Understanding Silence.

Chapter 1

They all thought his younger brother Percy was the odd one out in the family, but no, at least Percy knew who he was and what he wanted to be. Charlie was the same. He knew he wanted to work with dangerous animals and he couldn't get more close to danger than with dragons. Even the twins knew what they wanted. They wanted to make people laugh. While Ron and Ginny were a bit less certain in what they wanted, they knew that they were loved and wanted by all they came across.

Bill though, he was the first of the seven. He was the one that they all looked up to. He was supposed to set an example for them all but all the longer haired redhead wanted to do was to get away from all the noise. That's how Bill Weasley really ended up in Egypt. He found comfort in the silent but powerful breeze over the sand dunes. The quiet yet terrifying moments spent solving a sphinx's riddle. The need for quiet when listening for the creak in the stone, suspecting traps ahead. The beauty of a shadow: its silent solidity.

Though Bill Weasley was pursued by many girls during his time at Hogwarts, he could never really find it in himself to care about their blabbering need to fill the air with their vapid opinions on things he could not care any less about. The same was said for the women in Egypt. Though they themselves seemed exotic to Bill, he was the exotic creature with his wavy bright orange hair that went down his back and the way his green eyes glittered in the harsh sunlight. The language barrier made for more words needed in exchange and he quickly grew tired of it.

He threw himself far into his work, breaking cursed and gathering treasure for Gringotts. Never did Bill Weasley expect to find a silent companion in Hermione Granger. Never did he expect to break his younger brother's heart by deciding what he wanted. Bill Weasley wasn't an asshole. Bill Weasley was just uncertain in almost everything, everything except for his desire for Hermione.

Hermione had not given much thought to Bill Weasley in the past. He had almost always been an abstract concept. He had just been her best friend-turned boyfriend-turned ex-boyfriend again-best friend's older brother that was always off in Egypt. Now as she looked down at the ring on her finger, Hermione could barely believe that she was so wrapped up in everything that she had not paid more attention to the man she was now engaged to. No one around them was truly surprised that Bill Weasley and Hermione Granger was an item, not really. The two of them were so much alike that some said they were shocked it had not happened sooner, that Ron and Fleur were just hiccups, though Hermione did not appreciate people calling other people hiccups, she could not help but agree. It was during her field study late in her last year of Hogwarts that she had truly got to know the ginger man nearly nine years her senior.