Hermione Goes Dark The Sequel Final Chapter.

A/N: This is the final chapter, At last.


Hermione was relaxing after a long day of training when she sensed a very powerful force presence moving towards Telos.

She mobilized her droids and apprentices and headed towards Telos. When they arrive they see a ship which is badly damaged but still has miniature atmosphere inside due to the particle fields.

They use the shuttle to make it onto the ship. While making their way to the bridge they find out that the ship they are on is the Ravager, A legendary doom bringer which was supposed to be trapped in the gravity well of Malachor V.

After facing down dozens of sith soldiers and a few dark Jedi they finally reach the bridge. While walking up the middle they notice a lot of people who were alive if only just. When they looked up they weren't looking as their eyes were unmoving and unresponsive. At the end of the bridge is what looked like a man but only had a dark side aura. His name was Darth Nihilus.

Hermione faced him and used force crush to crush his body which killed him. Hermione removed his mask and put it on before his body disappeared.

Hermione used her own force power to take control of the ship which she turned away from Telos and took it to an abandoned clearing on Dantooine. She hired people to repair the ship which would take years relative to the size.

Its Size is about as large as a super star destroyer.

Now there is no more danger for a long time so Hermione goes back to being a bounty hunter with the force as her ally but kept her title of Darth Granger Empress of the Sith Empire.

There you go final chapter. Only doing one more story after this chapter. It is mainly for Aussies and Kiwis. Until next time. Goodbye and good health to you.