Oh, girl this boat is sinking, there's no sea left for me.
Oh, how the sky gets heavy, when you are underneath it.
Oh, I want to sail away from here.
And god…He came down, down, down, down, down…
and said…nothing.

[Macklemore - Otherside]

"Aominecchi, pass!" Kise shouted.

Heavy pants were heard. You could hear them running, the gym floor giving off a small rumble.
Everyone were tired, they had already trained for 2hours. First the second strings played against the third string and the winner against the first string.

"I think that's for it for today" Akashi informed "Jog on your way home, and take a good rest. See you tomorrow."

The boys walked to the changing room. First, second/third string had two different changing rooms. The second and third would share the changing room.

Momoi slammed the first strings changing rooms door open, not caring if the boys were changing. They had usually changed by the time she always got there.

"Can we go and try the new Maji that came to town last week" Momoi questioned.

Midorima pulled down his shirt and put his glasses on, not really surprised that Momoi came in. Kise gasped 'Does she want to see my sexiness or why does she always come here?'. Murasakibara just ate his snacks. Akashi didn't say anything, just turned his gaze expecting that Aomine would …

"Satsu, DO YOU KNOW HOW many times I've told you that you can't just walk in here" Aomine shouted.

"Moo… I just wanted to ask you all out to go and grab a bite. Because I know you'll just part ways and go home." Momoi explained.

"I would love to come." Akashi said.

"It's not like I have a choice." Midorima pushed his glasses.

"…" Murasakibara munched his snacks "As long as there's food."

"I'll come-ssu" Kise grinned.

"I'm sorry but I need to go home and help"

"Aominecchi? Home? Help? " Kise laughed "That's the funniest thing I ever heard!" he exclaimed and held his stomach with his arms, trying to ease his laughter. The others questioned this too. It's not like Aomine would willingly go home and help, he's too lazy for that. Someone probably forced him or then he's lying.

"Well what's so important at home?" Akashi questioned "It's not like we hang out together all the time, it would be fun is the whole gang was there."

Okey..that was weird for Akashi to admit that.

"It's Tets-kun isn't it?" Momoi finally broke the small silence in the room.

"Yea, it's Tetsu. He needs some help, Mom asked if I could take the food out for him." he explained.

"Aominecchi, is Tetsu a dog or…?" Kise questioned, he nor the rest of the GoM knew who this Tetsu was.

"He's Aomines brother." Momoi smiled and pointed a finger up "A real cutie."

"I didn't know you had a brother." Akashi pointed out.

Geh. Aomine massaged his neck "Well, half-brother."

Midorima narrowed his eyes. "And can't he make his food for himself?"

Aomine and the rest of the GoM and Momoi walked slowly towards Aomines house. They wanted to meet Aomines brother, to see how spoiled his younger brother was. Momoi again was really excited to meet Tetsu after such a long time, even though she lived next door she rarely had the time to see him.

There they stood, in front of Aomines house. Aomine was about to turn the door knob when he paused.

"My brother is… a bit special, please don't make fun of him. He also has a weak pretense, so it's hard to notice him" Aomine warned.

'?' Everyone thought and then Aomine turned the knob, opening the door.
The house has two floors. The stairs were almost right in front when you walk in. To the right the living room and to the left was the kitchen. They took off their shoes and hung their jackets and left their bags near the front entrance. Aomine strove off and looked in to the living room.

"…." Aomine scanned through the room. The rest of the GoM took a look inside the room from the door.

"Welcome home, Dai-nii" a teal haired boy said. He sat in the sofa in the living room. His back against the door, he leaned his head backward so he saw them standing at the door upside down.

"Friends?" he asked

"Yea, I'm home Tetsu. These are my friends." Aomine started. He introduced every one of them.

"Ah, hello Momoi." the boy said, his face staid blank, like he didn't have any emotions. Momoi just nodded back to him. Giving Tetsu the sweetest smile they ever seen. Lucky bastard.

Kuroko jumped off, and disappeared behind the sofa. A small thump was heard. They could hear hands slapping the floor dragging something. Kuroko crept out, revealing himself. He crept to Aomine and hugged Aomines legs.

"Did you have a good day at school Dai-nii?" Tetsu questioned.

Aomine lifted Tetsu in to his arms, and hugged him. "Mmm…" he humed.

The generation of miracles gasped, everything made sense now…

"Oh" the boy turned around to face his brothers friends who stood speechless and gasped at him. "My name is Kuroko Tetsuya, nice to meet you" he made a small bow.

Tetsuya wasn't spoiled nor a brat. He was handicapped. He didn't have legs. Kuroko Tetsuya was legless.

Oh, there was no sea left for me.
Oh, see how I'm sinking.
Oh, God, he came down, he looked at me, said nothing and left me.

How cruel can god be?

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