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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Chris is on the Dock, ready to deliver the recap of the previous episode. He had on samurai garb.

"Last time, on Dictionary..."

"Our two teams had to fight it in the Pit! Or more specifically, in the Glitz Pit, virtually! But things went all wary early on, when Francis managed to hack his way into the challenge… Again. Seriously, dude? You lost! Get over it! Anyways, he insulted Selena to the point that she ran out in tears. And even though the Penguins would try to fight on, the Seals would score a victory, leaving the Penguins to be sent to the Campfire, to where Kagura went sayonara. And afterwards, Selena got a bit too triggered about cake and had a meltdown."

"Now..." Chris began to say, as his cell phone rang. "Hello? Yeah? Seriously?! My outfit triggers you? The word triggered triggers you? Ugh..."

He then gave a look at the camera.

"12 campers remain. What will happen to Selena? Find out on..."




"I now have some apologies to deliver… Who knew they're offended by the word samurai?"

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

In Dirk's room, Dirk and Dana were looking at each other. Dirk was caught by Dana, and was ready to reveal all.

"Okay… Before you tell all, I can't help but see that you were carefully observing Maxwell these last few days. Why was that?" Dana asked. "You aren't… Trying to steal Tina away from him, are ya?"

But Dirk simply held his hand up. "Oh, no-no-no. That isn't my intent at all. I'm only wanting to make sure that he's a good boyfriend to her."

Dana raised an eyebrow, as she kept on looking at Dirk.

"But they haven't even hooked up yet." Dana said, as she folded her arms. "Now can you tell me why you've got trashed party supplies?"

"Simple… Tomorrow is Maxwell's birthday." Dirk answered back. "And I'm wanting to make it into a surprise for him."

"I… don't think a surprise party would even work. The campers tried to do that for Selena, and, well, you probs know how that turned out." Dana replied back.

"Oh, but it gets even sweeter, my sweetie… It's his sweet 16th." Dirk gave off a wink. "That's a big deal, at that."

"Okay, you have me at that. But do we seriously have to use the trash for his birthday? He did have to live under crummy conditions in his youth… Seeing trash decorations may… Well, bring back bad memories." Dana replied back.

Dirk closed his eyes. "Well, you've got me there. Okay. Think there's an all-night party supply place around the mainland?"

"Let alone anything open all night that's anime theme and doesn't border into Hentai or tentacle territory?" Dana asked. "That… may prove to be difficult. We may need some help on this front. To the Internet!"

Confessional: Help! We need somebody! Help!

Dana: Okay, I know that Maxwell's fave genre is a tie between magical girl and slice of life. So that more or less nixes a lot of things off our list.

Dirk: I always knew that from the two's interaction, Maxwell and Tina were made for each other. You've picked a really awesome gal, my lovely fella…

A few hours later, everyone was asleep in their rooms, and deep in their dreams. None of them noticed the two balls of light currently coming down from the heavens…

"Is this… The Maxwell she's always with?" One of the balls questioned. It appeared to have a feminine voice.

"I would guess so, hon. He is sleeping in something anime-themed." The second ball of light answered back, in a more masculine voice. "That, and his kitten is sleeping on top of him."

The feminine ball of light noticed Kanata, sleeping on Maxwell, snuggling with a plushie of a cheeseburger nearby.

"Always chasin' those cheeseburgers..." The feminine ball of light chuckled. "Anyway, should we dissolve into our true selves now?"

"Yeah, it wouldn't make no sense in not doing so in front of our daughter's boyfriend..." The masculine ball of light answered back.

The two balls of light then separated, and formed into what appeared to be two angels. The male one was Asian, and was smiling down at Maxwell, while the female one was Caucasian and also smiling at Maxwell.

"He looks like you when you were his age, honey." The female giggled back.

"At least she's picked a good guy." The male replied back, as Maxwell started to stir awake. "Darling, he's starting to wake."

Maxwell soon opened his eyes, and saw the two angels looking down at him.

"...This is swiftly going into Angel Beats territory." Maxwell stated. "Who are you guys?"

"We're known as Mr. and Mrs. Manami, Mr. Spitz." The female angel answered truthfully and gently. "Tina's birth parents."

Maxwell's eyes went wide. He was meeting Tina's parents… Her dead parents.

"Very nice to meet you two." Maxwell said respectively, shaking their hands. "But, what brings you two down here?"

"Nothing, really. Except to tell you that you'll be one lucky guy someday." Mr. Manami answered back with a smile. "Maybe not tomorrow, but soon."

"And to also let you in on a warning." Mrs. Manami interrupted. "Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Then what's the warning? I'm sure that Gravlei jerk is burning in the 6th circle of Hell by now." Maxwell stated. "That, and I heard from Luka that she was petrified and that explosion most likely shattered her. So no worries about her rising from the grave."

"No, nothing like that. This warning concerns your friends as well. So, you may wanna pass it on." Mr. Manami said out loud. "You all are ready to fight, are ya?"

"Well, considering we did take on Gravlei's goons… Yeah, we are." Maxwell answered back truthfully.

"Good. Now, we better go. Good luck with your future, and the contest!" Mrs. Manami said out loud, as the two angels dissolved back into two balls of light, and went up into the sky, as Maxwell watched.

"...Man, Tina's never gonna believe this one, not no bit." Maxwell shook his head. "Even Konata never met her mom."

"Prrrr..." Kanata purred in her sleep.

"You said it, Kanata..." Maxwell seemingly agreed.

Confessional: He's the second person to touch an angel… New record on this show?

Maxwell: They brought forth a real sweet daughter… I'm so proud of them; shame they had to die when they did.

Isaac: I felt the same feeling in that room last night when Betty visited me a few days ago… Did something happen?

Meanwhile, at the mainland…

The Boat of Losers pulled up at the dock, as both Dana and Dirk departed. They were currently looking down at a map on their phone, all while some misty rain fell.

"Okay, project Birthday Party for Maxwell is a go!" Dana grinned, as she was holding an umbrella. "First off, some awesome present for him. You've got any suggestions?"

"Simply put, how about a new pillowcase featuring an anime female?" Dirk offered.

"But he's always around Tina these days; I highly doubt a pillowcase will do him justice now." Dana responded back.

"Then, maybe an anime figurine will do? They're always all the rage for people like him." Dirk gave off a grin.

"You're on the right page there, Dirk. Plus, I did look at his likes and dislikes on his social medias, and… Well, I think I have it figured out." Dana continued to talk. "Now… Onwards, to the nearest anime store!"

"Right!" Dana grinned, as she looked down at her phone. "How about this place called Wonderland Sweets? It's filled with all sorts of anime goodness and lolita dresses!"

"I… think there are lolita suits?" Dirk asked back.

"Probably, if those are a thing. Let's do it!" Dana grinned, as the two started to walk towards their destination. "Maybe I may score one of those dresses for myself?"

At Wonderland Sweets, the two entered the shop, and saw that the entire place was nearly devoid of life. J-Pop music was blaring softly in the background.

"The heck's going on? Usually, this place is jumping." Dana said to Dirk. "Something must be up."

"Maybe it's the fact that it's late at night?" Dirk suggested.

"Not even that; this was supposed to be a nice neighborhood, at that." Dana replied back. "I'm gonna find an employee; see what's going on here."

Dana walked over to a service counter, and rang a bell sitting on the counter. Almost instantly…

"NOOOOOO! They're back!" An employee holding a baseball bat screamed out from under the counter, as she peeked her head out and saw Dana and Dirk standing there. "Oh, you aren't with them..."

"Them? We just arrived in town a few minutes ago. What do you mean by them?" Dana asked back.

All of a sudden, the music from the speakers suddenly faded out, and some spooky music started to play over the speakers.

"I think after this, I'll remove Po Town's theme from our selection of music. Anyways, a couple days ago, this gang calling this the Torturous Tarantulas decided to set up shop and… Well, as the name explains, they started to run amok all across our shops. Many decided to close their doors until the gang leaves town… We're the only ones who decided to stay open." The employee explained, twirling her finger over her dyed pastel blue hair. "Nobody's been brave enough to take them on."

"Not even the local law enforcement?" Dirk asked.

"Their big boss man threatened the chief that if he tried anything… His daughter would be found the next morning… In pieces." The employee answered back.

"That is just plain wrong..." Dana shook her head.

"What's even worse is that before you arrived, they hit up our shop, and managed to steal a very valuable statuette from this store…" The employee said, as she sighed in frustration. "Ugh, we can't send the cops, we can't send our employees..."

Dana listened in on every word the employee said. Suddenly, she sported a smile.

"Don't you worry your pretty dyed head of yours, ma'am; Dana and Dirk's on the case!" Dana declared out loud. "We'll get that statuette back."

"Er, Dana?" Dirk asked out loud.

"Really? In either case, you may want to know where they usually hang out..." The employee replied back, as she began to write down some directions.

Now outside, Dana and Dirk were making their way to where that gang could be hiding out.

"Babe, I know you wanna help, but are you getting yourself over your head?" Dirk asked out loud. "These are GANG MEMBERS we're dealing with here! They won't be forking over that statuette without a fight! And considering their threat to the city's police chief..."

"Oh, Dirk… You've don't know me well enough. My combat experiences in my life so far were against an entire camp, said camp's strongly built bodyguard, a skeleton pirate reanimated, and some of Gravlei's goons." Dana replied back. And two outta those three groups were highly trained; these are only lowly street punks lookin' for a beatin'."

"I just don't wanna see ya get hurt, love." Dirk said out loud.

"Hey, I just don't like seeing other people get pushed around; I been through it first-hand, but have since taken a strong, iron will against this kinda crap." Dana continued. "And now, I wanna help protect those who can't protect themselves."

Dirk gave off a smile. "You're one awesome babe, you know that?"

Suddenly, Dana held up a hand as she stopped. She soon looked forward. "Hold up, Dirk… I spot two figures ahead…"

Dirk looked forward as well. "Think those are our guys?"

"Well, who else would look like some random thug from an arcade beat-em-up?" Dana questioned back, as she observed the scene further.

The two thugs looked like they were punching a random bystander. Dana and Dirk were shocked at the scene going on.

"Yep, they are most likely thugs. Not that gentleman-like, as well." Dirk nodded, as Dana ran ahead. "Dana?!"

"No time to talk, it's time for action!" Dana declared, continuing to run ahead…

In an alley, two thugs have taken a random person on the street, and were using him as a punching bag. The thugs were dressed in punk garb, and had several piercings on themselves.

"Ahhh, such a shame that you had to come across us two, the baddest and cruelest of our elite group..." One of the thugs sneered, laying another punch on their hostage.

"Ugh..." The hostage spat out some blood.

"And what's with that camera around your neck, you some kinda tourist?" The second thug questioned. "That thing looks old and outdated!"

The hostage growled. "Don't you dare call my camera old and outdated..."

The second thug soon ripped the camera off the hostage's neck, as he rose it above his head.

"And soon, you will learn not to f*** with us, the Torturous Tarantulas!" The thug holding the camera declared, as he was about to throw it onto the ground…

But he was unsuccesful, as a green and blue blur kicked the thug in the face, and grabbed the camera away from the thug.

"What the hell? Who the hell are you?!" The first thug questioned, angered as he dropped their hostage.

The green and blue blur turned out to be Dana, as she ran towards the hostage, and handed the camera back.

"Bud, you may wanna hang back." Dana suggested.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" The former hostage replied back, as he ran off. The first thug soon lifted Dana by her neck, as Dirk ran into the scene and threw a rose at the thug's hand, dropping her.

"Ugh, vigilantes..." The second thug growled, getting up. "Or two hapless folks playing superhero."

Dirk, having caught up to Dana, panted, trying to catch his breath.

"Uff… Man, you run fast for your age..." Dirk said, as Dana stood next to him.

"Okay, you two. Word says that you've been terrorizing townsfolk. And it's our duty to stop it." Dana declared. "Yep, just your average 15 year old girl, and her sidekick who's donning a mask for some reason!"

"So, what if we were?" The first thug smirked. "And there's no chance you can stop us… You're talking to two of the members of the Torturous Tarantulas!"

"Wait, there's more of you guys?" Dana questioned.

"Yeah. You wanna meet 'em all?" The second thug questioned.

"Noooooo thank you." Dana shook her head, as she noticed something near a dumpster...

An animesque statuette.

"Also, did you swipe that statuette from Wonderland Sweets?" Dana asked out loud.

"What, those anime retards? They were easy for us!" The first thug answered back with a smirk. "But, I'm afraid you've heard too much. Shred?"

"Yeah, Razz?" Shred, the second thug asked back.

"Let's f*** them up!" Razz responded back, as they lept out at Dana and Dirk.

Razz took on Dana, as he laid a few punches onto her stomach. Dana retaliated by kneeing her opponent a few times, and finishing off with a kick, sending him a few feet back. Razz soon got back up and kicked at Dana, but the Gal Pal ducked under the kicks, and countered with a punch of her own.

With Shred, he too was punching at Dirk, as the masked intern punched back. The gang member soon had an idea, as he grabbed Dirk's mask, and started to pull at it… But Dirk had other ideas. Taking out a switchblade, he cut at the mask's string, releasing it from him and sending Shred back.

Dirk blinked, letting his beautiful blue eyes catch some of the misty rainfall, before pocketing the blade, and continuing the fight.

Razz continued the fight, letting off a few punches, to which Dana dodged. The Intern soon noticed the lid to a trash can, and started to use it as a shield, blocking the punches being given to her.

"What the f***?" Razz asked, getting more and more frustrated at the two Interns being able to outlast them.

Both Dirk and Dana stepped back, as they nodded at each other, as they delivered one final kick to the two thieves.

"Ugggghhh..." Shred moaned in pain, as Dana walked over to the statue that was stolen from Wonderland Sweets, and pocketed it in her bag.

"I believe I'll be taking that." said Dana with a grin. "Thank you!"

"Now with that settled, shall we get back to that shop?" asked Dirk. "We both got kinda banged up during that brawl."

Dana nodded, as the two started to make their way back to the shop.

"You've got some pretty handsome eyes… You ever asked any girls out?" Dana asked.

"Well, I did have several girlfriends in the past..." Dirk answered back, as the two walked away.

But in the distance, someone was watching the two. A sadistic smirk soon grew on their face…

Early the next morning, Omelette entered the Mess Hall, holding a pad of paper.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I've have seen the light!" Omelette shouted out loud.

"Um, would that hurt you if that ever happened?" Vikki questioned.

"Nope, even better!" continued Omelette, as she held out a pad of paper. "After a late night of sugary beverages, I bestow upon everyone… These list of rules involving posteriors!"

Vikki took a peek at the top of the paper. "Um, the word Commandments is crossed out."

Tina blinked. "Why do I get the feeling we're all going to Hell?"

"Well, I planned on calling these the Butt Commandments, but after much thought, I changed my mind." Omelette shrugged, as she handed the pad of paper over to Vikki. "Wouldn't want to go to the actual place, wouldn't we?"

Vikki blushed a bit as she read the first rule.

"Rule 1: Thou shall keep your butt round and plush." Vikki read, as she squeezed her butt. "No prob there."

"Why would you have a prob, Vik?" Omelette winked back.

Whitney took the pad, as she read the next rule.

"Rule 2: Tattooing your butt is A-OK! Just don't get a tat of a butt on your butt." read Whitney, as she blushed a deep red.

"Okay, I'll bite." Isaac chuckled. "What cheek did you get inked on?"

Whitney sighed playfully. "It was the right butt cheek. It was of a blue tulip bulb… I was on the hugest sugar high at the time..."

"Can I see?" Isaac asked, blushing.

"Eeeeehhhh… Maybe later." blushed Whitney, lightly punching Isaac on the shoulder, as Luka took the pad.

"Rule 3: Always admit that you farted. Unanswered farts can be considered bad karma for your butt." read Luka. "Yeeeeaaahhh, shouldn't had those beans last night."

"So, you admit you farted in your sleep last night?" Hannah asked.

"Ah, shut up..." Luka gave off a giggle at Hannah, as the Mess Hall started to rumble.


The entire cast was alarmed at the sudden shake, and the sudden loud voice.

"Crap! I think we may have done a bad!" yelled Luka, as she handed the pad over to Yuki. "Quick, hide the evidence! Make some origami outta it or something!"

"Will do!" Yuki smiled back. "But I think the word butt will still appear somewhere, hon."

Omelette looked up at the ceiling. "God, I'm sorry that I used the word Commandments for fun!"

"I NEED THE ASSISTANCE OF ONE TINA MINAMI!" The loud voice boomed out loud.

Tina blinked, as Omelette grinned at the gamer girl.

"Dude, a mission from God… NICE!" said Omelette. "I lend you my shades, my hat, and a suit, but I need them for keeping the light outta my peeps."

"Well, let's see what he wants." Tina nodded back. "But seriously, I always thought God was a guy..."

She soon walked outside, as Vikki gave off a look towards Omelette.

"Okay, fine. No more using Bible stuff for my general amusement." sighed Omelette.

Confessional: Leave that to Davey and Goliath.

Omelette: Next time, I shall use the book of Wicca to determine awesome butts! No harm can come outta that!

Tina stepped outside, and looked up at who was visiting.

"Guys? It ain't God in an Old Testament mood, so no need to panic!" Tina announced, as she continued to look up, to see Gina, sitting on top of her robot. "Gina? What are you doing here? I thought you were booted days ago."

"I was! But I needed your advice, and being I got the keys to a space-combat robot that can also visit the Land of the Rising Sun… Well, who else to visit than the one person who knows this kinda stuff?" admitted Gina from a loudspeaker.

"I'll bite." Tina nodded back. "What'cha need?"

"Well… Is this… Tepig… That's what it's called… a Gen 1 Pokemon?" Gina asked out loud, holding a Tepig plushie.

"No, it's the Gen 5 starter!" Tina yelled back, as Gina tossed the Tepig plushie down at Tina, to which she caught it. "What's really going on to give away a free plushie outta the blue?"

"Well… It's a certain someone's birthday today, and… Well, we gotta celebrate it. Or he'll post pictures of us in our underwear online." Gina muttered.

Tina shook her head. "Francis. Figures..."

"So, I went to you for your opinion." continued Gina. "You're the expert in this kinda field."

"It shouldn't be too hard for you as well, there's like, 800 of those little guys!" Tina yelled back up.

"Well, should I announce what Pokemon I may be holding, and if it's not what Francis likes, I give it to you?" Gina asked.

"You got it!" Tina gave off a salute.

Gina then reached behind her back, and pulled out a plushie. "Is… This Trubbish one of the originals?"

"Nope!" Tina answered back, as she caught the Trubbish plushie.

"Okay. Now… What about Joltik? Is that one?" Asked Gina.

"Nada!" Answered Tina, catching the plushie.





Confessional: 31 plushies later…

Tina: -Her arms are stacked with several plushies, with her face and half her upper body being obscured by them- Well, 3 outta 35 ain't bad… Now, what to do with the other 32…

After Tina was done putting away the plushies she got from Gina, she reentered the Mess Hall, and noticed that Bob was looking a bit worried.

"Bob? You seem kinda down. What's wrong?" asked Tina, sitting down next to her psuedo little brother.

"I haven't seen or heard from Selena at all last night..." answered Bob. "I asked Dana where she could have wondered off to, but she didn't see her."

"And she didn't come back into the girl's side of the cabin at all before I went to bed." Hannah admitted.

"It's true; she didn't come in at all last night." said Omelette in a serious tone. "No motorcycle or anything woke us up at all."

"And I even tried looking around this morning, but didn't find her as well." Vikki continued. "Or course, granted that she is on a motorcycle, and I have either my tiny clown car, or my unicycle, none of which could catch up to a hog like hers..."

Soon enough, Chris entered, wearing what appeared to be a Japanese kimono. Dana soon followed, wearing a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, almost straight out of a shojo anime.

"Campers! It's nearly time for your next challenge!" Chris announced. "And you can guess what the theme of this challenge is just by looking at both me and Dana."

"So, it's gonna be Japanese based?" Ethan asked, as Chris nodded.

Dana gave off a shrug. "I was gonna be a geisha, but they were sold out of geisha outfits and white powder paint."

"I could have provided some for you." Vikki spoke out loud. "I did bring some if I really needed to do some clowning activities, but considering my last clown act involved little kids, I didn't wanna give them coulrophobia early on. That, and Gravlei scorched my outfit."

"In either case, please report outside for more info!" Chris finished, as he left the Mess Hall.

The rest of the campers started to disembark, as Dana looked over at Vikki, and quickly tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, Vik?" Dana asked. "I could use your assistance."

"Hm? For what?" Vikki questioned back.

"Well… Today's someone's birthday, and we… wanna give them a surprise party." Dana answered back. "Now, I know you tried to do this with Selena last night, and… Well, we all know how that turned out. And seeing that you are a bit of a party planner..."

Vikki gave off a smile. "You know it. But just one small detail."

"Yeah?" Dana asked.

"I've… Never did a party for an otaku before. Let alone many that involved teenagers." Vikki admitted, as she pulled out a pad. "Last time, I tried to fit the part, but considering that half everyone had snakebite piercings..."

She soon showed Dana the pad, as the Intern raised an eyebrow.

"Um, don't get offended at me, but… Are those hearts on your cheeks permanent?" Dana asked.

"By this point, yeah." Vikki shrugged as she looked at her pad. "Okay, we can knock face painting off the list. Unless someone knows how to do any symbols from anime..."

"I'll try to rope Yuki in. Face painting's her specialty." Dana remarked.

"Balloon animals? Well, I did make balloon emo signs at that party… I think balloon anime characters shouldn't be no prob for me." Vikki gave off a smile. "Though nothing too complicated."

"I gotchya. Now… Let's see who we can use..." Dana continued, as she looked through a manga.

Elsewhere, with the other campers…

Ethan, Hannah, and Omelette were waiting for Vikki to arrive.

"You don't think Vikki had to take a leak, do ya?" Omelette asked.

"Nah, I highly doubt it." answered Ethan. "Maybe she had to do something with Dana?"

"My hunch would be to build a hot air balloon, and hope to find Selena while in the air." Hannah said out loud.

"Couldn't she use the remains of that airship that kidnapping bitch arrived in a few days ago?" Omelette questioned. "Craft that into a miniature helicopter?"

"Most of the parts were damaged beyond repair, from what she told me." answered Hannah. "Even the helicopter which was gonna take us to that one isle."

Soon enough, Vikki came running towards the three, and stopped, clearly trying to breathe.

"Whew… Who knew... That you guys were... Having a challenge this far inland?" panted Vikki.

"What happened to you?" Omelette asked. "You're nearly outta breath, Vik."

"I… rather remain quiet about… that..." responded Vikki. "So… Has the challenge started yet?"

"Not really, Chris was just waiting for Dana to arrive." Ethan answered back.

"Speaking of which..." Hannah said, pointing to where Chris was standing.

"Campers! Before we start this challenge, how about a little history lesson?" Chris announced. "Now, aside of the weeaboos in the audience, how many of you know about Matsuri?"

Most of the contestants in the audience simply shrugged, clearly not knowing.

"Well, it's a festival in Japan devoted to bountiful harvests." Maxwell spoke up.

"Way to steal the kill from someone, Maxwell..." Chris grumbled. "Have some Koala's March."

He tossed the candy over to Maxwell, as Luka gave a disapproving look at the host.

"Chris, those better not be made of actual koalas!" scolded Luka.

"Nah, they're chocolate filled, relax." Chris replied back. "Besides, I already have enough on my plate from PETA."

Dirk looked over at the candy Maxwell had and raised an eyebrow.

"Babe, isn't that your-" Dirk started to say.

"Eh, I laid it there for Chris to give to Maxwell." Dana replied back. "Besides..."

"Anyways, during those festivals, there is usually called a race, where you carry a Mikoshi cart. Your task for this challenge? Build your Mikoshi cart, carry it through the race path, place the statue inside, and carry it back here. First Mikoshi cart back here wins it for their team. Now, any questions?" Chris asked.

No one raised their hands.

"Oh, and to make things more exciting, everyone will be wearing the traditional Matsuri garb! So… Everyone, get into your happi coats!" Chris finished, as Dana and Allie passed along the robes.

Confessional: They're so Happi together! ...Okay, I'll stop now.

Maxwell: (He is in a blue happi coat, and is grinning) I've ALWAYS wanted to wear one of these! So far, this is turning out to be one awesome day!

Isaac: (His coat is also like Maxwell's) Never thought I would be back to wearing something over my shirt.

Omelette: (Her coat is like everyone elses, but red in color) Awesome, cute to the touch… I think we can take this challenge on.

Hannah: (She is in her coat as well.) Now, to find someone who can make one of these, only with skulls in the center of the flowers… Hey, gothic mind for the fashionable guy! Or gal..."

Preyin' Penguins

Currently, the four teammates were building their Mikoshi cart, with Ethan reading out the instructions.

"Okay, says here that a Mikoshi cart can be carried by four people." Ethan read out loud, as he looked at his teammates. "Well, guess we fit the criteria."

"Yeah, but what do we do in the off chance we get caught in the dust by the other team?" Vikki asked, hammering in a part of the cart.

"Then..." Omelette sported a grin. "We can cross that bridge when we come to it. After all, Chris did say that the Mikoshi cart that crosses first wins it for their team."

"True." Hannah agreed.

"Need I mention that injury sometimes happened in the actual Mikoshi cart races during Matsuri?" Ethan continued.

"Dude… We're only four people racing. What can flatten us with their kicks?" Omelette asked.

"Well… Various Wawanakwa wildlife… Boney Island wildlife relocated over to here… Bugs… Snakes… Anatat Isle's wildlife..." Vikki listed off.

Omelette raised an eyebrow. "Lenny Bruce not being afraid?"

Vikki sported a grin. "Yeppers! Though we're on a reality show, where some intern ended up in a body cast on the first day. I say we upped our bravery just by signing up."

"You got a point there, Vikki." Omelette giggled.

Confessional: I don't think it's the End of the World yet…

Omelette: Then again, Vikki's gotta be the bravest girl on the team, if not the show. She lived around lions and tigers! Oh, my… Do circuses usually have bears? We gotta fit in the trifecta!

Vikki: Speaking of which, how come we haven't had a challenge over on Boney Island yet this season?

Stealthy Seals

Isaac and Whitney were busy building their Mikoshi cart, with Tina reading the instructions. Kanata was nearby, as Maxwell was caring for his kitten.

"Aww, you feel lonely, Kanata?" cooed Maxwell at his pet.

"I still gotta exist to the public! I still have so many cheeseburgers to eat!" purred Kanata in her tongue.

"Okay, guys! Which one of us should carry the cart across the path?" Luka asked out loud.

"Well, perhaps Whitney, Luka, me, and Isaac." Yuki answered back. "We're basically the strongest of our team-"

"Ugh! Fffffff-" Whitney yelled out, having accidentally hammered her thumb.

"What's going on, meow?" Nerdi asked, perched on Isaac's shoulder.

"Missed by inches..." Whitney growled, as she resumed hammering.

Bob looked out at the distance, and sighed.

"Selena… Where are you..." Bob muttered, as someone put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sure she'll be okay, sweetie." Yuki tried to reassure him.

"But, she hasn't been seen since last night… I wish someone would try to find her..." Bob continued on.

At that moment, the winds started to pick up, ripping the instructions straight out of Tina's hands.

"Crap!" Tina yelled out, as she began to give chase towards the instructions.

Maxwell noticed Tina running off, as he too, started to give chase.

"Bob, take care of Kanata!" Maxwell yelled back, as both Maxwell and Tina soon disappeared into the woods.

Bob blinked, as he picked up the kitten.

"Well, that was unexpected..." Bob said out loud.

"Maybe that paper's leading them to a Burger Joint?" Kanata meowed, almost hopeful.

"Ow! GRRRR!" Whitney growled, having hammered her thumb again, and began sucking her thumb trying to ease the pain.

Confessional: Best not to call Whitney for any home improvments…

Whitney: Maybe I should invest in buying some glasses?

The Woods

Both Tina and Maxwell were chasing after the paper which had the instructions to their cart on it.

"Ugh, why didn't I grasp it harder?!" Tina yelled to herself. "How was I supposed to know things went all Death Wind for a moment?!"

"Beats me on that one." Maxwell replied back, having caught up. "Maybe try catching it with your whip?"

Tina nodded, as she took it out of her pockets, and swung it, trying to grasp onto it with it. But she ended up missing the paper by mere inches.

"Man, it's like that piece of paper's possessed..." Maxwell noted. "You don't think that paper's got an oni in it?"

"I highly doubt it..." Tina answered back, as the two followed the paper to a clearing…

It appeared to be the edge of a cliff, as the instructions soon landed on the face of an unexpected person.

"Ugh, what-" Selena muttered, as she stepped off the edge of the cliff. "AAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Tina, upon seeing Selena step off the cliff's edge, ran even harder, and slid on her belly, trying to catch Selena.

But Selena was holding onto a tree branch, which was quickly starting to snap off.

"Quick, Selena! Grab my whip!" Tina yelled down, offering the other end of her whip to Selena.

"Why should I?!" Selena yelled back. "Do you remember what you all did to me last night?!"

"Look, we didn't know you were be so cake repulsed! We're sorry! Now, just grab the whip, we pull you back up, and we can still make it to the challenge!" Tina continued.

"We? Who else is with you?" Selena asked.

"It's only me, Selena!" Maxwell answered back down. "But you gotta listen to reason! There's a lot to live for! Just think about what you like! You don't want all of that to go to waste, do you?"

Selena did some thinking.

"Listen to him, Selena! Think of motorcycles! Think of Kagura!" Tina said, trying to get Selena to reason with her. "Think of Bob!"

Selena, looking at the whip, started to reach for it, just as the branch snapped off. She managed to grab onto the whip, as she started to lower…

"Ugh, great plan, Tina! I told you I was fat!" Selena scolded the gamer.

Tina tried to pull Selena up, but she wasn't strong enough. But she kept a tight grip to the whip, herself inching close to the cliff's edge as well.

"Tina!" Maxwell yelled, as he tried to pull Tina and Selena back onto the top. But…

The three of them were pulled off the cliff, and started to fall right off...

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Maxwell, Tina, and Selena yelled out, as they reached their landing…


Whoa, the challenge barely started, both Maxwell, Tina, and Selena's fell off the edge of a cliff! What's gonna happen next?

Wonderland Sweets belongs to Lolitafreak88 on DeviantArt.

Anatat Isle belongs to CragmiteBlaster.

NEXT TIME: The challenge continues!