Keep in mind that this fic is rated M. Some things I write might be a bit heavy and dark.

disclaimer: I own nothing.

Loves Possesion

191 days… That's how long we have been stuck on repeat in this hell that is May 10, 1994. On day 61 I noticed how green her eyes are especially in the morning sunlight as I sit across from her sharing a silent breakfast. Always painfully silent, but I have come to look forward to stealing gazes at her as the sun intensifies the bright green of her eyes. She never looks up at me. She just finishes her breakfast and stands to take her plate, and mine to the sink where she begins washing the dishes. When she is done, she goes out to the garden where she meditates for two hours. As I secretly watch her from the kitchen window, I can't help but think that she is trying to communicate with nature in hopes of getting her magic back.

On day 64 she stopped wearing a bra. I was sitting in the living room reading when she stepped in front of me grabbing at the book in my hands.

"What are you reading," She asked?

When I looked up at her, and saw her nipples protruding from the cream colored sinfully thin cotton material tank top that she was wearing, I almost choked on my words. Bonnie Bennett has always been beautiful to me, but standing before me with her breast nearly exposed is enticing me in very wicked ways. I love Elena, I love Elena is the mantra I play over and over in my head to keep me from jumping her and having my way with her right on the coffee table.

"The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe," I said waving my hands to keep it out of her grasp.

"Huh?" she said raising her left brow taking the seat right next to me. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Together?" I asked quizzically.

"Of course together Ass! It's not like you have a whole lot of options. I'm all you've got buddy!"

Something about her statement made my stomach churn. The harsh reality of those words came crashing down on me like bricks. All we have is each other played in my mind, but I couldn't for the life of me tell if it were a good thing or a bad one.

"I'll make the popcorn. You pick the movie, and I will meet you in your room in ten."

"Wait, why are we meeting in my room?" I asked with my brow furrowed.

"Because your room has the largest T.V. Damon" she said dragging out each syllable of my name like it pained her to say it.

I simply nodded and walked up the stairs toward my bedroom. We watched three movies that night before she retreated to her own bedroom. (She started living at the boarding house with me on day 2). We watched three movies every night from that evening on.

We spent every day pretty much the same. We silently ate the breakfast that I made. She washed the dishes and went outside to the garden to meditate for two hours while I secretly watched from the kitchen window. We walked to the grocery store, bickered all the way there and back, made lunch together, played games, talked for hours and hours about nothing and everything. She made dinner, and I cleaned the kitchen while she went upstairs to shower. She always came down 30 minutes later dressed in flannel pajama pants, some sort of tee shirt, bra-less, bare feet, and wet hair to make the popcorn for movie night. She was driving me insane, and didn't even know it. I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anything in my life, but I knew that the judgy little witch would not allow me to touch her in that way. She is completely asexual.

On day 192 while we were sitting in the living room drinking some of my finest bourbon. She suddenly stood up from where she was sitting on the floor and starting walking towards me. I could tell by the sway in her hips that she was a little more than tipsy. She plopped down in the seat next to me. When our eyes met she said, "Why are you in love with Elena?"

"Why are you in love with baby Gilbert?" I retorted!

"I'm not in love with Jeremy" she laughed lowly, "I love Jeremy. I'm not in love with him. Big difference!" she said purposely. "So… Why Elena?"

"Why not Elena? She's gorgeous."

"You're not in love with Elena. You're obsessed with her. Just like you were with Katherine! You have no idea what love really looks like," she snorted.

"Oh, and I suppose you do? You're probably still a virgin. Has baby Gilbert even tried to rock your world yet?"

"We've had…. A type of sex." She said shyly.

I don't know why that pissed me of, but it did. So I clenched my jaw and balled my fist before I responded. "So why would I take advance on love from a woman who wouldn't know how to seduce a man to save her life?"

"Oh I know how to seduce a man." She said through gritted teeth.

"Proof it!" I challenged. "Seduce me!"