Ice Badge

Chapter 1: Winter Camp

It was the perfect ruse in getting rid of Billy, Irwin and the other kids in the neighborhood right after Christmas they were put on a bus and sent off to Winter Camp. It was quite frozen indeed, and Skarr had returned to become camp counselor again.

"Bah, I cannot believe I am doing this again, I remember that summer you all tried to cheat getting your fire badges" said Skarr.

"It was well worth it" said Billy.

"Well this time I am going to make sure no one cheats!" continued Skarr, "You'll be immediately sent to another camp!"

"Weren't we horribly tortured at the end?" asked Sperg referring to Azula taking them back to her world.

"Well, that's now kind of a blur to me yo" said Irwin.

"Silence, here comes the camp!" said Skarr.

As the bus stopped at the camp, Billy got out and immediately tried to make a snow angel.

"Yea, snow angel time!" laughed Billy as he tried to create one.

"If there was a snow angel badge you'd already fail at it" continued Skarr.

Skarr showed them where their cabins were, they were typically heated by a very poor heater, Skarr himself with his own cabin wasn't heated very well either.

"Bah, that other winter camp counselor had it good" said Skarr, "I guess they were having a budget issue."

Everyone was shivering because of the cold as they were called out by Skarr to the assembly.

"Alright, listen up this is going to be a very easy badge, you'll all have to bring me some ice and since it's that time of year there shall be plenty of it, yes you'll need to hike for the ice but it'd be well worth it that you'll be getting it honestly" continued Skarr.

As everyone headed off to find the ice, Billy was already tired as he didn't want to do a single thing. He then had a plan which he ended up calling Grim.

"Grim!" roared Billy which a portal opened up.

Poor Grim showed up in hish bath robe coming out.

"Geeze Billy this place is freezing me bones!" cried Grim as he then put on his usual black robe.

"I want you to help me get my Ice Badge!" cried Billy.

"No, remember the last time I tried to help you get your fire badge? Yea that didn't turn out so well" said Grim.

"Oh please, please, please I need help!" cried Billy, "I'm too lazy to go out and hike on my own! Plus Skarr will make me go to another camp instead of going home!"

"Fine, standn back Billy, because I am going to introduce you to Sub-Zero!" roared Grim.

Grim muttered some chanting words and started to summon a portal where a blue ninja walked right out of the portal.

"Wait, where the heck am I?" asked Sub-Zero as he looked around.

"Grim what the heck did you summon me a ninja for!" roared Billy.

"It's what the sort of powers this ninja does" continued Grim.

"Reaper I ask one question why did you summon me?" asked Sub-Zero.

"Billy wants to get his Ice Badge" continued Grim.

"Oh please Mr. Blue Ninja sir, I just got to get my Ice Badge or Skarr will make me go to a tougher camp than this!" cried Billy.

"Wait, that's all you summoned me for?" asked Sub-Zero.

"Heck yea" continued Grim.

Sub-Zero had Billy and Grim stood back as he created ice with his powers and handed it right over to Billy.

"There, are you happy?" asked Sub-Zero.

"Oh yes Mr. Blue Ninja sir" said Billy as he took the ice.

Billy ran off with the ice, yet he soon tripped and the ice fell down off a cliff, as Irwin was trying to find ice in a cave, the ice felll literally right on top of him.

"Oh boy, ice!" laughed Irwin, "I'm getting out of here yo!"

Irwin ran off with Billy's ice, as for Sub-Zero his patience was wearing thin with the two.

"Listen Reaper, you only gave me one task and only one task!" roared Sub-Zero.

"And that task has yet to be completed" continued Grim.

Poor Sub-Zero had to stay until he created ice which he wasn't thrilled of doing. Yet he wasn't the only ninja in the area, his arch rival Scorpion was lurking about in the forest not far as he could detect his rival.

"Time to end this once and for all" laughed Scorpion as he started to leap from tree to tree in search for his arch nemesis.