

Kurumu smirked. "Well then you can cook with me from now on, sound good?"

Harry nodded, but before he could say anything, Ageha spoke up, "Just to make it clear Harry," she said, "Your only allowed to cook if either me, or Kurumu is with you, ok?" she said, making sure it was clear to him, he is not to cook unless one of them is present.

Harry looked at the woman, then nodded to signify he understood, wanting to avoid getting into trouble.

Ageha smiled and stepped forward, giving Harry a hug, "Good boy," she said smiling, "Now then, how about we all sit down for this wonderful breakfast Harry made?" she asked, looking first at Kurumu, and then at Harry.

Kurumu nodded with a smile. "Sounds good to me." She said calmly as she picked Harry up and placed him at the table. He looked at her in surprise.

"I...I get to eat too?"

"Why wouldn't you get to eat any?" Ageha asked, while Kurumu looked at him curiously, wondering why he would ask if he got to eat too, "Did they not feet you that much at that...that...den of abuse, did they?" she suddenly asked him, she could have used much more colourful language, but, she didn't want Harry learning such things from her.

"Um...I wasn't allowed to eat what I cooked." Harry explained. "They gave me a piece of bread sometimes, though...that's...something...right?

Kurumu and Ageha shot one another look and a silent conversation happened through looks, before Ageha smiled and nodded, "I will go contact our personal healer, Kurumu," she said, then looked down sadly, "Looks like shopping will have to wait till later then," she said, then looked up with a smile, "Atleast its for a good reason though!" she said with joy. Kurumu just shook her head with a smile, then turned to Harry, "Harry, sit, and I will serve you, ok?" she said, but the way she said it left no room for argument.

Harry obeyed unquestioningly, not wanting to question any orders any further. He sat down in one of the chairs, and Kurumu prepared him a plate of food, then approached the table and set it down in front of him.

Harry hesitated only a moment before looking at Kurumu and letting out a small "Eep!" before diving into the food on the plate, and then the plate after that, and finally a third plate before he groaned, falling asleep in his chair cause of how stuffed he felt, that was the most he had even eaten, then again, they were small plates, half the size of the Dursleys, so, as a result, it was a lot for Harry, but half as much as what the Dursleys would have eaten, even Petunia. Kurumu smiled, picked up Harry, and patted him on the back a bit, causing him to burp in his sleep, she then waited for her mother and the healer to arrive.

As she did so, she took a seat on her couch, Harry snuggled close into her bosom, clutching at her yellow sweater, smiling softly in his sleep.

Soon, the healer arrived with Ageha, and after looking at Harry with only a glanced, and sighed, "How long?" she asked.

"How long since what?"

The healer smiled, she loved doing this, it was one way she got amusement, "How long has he been underfed, seriously, just looking at him I can see he is WELL beneath his propper height for his age, not to mention weight, I can tell you fed him quite well recently, but, that doesn't adress the problem in the long term," she said, then looked at Ageha, "So, Ageha, how long has he been underfed?" she asked. Ageha could do nothing but shake her head with a sad expression, "Honestly, we have no idea how old he really is, we never really got to ask him yet," she answered sadly but truthfully.

"I see." The healer replied.

"So,'re the healer, right?" Kurumu asked.

"Indeed I am."

"Great! Be gentle, though. Don't wake him."

The healer smiled, "With magic, I won't have to wake him up at all!" she said, whipping out a simple looking wand made of green wood, then waving it over Harry, then waving it over a few more times, and then yet a few more times, then she sighed, "Worse then I thought," she said, sounding disgusted, then she shot a glare at Kurumu, "He isn't your child, I hope," she said, sounding like it was more of a request for information with a hint of a threat.

Kurumu scowled. "Come ON...Why is everyone accusing ME of doing this to him?!" She whispered harshly. "I'm the one who SAVED him from the guy who did it! Give me some credit here!"

The witch grinned, "Good answer, if it had been you, I would have cursed you into oblivion, as it is, I request to be made his personal doctor, ANYONE dares to try and perform medical check ups on him, they have to go through me first, understand?" she said, "By the way, Healer Althea at your service," the now named Althea added.

Kurumu blinked, then grinned. "I think I like you. You're his personal doctor from now on." She agreed.

Althea shook her hand, "Thank you, now, first, I know a number of things about who this boy is, now that i just got a look at his forehead," she said, surprizing both Kurumu and Ageha.

"Well don't keep us in suspense." Ahega said. "Tell us."

"Well, you see, he's actually a bit of a celebrity in the wizarding world." Althea replied. "He's called The Boy who Lived."

Kurumu and Ageha looked at one another then back at Althea, "Um, what?" Kurumu said intelligently. Althea smiled, "He is famous as the Boy Who Lived, the only person to survive the unsurvivable killing curse," she said, explaining it for them, "No one knows for sure, but, recently, there was a very dark wizard who wanted to kill all humans let magicals rule over the world and any races still living there," she continued, "However, he targeted the Potter family, no one is really too sure why, and then, after killing Lord James Potter, and Lady Lily Potter, he turned his wand on Harry here, and tried to kill him, only for his curse to backfire or something, next thing anyone knows, Voldemort is gone, and his followers have been thrown into chaos, and that, my two new friends..." here Althea paused, and looked at Harry sadly, "Was four years ago..." she said sadly. "Wait, so, Harry is suppose to be four years old?" Kurumu asked sounding shocked. "No, Voldemort attacked the Potter family when Harry was one," Althea corrected. "Wait, he is five years old?" Ageha asked, Althea nodded, "Those bastards, they starved him so much he looked like a three year old in height and a four year old in weight at the most," she hissed, extremely angry but trying to tay quiet for Harry. "Exactly, whoever it is that Albus Dumbledore put young Harry with here, I can assure you, the Witches and Wizards council of the Realms will not be happy to find out that the defeater of the darkest wizard ever was abused like this, are there any injuries I should know about before i perform a true medical scan on him to find anything that may have been hidden?" she asked the two of them.

"...So...He's rich..." Kurumu breathed. "Yet treated like a slave..."

Althea sighed sadly, "Yes, the Potter family is what the British Ministry of Magic call a Most Ancient and Noble house, they are essentially wizarding royalty, even here in the monster worlds they are respected, and, Harry probably has quite a number of various monsters in his family tree somewhere, and I am talking about the BIG leaugers here Ageha," she said, making it clear this is a big deal, "Not to mention that the Potter family can trace its family back at least a thousand years, if not further," she winced, imagining how the council would react, "Given that Albus Dumbledore has been proclaiming he is Harry's magical guaridan for the last four years, and refused all requests to give up the location of Harry, well, lets just say, I wouldn't be surprized if Dumbledore became the most hated man on the planet, and Kurumu here may just get a medal from the council for finding and rescueing Harry here," she said, looking at Kurumu with a smile.

KKurumu didn't reply. She was too busy looking down, fists clenched at her sides, trembling with anger, her hair covering her eyes.

"...Kurumu?" Her mother asked.

Kurumu was shaking, "What right did this Albus Dumbledore have to claiming guardianship of the first place?" Althea sighed, "After the Potter's deaths, Albus came forward claiming that no one else was named guardian should they die, well, unless you count Sirius Black," she said.

Kurumu scowled. "And why the hell wasn't he with this Sirius guy, and NOT with people who enjoyed beating and abusing him?!"

"Sirius was arrested."

Kurumu and Ageha both blinked in confusion, "Ok, obvious question, why was he arrested, and secondly, what is his connection to Harry?" Ageha asked while Kurumu wa still changing gears.

"Apparently, he was the one who led the dark lord, the man who killed Harry's parents, to them. I personally don't believe it, though...Sirius is supposed to be Harry's godfather."

"How could he be one of this dark wizards guys followers and Harry's god-" Kurumu began before being cut off by Ageha. "You said apparently, meaning there is doubt," Ageha said, "Please elaborate," she continued.

"Sirius was James Potter's best friend. I could never believe he would just turn his back on the Potters like that. He was always so loyal. I actually believe the culprit was someone else entirely..."

Kurumu seemed interested now. "Please, who do you think the more likely target is, and your reasons for thinking they would be more likely," Ageha said, she always had been the more reasonable one of her and Kurumu.

"Peter Pettigrew, another friend of Lily and James. He always was a spineless little coward who would sell out his friends to save his own skin..."

Ageha arched an eyebrow, "So, basically he was a coward who would rather save his own life, then his friends, thats what your saying?" she asked.

"Pretty much."

Ageha sighed, "We really need to speak with the goblins then, see if we can get Sirius cleared of all charges, and maybe see if Harry's parents made wills, but, that can wait till later, for now, Althea, you have a patient to attend to," Ageha said, causing Althea to remember her reason for being here. "Oh, right," and she began running propper medical scans and the like, when she was finished, she rummaged in her bag a bit before pulling out three boxes of potions, "He should take one of these after every meal, and it has to be as much as he can handle, no more, no less, and he should be his propper height, if not a little beyond it, and his propper weight for his age, in about six weeks," she said, smiling. Ageha smiled, "Should we give him one right now, given that he just had a big breakfast?" Althea nodded, "Yes, he should," she said, smiling. Kurumu soon followed Althea's directions and helped a sleeping Harry swallow the potion, and while he did gag a little, the three women were able to help prevent Harry from choking on the potion.

Kurumu smiled and patted Harry's head. "He needs his sleep...he must have woken up pretty early to cook this stuff...

Ageha smiled, "Well, it was a good breakfast..." she admitted, "Much as I hate to see my new grandson cook, he is really good dear, you should cook with him from now on, combine your talents, I am sure that together you would be winning many a baking contest," she grinned.

Kurumu smirked. "Maybe it'll be easier to attract a mate that way. There has to be a man out there who'd want a wife AND a son that could cook."

Ageha sighed, "You should not look for a husband who is only interested in you for your cooking skill Kurumu, but for your personality," she stressed, "Although, you could always try and find one you can wrap around your finger but loves you for that," she said, taking on a thinking pose.

"My cooking's just gonna be the tip of the iceberg." Kurumu replied with a smirk. "Of course if he ever hurts my Harry, I'll murder him in his sleep."

Ageha smiled, while Althea sighed, "Thats the spirit, I think..." Ageha said,s ounding happy at first before confused then questioning. "Anyway, while he sleeps, we could take him clothes shopping finally!" Ageha smiled, she really wanted to get that done, as cute as it was to see Harry going around in a toga made from a shirt or something, he really did need clothes that propperly fit him, and that weren't rags like the ones his former relatives had given him.

Kurumu's eyes brightened up. "Oooh, I have so many cute ideas! We need to get him some footie pajamas, and some overalls, and some sweaters..."

Althea shook her head at their odd source of amusement with clothes shopping, personally, she was of the belief that, if you liked it, and it was comfortable to you, and served its purpose, what did it matter what others thought or if it went with the others things you wore, but, Harry would soon be Kurumu's son, so, she figured Kurumu should take an active interest in caring for Harry in her own way, "Well, you two have fun, I am going to go and contact the goblins on your behalf, you know, as Harry's new personal healer, I should make sure they are notified of his condition, as they would be highly interested in it given what its been," she said. Ageha smiled, "Thank you Althea, that would definitly save us time," she said, before turning to her daughter, "Alright, come on, time to take the little guy clothes shopping before he wakes up," she said as the three women prepared to leave, Althea to the nearest Gringrotts branch, and Ageha and Kurumu to the clothes store.

Kurumu's mind was swimming with outfits that would make the little boy look even more adorable and cuddly than he already did. She was so excited.

Ageha smiled, as she walked beside her daughter, knowing what was going through her daughters mind, after all, it had gone through hers when Kurumu had ben a child and she had to buy clothing for her. "Remember, we only want things that look good on him, ok? We do not need to dress him up and scar him with the male's majority perception of the 'Horror of Shoping with Women', ok, we want him to enjoy it so that he will love coming clothes shopping with us in the future, ok?" she told her daugther.

Kurumu smiled. "Yeah, I gotcha." She replied. "I'll try my best not to scar him for life with this little shopping trip."

So, while Harry slept in Kurumu's arms, Kurumu and Ageha made their way to the mall nearest their home and proceed to play dress up with Harry to try and find outfits that would look good on him.

Kurumu sat Harry down on a stool in the dressing room, and was torn on whether she should wake him or not.

Ageha smiled, "Let him sleep a bit longer, gives us time to try dressing him up in some PJ's," she said, smiling, holding up an Ewok one piece PJ suit.

"Okay, but how are we gonna dress him without waking him?" Kurumu asked.

Ageha gave her a grin and a twinkle in her eye, before pushing Kurumu out of the changing room, closing the door, and then the sound of a bit of roughly clothes and move around, then, five minutes later, Ageha presented a still sleeping Harry, but wearing the Ewok PJ's she had chosen for him to try. She gave Kurumu a grinrin, "Cute right?" she asked.

Kurumu stared blankly, then her eyes darted back and forth between her mother and the pajamas. "...Okay...First of all...AWWWWWWWWWWW...Second...How'd you do that so fast?"

Ageha grinned, a twinkle in her eye again, she then smiled as she said, "Well, how do you think I chose some of your adorable outfits when you were a a child?" she grinned, knowing her daughter would react to that.

Kurumu blinked, then bowed. "Please teach me your ways, mom." She said softly, if she were honest with herself, she was curious about some of the outfits she loved as a child, but never remembered trying on.

Ageha smiled, and then began whisispering in Kurumu's ears, when she finished, she smiledispering in Kurumu's ears, when she finished, she smiled, "Family secret Kurumu, dear, so, don't tell it to anyone, ok?" she said, smiling still, "Also, if done right, you can do it to adults or teenagers too, but children are the most easy to do this trick on," she finished, gririnning.

Kurumu smirked. "Noted." She replied before pulling out a pair of footie pajamas. "Let me give it a try...

Harry continued to sleep as they dressed him up in several different PJ's, Ageha still claimed that her favorite set of Pj's for Harry was the Ewok onesie, she said they made him like a big teddy bear that you could cuddle with and comment on being adorable. As for Kurumu, well...


Ageha shook her head, "Well, it seems he is waking up finally, so, you should be the one to comfort him, to reassure him that everything is alright, ok?" she said, and sure enough, she was right as Harry began to stir and stretch.

Kurmu smiled and knelt by Harry's side as his little eyes opened slowly. "Hi, sweetie." She said softly.

Harry, in his half dazed state, was not at 100% mental alertness, and as a result, given the joy and happieness he had been living through the last few days, as a result, he wasn't fully aware of what he said next in reply, "Hmmm, morning mommy..." he said sleepily, letting out a yawn, not seeing the look of shock and joy on Kurumu's face, nor hearing the chuckle Ageha let out nor her snort of amusement at hearing what he had called her daughter.

"I think he's still out of it a bit, dear." Ageha whispered in Kurumu's ear. "He's not sure what he just said, I think."

Kurumu giggled, "Doesn't make it any less adorable though mother," she said, smiling, and hoping that he would call her that again eventually when he was actually aware of saying it. Meanwhile, Harry slowly rubbed his eyes before feeling the fuzzyness covering his hands and looked at them, then in a moment of manic freaked out, "AH!" he cried, "What's covering my hands?!" he said in shock, he was disoriented a bit right now.

Kurumu giggled and knelt by his side. "Like them?" She asked sweetly. "These are your new pajamas. They're made of cotton, so they should be soft and cozy."

Harry looked at her in surprize, "Kurumu?" he asked her, "Wait, its clothing?" he asked, tilting his head to the side before looking at his hands then his body, "Why would you buy me new clothes, I don't deserve th-" he tried to argue only for Kurumu to cut him off before he could finish.

"Nonononono." She said calmly. "No more of that."


"No more." She cut him off once more. "That's enough of that."

Harry was conflicted, "I-I have never...gotten new things before..." he admitted shamefully, clearly feeling like he truely didn't deserve nice, new, things, and that after four years of being put down, he had a really low opinion of his own self-worth.

Kurumu looked at him sadly and pulled him into a hug. "Hey...Come on now...Don't beat yourself up like that. You deserve these clothes, and nothing's gonna convince me otherwise, okay?"

Harry look up at her with a sad look, and said, "I know you said to forget them, but, the Dursleys always said, I am a freak, and that freaks don't deserve nice or new things," he looked down sadly, on the verge of tears, "D-d-do I deserve nice things?" he asked, seemingly more to himself, then to Kurumu, Ageha watching the two with a sad look and a few tears coming from her eyes.

Kurumu hugged him tighter, pressing his head against her chest. "Yes, Harry. Yes you do deserve nice things."

Harry sniffled before, shaking a few moments from indecision, he launched himself forwards and hugged her, "Thank you...Kurumu," he whispered, crying silently into her chest, while Kurumu comforted him, neither seeing or knowing that Ageha took another picture without a flash this time, and made a mental note to add it to the album later undering 'Bonding moment', for now, she remained silent, watching the two bond. It ended up taking a total of ten minutes for Harry to stop crying before he managed to sniffle and look up at Kurumu. "Ready to try one some more clothes, Harry?" she asked him, "After all, you need a new wardrobe, and yes, Harry, you ARE worth it, ok?" she said, smiling at him.

Harry smiled softly. "Okay..." He replied quietly, smiling softly the whole time.

"Awesome!" Kurumu cheered with a smile. "C'mon, let's see if we can find you some nice overalls..."

Harry blushed as Kurumu carried him in her arms while Ageha carried the basket that was slowly filled with clothes that would become his when they purchased them. They would often ask him for his opinion as well, but, he kept telling them it was up to them, which culminated in a tired sigh and comment of exasperation from Kurumu.

"Boys just don't care about fashion..." She mumbled.

"That's quite sexist, dear." Ageha replied flatly, "Besides, I think it is more the problem of that, he will like anything you choose for him, because it was you and me that chose it for him, and we are the first people to be nice to him, not to mention that he was never allowed to think for himself, so, how likely its he to just choose what he likes, when he was never really allowed to decide what he likes," she said, whispering the second thing she said because she didn't want Harry to hear it. Meanwhile, Harry was enjoying everything that Kurumu and Ageha were having him try on, after all, they cared and they were happy with getting him new clothes, and seeing them happy, made him happy, however, he didn't quite understand why Kurumu was getting fustrated with him, so, curious, he walked up to Kurumu and tugged on her sleeve a bit to get her attention.

Kurumu blinked, and looked down at Harry. "Yes, Harry?" She asked with a smile.

"Um...I...I was just wondering...W-Why you're frustrated with me..." He responded softly.

Kurumu immediately felt bad for getting fustrated with Harry, first cause of how he reacted now, and, after going over what her mother just told her, and what she knew of Harry, well, it made snese, he would have no real likes, or prefrence, in essence, he was a blank slate in terms of fashion likes. "Well, you see, I kinda forgot that youw would have no real prefrence for what you wanted, so, I kinda got irritated..." she said awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head embarressed by her little outburst.

"Oh..." Harry replied softly, looking down. Kurumu smiled, then bent down and hugged him. "Sorry if I hurt your feelings, Harry." She said softly.

Harry smiled very softly, "Its ok, you didn't realise, but, your right, I don't know what I like, but, if you like it, then, I guess I can like it too?" he said, though his reply sounded questioning, like he was unsure if that was alright or not.

"Yeah, that's right." Kurumu replied. "But we need to try to get you...emotionally healed, so you can actually have your own opinion on things."

Harry nodded, not compeltely understanding what she meant, but the general gist of it was not lost on him. "Well, I-I guess I could try at least..." he said, before looking at the rows of clothes, then, he stopped as he pointed to a green shirt that, miracously, matched the green of his eyes, "How about this one?" he asked, though he sounded unsure.

Kurumu blinked. "Huh...Good choice." She said with a smile. "Let's go try it on."

Harry nodded, but stopped when Ageha called them both and held up a pair of black pants to go with the top. "Lets see how he looks in this too!" she said, smiling.

Thirty seconds later, Harry stepped out from the stall. Kurumu smiled. "Well, someone looks handsome."

Harry blushed, "Really?" he asked, sounding embaressed.

"Yeah, you're gonna be a ladies man when you grow up." Kurumu replied, poking his nose playfully.

Harry blushed again, and swatted her hand away playfully. Ageha, on the other hand, had been recording the whole with with a camcorder she had tucked away for such a situation, when it was over, she smiledon, when it was over, she smiled and said, "I think its time we purchased everything, and went home dears," she was speaking to both of them though.

Kurumu nodded. "Kay, mom." She replied before picking up Harry.

Harry was surprized when they left the store with something like thirty bags of clothing for him, some of which was for now, others was for him to grow into over the next few years, but what surprized him, was how he had enjoyed it, he had always heard Dudley whine about how boring shopping was, but Harry had enjoyed it with Kurumu and Ageha, then again, he had never been clothes shopping with Petunia, so, this was, technically, his first experince with this sort of thing. Looking up at Kurumu, he suddenly sat up in her arms, and hugged her around the neck, surprizing her.

The young succubus blinked, then giggled and hugged back. "Well, aren't we affectionate?" She said teasingly.

Harry looked up and smiled, "Thank you for taking me clothes shopping," he said, "It was fun," he said, smiling. Ageha grinned, "How do you like that, Kurumu, a boy who ENJOYS shopping with women!" she said, chuckling a bit.

Kurumu smirked. "Well, we do have other things to shop for later on in the week,,,Like maybe some stuff for him to play with..."

Harry's eyes widened at hearing that, "I-I will get toys?" he asked, he was finding it extremely hard to believe how much his life had turned around after only a few days.

"Oh yeah." Kurumu replied with a nod. "TOTALLY, kid."

Harry could only smile so much before, he hugged Kurumu but, then fell asleep from all the excitement that day, as well as to what was to come. Ageha smiled, "Poor little guy, all tuckered out," she then looked at Kurumu, "Come on, lets go home and put his clothes away for tomarrow."

Kurumu nodded with a smile. "Sure, mom..." She looked down at Harry with a smile. "Let's go home and put his new stuff away..."