Tittle : Falling For You

Author : Aira Aura

Beta : Non

Disclaimer : Kuroko no Basuke by Fuji Tadatoshi X Sailormoon By Naoko Takeuchi. I don't own anything except the plot~~







"Aka-chan~~", Momoi jog slowly to their captain.

"What is it Momoi?", the boy ask rather annoyed.

"Maa~~Maa~~ Aka-chan~~… I already get all information you want. I just want to tell you Aka-chan", Momoi smile to the captain and give him the document. Akashi smile towards her and read it,

" You really good in collecting data.. Somehow I think you would be a skillful stalker", Akashi chuckle.

"Mouu~~ Aka-chan cruel~~", Momoi protest.

"Anyway, tell me about her more detail", Akashi eyes narrow. "Okay! Now .. About her"

Name: Kino Makoto
Birthday: December 5
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Height : 167cm(5'6 feet)
Blood type: O
Favorite color: pink
Hobby: bargain-hunting
Favorite food: cherry pie
Least favorite food: none
Favorite subject: Home Economics
Worst subject: physics
Has trouble with: airplanes
Strong point: cooking
Dream: being a bride, selling cake, selling flowers
Favorite gemstone: emerald
Formerly resides in Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Family :died in airplane when still little

"She wears a long sleeve shirt with brown color, brown lace up the front and brown cuffs. She also wears the longest skirt past knees to shins and it has a thin ribbon in the back and wearing black shoes. She has long wavy hair and always keep it ponytail with two green balls holder. Her name in hiragana means wood field or tree field for Kino and Trust or sincerity for Makoto"

Akashi blink for a while, "… She low 1cm from Tetsu and she have the same horoscope as me", while Momoi cry comically "She higher than me~~", before Akashi went back to practice he tell Momoi to do something and Momoi just nod happily.




It's lunch. Makoto now on the roof eating her homemade bento after a couple with both of them having blond hairs left that place. She thinks that couple really suits each other like Prince and a Princess. She eat and sigh to herself..

"Ahh~~ I still don't pick which club I want to join… I want to join Home economics.. But…. It's looks like they scared of me because of that rumor of me which is half of it true…" she groan and mess with her hair "What should I doo~~~!"

"I can help you with that…", Makoto startled hearing a male voice behind her. Her expression change "What you want?", The boy smile playfully make the ponytail haired girl shiver through her vein.

His hand reach for her "Come….. We need you… In fact.. Someone need you...", Makoto widen her eyes. Her hand started to reach his hand. The word "We need you" makes her happy. Never in her life after her parent died say it to her. She has been living alone for whole time. "Yes" a tear drop down her cheek "Yes… I'll come", she cried happily and the boy just smile softly towards her.





"Minna! Today we have new member again!", Momoi announced it cheerfully.

"Aaa? Who is it this time?", Aomine ask

"Nee~~ Is it a girl? I can't wait-suu~~", Kise say happily before Minato aka Minako strangle him in her male version.

"What you say Ryo-chan?", Minato/Minako smile deadly, make the model cry.

"Ara… Where Aka-chin?", Murasakibara ask while eating his snack

"Now you speak of it…. I don't see him the whole day, nanodayo", Midorima fix his glasses.

"I saw him going to the roof earlier", Kuroko speak. The others silent before scream realizing the phantom boy there. Well… Minato, Kise and Aomine the one who scared out of their life.

"NEVER DO THAT TETSU!", they yell at Kuroko

"But I already here the whole time", he said with deadpanned expression.

They stop after seeing the sight of their captain with a ponytail haired girl following him entering the gym. She wear an unfamiliar sailor uniform. Her long brown skirt waving as she walking. The thin ribbon behind her back, her black flat shoes, her pink rose earring and her flower scent. She stops in front of the player and stand next to Akashi and Momoi.

"Minna… I want to introduce our new member", Akashi said.

"Saa~~, you can introduce yourself now", the pink haired girl smile softly to her. She smile back and face to all basketball member. Her eye fall to Minato/Minako and suddenly she felt something surge inside her. She felt like she know her for the whole time. "Makoto", Akashi call her made her startled.

"My name is Kino Makoto. I'm a new transfer student here. My position is the second manager", she said with calm look. As for Midorima, he really shock and can't say anything. His face really red. Only Akashi, Momoi and Kuroko notice this. "It's nice to meet you all", she nod.

"Then.. Mako-chan!~~~", Momoi hug her.

"M.. Mako-chan?", Makoto shutter.

"Nice to meet you Mako-chin~~ I'm Murasakibara", he continue eat snack.

"I'm Kise Ryota-suu"

"Aomine Daiki"

"I'm Kuroko Tetsuya. It's nice to meet you, Makoto-san", he nod a little.

"I don't think I need to introduce myself, nanodayo"

"Hi there.. I'm Minato~~"

"Please take good care of me after this", Makoto replay politely and bow.

"Now… Makoto, you will get your job from Momoi. You can us if you don't know anything", Akashi smile.

"Yes, captain", she replay softly. She follows Momoi and brief to her what she have to do as the second manager in the team. She nods to what the pink haired girl said. After all the briefing, Momoi let her sit on the bench. Makoto observe the entire member in the club. Her eyes fall on the green haired shooter. The way he sweat, his beautiful eyelash, his beautiful unwrapped fingers.

"He open his bandages", she said softly. Jolt when noticing the pink haired girl, Momoi sitting next to her , eyes still not avert from the player.

"Midorin always bandages his dominant hand which is his left hand outside the match cause he keeps claiming that his hand must be in perfect condition so nothing will influence his shoot", Momoi said.

"Does that mean he shape his nails? Cause his nail really clean", Makoto statement made Momoi avert her eyes to the tall girl next to her.

"Wow… You do some of your homework… Or maybe… Because of it is him, Mako-chan?", Momoi ask seductive. Makoto tried to hold her blush.

"Because he is my classmate and now I'm her manager too.. Then I must know about him.. About the others. I want to be useful for Akashi. I'm happy.. That's all… What I do.. Just for Akashi and the rest of team", Makoto eyes blank for a while and back to normal before Momoi notice it.

She stare Minato/Minako. She know she don't know him but in her heart she longed for him. The feeling to protect. Midorima stop his shooting to look at his new friend. His heart feel weird when Makoto look Minato/Minako with longed expression.

"W.. Why I feel sad? Why can't she look at me like that? Am I lacking?. . . . . Why? I don't know how to handle this feeling", he clench his chest.

"Midorima-chi? You okay? You look in pain.", Kise ask worried to him.

"Kise…. Why my heart feel weird? It hurt", Kise blank when Midorima ask him that question. The first time Midorima willing to ask him question, and he gonna answer his question all he can.

"Let see…. Midorima-cchi~~ I think you in love…. Especially when you look at Kino-san~~", he whisper to Midorima and get a flinch reaction from the green haired boy.

He blush way to his ears. The other of GoM notice this. Makoto stare at him questionly at the bench. Akashi smirk satisfy, Aomine groan, Kuroko smile , Murasakibara still chewing his snack, Minato/Minako, Kise smile to each other and Momoi got some new data.

"I WON'T ACCEPT THIS! NANODAYO!", his scream got attention from all of the teammates.





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