The Total Drama series belongs to Teletoon, and Cartoon Network. Also, the Alphabet idea isn't mine. It belongs to Frank15. Everything I also mention that's copyrighted belongs to their respective copyrights. However, all my characters belong to me.

You may be wondering; why a rewrite? Well, I felt that a rewrite could be in the works, just to show how far I went into writing. Plus, there could be some changes in store. What are they? You'll find out.

Every story has a beginning.

It was a lovely day on Wawanakwa Island… Or as lovely as you can get. The birds were chirping, the fish were swimming, and a certain host was coming onscreen.

"Yo, Chris McLean back, ready to restart Total Drama Island with the bestest and biggest season yet! If you saw last season, our main bad boy Duncan, the hottie of every girl around, the bad boy of Canada, the non-vampire like Edward to the inner Bella inside teenage girls… Was beaten by a geeky farm girl named Beth. And after that feat... I had to go into hiding for a while."

Christ then continued. "But now that storm's passed, we're bringing the show back! But none of the contestants felt like coming back. But your buddy McLean finds a way! We found 26 NEW contestants, all with one thing in common: Each of them will be representing a letter of the alphabet!" His expression turned into a slight glare. "...Fine, we been getting complaints that our show isn't educational. There, you happy, soccer moms?"

Chris continued on, with a smile on his face. "So, without any further delay, we shall begin! Who's gonna rise to the challenge? Who's gonna hook up with who? Find out, right here! On…"




Suddenly, Chris' cell phone rang. "Hello? What do you mean Alphabet is taken?" He then hung up. "Okay, let's try this again!"




Chris' cell phone rang again. "Yes? Again?! Letterz was already taken? It's not even a Total Drama brand!"

He then hung up. "Okay, third time's a charm!"




Chris' cell phone rang yet again. "IF YOU TELL ME DICTIONARY IS TAKEN…" His anger faded away, when he heard who was really on the phone. "Oh, hi mom…"

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous)

Chris is now on the Dock of Shame, waiting for the contestants to arrive. Flying next to the host appeared to be a hornet.

"And welcome back!" Chris exclaimed out loud. "In case you're just joining us, we're about to greet the first of our contestants! Considering this hornet gets outta my face..."

The host then swatted at the hornet, sending it into a rage. But before it could dive-bomb the host, a small hose attached itself onto the hornet. Inflating the hornet until it was as large as a balloon, the hose then detached itself from the hornet, sending it flying through the air in a deflating ballon-like fashion.

"And get lost, you stinging sensation!" A voice said out loud. "You're more annoying than those bugs from 720!"

The voice then stepped into the picture. He appeared to be of a Hispanic culture, with a hat covering his raven-colored hair. On the hat appeared to be an enemy from Dig Dug. He also had a black Pac Man tank top on with the words 'Pac-Man Fever' on it, jean shorts, white socks, and orange shoes. He also had what appeared to be the Centipede from the same game tattooed on his lower right arm, and Inky from Pac-Man on his left arm.

"And I guess we just met Xander! Welcome!" Chris exclaimed out loud.

"Nice to be here, man!" Xander replied back. "It's time for one wicked coin-op, Chris! And hey, if you need any bugs that need to be disposed, I'm your man!"

"Yeah, whatever. But for now, it's time to introduce our next contestant!" Chris shouted out loud in glee, as the boat stopped at the Dock, letting out the next contestant.

A girl wearing a blue sweater, a blue skirt, ruby red shoes and silver earrings looked around the island.

"So... Is this the island?" The girl asked Chris.

"Yes it is, Jeanette." Chris nodded. "Welcome to Total Drama Dictionary!"

The girl named Jeanette smiled. "Pleasure to be here, Chris. Sure wish my friend back at home could have attended, too."

"Yeah, but you can't have everything you want." Xander lamented. "Seriously, there are some arcade games I wanna play, as well. But they can't import them from other countries. Shame, really."

Jeanette was puzzled. "Er... Yeah. Arcade games, huh?"

Xander grinned sheepishly. "Yeah... I'm an arcade gamer. And a part time exterminator." He then looks at his arm and smiled again. "And as of recent, a canvas."

"I was wondering where you got that." Jeanette stated.

"Yeah, sis asked me if I could be used for experimental purposes." Xander answered. "Didn't hurt that much in all honesty."

"Here comes contestant 3, Maxwell!" Chris shouted out as the boat stopped by the Dock, and a male stepped out. He was sporting a purple Hawaiian shirt over a t-shirt with an anime logo on it. He was also wearing green sweat pants, sandals, and a grey bucket hat, with a pin on said hat. Said pin looked like it came from an anime convention.

"Its nice to be here, Chris!" Maxwell stated. "It's like the beginning of an anime! Only without us getting superpowers."

"Glad for you to join us, Maxwell!" Chris replied back. "By the way, nice Doraemon shirt."

Maxwell looked down at his shirt, then looked back up and smiled. "You bet! It's a classic! The anime, I mean."

"Where did you get your shirt?" Jeanette asked.

"Internet?" Maxwell replied.

"Yeah, let's go for that." Xander commented. "Technically, would you be battling the first few mooks by your lonesome before you get a partner in an action anime?"

"Like the magical girl genre?" Maxwell asked, as he did some thinking. "In all honesty, you may be onto something..."

"Well, I don't watch anime, so I dunno." Jeanette replied back. "That stuff never really appealed to me."

"Anyways, next up, we have Nuva!" Chris shouted out loud as said contestant stepped off the boat. She was of African-Canadian descent, dressed in a purple shirt, with light blue-ish sweatpants, red shoes, and brown, with golden hoop earrings on her ears. In her hands appeared to be a puppet of a cat, with a white shirt with a heart on it, brown hair, and large glasses, giving off the nerdy look.

"Hi, everyone!" Nuva said with a smile. "You're looking at a possible winner of the show right here! And me and Nerdi's gonna take everyone down! Right, Nerdi?"

"Meow, you're right, Nuva!" Nerdi replied back.

"Cool... So, you're a puppeteer?" Xander asked.

Nuva shrugged. "Ehhhh... In training, I am a ventriloquist."

"Interesting..." Jeanette said to herself.

"Soooooo... Is that a Yotsuba pin on that pale dude's hat, meow?" Nerdi asked out loud, as Maxwell blushed in embarrassment.

"Um... Yeah. A friend at Anime Club gave it to me." Maxwell answered. "But how is a puppet like you interested in anime?"

"Eh, internet, TV, buying it on eBay..." Nerdi replied back.

"Okay, before the puppet blows away any more secrets, it's time to meet Ethan!" Chris shouted out loud as the boat let out their next contestant. He had messy brown hair, a blue t-shirt with a smiling crawfish with the words 'Crawfish Creations' on it, red sweatpants, and dark purple shoes. Interesting enough, he wasn't wearing socks.

"Hi, everyone!" Ethan said out loud. "Here's hoping we have a nice time!"

Nerdi observed Ethan's shirt. "So... You brought in some seafood, meow?"

"Nerdi, be nice!" Nuva scolded the puppet.

Ethan chuckled. "Actually, no. I did have some last night, though."

He went to stand beside Jeanette, who was observing the current contestants.

"So... It just hit me... I think I seen you before." Ethan noted out loud.

"Um... Huh?" Jeanette asked.

"Sorry... Very rude of me to ask someone who I never seen before. Name's Ethan!" Ethan replied back.

"The name's Jeanette. It's very nice to meet you." Jeanette said, smiling.

"Next off, we have Luka!" Chris shouted out loud as the next contestant stepped onto the Dock. She was a brunette with blue streaks in her hair, and topped with a black bandanna with a skull motif on it. Her bangs were also dyed blue. Her ears were heavily pierced, and she also had several body piercings on her. She was also wearing a black sweater with a peace sign looking more like a cat's paw, blue jeans with rips at the knees, and green sandals.

"Hi! The name's Luka." Luka said, smiling.

"And we have our Duncan of the season, meow." Nerdi snarked to herself.

"I heard he blew up a cottage after Action." Maxwell whispered to Ethan, as Maxwell's cell phone rang, and he answered it. "Hello?"

"IT'S NOT A COTTAGE!" A voice yelled out through the phone, as a frightened Maxwell hung up.

"Was that Courtney?" Ethan asked.

Luka chuckled. "Well, for starters, I won't be like Luka, so no worries on that front. Next off..."

She then saw what appeared to be a seagull land on the beach, with what appeared to be one of those plastic rings from soda cans. She silently and instantly lept into action, sneaking towards the seagull.

"Come on, seagull... Don't be afraid, now..." Luka whispered to the seagull, as she took out a pocketknife. "I won't hurt you; I just have to get that unnecessary accessory off you."

The seagull could understand that Luka wouldn't hurt him, as it got close to Luka. With her cutting the plastic ring off, the caring punk smiled back.

"There you go. Now you're free to fly around for good!" Luka said out loud, as the seagull started to make its flight.

All this time, the contestants watched Luka's act of kindness.

"Guess she isn't like Duncan, after all..." Nerdi said. "Boy, I owe someone a huge apology, meow."

"She's the polar opposite, at that." Ethan also said out loud.

"And yet, surprisingly cute for a punk girl." Maxwell commented.

However, for the seagull, its flight was interrupted when a shark lept out of the water, swallowing the seagull whole. Luka observing the whole thing, facepalmed.

"Every time... Happens every time." Luka muttered to herself.

"Before PETA commends us and sues us, let's meet our next constant, Isaac!" Chris says as a male steps off the boat and onto the Dock. He was decked out in a green t-shirt with what appeared to be a small blue snuggie covering it. He also had red sweatpants, gray slippers, and had messy brown hair. He also looked like he didn't sleep much in the last few days. He silently looked at the campers.

"Isaac... You gonna say something?" Chris asked, as Isaac silently looked at the host. He then walked towards Luka, who got back on the Dock.

"Why a shark wanted to snack on some seagull nuggets, I don't understand." Luka commented, as she saw the newcomer. "So... What's your story?"

Isaac silently looked at Luka, then sighed.

"Wow... brutally shy." Luka commented. "My friend back at home was also shy, but not this shy. Cheer up, man!"

"Luka..." Maxwell said, interrupting Luka. "I don't think Isaac may be in the mood to talk. In fact... I've a feeling he may be like that for a reason?"

"Maybe..." Luka commented. "Still, poor guy... I could sense a hint of sadness radiating off him."

"Here's our next contestant, Tina!" Chris shouted out loud, as the next contestant stepped onto the Dock. She looked tannish in nature, and was sporting pink hair, and had a lime green t-shirt with a Mario mushroom on it, blue sweatpants, purple sandals, and was wearing glasses as well. But her appearance wasn't on the contestants minds, but something else in particular.

"So... What smells like cotton candy?" Nuva asked.

"Yeah, ain't everyday someone smuggles snacks towards anyone's direction." Ethan noted. "And in this case, cotton candy."

"Um... It's actually me." Tina admitted. "It's all thanks to my current hair color."

"Personally, I think it makes you look rather cool." Luka stated.

Tina smiled. "Thanks. Hope you guys don't mind."

She then stood next to Maxwell, as she took out what appeared to be a 3DS, and started to play a game on it.

Maxwell took notice. "Cool... That AlphaSapphire?"

"You bet." Tina replied back. "My bud got OmegaRuby, so I went for the other choice."

"Cool." Maxwell said, smiling.

"Also... I've got several games on me. Maybe we'll play a round of Mario Kart at dinner?" Tina asked.

"Sounds good to me!" Maxwell answered with a smile.

"Next up, introducing Peter!" Chris said out loud as the next contestant stepped onto the Dock. He had brown hair, and was decked in a black and green shirt with the X-Box logo on it, green cargo pants, and brown boots. He also had a bit of a smirk on him.

"Hi, Chris, McLame!" Peter says in a mocking tone of voice.

"Aww, I'm not lame!" Chris shouted back to Peter.

"Aw, whatever." Peter replied back. "You're not even worth my time, anyway."

He then eyed Tina's 3DS, and instantly walked over to her.

"And what. May I ask. Is that?" Peter asked, giving Tina a dark glare.

"It's just a Nintendo 3DS…" Tina meekly commented before Peter starts up again.

"What? That kiddie crap?" Peter replied back at her. "You should be playing some real games, like Call of Duty, or Halo! Mario? Oh, please…"

"But, without Mario… You wouldn't be playing this Call of Duty right now…" Jeanette said, trying to calm the situation.

"Or ANY arcade game, for that matter." Xander commented.

Peter glared at the two. "I don't need any input from you two! This is between me and Kidtendo, only!"

"And plus, I don't really like the Call of Duty franchise, anyway… Sorry..." Tina shyly replied, putting her game away.

"Me too. I loyally suck at FPSes." Maxwell stated.

Peter looked like he was about to pop. "Don't like… DON'T LIKE… YOU TAKE THAT BACK!"

Luka walked between Tina and Peter, giving the X-Box fanboy a dark glare. "Hey! If Tina doesn't like Call of Duty, she doesn't like it, so chill! We don't need a vendetta this early at the starting line!"

"Ugh... Fine." Peter replied back. "Just so you know Magnet Bait, are on my personal –BLEEP- list! Effected immediately! Alongside Cotton Candy!"

"What did she even do?" Maxwell said out loud, as he turned towards Tina. "You feelin' okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Tina nodded. "Still, thanks for defending me, Luka."

"No prob!" Luka replied back. "He's just a grade-A jerk, in my mind."

"Okay, before the console wars start up around here, let's introduce Omelette!" Chris said out loud as someone steps off the boat and onto the Dock. She was wearing a black shirt over a pink sweater, green sweatpants, purple shoes, and blonde hair covered by a black bowler hat. She was also wearing sunglasses.

"Hi, everyone!" Omelette said out loud. "I'm ready to rock this contest! And to solve the mystery of the invisible cotton candy that just appeared outta nowhere."

"Well, mystery solved, Ma Kettle." Peter replied back. "Lametendo here is the source of this smell."

Tina smiled. "Yeah... I wanted to test out some cotton candy scented shampoo before the show... So, yeah."

"They have cotton candy scented shampoo?" Nuva asked.

"Oh… Very well, then." Omelette commented. "Smells nice! And it's unique, too!"

"Thanks, I guess…" Tina said, with the hopes that the others wouldn't find out about the real reasons of her cotton candy scented hair anytime soon…

"Next up, we got Candace!" Chris shouted out loud, as a girl stepped onto the Dock from the boat. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt, green shoes, pink shoes, and had a purple flower in her hair. She was also wearing what appeared to be purple sunglasses.

"Hi, Chris!" Candace said out loud.

"Candace! How's our animation quality?" Chris asked.

"Eh, needs more Gravity Falls and less modern SpongeBob." Candace admitted. "But so far, this batch of contestants is very animated. Almost like a classic Saturday morning cartoon!"

"You think so?" Luka asked. "Think people would accept a punk protagonist?"

"Certainly." Candace replied back. "I bet my stash of Lucky Charms, you'll be accepted."

"Knowing my luck, my cartoon would be best suited for prime time, for obvious reasons…" Omelette said, giggling. "And maybe on Adult Swim?"

"And now, Bob!" Chris shouted out loud, as nobody got off the boat. "Hello? Earth to Bob?"

"Well, huh." Maxwell noted. "Must be shy."

"Perhaps he gave up, due to ME being on the island!" Peter replied.

"I'm gonna just ignore that…" Tina commented.

Candace walked up to the boat, while taking out a box of chocolate-flavored animal crackers. "Maybe I can coax him out? I know how to do so, dealing with Sophie."

"Candace, all for nothing, but I don't think he's a kid." Ethan noted.

Candace got to the boat, as she gently smiled.

"Bob? Can you come out? If not for us, for me? We promise, we won't bite." Candace said out loud.

Bob, hearing Candace's voice, stepped out. He appeared to be a rather chubby kid, around the tween age, wearing a white t-shirt with light green sleeves on it, blue jeans with rips at the knees, and sandals. He also had brown hair.

"Um... Hi, there." Bob said out loud.

"Well, huh. Didn't know you were a kid." Xander noted, confused.

"Pfft, what a shrimp!" Peter mocked out loud.

"Whats the deal? You're like, 10 or 11." Omelette replied. "What's going on?"

"Well, when Chris decided to lower the age requirement to 9, I just had to join." Bob answered with a gentle smile. "It's one of my favorite shows!"

"Really, now?" Luka asked with a grin. "Favorite contestant?"

"It's Beth, all right." Bob replied in a heartbeat. "Still wish I could meet her. But you guys are just as good!"

"Okay, while the kid's fanboying, it's time to meet Yuki!" Chris said out loud, as the boat stopped by the Dock, letting the next contestant off. Her hair was in a ponytail, which was streaked in various different colors. Some of her hair was also down, with its tips dyed pink. Her bangs were also dyed blue. She was wearing a purple t-shirt with a daisy on it, pink pants, orange shoes, and oddly shaped red glasses. She also had her face painted, with a skull on the left side of her cheek, and a heart on the right side. Everyone looked at the strange and unique girl.

"Wow... lots of unique people." Yuki stated out loud. "So... I'm Yuki, and I... Um... hope to win."

"Neato hair!" Nuva replied back. "Who did it?"

Yuki chuckled. "Um, I kinda did it myself. Mom kinda taught me everything I know about hair."

"And as for the face paint... Stopped by a nearby carnival on the way here?" Luka asked.

"Eh, its just something I like doing." Yuki answered. "I've several designs, in fact!"

"Next up? Danny!" Chris shouted out loud, as the boat stopped, and someone stepped onto the Dock. He looked very intimating, and had his ears pierced, as thus a septum piercing. He was wearing what was assumed to be a shirt that belonged to a rock band, ripped blue jeans, spiked boots, and had spiked wristbands on himself.

"These my campers?" Danny asked Chris, in which the host nodded. He then looked at his fellow contestants. "Pfft... This is just TOO easy."

He then scanned the contestants and eyeballed one of the unlucky victims.

"So... You scared yet?" Danny sneered down at Bob, who was looking frightened.

"Y...Yeah? I am..." Bob meekly said, as he was shivering in fear.

"Hey, Danny?" Omelette yelled out at Danny. "You better stop taunting him!"

"Oh, sure... I can stop taunting him..." Danny smirked back at Omelette. "Or Maybe I should step on your precious shades!"

Omelette stepped back in fear of her sunglasses being smashed to pieces.

"Now… Where were we?" Danny asked. "A-Ha! Now I remember!"

He got close to Bob, who has rolled himself up into a ball, and started to whimper.

Maxwell got close to Tina. "Hey, Tina? You gonna do something? Bob's scared at his wits." He whispered into her ear.

Tina looked behind Danny, and gave off a small grin as she looked back at Maxwell. "No worries, Maxwell. I think the problem may solve itself..."

Danny had a huge grin. "So... You gonna fight back or what? Maybe I outta throw the first punch..."

But before a single punch was thrown, he was lifted up in the air.

"Hey! Whoever you are, let me go, you geek!" Danny ordered.

"Well... Okay!" The female voice lifting Danny replied back, as it started to spin the bully around like a certain turtle-dragon from a popular franchise. After a few moments, Danny was let go, as he fell into the water, complete with a splash.

Everyone was looking at that amazing feat.

"Holy Hidamari Sketch..." Maxwell muttered out loud.

"Yeah... Remind me to not piss her off." Xander commented.

Danny sighed, as he was swimming back to shore, muttering along the way. "Ugh, can't believe I got owned by... Ugh."

"But, why is Bob still shaking in his..." Ethan stated, as he looked at Ethan's footwear. "...Um, sandals?"

Indeed, Bob was still scared, as the girl was offering a hand to Bob.

"It's okay, bud! That meanie won't be bothering you no more." The girl said, as Bob looked up at his savior.

"Really?" Bob asked.

"Really." The girl replied, as Bob accepted the girl's hand, and got back up.

"Yeah, thanks for saving my butt. For a moment, I thought you were..." Bob commented.

"Yeah, pure bullies like that?" The girl asked. "Just makes my blood boil."

Bob observed the girl. She was of a gothic nature, with a black t-shirt with a skull in the front of it, with the bottom of the shirt ripped, exposing her middriff, pink torn pink jeans, and green shoes. She also wore several bracelets, with some of them spiked, had a bellybutton piercing on, and had raven-black hair, with her bangs dyed hot pink. But despite her appearance, she appeared to be a nice girl.

"I see you guys just met Hannah!" Chris shouted out loud.

"So... How were you able to send that punk into the drink?" Luka asked.

"Ehhh... Kinda hard to explain, my pierced buddy." Hannah commented back. "I've always been able to lift really heavy objects."

"Like Bamm-Bamm from Flintstones?" Candace asked.

"Um... More like Brock's Happiny from Pokemon, but let's go for that." Hannah answered back with a smile. "But before anyone asks, I use my strength for good."

"Sounds good!" Jeanette commented.

"Okay, here comes Ugra!" Chris shouted out loud, as the next contestant came off the boat. He was of African-Canadian descent, wearing a pajama shirt, pajama pants, slippers, and had a green hat on his red dyed hair. His eyes looked like he had a lack of sleep.

"Whoa... What's with the pajamas?" Omelette asked. "You forgot your duds back at home?"

"Actually... I kinda find these clothes comfy and easy to wear." Ugra answered back.

"Eh, I'm kinda the same way with shorts." Xander commented out loud. "Brings a cool breeze towards my legs from the air conditioning."

"I'm kinda modest with legwear, myself." Bob noted.

"Next up, it's Zero!" Chris shouted out loud as a rather rough looking person stepped onto the Dock. He had black hair streaked red, an olive green shirt with a frowny face on it, fingerless red gloves, black jeans, and white shoes. He gave a confident smirk to his fellow campers.

"Oh, yeah! Let's rock this -BLEEP-!" Zero replied back with a grin.

"Meow, you kiss your mom with that mouth?" Nuva said as a shocked Nerdi.

"What's it to ya?" Zero replied back. "Around here, I can do whatever the -BLEEP- I want!"

"Yeah, don't kids watch this show?" Tina asked. "I gotta agree with the puppet, and I thought I never say that sentence in my lifetime, but you may wanna watch your language."

Zero gave off a smirk. "Well, I'm aiming on getting this show a TV-14 rating!"

"Or maybe a TV-MA." Candace snarked to herself.

Ethan looked at Yuki. "So... Considering the newest contestant, think he tasted lots of soap in his lifetime?"

"While I think it's rather stereotypical..." Yuki replied back. "There's more to soap than just using it to wipe away F bombs. I use Lifebuoy for some soap based paintings."

Ethan did some thinking. "Does Lifebuoy actually cause blindness?"

"Naaaahhh... That's just an urban legend!" Answered Yuki, who finished off her drawing. "And done. What do you think?"

Ethan then observed the drawing. "Looks good!"

"Thank you!" Yuki smiled back. "Hopefully we're on the same team."

"Our next constant is Vikki! Hope you're not scared of clowns!" Chris shouted out loud, as the boat stopped, and the next contestant rides onto the Dock on an unicycle. Juggling various balls, she soon caught them, got off the unicycle, and took a bow. She was sporting a blue clown hat with pink spots on top of her purple hair, a pink sweater with light blue spots, green pants with red spots, and pink shoes with hearts on them. She even had hearts painted on her cheeks, and drawn on her hands.

"Thank you, thank you!" Vikki said out loud. "You've been such a fantastic audience!"

Bob blushed slightly. "Wow... You're cool."

"Aww, thanks!" Vikki commented back, as Bob took out a pen and a piece of paper.

"Can I... have your autograph?" Bob asked.

"Wow, an autograph off the bat… Sure, kiddo!" Vikki answered, accepting the pen and paper, and writing her name on the piece of paper.

Omelette, meanwhile, was looking at a certain part of Vikki's body. However, someone noticed what Omelette was doing.

"Um, Omelette?" Candace asked. "Are you… Um… Checking out… her butt?"

Omelette was alarmed. "What, no! I'm just seeing how she has such good thigh muscles from unicycling!"

"Well, my thigh muscles aren't THAT impressive..."

Omelette looked right beside her to see that Vikki was by her side. She instantly went wide-eyed.

"Um... Would it also take lots of practice?" Omelette asked, nervously.

"Years, even." Vikki replied back.

"So... Yeah. Sorry for starring at you." Omelette meekly admitted.

"Eh, it's fine." Vikki replied back. "Still, with that outta the way, I'm Vikki!"

"And I'm Omelette!" Omelette commented, as she shook Vikki's hand.

"Next up, is Alec!" Chris shouted out loud as someone steps off the boat and onto the Dock.

"SCIENCE!" Alec shouts out in the air. He had messy brown hair, a lab coat over a purple t-shirt, brown pants, blue and orange sneakers, and swirly glasses covering his eyes.

"Wow... You're such an educated fellow." Omelette commented out loud.

"So... Who's ready to be blinded... by SCIENCE?" Alec asked.

"Er... I'll take science anytime. But count me out on the blinding part." Omelette answered.

"It's pronounced SCIENCE!" Alec shouted out loud. "And don't worry; I have lots more words in my vocabulary!"

"Like what, nerd?" Danny smirked back.

"Whatever, the point is... My smarts shall give off a bright future! For SCIENCE!"

"Okay! Next up, is Kagura!" Chris shouted out loud, as the boat stopped and a contestant stepped onto the Dock. She was an Asian girl, dressed in a blue Japanese school uniform, white socks, brown shoes, and had her hair in a ponytail. And she was confused.

"Huh? This isn't Osaka's Got Talent... At all." Kagura said to herself.

"Nope! This is Total Drama Dictionary!" Chris replied back. "And I'm the handsome host, Chris McLean!"

"Still, thought it was a singing contest... Well, guess I'm stuck here; might as well adapt to my new surroundings." Kagura noted, as she whistled a tune from what appeared to be from an anime.

Maxwell seemed to take notice, as he knew what song it came from.

"Hey, is that the intro to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, also known as My Little Monster?" Maxwell asked.

"You bet it is!" Kagura replied back with a grin.

"So... You were born in Japan?" Bob asked out loud.

Kagura nodded. "Yep! Born and raised there since birth, buddy."

"So... You all video games and awesome anime?" Peter rudely asked. "Like Trigun?"

"Er, my culture isn't all that stuff. I'm also into tea ceremonies, as thus some other stuff." Kagura replied back.

"Heck, I'm surprised you know what Trigun is." Tina said towards Peter.

"Hey, I can have my guilty pleasures... Kidtendo." Peter muttered.

"Keep watching the skies, because here's Ross!" Chris shouted out loud, as someone stepped onto the Dock. He was wearing a a black t-shirt with the words "Beam Me Up" on it, blue faded jeans, brown sneakers, and a colander with wire hangers attached to it.

"Hang on to that thought, Chris." Ross commented. "I gotta see if some of the contestants here currently are otherworldly."

He then took out what could be assumed to be a scanner. Once he was done scanning, he sigh in defeat.

"Well, none of you seem strange enough." Ross lamented. "Though I could have felt some vibes from some of you. By the name, my name's Ross!"

"Um... By otherworldly... You mean aliens and all that crap?" Luka asked.

"You got it! I am a TRUE believer of believing that there is life out there! I also try to prove the existence of Slender, and any other abnormalities." Ross explained.

"Sounds fun." Luka said, smiling.

"By the way, digging the piercings." Ross complimented. "They really suit you well!"

"Thanks." Luka replied with a smile.

"Next up? Selena!" Chris shouted out loud, as the boat stopped at the Dock, letting its passenger out. She was a blonde girl, applying some make-up on herself, and was wearing a pink shirt, a pink skirt, and had some jewelry on her.

"Hello." Selena said out loud, putting away her make-up. "I'm Selena, and I would be pleased if we became friends."

"I would be pleased if we did." Bob commented.

However, in Selena's mind...

"Ugh… Whatta buncha nerds. They shouldn't even exist around me! I'll see to it that they're off the island…"

That wasn't all that was on everyone's mind thinking about Selena.

"Wow... She's cute. I wonder if she would want to do some SCIENCE with me?" Alec thought.

"Why do I have the feeling she's the token mean girl? Must be my thought process..." Candace thought as well.

"Why do I have the feeling to attempt to hook up Tina and Selena together?" Yuki also thought.

"And here's Francis!" Chris shouted out loud, as the boat stopped, and its passenger stepped onto the Dock.

The orange-haired, chubby, bespectacled male was wearing a green collared shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes. But something was off. His face was riddled with acne, he had pit stains from underneath his armpits, and his... fly was open.

"So, Francis... What do you think of the campers?" Chris asked.

"I find these campers... to be highly illogical." Francis noted. "This game will guarantee a victory for me and myself."

He then went to the other campers, to where he saw what was hanging from Maxwell's bag...

"And what is that?" Francis asked.

"It's only a Chespin keychain." Maxwell noted. "My starter from the 6th games."

"Illogical. It doesn't exist." Francis replied snidely. "Any and all Pokemon after 151 are considered to be non-existent."

"Then how is it here?" Maxwell asked.

"It. Doesn't. Exist." Francis replied back, word by word.

Maxwell wanted to talk back to Francis, but was stopped by Tina.

"Leave him be." Tina said to Maxwell. "He's just your average Genwunner. He's not worth your time. But had my friend be here..."

"Pokemon fan?" Maxwell asked.

"Biggest Pokemon fan I know." Tina answered back, nodding in approval.

"And here comes Quentin!" Chris shouted out loud, but no boat arrived. The campers were confused about the lack of their next contestant.

"Um, where's Quentin-Kun?" Kagura asked.

"A person must exist to be here." Francis noted. "Quentin is not here, therefore, he does not exist."

"Maybe he's late?" Kagura asked, wanting to reason with Francis. "Those boats can only handle so much wear and tear."

Francis looked at Kagura with an annoyed look. "Why don't you go back to that anime that rejected you for being annoying? Now... buzz off."

Kagura rolled her eyes. "...Baka."

"So, wimpy host? Having fun with your imaginary friends?" Danny taunted.

"Hey, I'm sure he'll be here shortly." Chris said, shrugging his shoulders.

However, one of the contestants noticed what the others didn't.

"Guys? We may wanna book it from the Dock... now?" Hannah asked, as she picked up all the other contestant's bags, and got them away from the Dock.

"Women, Children, and Puppets first, meow!" Nerdi shouted out loud.

"Yeah, what she said!" Nuva replied out loud.

The contestants did so, with some of them being shoved out of the way thanks to Francis. However, one of the contestants stayed behind. And the wave was getting closer...

"Isaac? We may wanna book it, before we..." Hannah asked Isaac, but it was too late. Both the shut-in and the young goth got soaked by the wave. "...Soaked."

Isaac couldn't help but sigh in sadness, as someone came up to the two.

"Whhhoooaaa... Gnarly wave." The person commented out loud. He appeared to be tanned, and had a bleach blonde hairstyle. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, blue gym shorts with a white line going up, blue sandals, and was wearing sunglasses. He was also donning a shell necklace. "It's almost like a really scoring lightsaber battle against the bodacious Rebel Alliance and the really bogus Sith Lords!"

He then looked at Hannah and Isaac, who were still soaked.

"Yeeaahh, sorry for arriving like that and soaking you two, but a really awesome wave comes, like, once in a half moon!" The surfing person said, smiling. "I'm Quentin, and I'm the newest contestant that just arrived, dig?"

Hannah nodded. "Yeah, I dig. I'm more worried about Isaac here. Dude hasn't said a word since he's arrived."

Quentin smiled. "I'm sure the dude'll come around."

"So, how long have you been surfing?" Bob asked, as the rest of the contestants stepped back onto the Dock.

"Eh, ever since I was young." Quentin replied. "But my greatest achievement is leading my groovy clan to victory in a campaign!"

"Okay, we had enough of the surfer dude." Chris said out loud. "Now, here's Whitney!"

However, same as Quentin, no boat came to the Dock.

"Where's Whitney?" Quentin asked.

"Maybe she gave up, being there's no contest against us." Francis replied back snidely.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion from far off, and a purple blur flew past them. It soon splashed in the water, before being eaten up whole by the shark that swallowed the seagull Luka saved earlier.

"…And that WAS Whitney!" Chris sheepishly said. "I think."

"Are you insane?!" Vikki shouted out loud. "She could be hurt, or worse!"

"Whatever, we'll get another W contestant." Chris commented. "No big loss."

"Um, guys?" Luka asked, pointing to the shark. "I think something's up with that shark…"

Indeed, the shark was holding its stomach in pain, and almost instantly as he swallowed her up, spit the purple blur back out, who was also holding the seagull.

"Um, is it me, or did I just got swallowed whole by a shark?" The blur asked. She was wearing a purple shirt with some tears and decorative patches all over, torn blue jean shorts, purple socks, green shoes, and had a green toque with a purple W on it, covering her unkempt, frizzy hair. Her body also had bandages all over her.

"Yeah, most likely." Ross answered.

"Well... That's a first for Total Drama's history books!" the girl commented. "By the way, I'm Whitney! Blah, blah... Warning you, I'm good... Yeah. I even found this in the shark!"

She let the seagull go, in which it flew onto the top of a tree.

Luka smiled at that feat. "So... Guess he IS free, after all."

"So... Since Girl Jonah is here, that rounds out most of the alphabet, right?" Xander asked.

"Just about. We've got one more contestant to introduce." Chris answered, as his cell phone rang. "Yeah? Huh? Won't be here until tomorrow? Understandable. Thanks for letting me know."

"That about the last contestant?" Whitney asked.

"As a matter of fact, it is." Chris replied back. "She won't be here until tomorrow, being she's having difficulties with some complicated stuff even I can't figure out."

"Car trouble? Sickness?" Whitney asked.

"Fighting Space Pirates somewhere in the Xornoto Galaxy…" Chris answered.

"Wow... That came totes outta left field." Luka commented.

But enough about that; we gotta get a shot for the promos!" Chris shouted out loud.

"Chris, I saw the first season." Ross said out loud. "And that troth wasn't there before!"

"Yeah, about that? It was..." Chris tried to weasel himself out of it. "Our intern that attempted to ferry Whitney here set it up."

"I don't wanna get involved." The intern swimming beside the Dock, commented out loud.

"Okay... I got one of those DIY pranks for this occasion. You happy?" Chris asked.

"Just barely." Omelette replied back.

"Yeah, well… Get in a huddle!" Chris shouted back.

The 25 campers all huddled together.

"Okay, everyone. On the count of three, say Dictionary!" Chris shouted.




"DICTIONARY!" said all the campers, as water splashed down on them from the troth.

"A-Ha ha ha!" Laughed Chris. "Gets them every time! Anyway, will all of them get along? Will there be drama? Stay tuned, and come back!"

"Way to go, Chris-Baka!" Kagura shouted at him.

And that's episode 1 of the rewrite! You may notice some differences between the contestants this time around. Will they change the game in some way? Stay tuned.

NEXT TIME: The campers jump off a cliff for a prize!