Author's note: This is my first RoyxFem!Ed story, and it will be a multi-chapter. Be warned, it might be a bit too graphic for some readers, so if you're squeamish for descriptions of blood, don't read this and move to chapter two. I'm still a bit unsatisfied with my writing style, so I might make a few changes. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Roy paused for a moment, his eyes rapidly scanning the alley they were currently standing in, but not seeing much of anything. Night had fallen so suddenly, coupled by the thunderstorm that was currently assailing him; it had caught his group by surprise, so none of them were prepared when the shooting started.

Hawkeye, of course, was the first to respond, shooting back at the masked men with deadly accuracy. Three of them were dead before Roy even knew what was going on.

It didn't matter though, they were hopelessly outnumbered he had realized, as what he guessed was about thirty men had surrounded them. His eyes darted between his subordinates, assessing their odds against the small army around them. Havoc, Breda and Falman were unarmed, their reactions a fraction slower than that of Hawkeye's, who was the only one with a gun in her hands. Fullmetal had transmuted his arm into its usual blade, but that would be useless in a gunfight.

He, however, was more screwed than usual. Out of habit, he had pulled his hand in front of his face, snapping his finger the moment he realized what was happening. But the spark that was more often than not followed by a burning hot flame, died down before it even became visible. Of course, he thought bitterly, the rain pouring down on them with a vengeance.

"Drop your gun!" One of the men, Roy figured he was probably the leader, yelled as he moved closer. His Lieutenant glanced in his direction as he nodded for her to follow their instructions, before pursing her lips together, dropping her gun reluctantly. "Now tell the small fry to lower his blade!"



Roy watched as his team hit the ground, instincts taking over. Everyone but Edward, that is. He stood there, defiantly, with a growl across his face, his one eye squeezed shut as his flesh hand clutched at his chest. Blood started dripping through his white knuckles, quickly becoming a stream, gushing out of his body.

"Why did you shoot?" The man yelled into the group.

Now's our chance!

With a nod at the rest of his team, they all scattered into different directions, Roy grabbing Edward by his arm before doing so himself. They ran, the injured alchemist being dragged by his superior down the streets, before reaching the alley he was currently inspecting.

Even though he wasn't a doctor, one look at Ed's face told him he needed help, and fast. The blood flow was slower, but Roy put that down to a lack of blood supply, and not a sign that the kid was alright. Taking a deep breath, Roy cautiously peeked around the corner, before pulling back into the alley. Sure enough, there were four men in the streets, frantically searching for them.

Think, dammit, think!

With a glance in Edward's direction, it hit him. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a piece of chalk. His emergency chalk. "Remind me to thank Hughes when we get home" he whispered to himself, as he scribbled a quick transmutation circle against the wall before placing his hands against it. With a growl he picked up the now unconscious Edward, before ducking into the hole in the wall, suddenly grateful that the alley was so dark, knowing it would be hard to spot the hole.

With a glance around the abandoned building, Roy quickly figured out they were hiding in what used to be someone's house. Shifting the weight on his shoulder slightly, he moved with quick, quiet steps through the building, his eyes searching for a place to hide.

After going through a disorganized kitchen and a barren living room, he found the perfect spot to lay low. With cautious movements, he descended the staircase, closing the door behind himself before heading to the bottom. By now his eyes had adjusted to the dark, so it didn't take him long to find the candle at the bottom of the staircase, a box of matches next to it. Careful not to drop Edward, he bent over slightly, striking a match and lighting the candle, a soft light filling the room.

The room was empty save for a broom in the corner. Who-ever lived here either didn't like basements or were meticulous movers. Carefully, Roy lay Edward on the ground, before pulling off his jacket, pressing it against his wound. The boy was ashen, his breathing shallow. Roy scowled, his mind racing, trying to find a way, any way, to save his life.

Slowly he thought of the basics that would be kept in a house, searching for anything that might be of use. His feet moved without question, as he raced back up the stairs, pausing only briefly to scan the house for any signs of life, before sprinting down the hallway. It took him two doors to find the bathroom, and he found himself praying to a god he didn't believe in, for the cabinet to contain a first aid kit.

Never has he thanked a deity so hard.

With renewed hope he sprinted back down the hallway, his hands clutching the first aid kit tightly. He knew he had barely been gone five minutes, but he swore that Edward looked completely different. His bangs were covering his face, his chest barely moving anymore, a layer of sweat across his temple. There was no time left.

Dropping down to the ground, Roy ripped open the first aid kit, his eyes taking inventory, while glancing over in the boy's direction, assessing what was needed to save him. The thread slipped through the needles eye with little issue, before he bit down on it, making sure it was long enough, and tying the ends together. If Edward lived through this, he was going to be so pissed.

Next, Roy grabbed the bottle of whiskey, which he firmly believed was a gift from the gods, taking a sip, before returning the cap. He was going to need it to sterilize the wound, as who-ever packed the kit, obviously couldn't find anything better. Roy's eyes moved to the boy, and taking a deep breath, removed his jacket, before lifting the boy's limp body to remove his own. Next was his shirt, which thankfully, he didn't need to remover fully. As Edward's shirt fell open, Roy nearly swallowed the needle that he had forgotten he had placed between his lips. The bullet had pierced through Edward's right breast, missing any vital organs.

His right breast…

"What the hell?!"

The lack of movement was all it took for Roy to snap out of his daze, his fingers frantically trying to find a pulse but failing. With a growl, he put his hands on top of his – her – chest, before starting compressions.

One, two, three, four, five… Dammit, wake up Edward!

His hands pressed down harder, his eyes focused on his – her – face, as his – her, dammit, are pronouns really that important right now? – Hair clung to the sweat on his – fuck it – face. Roy felt for a pulse, sighing as he felt a light thud against his fingers. Without hesitation, he reached for the scissors that lay next to the kit, cutting the bandages around Ed's chest, before taking the whiskey, and pouring some on the wound. Ed groaned as it hit the wound, a new layer of sweat breaking out across her forehead.

Roy swallowed hard, before reaching for the small tweezers, and he knew this was going to be the hardest part. Somehow, he had to remove the bullet, without injuring Edward further, and the instrument in his hand was barely large enough to remove a splinter properly, never mind a bullet. Wiping the sweat that had sprung out across his forehead against his sleeve, he placed his one hand around the wound in an attempt to steady himself, before carefully inserting the tweezers into Ed's chest.

Roy had never been so grateful for a girl passing out on him, he thought miserably as he dug deeper, desperately trying to find the bullet. It was becoming nearly impossible to hold the tweezers anymore when they hit something solid, making Roy inhale sharply.

Careful now

Slowly, he opened the tweezers, gripping the bullet hard, before pulling it out, little by little. Growling as the bullet slipped from the tweezers, he pressed down harder with his other hand, before gripping the bullet again, and pulling it out all the way. Satisfied that the bullet was still intact, Roy dropped it and the tweezers on his coat, before taking the needle out from between his lips. There was still some whisky left, the temptation of taking a swig making his throat burn. Instead, he poured the liquid over the needle in an attempt to sterilize it.

With one final glance at Edward's face, Roy stuck the needle in the wound, pulling the thread all the way through, before repeating the process several times, making sure the skin was tight. One final tug secured the wound, a neat stitch in it's place, as he cut the thread. Thinking it over, Roy decided it better to save the rest of the whiskey, in case there was another emergency. His eyes scanned over his work one final time, making sure everything was okay, before doing up her shirt again.

Roy sat there, watching a very pale Edward breathe slowly, and he couldn't help getting the feeling that every inhale was a struggle for her, the movement strained. Absentmindedly, he ran his hand along her cheek, the lack of her rants and insults making him ill to his stomach, when for the first time ever, he actually missed it. Roy had to get her to a hospital, or she would never make it through the night. But the closest one was an hour's drive from here, and he knew he would never be able to carry her all the way in the rain, nor would it be a good idea in her current condition.

It hit him like a brick. Reaching his hand into his coat's pocket, he couldn't help but smirk victoriously as his fingers folded around the paper Hawkeye had insisted he take earlier that day. With one last glance at Edward to make sure she was still with him, he turned his back to her, opening the map and sprawling it across the floor, bringing the candle closer so he could have a better look.

A bloody finger moved across the road, the same one they used to get to where they were currently failing a mission, quite badly he might add, until it stopped on a small town. Mentally measuring the distance, only twenty minutes drive from their current location, Roy decided there was no other option.

Folding the map up, he placed it back in his coat pocket, just in case he needed it, before deciding to have a look around the house for anything useful. Leaving the candle behind, Roy made his way upstairs, peering around the house for movement before leaving the basement. Already having checked three of the rooms earlier, he decided to have a look for clean clothes in the only bedroom he saw.

He couldn't believe his luck when he opened the wardrobe, only to see two dresses and an assortment of pants and shirts hanging neatly, untouched. His fingers brushed over the dresses, imagining Edward in one, a smile creeping across his face. But he knew that Fullmetal would probably kill him if she woke up in one of these, so instead he grabbed a pair of large pants and a black shirt for himself, before grabbing the smaller trousers and a polo neck for her. Satisfied having found dry clothes, Roy went back downstairs, stopping in the bathroom to wash his face and hands.

Roy hadn't realized how much blood was on him. It really was a miracle Edward hadn't bled out completely, but even he knew he had very little time before that became the case. He counted the steps, trying to focus his mind, as he headed downstairs. Deciding to change first, he quickly slipped off his military pants, followed by his white shirt, discarding them in the corner. After having slipped on the new clothes that fit quite nicely, he turned to Ed, unsure how to change her clothes without hurting her.

With careful movements he undid her shirt again, this time carefully lifting her off it before removing it completely. Roy inhaled sharply before pulling the shirt over head, exhaling as it slid into place. It was loose on her small frame, and he was grateful, not really wanting to put more pressure on her wound than absolutely necessary. Roy took off her boots, fingers lingering on the cool metal, before removing her pants. When he thought about it, Ed wasn't short at all, for a girl. The pants slid up her right leg first, as Roy bent and straightened it, before moving to the left. With a final tug, smiled to himself, the pants fitting her figure perfectly. He slipped her shoes back on, before lifting her shirt slightly to check on the wound. To his relief, it seemed like the blood had actually started to clot, the bleeding significantly less.

After slipping on his coat, he took her in his arms, her coat draped over her in an attempt to protect her from the rain, as he headed up the stairs. One glance into the alleyway told him what he needed to know. It was nearly midnight, and the chances of being spotted were a lot less. Deciding that this was probably his best chance at getting to the next town, Roy slipped out of the Alley, headed straight for the town with the best chances of saving his young subordinate's life.

I hope you enjoyed it :) This will probably be the shortest chapter in this series, so look forward to longer ones. Until next time!