Avatar The Last Airbender and Prototype crossover.

Book IIEarth

Chapter XII – Good Luck

Over the next several weeks, Jake was getting restless. All this inaction is making him antsy and that was always a bad sign.

Sure, the airhead learned earthbending from Toph. It took a lot of work but the avatar got it down.

Then things got interesting when they discovered some buried library. And a giant talking owl. The moment it laid eyes on Jake, it looked like it was going to shit itself.

Then after that, the bison was stolen and Aang got all angry and Jake only made it worse. Saying the so called avatar had no one but him to blame like how he abandoned his temple and Gaytso to die.

Aang didn't take too kindly to that and tried to attack Jake, he kept missing as Jake was laughing mockingly at the distraught avatar.

Katara managed to pull them together and managed to trek across the desert. After a run in with the Sandbenders that took Appa.

Then they had to go through a pass because the O merciful avatar just had to be a noble idiot. The pass was…uneventful until this great big lizard showed up and Jake was more than happy about it.

Long story short, they made it out and now, on the way to Ba Sing Se.

"I think I'm going on ahead." Aang said. "While you guys make it to Ba Sing Se, I'll use the time to find Appa."

Katara hugged him reassuringly. "Take as long as you need."

Aang nodded. "I promise, I'll find Appa as fast as I can." He grabbed his staff as Sokka and Toph came towards them.

"See you in the big city." Sokka said.

Toph punched him on the shoulder. "Say hi to that big fuzzball for me."

Aang nodded and readied his glider. "You ready, Momo?" The lemure nodded and they flew off to the walled city.

"So…" They all turned to Jake who was looking at his nail. "We ready to go?"

A few hours later, they were finally at the foot of the wall. It was huge! It would take Jake a good 2 minutes to run all the way up.

Before they could call the guards, Aang landed in front of them with a serious expression.

"I thought you were looking for Appa." Katara said.

"I was, until I saw something. Something big." Jake smiled internally. Finally, some real fun. "Toph, I need your hel with this."

The blind girl nodded and both she and Aang bend the rock beneath their feet to go up the wall.

"Now what's so big that Appa has to wait?" Sokka crossed his arms until they noticed Jake was grinning madly.

"Well, well. This just got a whole lot more fun." They looked at what his deranged eyes were looking at and once they did, everyone, except for Aang and Toph, widened their eyes.

A huge drill was coming towards the wall. They knew it was going to be another invasion attempt and this time, it had a higher chance of succeeding.

And only one was actually leaning on that to happen.

"We made it to Ba Sing Se and we're still not safe." Ying said worriedly as she and her husband, Tahn, hugged their newborn daughter.

"Hey, what are you doing here?!" They turned to see two Earth Kingdom guards glaring at them. "Civilians aren't allowed on the wall."

Aang stepped forward. "I'm the Avatar. Take me to whoever's in charge."

"It is an honor to welcome you to the Outer Wall, young Avatar. But your help is not needed." An old general said confidently.

"Not needed?" Aang asked.

"Not needed. I have the situation under control. I assure you, the Fire Nation cannot penetrate this wall." General Sung motioned Team Avatar to follow him. "Many have tried to break through it, but none have succeeded."

"Yeah? And what about the Dragon of the West?" Jake challenged and Toph continued for him.

"He got in?"

General Sung looked stupid. "W-well, technically, yes. But he was quickly expunged."

"So, how are you gonna contain that?" Sokka pointed at the drill that was still far.

"Not to worry, I sent an elite platoon of earthbenders called the Terra Team."

Jake chuckled and shook his head. "Wow, that name sucks. But I'll humor you."

The team the general was talking about made a pathetic attempt to stop the drill. C'mon, really? Do these idiots expect to stop that thing with some rocks?

Then they were all taken down by a familiar face. 'This day just keeps getting better and better.'

"WE'RE DOOMED!" The so called general wailed like a girl and Sokka slapped some sense into him.

"Get a hold of yourself, man!"

General Sung massaged his cheek. "You're right. I'm sorry."

Toph and Sokka gave a smug smirk. "Maybe you'd like the Avatar's help now?"

General Sung looked humiliated and waddled his way to Aang. "Yes, please." He squeaked out.

"Sure, I'll-" Aang was cut off by Jake's chuckling.

"Hehehe, oh no, you've had your fun." He turned to them with an insane and bloodthirsty grin. "Now its my turn to play."

Aang and the rest paled. They had tried to keep Jake under control for the most part since the North Pole because they knew what would happen if he went ballistic.

"No, Jake. We can handle-"

"Say, General. Are these two expendable?" Jake turned his attention to two guards who backed away slightly.

"They're willing to die for the Earth Kingdom, of that's what you're asking." Oh, how he would regret telling Jake that.

Jake's grin widened to inhuman levels and his eyes turned bloody red. He dashed towards the two guards and held them up by the neck.

The two guards struggled against his grip but Jake was far too strong. They looked into his eyes and their struggles only increased for fear now controls them.

Katara and Sokka ran towards him and tried to pry the soldiers from his grip. "Let them go, now! Jake!"

Jake laughed and tendrils sprouted from his back and knocked the two away. Everyone moved back in fright as the tendrils swayed back and forth.

"Hehe, let's have some fun." The guards shook their heads fiercely as the tendrils dug into them.

Aang expected them to melt like Jake's last victims but something was different. They weren't melting, they were just shaking.

Then Jake let them go and they fell still shaking and convulsing. Jake took a step back with a malicious smirk. Whatever he did, Aang just knew it was worse than death.

After a few second, the guards got onto all four and something that horrified all happened.

Their bodies began to change, muscles became so large that they ripped through the skin. They grew metal like claws and their heads were nothing more than a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and eyes.

These were no longer the two men from before, they were now monsters. They were now Brawlers.

The brawlers roared that shook the earth and Jake laughed in glee. The earth kingdom soldiers looked on in horror at what happened to their comrade and then at the monster that turned them into those things.

Aang and the rest of the group backed away in fright. What has he done to them?!

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Jake's laughter echoed.

"Sir, there's a situation on the wall." One of the operators in the drill reported to War Minister Qin.

"What kind of situation?"

"Sketchy at best, sir. I think it would be better to look at the spy glass to confirm it."

Azula sighed and turned to Tai Lee. "Tai Lee, see what's going on."

The girl gave a curt nod and looked into the spy glass. What she saw made her blood cold and mind to cloud. Azula noticed that Tai Lee was shaking and shook her head.

"What do you see?"

Tai Lee got her eyes out of the spy glass and huddled in her seat with her knees close to her chest. She was definitely spooked.

"He's here. He's here. He's here."

Mai groaned in annoyance as she twirled her knife. "Who's here?"

Tai Lee pointed at the wall. "Him"

Azula and Mai looked at the wall. Mai dropped her knife, Azula's eyes were wide.


Jake looked at the drill. Just thinking about how many he would kill made him salivate. A bloodbath was long overdue. He walked to the edge of the wall followed by his brawlers who were growling, anticipating their first meal.

Slowly, tendrils engulfed Jake's body. Creating a black substance that covered his body until he was completely covered. Let the games begin.

"Let's eat." With that said, he and his brawlers jumped off the wall and landed with a devastating shockwave. They took off at amazing speed to the drill but he wanted to enjoy himself first.

Jake commanded one brawler to the left and the other to the right while he charged full speed towards the line of tanks.

Laughing, he morphed his hands to hammerfist and launched himself to the first tank, obliterating it. Those on the wall could only watch the carnage unfold. Those...things tore through the metal like paper and ate those inside of them. Some of the weaker souls, like General Sung, fainted from the sheer savagery of it.

But sadly, it was far from over. Not with Jake.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, YEEEEESS!" Jake screamed in ecstasy as he mutilated another fleeing soldier. Oh, how he missed the feeling of tearing flesh from flesh.

Inside the control room of the drill, there was only chaos as they watched. Their tanks were slaughtered and eaten by those monstrosities and what's worse, the Demon of the North was controlling them!

"We're dead! We're all dead!" A soldier cried out in despair as another of Jake's demonic laughter reached their ears.

"Control yourselves! The drill's metal shell is several feet thick, there is no way that thing can breach it!"

For once, Azula hoped that the War Minister was right. She'll never admit it but whatever that man was, she feared him. The first time they met, he left her in such a state that in was pitiful.

The look in his eyes...Azula swore she saw millions screaming at her, just waiting to tear her apart.

"Send the remaining soldiers to the inner shell! Make sure that they don't break through!" Azula commanded and some of the men hesitated. "Now!"

Soldiers took up posts in the inner hull, hoping against hope that the War Minister was right.

"Don't worry, princess. He won't get in."

Azula ignored him and waited.

In the inner wall, everything was quiet. Some were praying to Angi that the thick metal would keep those things out. Pity, their god was long dead.

Suddenly, they heard a deafening clang rocked the hull. Then another, but this time, it rocked the hull.

"What gong on down there?!" Qin asked through the intercom.

"We don't know!" Another blow rocked the whole machine. "I think they're trying to break in!"

Azula took the intercom. "Do not leave your post! Fight to the last man!" Another one occurred and this felt like an earthquake.

"Oh, Angi! The bolts are coming loose!" The soldiers were begging to be let out. They tried to claw their way out of the metal door but it was locked.

They could hear the guttural roars of those thing and the insane laughter of the monster itself. Another blow and the bolts came loose and a section of the hull collapsed.

Some of the soldiers were crushed by the falling metal. They were the lucky ones, but the others...


"OH, ANG-" Whatever the soldier was going to say turned to static.

"Soldier, report! Anyone report! As War Minister I command you to report!" Qin was getting desperate until the static stopped and the room breathed a sigh of relief.

"Finally, have the intruders been dealt with?"

"Hehehe, you mean your guests?" The room's temperature noticeably dropped. "I just wanna take this time to thank you for the great feast you laid out for us."

In the background, they could hear the screams of men being torn apart and the munching of meat and bone.

"Stay where you are and let us come find'ya, that would be great."

Mai tried to hide her terror but she was shaking, Tai Lee was a sobbing mess, and Azula only sat and listened.

"Tai Lee, Mai, Azula." The aforementioned girls froze up. "If you're listening..."


"Good luck." Jake said in a soft voice and them the com went dead.

The room was silent, the only sound that could be heard was the unfortunate others outside those doors. Horrible screams reached their minds until one eventually broke.

"I can't take it anymore!" An operator screamed in fear before breaking the glass and jumping out of it. A quick death was better than this!

Jake made sure to take his sweet time. Cutting down everything in his way? He missed that. He missed spilling blood, in general.

After killing everyone in the drill, he went back to the wall followed by his brawlers. They were dripping with blood and the brawlers were licking every last drop of it.

Everyone on the wall backed away in fear and Jake chuckled.

"Awww, is that the way to say thank you?" He turned to General Sung, who had regained consciousness but looked ready to faint again.

He receded his face armor to show a terrifying sight. His face was cracked with pulsating veins, his eyes were glowing a demonic red. And what really took the cake was that smile. The smile when you've done something really really bad.

Fearfully, Sung shook his head and Jake giggled. "Well, then." He morphed his arms to claws. "I guess I don't need you anymore." He raised his claws and before Aang could stop him, he cut off his brawlers' head off and consumed them.

When Jake was finished, he let his armor fall as his tendrils writhed under him. His smirk ever present. He lifted his hand and twitched some fingers and from the wall, came a rock levitating above his hand.

This horrified Aang, he had three of the elements now. So that only leaves...

"Now, where to find an airbender."