Hermione goes dark: The Sequel.

Author: Roscoson

Beta: Hylian Mage.

A/N: This is slightly different in terms of the game KOTOR 2. As it includes the same planets but

Different events.


Hermione decided that a new Force-user was of little importance so she ignored it and instead

decided to go and take control of the ruins of the Jedi academy on Dantooine. When she arrived it

was exactly as she had left it except a group of salvagers had set up camp not too far from the

entrance to the academy. Hermione entered into the sublevel and found a holocron which

mentioned how someone with a huge amount of mastery over the Force could stop themselves

from aging. She studied this holocron for weeks and finally she understood how to do it. After she

had used the Force so that she was stuck at age sixteen. In the time she hadn't been studying the

hololcron she had been repairing the academy. It looked semi respectable but still had light side

Aura. Hermione knew how to change that she went to the crystal cave and found a rare crystal that

Had bonded to her. She had read about this sort of crystal the quote read:

"Picture yourself as a sieve and the force is water pouring into it. This crystal catches the excess

water that escapes the sieve like a sponge."

Hermione then returned to the academy and destroyed the statue of a single pillar, replacing it with

a nine foot statue of her with a large part of the crystal set in the pendant around the neck of the

statue, the rest of the crystal was set into a ring which she always wore.

Now that the academy was ready she needed students. She decided to find a ship with enough beds

and a cargo hold for a training room, but where would you find one of those on a planet of mainly


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