Chapter 4: Ice Thawing

Poor Billy he knew Spring was going to come pretty soon and he had to act very quickly otherwise there was going to be no more ice. For Skarr, he had to babysit the two ninjas-Scorpion and Sub-Zero as they fought each other to keep the other campers entertained.

"Wow, who knew winter camp could be so much fun!" laughed Sperg.

"Billy should try to cheat more often" continued Pud'in.

"Heck yea" laughed Grim, "otherwise winter camp would have been very boring."

"You got that right yo!" laughed Irwin.

As both Scorpion and Sub-Zero fought, Billy was trying his best to find ice, he looked at the cave where both Scorpion and Sub-Zero had to once stay in, as he tried to find some ice, all he could find were bats and spiders.

"Spiders, spiders!" roared Billy as he tried to roll over the melting snow trying to get them off of him.

Billy then thought about going to the lake as it would have some ice there still, as he raced toward the lake, the minute Billy tried to get some of the ice, the lake began to literally thaw all of the ice at once which Billy then fell right into the lake itself.

"Rats!" cried Billy.

Billy then raced around to try to find some icicles, yet as he managed to break one, he ran off with it and soon tripped on a rock which the icicle fell right onto a bear waking it from its hibernation. The bear wasn't that happy and charged at poor Billy.

"Bear, bear, bear!" cried Billy as he ran back to the camp.

Both Scorpion and Sub-Zero ended up beating up the bear which the bear ran off.

"Still no ice" said Skarr, "you are going to have to search high and low for it!"

"But I don't want to search high and low for the ice" continued Billy.

"There is no way you're going to cheat yourself out of this one again" said Mandy.

Billy then hatched an idea, he had to sadly hike a mile or so to a small mini-market, as the owner was opening up, Billy approached him.

"Do you have any ice, I need to buy some!" roared Billy.

"You have money?" asked the owner.

Billy looked deep in his pockets.

"How much does two cents get me?" asked Billy.

"One small cube" continued the owner.

"Thanks!" roared Billy.

Billy raced right back to where Skarr and the others were waiting.

"Oh Mr. Former General One Eyed Weirdo I got some ice!" laughed Billy.

"Really, let me see" said Skarr.

But as Billy showed Skarr the ice all that was there was water.

"Billy, that's just some water on your hand, you failed!" roared Skarr.

"I think he tried to run to a store and buy some ice" continued Mandy.

"No I did not!" roared Billy as he was trying to lie about it.

"Too bad, you still failed!" continued Skarr, "Now to think of the sort of camp to send him."

"I say he should be forced to become a dummy for my clan" continued Sub-Zero.

"And also for my clan" added Scorpion.

"Hey that might not be such a bad idea" laughed Grim, "I always wanted to see Billy get beaten up!"

Grim then uses his scythe and opens up a portal, soon members of the Lin Kuei first come in to take in poor Billy and then Scorpion's own clan also come in.

"See you later Billy" said Mandy.

"Well, that was interesting" said Grim as the portal closed.

"Ha, Billy gets punished again, oh happy day!" laughed Skarr.

"Time to head on back" said Mandy.

For Billy he was indeed going to be a very good dummy for both Sub-Zero and Scorpion.