Link and Tetra walked into the large chamber, sword, shield, and bow in their respective hands. They began to walk into the pool of water in the room's center, towards a large curtain. The tension in the room rose, despite the near silence in the chamber, the only noise being of the two young heroes wading in the water. Link stopped halfway through, Tetra behind him, as he caught a glimpse of what was inside the curtains.

It was a king-sized bed, or maybe a Ganondorf-sized bed, and on it laid not the evil man, but a young girl. Her hair was in two separate, short pigtails, and she wore a blue dress with red and orange flowers. Link gasped as he realized who it was, but it took Tetra another moment to do so. After all, she had only seen the girl twice in the last quarter of a year, and usually, it was in passing. She, however, always remembered the dress.

It was Aryll, Link's little sister, and the harbinger of both Link and Tetra's, if not Link alone, journey over the last three months. Link made a move to go to his sister, but Tetra held him back. She gestured to him a faint outline beside Aryll, and once Link saw it, his anger began to bubble.

The outline shuffled a bit, the small candle giving the person just a little light for his enemies to see him as he watched the sleeping child. "Do you sleep still?"

Link ripped himself from Tetra's grip, and stepped forward. "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK TO MY SISTER!"

Ganondorf looked to Link out the corner of his eye, and Link couldn't make out whether the man was grinning or grimacing. "Wait! Do not be so hasty, boy." Ganon reached his large hand over Aryll's head, and looked down upon her as if she was his child. "I can see this girl's dreams. Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas… None can swim across them… They yield no fish to catch… What did the king of Hyrule say? That the gods sealed Hyrule away?" Ganon looked away from Aryll, and stood up to face Link and Tetra. "And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule?" With a flick of his arms, Ganon sent the curtains, and to Tetra, it seemed his eyes grew brighter and brighter. "How ridiculous. So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool. What could they possibly hope to achieve? Don't you see, Link and Tetra? All of you… YOUR GODS DESTROYED YOU!"

Link and Tetra gazed at each other, not saying a word, and turned back to Ganondorf. He scoffed, and glared to Link. "I have been waiting for you, boy. For one like you… Yes… For the hero. But you, girl, the princess… I have watched you grow as strong as that pathetic ancestor of yours. Both of you, standing against me like them… Do not betray my expectations." Link and Tetra watched as Ganon groaned as the curtains returned, and clenched their weapons. Once the curtains dropped, Ganondorf, Aryll, and her bed was gone, but in their place, was a huge, metallic, purplish beast with a comical pig face for a head. It swung its arms around Link and Tetra, and rose back up to stand over them.

"This is it, Tetra."
"I know it is, but we are leaving alive… Right?"

Link reassured Tetra with a smile and wink to match the one on her face. "Of course." Link looked up, and noticed strings hanging from the ceiling down to the monster, and took out his Boomerang. Tetra looked up as well, but didn't retrieve her own weapon.

"It is like a puppet… Puppet Ganon, we should call him." Puppet Ganon didn't seem to appreciate his name, and used his arms to send a huge punch to the duo, breaking them up. It began to chase after Link, not giving the hero the time to mark a target for his item.

"Tetra, a little help?"

"What if I don't want to be the distraction?"


"Alright, alright." Chuckling, Tetra fired an arrow to the blue ball on Puppet Ganon's tail, and while it didn't do any visible damage, the way the monster reacted showed that this was its weak point. It turned to Tetra, who winked at it, and in the fakest distress voice Link has ever heard, cried, "Oh, Hero of Winds, save me!"

"Maybe I shouldn't," Link grumbled to himself, and threw the Boomerang into the air, cutting down a few ropes. Parts of the arms and the legs entirely were disconnected, and Link caught his item in slight glee. The monster didn't come back for him, but before Link could send the Boomerang back into the air, his vision was crowded by flying, screeching objects. Link waved his sword around, trying to get rid of the Keese flocking him, but it didn't seem it was working. "How freaking convenient that they show up!" A flash of light partially blinded Link for a second, but he did begin to notice the bats were gone.

"You are welcome, idiot!" Great, he was back to 'idiot' again. Link tossed the boomerang the second time, snapping all the ropes connecting to the main body, and leaving only the tail to be snapped. Puppet Ganon began to spin in circles, slamming his tail into Link. The boy flew and rolled in the water, nearby Tetra, who was also hit as well.

"Oww… Yep, I am going to feel that in the morning."

"If we get to another morning…" Tetra picked herself up first, since she took less of a beating due to a late summoning of protection magic, and took Link's Boomerang in hand. Puppet Ganon continued to spin, making it hard to get a good hit on the final string, but Tetra knew something about hard to hit targets. If you can't hit them straight forward, hit them head on. As Ganon's tail came in for another revolution, Tetra threw the item, and watched it fly, praying that the tail would be cut down…

SNAP! The tail fell, and flew dangerously over the Hero and Pirate, landing a few feet away from them. Puppet Ganon stopped spinning as well, and Tetra fired her second Arrow of Light right at the light blue and gold ball. It flew true, and Puppet Ganon lit up like a lamp with a new bulb, the sacred power of light coursing through the monster's body. Ganon was reeled up to the ceiling, giving the heroes a minute to breath before he returned. Eager to speed things up. Link and Tetra both threw their boomerangs, and fell the body of the monster, except the part held by a red rope. Tetra fired another Light Arrow into the tail, and Puppet Ganon was reeled back up. Link began to grow confident, and smirked. "One more time, eh? Then I am coming directly for you, Ganondorf!"

"Link, don't be so cocky."

"Not that you can speak, Tets." Before Tetra could retort, Puppet Ganon returned, and Link was unsuspectedly sent into the wall by a mega-punch from the monster. Link rolled over, but from Tetra's position, she couldn't tell if he was conscious or not, and Puppet Ganon was right on her. It whipped its tail at her, but Tetra dodged at the last second. SHe finally realized her dress was soaked with water, not having the drying properties Link's tunic has, and felt its weight bring her down. With the addition of makeup (why the hell did she forget about that), it was getting a little harder to concentrate. Despite that, Tetra has carried heavier things and been distracted before while fighting, and proved that as she angrily threw her Boomerang airborne. The item cut through some of the strings and came back to her. Puppet Ganon went with his mega-punch again, missing Tetra by a foot, but the impact was enough to spray water into her face. Now blinded, Tetra attempted to scurried away to wipe her face, but Ganon was willing to do the favors himself. He whipped her with his tail again, and she rolled in the pool until she was stopped by the ledge where water meet semi-wet floor. Unlike Link, she was still conscious, and conscious enough to still see Ganon come upon her. She reached for either her bow or Boomerang, but felt neither nearby.

Tetra wasn't going out like this. Concentrating her new abilities, she felt heat between her fingers, and aimed it at Ganon's face. "Din's...FIRE!" A fireball escaped her hands, and left a burning red hot mark on Ganon's forehead. It disappeared as quickly as it came, but it bought Tetra the time needed to roll away, conveniently to Link. He was not completely out, but not completely in either. Gritting her teeth, she picked up his Boomerang, and threw it at the final strings, lowering the tail. Tetra picked her body up, summoned an Arrow of Light, and threw it at the threw blue ball. Ganon bounced up and down on his red string as the power of light sizzled through his body, and smashed upon the central platform on the ground. Tetra raised her fist in celebration that the fight was finally over, and just in time, Link came to. Tetra ran to his side, and helped him to his feet.

"Ugh… Is it over?" Tetra pointed to the downed Puppet Ganon, and Link painfully smirked. "Awesome stuff, Your Majesty."
"Thank you, my courageous knight. How are you?"

Link took out a bottle of red potion, and drank half of it, giving the other to Tetra. He rubbed his arm, feeling the pain from them. "After this, I'll need a blue potion...and a massage."

"Thanks for volunteering, Link. My back really hurts."

Link did a double take, and turned red as he looked to the body of Puppet Ganon. "You're kidding, right?"

Tetra smiled and winked as she leaned over to Link. "Depends."

"Oh boy… HEY!" Link's outburst was directed at the rising body of Puppet Ganon, and with given a surprise as they finally realized that, unlike the previous bosses (aside from Gohdan), Puppet ganon didn't blow up to purple bits. Cursing themselves for believing it would be this easy, Link and Tetra prepared for round two. The body of Ganon hovered in the air as the limbs entered its body. It began to morph, and in a very late and ironic burst of purple smoke, six legs extended from the sides of Ganon's body, while its cylinder-shaped abdomen finished the look of a huge spider. The blue ball was the "spinneret." Spider Ganon landed in front of Link and Tetra, flat on his body, moving his mouth.

Tetra outstretched her hand, her bow flying towards her. "What. The. Hell?"

Link picked up his fallen blade and shield, and prepared for battle. "Say it again, Tetra." Spider Ganon rose into the air, threatening to smash the Hero and Pirate. They ran together, keeping their eyes on the reflection in the water. "This almost requires music."
"The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout." Spider Ganon fell down, barely missing the duo, and Tetra whipped around, using another of her magical abilities - Farore's Wind - to rise into the air, her arrow trained on the ball again. "Down came the arrow, and took this asshole out!" Spider Ganon spazzed out as he felt the arrow's power a fifth time, counting Tetra's distraction attack on his earlier form. As the spider was reeled up, Link swatted down more pesky Keese, and quickly high-fived Tetra.

"That was awesome!"

"Yeah, you aren't the only awesome kick asser here now, aren't you?" Spider Ganon came back down, and the heroes separated, this time beside the back end of the beast. Tetra shot another arrow, and sent the monster away a fifth time.

Ganon started to spin, and only gave the two a second to spare before crashing down on them. Once again pinned to Ganon's front, Link awaited for Tetra's attack, but it never came. After a moment, Ganon rose up, and Link saw Tetra remove the same blue barrier from earlier away from her. She was partially crushed under the monster, but luckily her magic protected her from bodily harm. "You alright?"

She took a deep breath, feeling a little sluggish, and summoned back her bow. "Yeah, I'm good." The heroes fended off another wave of Keese, and watched as the spinning spider came to a slowdown, and fell. Link was to the lower left of the spider, while Tetra was opposite of him. The use of magic was wearing her down, and because she wasn't as experienced as her predecessors, the consumption to do a spell was more than taxing. Never again will she call her ancestors weak, as she was weak in the art her lineage perfected. Good thing the Arrows of Light ran off another power, as in the bow, or else she would have been done for some time ago. Ganon rose up again, and her physical exhaustion was showing more on her than on Link, and she was much more conditioned for long fights than her was, or maybe her magic was taking more of a toll than she thought. Link didn't question why she didn't attack after he saw her face, only nodding in understanding.

At this rate, they wouldn't make it to a round three with Ganondorf. They would need some luck...and it came down hard.

Spider Ganon's tail conveniently landed beside Tetra, and it took her a moment to realize it. She fired upon the cracking ball, and watched as Ganon's body was fried with the power of good. However, unlike its first form, it wasted no time to change, and in a flash of purple smoke, became Snake Ganon. Snake Ganon moved too fast for Tetra to get an aim on his weak spot, and given that both heroes were tired and beaten up, this fight was difficult even before it started. "Link, we need to bait him so he can at least be in one spot, and I can get a shot off."

Link frowned. "Bait… BAIT!" Reaching into his pockets, Link found some of his remaining fish bait (came very handy with finding the locations of the Triforce shards) and tossed it into the water. As Tetra "predicted," Snake Ganon fell for the bait, and spun around in a circle. Once she was confident in her aim, Tetra fired her arrow, going seven for seven for cooking a bad guy with light. Snake Ganon flopped in the air, and then began to charge at Tetra. She barely jumped, and it was enough for Ganon to ram into her knee. She cried out as she landed in the water, and Ganon came back for the final kill.

"TETRA!" Link quickly tossed bait, and Ganon moved away from his present course to the bait. Link slid to Tetra's side, and checked on her knee. It was definitely broken, luckily not shattered. Link uncorked another bottle of red potion, his last one, and without a second thought, he gave her the entire bottle. Taking her bow in hand, Link drew the bowstring back, finding an arrow appearing on the weapon, and shot it at Snake Ganon. It almost missed the weak spot, but it hit well enough for the monster to rise and fall as the light magic did its work. Link picked up Tetra, and was glad she still had some of her consciousness left as she took hold of him. Thankful for his enhanced strength, Link ran away from Snake Ganon, fingering his pocket for the last of the bait. He threw it without looking at his aim, and took bow in hand. Snake Ganon came forward from beside Link, and circled around the bait. Exhaustion beginning to overtake him as well, Link lazily fired the arrow, to tired to aim.

He better remember to thank Nayru, Din, and Farore after this. The arrow nicked the largely cracked ball, and Snake Ganon began to flop like a fish out of water. It coiled up around the red rope, and collided with the ceiling, finally bursting into the purple smoke Link and Tetra longed for. Finally succumbing to exhaustion, Link kneeled down in the water, setting Tetra on the floor. She was coming to, and groaned as she clutched her body, the potion not relieving her of all pain, but enough to completely fix her knee. She opened her eyes, and looked to Link, who was nursing his own body. "I take it we finally beat its ass, right?" Link nodded, too tired to speak. He collapsed right beside Tetra, and looked up. She looked at him, a distressed gaze in her eyes. "But we still got to face the devil himself."
"Yeah...the devil."

A low chuckle filled the room, and both Link and Tetra forgot their pains as they sat up. "Yes, surely you are the Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny reborn."

Link gasped as he saw the form of Ganondorf first, with his sister in his arms as he stood on a wooden beam above. "NO!"

Tetra gritted her teeth. "Let the girl go, Ganondork! I'm the girl you want!"

Ganondorf bit his lips, and scowled. "Very well. Her usefulness has outlasted herself. Your time has come. Come now… Stand before me, Hero and Pirate!" Ganon slowly levitated into the air, rising higher into the tower. To their horror, Link and Tetra watched as Ganondorf dropped Aryll from above. Link tried to run to catch her, but his energy was way past spent. He reached out hopelessly as he cried out her name…

Only for her to be caught by a familiar, yet unfamiliar face. The newcomer appeared so suddenly Link almost cried in double terror. Once he got a look at him, Link almost tripped on his feet as he recognized Aryll's savior, for he only knew one man with blond hair, a goatee to match, blue eyes, and was a right-handed swordsman.

The man looked at him, and gestured up. "Don't you have somewhere to be, the both of you? Hurry along, and save the world, son."

Too stunned to react, Link nodded, and looked to the long red rope. Looking to Tetra, who had nothing but mixed fury and confusion on her countenance, she followed him up the red rope to the beams, and they used the Grappling Hook and Hookshot to continued the climb up to the top of the tower, and returned outside.

Ganondorf stood on the far end of the tower, looking out to the country of Hyrule. Link and Tetra took a moment as well to see the landscape as far as the view allowed them, for they knew they would be the first and last two people to see their people's former home underwater. Whatever happens after this battle is dependant on this fight. Link turned to Ganondorf, who chose to ignore their presence, and yelled, "Why, Ganondorf, are you doing this? What has Hyrule in the past done to you that you must bring death and destruction to it?"

Ganondorf still didn't look to the heroes, keeping his face to the wind. His cloak fluttered behind him as if he was a caped crusader, and took a deep breath. "My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing… Death. But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin. I coveted that wind, I suppose. It can only be called fate... That here, I would again gather the three with the crests… That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder… That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down. The power of the gods… The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!"

Link scoffed. "Sure, but you'll have to get both of them from us first!" He turned to Tetra, who was staring at her right hand, wisdom shining bright on it. "Right, Tetra?"


"Already, the crest of wisdom is mine." Link turned forward, and stared right into Ganondorf's amber eye. "All that remains…" Link looked down to his hand, the Triforce of Courage shining brightly upon it. Ganondorf turned fully to Link and Tetra, seeing the tired expressions despite their courage to stand up to him. Tetra suddenly moved in front of Link, pointing bow at Ganondorf, arrow set upon it.

"You will not touch the Triforce, Ganondorf."

"You are definitely more foolish than your ancestor. She knew how to run, yet here you stand, with the hero. I usually admire a fighting woman…" Faster than Tetra could register, Ganon was upon her, and violently smacked her aside. She rolled across the tower until she came close to the edge. Angered, Link ran forward, and tried to attack Ganondorf. The demon was too fast for him as well, and after dodging the blow, punch Link's beaten body several times. He knocked the Master Sword away, which dangerous impaled the ground near Tetra's head. Ganondorf sent a final punch to Link's gut, and the boy laid on the ground as the man walked over to him. "Do not fear, I will not kill you. I merely have need of the power that dwells within you." He picked Link up, and held him like he was a dungeon item. "Now! Let us put to an end to that which binds us together!" Golden light began to glow from Link, Tetra, and Ganondorf's hand, and flew into the air, the three triangles forming into one. As the full Tiforce lowered, Ganondorf chuckled as he dropped Link on the ground, and walked towards the power of the gods. "GODS! Hear that which I desire!" He raised his hand forward, and declared his wish. "Expose this land to the rays of the sun once more! Let them burn forth! GIVE HYRULE TO ME!" Ganondorf reached out to touch the Triforce, but found someone else already there.

"He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted… That is what you said, is it not, Ganondorf?"

Ganondorf snarled, but still too stunned to move. "Daphnes!"

KIng Hyrule ignored the fiend, and looked to the sky. "Gods of the Triforce! Hear that which I desire! Hope! I desire hope for these children! Give them a future! Wash away the ancient land of Hyrule! Let a ray of hope shine on the future of the world!" The Triforce began to shine brightly, signifying the wish of King Hyrule was heard. He looked at his longtime nemesis, the ever-present glare sending daggers at Ganondorf. "And let our destinies finally be fulfilled. Ganondorf! May you drown with Hyrule!" The Triforce broke up and rose to the sky. Ganondorf looked at King Hyrule, and his snarl turned into devilish smirk, as if the greatest joke in the world was told.

"Heh heh heh heh… Ha heh heh heh… Wa heh ha ha… Ha ha heh ha..." Around the tower, the air bubble began to pop in places, letting water spill onto the country of Hyrule. The grin turned into a full on smile, and then, like his surroundings, Ganondorf broke. "WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HA HA HA HA! YEHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEH HA HA HA!" Link rose up, hearing the laughter of the older man, confused about what was happening, but didn't have the time to ponder. He felt the Bow of Light near his right hand, and grabbed it. He stood up, clutching his left arm, which Ganondorf's very tight grip held onto earlier. He groaned, and at that moment, Ganondorf stopped laughing. "This is foolishness… A future...for you?"

"What are you laughing at, Ganondorf?! You're insane!" Link turned to see Tetra, struggling to walk, holding the Master Sword. It seemed to have lost its glow, but then again, the Bow of Light wasn't glowing either. She turned to Link, smiled, and winked. "Link! I'm sorry! I overslept!"

"Getting real tired of your shit, Tetra. Hope you enjoyed your quick nap."

"Says you! I think it is time for us to say goodbye to this place. We must return to the world bove! Back to our ocean!"

Link and Tetra traded weapons, their heavenly glow returning to the both of them as they recognized their true owners. Link chuckled, and nodded to Tetra. "Let's finish what the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny started, and what our most recent predecessors couldn't." Green eyes met blue, a hint of mischievousness flowing between them, and then they turned back to Ganondorf, who had heard the whole conversation.

"Very well, then… Allow me to show you…" Ganon raised his arms up, and then quickly unsheathed not one, but to Lin's dismay, two blades. "Your future… Yes… Allow me to show you… Just what hope you have…" Ganon turned around, grinning and glaring at his foes. "See how much your precious Triforce is worth!"

"Link, I'll use the bow to cover you. Attack him as best you can!"

Link nodded. "Okay!" Link stepped in front of Tetra, and raised his sword. "It ends here, Ganon...for you!" Ganon snarled, and surprisingly, jumped and glided in the air, bringing his swords down on Link and Tetra's former location. Tetra duck rolled, and on her knees, shot an arrow at Ganondorf, only for him to block it with his sword. Link tried to use the opportunity to strike Ganon himself, but the other blade blocked the hero. Link stepped back as Ganon swung his blades, and dodged one with a roll to Ganon's left, and struck the man in his back. As Ganon grunted from the attack, Tetra took a shot, and the demon fizzled with light energy. Link landed two strikes before Ganon quickly recovered. He moved slowly on Link, and they traded metal for metal. Link couldn't get on the offensive due to Ganon's height and strength, and the Gauntlets were not being helpful.

"Why do you fight so hard, boy? What motivates you?"

In the corner of his eye, Link could see Tetra preparing to fire again, and knew he had to keep Ganon distracted. "I fight...for my sister, who you kidnapped for three months, all for what?"

"Leverage, my boy. But no, you do not fight for your sister, for I gave her back to you, and you could have went home. So, Link, why do you fight?"

Link honestly didn't have another answer. Ganon was right. He did give Aryll back, and Link's mission all along was to rescue his sister. If he wasn't fighting for her, then why was he fighting at all? Hyrule was going under, Ganon's plan had failed, so there was no reason for Link to be here… Yes there was. He had a reason. The Hero of Time fought on to see his friend, the Princess of Destiny, and fought Ganondorf to save her. The last hero did the same. "Ganon, I fight for Zelda… For Tetra. If for no one else, or nothing else, I go on because of her."

Ganon snickered as he brought down a blade on Link's shield, almost disarming him of it. "Love… You fight for love… How pathetic. You know what love is? It is a backdoor to untold pain and betrayal. I know this, because I loved at one point. But I was betrayed, and while I sought to better my people, she sought to undermine me, and behold, she became a Sae for crying out loud! What you are fighting for…this love you have for the girl… You are the hero, and she's the princess. It always ends in bloodshed. Just ask your ancestors when you meet them!" Ganon kicked Link back, and swung his blades for the cut. Link dodged each of them, and on the third strike flipped into the air, cutting Ganondorf across his forehead. Ganon clutched his head, and immediately felt an Arrow of Light unleash its power on him. He cried out in agony, and swung his blade back at Link, knocking him to the ground. He then jumped into the air, bringing his sword almost upon Link's body, but the Hero of Winds rolled away and sprang back to his feet, furiously connecting his blade with Ganondorf's. Link then spun around, and sneakily took out his Boomerang, throwing it at his opponent. Ganon blocked it, but it allowed Link to continue his motion, kicking the demon in his wound. Ganon staggered, and Link gritted his teeth.

"That's for Aryll, Grandma, and all of the inhabitants of the Great Sea!"

An arrow whizzed past Link, and Ganon shouted in pain as a third Light Arrow grazed his body. "That's for being an ass in general." Ganon looked past Link, eyeing Tetra, and dazed the both of them as he leaped over Link and landed in front of Tetra.

"An ass, eh? You should know that better than anyone, Princess Zelda." Ganon hit her across the cheek, and Tetra fell to the cold, wet ground. Link screamed out, and charged forward. Ganon blocked the hero's attack, and eyed him. "Now it's me and you, boy." Link gulped internally, but put on his most courageous face on, and kept on the defensive. Ganon leaped into the air, and slammed his swords right where Link should be. Link had rolled away, and had to dodge another set of attacks from his foe. Link jumped back after another aerial attack from Ganon, and they paused in action. Ganon stood in the center of the space, looking down on Link, who was running on pure adrenaline and mind. The falling rain battered the both of them, yet neither too an eye off each other. It was as if they were two mortal enemies, who have countless battles between them, and this was the finale. "I do admire that you possess the same spirit the Link I once knew had. He first stood against me as a child, and then he returned seven years later, a man. You stand here, almost his age, and fight the same. But at that time, I underestimated the power the Triforce of Courage possessed. Now…" Ganon looked to Tetra, and frowned. "I underestimated the power the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom as one. There is a reason they are the lower two parts of the Triforce, because separate, power will conquer. Together, nothing can stop them. That's why you and her are so important to your gods. I realized that when I first saw them before me together. The gods didn't truly choose the wisest girl in the land, nor the most courageous boy. No, they chose a wise girl and a brave boy, the only two that were capable of working together, like their Triforces. Two souls, reincarnated to defy me at every turn… Yet you would think they would deal with me themselves. You fight for gods, yet why must you fight their battles? They sent you both here to die!"

"Then so be it, Ganon! Whatever the gods have planned for me, Tetra, and you, it led us to this place, together!" Link jumped into the air, and locked blades with Ganon. Link used all of his strength to either push back or balance out with Ganon, and his nemesis did the same. To Link's surprise, he saw Ganon fall back a bit, but it was noticeable, and it drove LInk even harder. "You will pay for what you have done to this world, and to mine. Maybe that's why the gods won't deal with you themselves. Tetra and I, we are their champions. We were chosen to stop you. We represent them as judge, jury, and executioner. Tetra, as princess, judge you to death. Tetra and I, as your jury, sentence you to death. I, Link, as the Hero of Winds, shall execute you!" Link pushed all of his strength to his arms, and pushed Ganon back, cutting the man across his large torso. Ganon recoiled, and leaped up to the air. He raised one of his sword in the air, and electricity crackled from it.

"Hmph. Bold words, coming from a kid. BEGONE!" A ball formed at the sword's tip, and Ganondorf sent it towards Link. Link held his shield up, and the ball bounced off it and back to Ganondorf. Link watched it return back to him, and raised the Mirror Shield again, and the ball returned back to Ganondorf, only for him to hit it with his sword. Link lowered the shield, and swung the Master Sword, knocking the ball back at Ganondorf, who effortlessly smack it back. It was going much faster now, and Link was too tired to swing his sword or raised his shield. The ball collided with him, and sent the boy flying to the edge of the tower. The water removed most of the traction the ground had, and Link was sent over the top, barely hanging to the edge of the building. He pulled himself back up, and settled himself on his knees. Link picked up his weapons, and stood up. He was going to die before he succumbed to exhaustion. Ganondorf had landed on the ground, his head turned slightly to the right to Tetra's hidden position. To Link's knowledge, she was still out cold. Still having the need to protect her, Link wearily moved forward to Ganondorf, who still hadn't looked to him.

Then Ganondorf unexpectedly jumped, and a flash of light bombarded Link. He collapsed to one knee, using the Master Sword to hold him up. He looked up to a revived Tetra, who looked horrified at what she had done.

Link now knew how getting hit with the power of light must feel for Ganondorf. Speaking of the monster, he continued to jump around, dodging Tetra's constant firing of the Light Arrows. Ganon threw a ball at her, and but missed as she ran and rolled to Link's side. Link fully stood up, his breather time over. "Any ideas, Tetra, now that he's dodging your arrows?"

"Link, you have to distract him."

"Yeah I figured that out."

"I'll aim for you, and you use your shield… Do you get it?" Link smirked at the plan, and willed his body to keep going. It seemed Tetra was going through the same struggle. Link walked up to Ganon, and met him in another sword lock. He needed time for Tetra to prepare herself.

"You are tired, you are weakened, and you are beaten, the both of you! Why do you still resist me? I am Ganondorf, the King of Evil! The King of Thieves! The Princes of Darkness! I will not be denied by children. The King has given you false hope. What hope do the both of you have up there?"

"That's the thing, Ganon, and it is what makes us so different. You had hope once, but you threw it away for power. We have hope, and it is the reason why, even when we are tired and beaten, I pick up this sword and shield, because I know countless other boys who wore this tunic did not stop fighting, even when hope was bleak. I do not know what King Hyrule means by hope, but I will make sure it come to fruition!" Link looked away from the contesting swords, and to the golden eyes of Ganondorf. "I am Link, of Outset Island! A resident of the Great Sea! A big brother to my sister! A friend to the princess! But most of all, I am the Hero of WInds!"

A chuckle came from behind, and Ganon turned around to see a big grin on Tetra, arrow pointed at him. "Let's be honest here, Ganon… You fucked with the wrong Hero and Pirate. NOW!" Link jumped back as Tetra fired the arrow, and Ganon flipped over it. It came towards Link, and he raised his shield just in time to reflect it back at Ganondorf. Ganon growled in pain.

"HIYAH!" Link, adrenaline on overtime, struck Ganon vertically as he hopped into the air. Twirling his sword for a downward thrust, the Hero of Winds fell down, right unto the shoulders of Ganon. Bright light departed from where the Master Sword now was impaled, right on the stone-encrusted head of Ganondorf. Link took a moment to realize the deed he had done, but didn't move off the man's body.

Ganondorf chuckled a bit, smiling as he looked to the water blocked sky. "Ughnn… Heh heh… The wind… It is blowing…" Link hopped off of Ganondorf, and watched as the man became petrified in stone. Thunder boomed across the sky, and lightning flashed as Link and Tetra looked at the man who had caused them three months of turmoil, and Hyrule centuries of the same illness, die in front of them. His body finally giving out, Link began to collapse.

"Link!" Tetra ran forward, and caught her friend, barely able to hold him up herself, as she is as exhausted as he is. But one thing rested on their minds, and that was it was over. Footsteps gained Tetra's attention, and she looked up to see King Hyrule standing over her and Link. She pulled Link up, and they both looked up to him, standing as best they could.

"My children… Listen to me. I have lived regretting the past. And I have faced those regrets. If only I could do things over again… Not a day of my life goes by without my thoughts turning to my kingdom of old. I have lived bound to Hyrule." He turned to the stone statue of the Demon King, and sighed, "In that sense, I was the same as Ganondorf. But you…" He turned back to Link and Tetra, standing without each other's aid. "I want you to live for the future. There may be nothing left for you, but despite that, you must look forward and walk a path of hope, trusting that it will sustain you when darkness comes." The king bowed his head, closing his eyes. "Farewell… This is the only world that your ancestors were able to leave you. One were children were forced to risk their lives for what we couldn't end. Please...forgive us."

Tetra bowed her head, and then popped it right back up, and idea in her head. "W-Wait! You could… You could come with us!" She turned to Link, who was unfortunately confused. "Yes, of course… We have a ship! We can find it! We WILL find it!"

"Find what, Tetra?"

"The land that will be the next Hyrule!" Link came to realization, and the both of them looked to the king, a sadness in his eyes. Tetra looked up with pleading eyes. "So…"

Link finished the sentence for her. "Will you come with us, to the next Hyrule?"

The king closed his eyes, and smiled. "Ah, but children… That land will not be Hyrule… It will be YOUR land! It will be your Hyrule, and when you find it, remember to bring peace to it, for you and that land's future." He looked directly at Link, who had tears streaming down his face. "Link, my boy, what all true warriors strive for. Remember that." A large crash from overhead led to water overcoming the forms of Link and Tetra, yet they found themselves in their own air bubbles. They began to float up, and King Hyrule watched them rise. In a last ditch effort, Link reached out for King Hyrule.

"Come...with us.."

The King reached up, centimeters from Link's hands, and then quickly pulled back. "Farewell, Hero of Winds and Princess of Pirates. Farewell, Link and Tetra." King Hyrule watched as his descendant and her friend, floated to the water's surface, and bowed his head once more. "I have scattered the seeds of the future… Now, gods, plant them somewhere, and wherever they land, let their future be fruitful…"

Link was first to awaken, seeing the orange sunset in the sky. He heard Tetra groaned beside him, and they both looked to each other, too tired to speak. But their eyes said all the words need. They had saved the world.

"LINK! TETRA!" The flapping of wings became increasingly louder until the owner of those wings, Prince Komali, hovered over the duo. "You made it back!"

"MISS TETRA!" Tetra turned back, and saw her ship, along with the six pirates and the Sages of Earth and Wind aboard it. Link was still staring at Komali until he heard something he had heard since his last visit to the Forsaken Fortress.

"BIG BROTHER!" Link instantly turned around, and saw, high on the crow's nest, his sister Aryll. Link chuckled as he saw all of his friends.

"We made it, Link, and still I kept my promise of rescuing your sister. Am I not a good pirate?" Link turned to Tetra's wink, and turned away, waving to the pirate ship.

"No, you are a horrible one. It took three months for you to fulfill your promise."

"Well, you know, there were some hiccups, and a green idiot to watch over."

"Do not forget the girl who stayed on her period the whole time."

Tetra smirked as she began to wave to her ship. "Remind me to kick your ass when we get on the ship, Hero of Winds."

Link pushed the pirate away, and began to swim for the boat. "Whatever you say, Princess Zelda."

Tetra shook her hair, and began to swim after Link. "HEY! GET BACK HERE!"

I wrote this in two days, willing myself to finish this chapter, as it means the story of Link and Tetra is one more chapter. Technically, I could end it here, but I got two moments I want by themselves, without any action of whatsoever. So, next chapter, it brings some closure, and a new beginning as well.

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