Avatar The Last Airbender and Prototype crossover.

Chapter I – Harbinger of Death

"Ugh, what the…" Jake groggily opened his eyes and groaned.

What the hell happened?

He was in New York, killed that bastard Mercer, got blown up by a nuke…

"Oh, yeah." He growled and stood up. Now, he remembers, he was saving what's left of New York, and but was caught in the nuclear radius.

But where was he?

The first thing that came to mind was the bone-chilling breeze. Stranger still, that he was in a frozen wasteland. New York was in flames, no way can it be snowing to become this.

Confused, Jake activated his infection vision, thermal vision, and sent out a hunting pulse to find out if there are some life here.

Thankfully, there were no infected present but him. Thermal imaging indicates that no life forms are in the vicinity at this time. But the hunting pulse came back highlighting what appears to be a small village about three kilometers from here.

"Time to get to work." Jake sprinted to the settlement. If they posed no threat, then good; but if they did…

In under ten minutes, he was at the outskirts of the village. Strange, they look…primitive even by eskimo standards.

Not wanting to destroy a village filled with unknowns and probably innocent folk, he jogged to it and entered the settlement.

From the moment he entered town, the people eyed him warily. Jake could understand that but it was getting on his nerves.

"Anyone here the leader?" He asked gruffly and murmurs began to erupt.

Then a boy with a boomerang of sorts came up to him. "What do you want here?" He said threateningly that made Jake scowl.

"Where. Is. Your. Leader." Jake growled with every word, startling the boy.

"Sokka, wait!" A girl got between him and this Sokka before Jake could get to him.

"Sorry for my brother, he can be rash sometimes." The girl said sheepishly and elbowed her brother at the gut.

"Never mind that, do you know where I am?" He crossed his arms and waited for an answer.

"You're in the Southern Water Tribe, duh!" This Sokka was getting on his last good nerves. Jake just barely contained his transformation.

"Katara, Sokka, wait up!" A boy with arrow tattoos came up and stared at him.

"Um, who's he?"

"I don't know but Sokka's right. You're in the Southern Water Tribe." The girl, Katara said.

Southern Water Tribe?

"Where is New York?" Jake scanned his area. There were people working and some staring at him curiously. The animals were something to look at, though.

"New York? I've never heard of that." Katara thought about it and looked at Aang and Sokka who were both confused.

Jake sighed. Wherever he was, looks like he won't be going back to home but how did he get here. The last thing he remembers was the nuke engulfing him but how?

"All right. So who are you?"

"I'm Katara, this is Sokka." The boy pumped his chest up and threw his boomerang.

"I'm Sokka and I'm the best warrior in the Southern Water Tribe!" He held out his hand and waited for his stick to return. It did but it hit him on the head.

Katara snickered but Jake remained stoic.

"And this is Aang, the Avatar." She pointed to the boy with the tattoos.

"Hi, I'm Aang." He held out his hand and Jake stared at it then at Aang.

"What's an Avatar?" He asked, shocking the trio.


He said nothing. Jake asked loud and clear, no need or want to repeat himself.

"The Avatar is an agent of peace, a force of balance. How could you not know about him?" Katara waved her hands hysterically.

"Don't know and don't care so what's going on in this world?"

Katara couldn't believe it. Sokka couldn't believe it. Aang couldn't believe it. How could he not know the war?!

Before the three could express their surprise and outrage, an elderly woman came towards them and smiled.

"Gran-gran, what are you doing here?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka, Katara, we have a guest here, we shouldn't let him stay out here. Please, come inside and have some tea." She turned towards a hut and the three followed her.

Jake followed and entered the hut. It was all the confirmation he needed, wherever this place was, it was clearly not earth, or at least not his earth.

"Here, it'll warm your stomach." She handed him and cup of tea.

How could it warm his stomach when he didn't have one anymore but hospitality was hospitality. Jake drank it and it was good. The virus found it strange and compared it to other genomes of flora.

None were a match.

"Now, about that war…"

He had found out quite a bit. There was a centuries old war going on and there were four or rather three nations waging it. The Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Nation, the cause of it. The Air Nomads were wiped out but Aang was oblivious to it.

They explained the horrors of it but Jake wasn't impressed. Burning alive was pretty subtle way to go compared to being eaten alive, turned into a walking corpse, and mutating to a biological abomination.

After they were done, they waited for Jake to take it all in. They thought he would be traumatized but much to their shock, he said this.

"A war for a century, hundreds of thousands dead. Hmph, I expected more. Thanks for the tea." He set down the cup and was about to exit when Sokka got in front of him.

"How could you say that? People die everyday and you say you expected more?! What is this, a game to you?!" He was clearly upset.

"If it came down to it, I'd kill every last human and not even think twice about it. And I can do it in a heartbeat." With that, he shoved Sokka away and went out of the hut.

"You okay?" Katara helped her brother up.

"Yeah, I'll show him." Sokka was about to go after him but Aang stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you. There's something about him that I can't put my finger on. And the way he said that, he's probably seen and did things that we don't wanna know about."

It has been a few days and Jake was still here. Aang had take Katara to ride some penguins and he was stuck here with Sokka giving kids a view of his look out tower.

Jake was standing at the side with a gigantic bison sleeping a few meters away. The first time he met the animal, it went behind Aang in fear. Even this world's fauna knows an alpha when they see it.

"This your tower?" Jake finally had enough of this. The tower was not strong, more like a snow castle made to look like a lookout.

"Yeah, it can stand anything."

"Uh, huh." Jake gave a light kick and it came tumbling down. The children laughed and Sokka's face was priceless.

Then Jake spotted a flare in the sky and furrowed his brow. This always meant trouble.

On a ship a few miles of the coast, a scarred teen was looking at his telescope with anticipation. He had finally located the Avatar.

"Wake my uncle and tell him…I've found the Avatar." He saw Aang jumping off the ship and he saw a village. "And I've found his little hideaway."

Jake waited for Aang and Katar, and sure enough, here they come.

"What was that flare?"

"Nothing." Aang scratched the back of his head but then he heard Jake's feral growl.

"Don't play dumb with me airbender." He snarled and Aang took a step back, feeling massive wave of dark energy coming off him, even more so than this entire war.

"We tripped a Fire Nation ship." Then black snow came falling.

"And it looks like they're coming." Jake smirked.

The next day, a black ship came crashing through Sokka's rebuilt tower and came out at least a twenty of black and red dressed soldiers with a scarred teen and an old happy-go-lucky looking man.

"I know you're hear, Avatar! Come out and I'll spare this village!"

"Who are you?" Aang came out of the crowd along with Katara and Sokka.

"Men, detain him!" The scarred teen said and three soldiers were about to go when something came crashing down at the center, creating a cloud of snow.

"So you're the Fire Nation I've been hearing about." The snow died down and there was Jake with his arms crossed and eyes boring holes into the men's heads.

Instantly, the old man felt something was off. Like a force equal or even greater than the avatar was here. "Zuko be careful of him."

"You, step away from this!" Zuko demanded and Jake scowled.

"You want the kid, take him for all I care." That shocked Katara, Sokka and Aang. "Destroy the village, I would've gladly killed everyone here slowly and fed their corpses to their children."

Zuko couldn't believe what he was hearing, this man was more ruthless and dangerous than Azula.

"But, his job is to bring balance back so you won't be taking him. Leave now or you'll go home in pieces." Jake turned around and walked back to his spot but a wall of flame engulfed him.

Zuko and five other firebenders were showering this man with everything they got, directing it totally at him. How dare this moron insult him!

When they stopped, all expected Jake to nothing more than ash. Even the three who knew him first didn't think he'd survive.

Imagine their surprise when they saw him just standing there in the same position with no more than smoke coming off.

Jake turned around and his eyes were burning red. That scared the Fire Nation soldiers. One tried to attack him with his sword but Jake grabbed his arm and tore it clean off.

The man screamed in pain and clutched his stub that was his arm. Jake then punched the man's head, making it explode on contact.

Iroh saw this and felt a chill run down his spine. This man possess such strength he somehow knew that it wasn't full on.

The trio and the Water Tribe were looking on in shock. First, he withstood a torrent of fire from six firebenders, now, he killed one in brutal fashion without even breaking a sweat.

Seeing that he was being surrounded by six more, Jake did the thing he was best at – killing.

When they were about to attack, black spikes erupted from under them and impaled them. The soldiers screamed and then died as their blood gushed out from their wounds like rain.

Jake smirked. How do they taste anyway? The bodies began to melt. Flesh and bone were being dissolved and absorbed by his spikes.

Prince Zuko couldn't believe his eyes. His men were killed and now they were being melted down!

Aang, Katara and Sokka had to look away. This was just too horrible. War was one thing but this was gleeful slaughter that not even the Fire Nation deserved.

The soldiers were no more and the spikes receded. Jake searched through the memories and genetics and found out that what he had heard were true. This was not his earth, this was a different earth all together.

What's more is that all of them were firebenders. Imagine what fire could do for his abilities.

Experimenting a little, Jake snapped his fingers and a large wall of crimson flame exploded. 'This should be fun.'

The only thing on everyone's mind was fear. He killed without remorse now, he's a firebender?!

"Thanks for the meal, now burn." Jake waved his hand and a giant wall of flame raced towards the Fire Nation vessel.

Zuko was too stunned to even defend himself so Iroh had to step in. When he met the flame, he almost collapsed at the sheer power of it. Those behind him were instantly incinerated, even if they did manage to block it, it was too strong.

When it died down, only Zuko and Iroh was standing. The two looked back and saw that their men were turned to pure carbon with the look of death and pain forever etched on their faces. The front of their ship was smelted away.

'What power.' Iroh thought. It was just a wave of a hand and this was the outcome!

"I'd leave if you wanna get out of here alive." Jake chuckled and Zuko glared at him.

They left without a single word and Jake lowered his hand. When he turned around, he was met with the terrified faces of the people he protected and he smiled evilly.