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Chapter 16

"Good morning Sal" She heard her favorite voice say as she woke the morning she was to become his wife.

"He's beautiful." He said to her when he noticed she was awake. "He looks just like you."

And it was true, baby Salvatore or 'Sal' as his father called him, was an exceptionally beautiful child. He had his father's piercing blue eyes and midnight black hair, but his angelic face was the spitting image of his mother.

"Lucky kid." She replied jokingly as she stood to join her soon to be husband looking down into their son's crib.

"That he is." He replied kissing her softly on the lips.

She kissed him back deeper. The kiss quickly escalated, and before she knew it the back of her knees were hitting the mattress, and he was hovering over her reaching for the waist of her pajama pants. She quickly stopped his hand with a firm grip from hers.

"You can wait a few more hours." She teased." When the baby is out of the room, and I am your wife."

"My wife," I like the sound of that. "Mrs. Salvatore my Queen." He kneeled before her.

"Mrs. Bennett-Salvatore" she corrected. "And I could get used to the perks of being Queen. I like you on your knees worshiping me."

He raised her shirt, and kissed her bare tummy. "Queen or not, I was going to worship you any way." He kissed lower on her tummy, "starting with this beautiful body of yours."

She giggled, and playful pushed him away. "Tonight" she said again walking away from him into the bathroom.

After changing and dressing the baby, Damon made his way downstairs to start breakfast for his soon to be wife with 'Sal' in his arms. He walked in the kitchen to be greeted by none other than Klaus' outstretched arms. Damon rolled his eyes, and kissed his tiny son on the head.

"Go to uncle original douche while daddy cooks." He cooed in a baby voice handing the baby over.

Klaus grinned widely while looking down at the baby he was rocking in his arms.

"Let us thank the Gods that your mother is beautiful kid." He whispered to the baby loud enough for Damon to hear.

Just then Rebekah walked in. "Enough of the un-pleasantries boys. Its ceremony day and I will not have this day ruined by the likes of you two barbarians. It's Bonnie's day."

Three hours later Bonnie, Damon, Baby Sal, Stephan, Caroline, and the Originals were all in a limo dressed to the nines headed to 'The Grand Ballroom' for the event of the century. During the ride Damon overheard a quiet conversation between Bonnie and Caroline about Bonnie being sad because her dad was not there to walk her down the aisle.

"I have no one." Bonnie whispered. "And it just hurts."

"You could always ask Stephan."

"Damon wouldn't allow it. He says you have to belong to someone in order for him to give you away, and I never belonged to Stephan."

"Well Damon's an ass" Caroline gritted out and both girls giggled lowly.

Damon could hear the sadness in her voice, and it broke his heart. At that moment he was determined to fix it for her.

The Ballroom was beautiful, and huge. It was decorated with tons of white roses, gold and white candles galore, and an extremely long red velvet carpet running down the center of the room leading to an exquisite altar with an awaiting throne as backdrop. There were at least a thousand people in attendance, ninety-eight percent of them supernatural and Bonnie only knew a tenth of them.

The wedding procession had already made its way down the aisle, and the time had come for Bonnie Bennett to march down the Aisle. Before the heavy doors to the ballroom opened alerting everyone to stand, Bonnie was met with the awaiting arm of one very blue eyed Matt Donovan ready to walk with her. When Bonnie realized why he was standing there, both of her hands shot upward to cover her face in an attempt to keep her tears at bay. He kissed her on top of her head, and wiped the single tear that escaped the corner of her eye.

"Damon and I agree that I should have the honor of giving you away." He said before the heavy doors were opened.

The sound of 'Fortunate' by Maxwell blared thru the speakers while Bonnie marched down the aisle holding tightly to Matt's arm. When Damon's eyes landed on her, a gasp slipped his lips. She was breathtaking. Her dress was off white giving it an antique feel, and it was adorned with tiny diamonds scattered all over catching the lights of the candles as she walked past them. It was form fitting all the way to the floor where it suddenly flared at her feet and dragged the six foot train. It had long sleeves, a plunging neck, and was sheer everywhere but the important parts leaving very little to the imagination. Her hair was curled in tiny spiral curls, and was decorated with a diamond and pearl head piece instead of a veil. Her make-up was flawless, and she was holding pale yellow roses in her hands. She belonged to him, and it was about to become official. In that moment Damon was happier than he'd ever been in his life.

The ceremony was officiated by a witch High Priestess from New Orleans although the couple decided to recite their own vows.

Bonnie began first. "Damon Salvatore, I have never admitted this to anyone before, including myself, but I have loved you from the moment my eyes met yours. I am elated to be the mother of your child, and I refuse to live in a world that you are not a part of. My love for you knows no bounds, and I don't want it to. You belong to me, and I to you. Our forever starts now."

When she finished, tears swelled up in the eyes of Damon, Matt, Stephen, and Caroline.

With a shaky voice Damon started. "Our relationship was fire from the start. I didn't know it at the time, but I wanted you from the very beginning. You were always so full of power, pride, and passion. I couldn't get enough of you. I never knew what true love was until the moment my lips met yours, and I plan on loving you forever. You're my air." He finished as a tear rolled down his cheek.

They exchanged rings, and the priestess pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed passionately while the crowd came to life with applause. After the wedding ceremony Bonnie was properly coronated while baby Salvatore was officially dedicated as 'King in Waiting.'

Bonnie sat on her beautiful throne with Damon standing by her side while all thousand plus supernatural beings passed by to individually bow at her feet. And when Elena bowed then curtsied, a satisfactory 'Damon-like' smirk graced Bonnie's lips.

After the coronation and numerous toasts, Stephan and Caroline voluntarily took baby Sal home with 'uncle original douche' in tow for protection while his parents danced. Elena was first to interrupt the happy couple.

"Hey guys I just wanted to say congratulations."

Bonnie nodded while Damon stood stoic.

Elena continued with tears in her eyes. "Bonnie I just want you to know that I'm really sorry. You were like a sister to me, and I never meant to hurt you. I hope one day you could forgive me, and we can be friends again."

"I honestly don't know if that's possible Elena." Bonnie answered truthfully.

Elena stormed off crying, and Elijah quickly approached the couple next.

"You deserve the world Miss Bennett…Mrs. Salvatore." He corrected. "Please except this gift from the Mikaelson family." He handed her a large envelope.

She opened the envelope, and was greeted by a deed along with architectural plans. "You built me a house?" She asked skeptically.

"We built you a palace, fit for a queen." He corrected her. "It's just outside of Mystic Falls." He kissed her hand, nodded his respect to Damon, and took his leave leaving the happy couple blown away.

Damon and Bonnie continued to sway to the music. He held her tighter while he whispered in her ear. "You are beautiful. I don't know how much longer I can keep myself from ravaging you. I need to get you out of here now."

Heat pooled between Bonnie's legs, and she slightly shivered. "I'm faster than you." She said teleporting them to their honeymoon suite across the street from the ballroom with a snap of her fingers.

Damon took in his surroundings, and was so amazed by her newfound magical abilities that he growled seductively. He ripped her dress from her body leaving her in only white lace panties, and her heels. She retaliated by magically ripping his tux away with the flick of her wrist. He growled again, and her back was hitting the bed before she could even blink. He removed her shoes, and kissed up her leg to her navel. He slid her panties gently down her legs, and began devouring her pussy like it was the best meal he'd ever eaten. She screamed his name when she climaxed, and he licked his lips satisfactorily. He kissed her gently on the lips allowing her to taste herself while he thrust himself into her. He looked in her bright green eyes lovingly.

"I love you Mrs. Salvatore."

A happy tear rolled out her eye, and she said. "I love you too Mr. Salvatore."

The End

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