Roy stood in the dull hallway, his hands fisted against his side as he stared out of the window, not really focusing on anything at all. His mind was as messy and frayed as his nerves where, and once again he felt completely useless. He had gotten to her too late. He had entered the room as the machine pulled away from her, blood dripping from what looked like a claw. It didn't take him long to realize what was in those claws, and he had snapped. A smirk played across his face. Roy wasn't one to take pleasure in hurting others, but for once, he couldn't say that he felt particularly bad either. They had been the cause of so much pain, so much suffering, that he had no doubt that what he had done was for the better. And he had no doubt either that if he hadn't done it, then Riza would have taken care of it in her own ways.

Roy turned his head to look at the closed door, the sounds of movement barely noticeable from within. How long had he been standing there, in that hallway? He no longer had a sense of time, not since he had realized she was gone. Time stopped moving, and the world seemed to come to a complete stand still. His fingers itched as he frowned. What he wouldn't give for something to burn right at that moment, but he didn't dare move. Not until he knew for sure.

He was faintly aware of the footsteps coming towards him, his eyes losing their focus again as his mind wandered to the woman who seemed to control his world. How was she capable of turning everything upside down in little under a month? If he was being completely honest, his world had turned around so many times, he had lost count. It had all started that day they were attacked. The day he had found out that the loud mouthed brat that he loved teasing, that had a temper that rivaled his own at times, was a woman. After that, everything became surreal. They had wound up in a forsaken little village. He had fell into despair multiple times at the thought of losing her and he had found the ultimate joy of spending time with someone you trusted. He had had the chance of experiencing what it would be like to live with Edward, and if he was being honest, he found the prospect of being alone In his own flat unappealing.

The door he had been staring at unseeingly opened, revealing a pale woman, her hair tied into a messy bun on her head. She blinked at him, supprised for a moment, before smiling at him.

"Sir, why are you standing out here?"

Roy had to blink to clear the fog out of his view. Why had he been standing out there? How did you explain to someone that you didn't feel like you had the right to be in that room with her. How did you put into words that you felt responsible for letting the one you cared for get hurt? All these questions flashed through his mind, making him bite his tongue. The nurse didn't seem all that bothered with his lack of response, instead moving to grant him access to the room. Hesitantly, Roy took a step forward, half expecting the room to lash out at his very presence. When nothing happened, his feet moved again, his mind not controlling them but instead focusing on the woman in the bed.

She lay there watching him approach, her face betraying no emotion as the doctor moved towards the door, it closing behind them moments later. He stood at the foot of her bed, his fingers twitching as he fought the urge to move closet, to run his fingers through her hair. Instead, he did the one thing he knew he had no right to do, yet would never be able to stop doing.

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry..."

The silence filled the room as her stare intensified. He knew he had no right to appologise to her. He had no right to ask her for her forgiveness. He had let her down so badly, that he had no doubt in his mind that she would never be able to forgive him. He knew he never would either.

"What are you apologizing for, Bastard?"

Roy stared at her in shock, the tone of her voice throwing him off completely. "I had let you down!" He almost yelled, not quite sure why she didn't understand this fact as he did. "If it wasn't for me, you would never have gotten hurt..."

"Stating the obvious, I see." She said with a grin, throwing him off even more. Before he could say another word, she continued. "Do you really think you're to blame for anything that happened? Seriously, Mustang, are you really that conceited?"

Roy's mind was reeling. How did she not blame him? How did she not hate him for everything that had happened? He surely did. When he didn't respond, her voice softened.

"Roy, I don't blame you for anything. If anything, I owe you for saving my life. If you hadn't shown up when you did, I would have lost more than just..." she trailed off, her fingers lifting to brush against the bandage. "They wouldn't have stopped with the left, we both know that."

"But if I had gotten there earlier..." Roy started, finally finding his voice only to have her interrupt him.

"You got there much faster than anyone else would have!" She almost yelled, her hands fisting against the sheets. Her face softened again as she continued. "Roy, they were crazed lunatics. They're the ones to blame, not you."

Roy was about to protest when the door opened again, shortly followed by the sound of a very distressed Alphonse. Roy watched from the side as her brother carried on about how irresponsible she had been, Edward trying hard not to look like a kid caught in the cookie jar. It still baffled him how she didn't hold him responsible.

"Edward, I will make it up to you." He said with determination, making both of them stare at him. "I will make it up to you, even if it takes forever."

And her single golden orb softened as she smiled slightly, knowing that there was no arguing with him when he was this determined. At least, she thought, it meant that their adventure was just starting.

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