"Are you ready?" asked the dentist. Gumball nodded, today was the day Nicole took the kids to the dentist to get there teeth cleaned. So far Anais and Darwin had already gotten their teeth cleaned, now it was Gumballs turn. The dentist did their usual routine of taking out equipment putting in Gumball's mouth and cleaning his teeth nothing to exciting. Until just a few minutes from finishing. Gumball had been sitting the chair so long he was in a trance. When the dentist tried to tell Gumball to do something he could quite hear what they were saying.

'What are they telling me to do? What do they usually tell me to do?' Gumball thought and thought. 'Oh of course they probably want me close my mouth.' Big mistake. Gumball closed his mouth but when he did he could feel a hand inside of it. Gumball had just bit the dentist! It was at this moment he flipped out, climbing out of his chair and running out all before the dentist could even respond. Had Gumball stayed he would have been informed by the dentist that the hand he bit was a plastic hand so the dentist didn't feel any pain but Gumball didn't stay because PLOT!

Nicole, Anais and Darwin were in the waiting room reading magazines when Gumball burst through the door. Nicole smiled, "So how did your appointment go?"

"Heh, It was okay, fine, can we go now?" he said in a hurry, he had just bitten the dentist and was now probably going to get into serious trouble. He could even end up in jail! Nicole raised an eyebrow on Gumball's behavior but before she could say anything in response to that Anais piped up.


"Okay, we will go there like I promised, now calm down." Nicole said to the Daisy obsessed four year-old forgetting that she never asked the dentist what Gumball's results were. Gumball let out a sigh of relief. Thanks to Anais he could actually avoid trouble. Almost. Darwin was definitly looking at Gumball with a confused face.