My take on Mordred's thoughts as he died. Kinda short but I hope you enjoy! :) let me know if there's any grammar mistakes! :)

Mordred ran his blade through Arthur, finally getting revenge for Kara's death. The king feel to his knees, Mordred simply glared at him. Then, quick as an arrow, Arthur stood and stabbed Mordred, pushing the sword deep into his stomach. At first, Mordred was shocked, he had not planned on dying at this time. Then he was happy.

Happy, why? Happy because he wouldn't have to go back to Morgana. She may have been a very kind and gentle person once, back when they shared a special bond. But now she was twisted and mad, filled with rage. She reminded Mordred of the late king Uther himself.

Happy because he wouldn't have to hide his magic anymore. All those nights being terrified of what would happen if his magic was discovered. Nightmares of being burned alive. And those times as a child when the knights would chase him and the druids. All because he was gifted in an art that others didn't understand.

Happy because he wouldn't have to face Emrys' wrath. Although the sorcerer seemed a gentle enough person, Mordred had no doubt that Emrys would refrain from making his death slow and painful.

Happy because he wouldn't have to see the disappointed look on his used to be fellow knights. They had been like older brothers to him, they had accepted him immediately. Despite Kara dying, he still admired the knights.

Happy because he wouldn't have to watch Camelot nearly fall apart with Arthur's death. He knew the kingdom would go into deep mourning, definitely more so than they did when Uther died. Uther was a tyrant, no one in the kingdom obeyed him out of love or respect. Only fear. However, they obeyed Arthur because he was kind and thought of the good for his people.

And lastly, happy because he could be with Kara. He remembered all the times they played together as a child. Mordred longed to be back in the moment when they were reunited. To see her smile and feel the warmth of her touch was all that Mordred wanted.

And that is why, Mordred smiled when he knew he was dying. He would finally be truly happy.

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