Three days to go until the rest of my life, until my happily ever after. The venue was booked, the food chosen, the center pieces and flowers colour coordinated with the table setting, the cake was big and beautiful and my dress was waiting for me at my mothers house for safe keeping, and so that Mike wouldn't be tempted to look at it before the big day. Mike was the perfect guy and I couldn't have been more excited to get married and start our life together. Mike was good to me and he could provided for me, he was sweet and romantic and thoughtful and I just couldn't help falling in love with him, even if at first I didn't like him when we had first meet in freshman year of collage. It took two years for him to convince me to go on a date with him and we have been together for three years now.

I had a little skip in my step as I walked up the stairs to my apartment, that would become ours the second we got married. I was supposed to be working late tonight, working on a huge account, but we had finished early and I wanted to surprise him by coming home and giving him a little something, just because. He was after all, always doing stuff like that to me. I unlocked the front door and found comfort in the soft chiming noise my keychain made as I twisted the key in the lock. I pushed the door open and stepped through the thresh hold, and I couldn't help the smiled that had been a permeate fixture on my face for the last few days.

"Mike" I called out but didn't get a answer, I checked the kitchen, bathroom and his office but didn't find him in any of those areas "Mike" I called out again but still I didn't get a reply. I walked up the stairs slowly taking my time and smiling at the pictures of us on the walls and found the idea of adding little faces identical to our own, with either my chestnut brown hair and mikes blue eyes or his blue eyes and blonde hair, exciting. As I got closer to our room I could hear soft music playing and assumed thats why he couldn't hear me, but why would he be in our room listening to music and not down stairs and I was answered by the soft feminine moans coming from the other side of the door, I rolled my eyes and laughed a little. He was watching his, so called secret stash of porn, which I didn't mind just as long as he didn't stray from me.

I put on my best mock angry face and pushed the bedroom door opened and paused when my eyes fell over the scene in front of me. Everything looked the same as I had left it this morning except I hadn't left my fiancé at the bottom of a red haired woman while she ride him like a fucking cowboy, and my smiled fell from my face. I let the door open with a loud bang that made them both jump and look at me, the red head looked surprised and embarrassed while Mike looked like he saw a ghost, I turned away from the scene just in time to see mike push the girl off so she landed on the bed. I walked out of the room and down the stairs, I heard him calling after me but I didn't want to hear what he had to say, I just needed to get out of there.

"Bella!" he yelled and grabbed hold of my arm. I twirled around and slapped him so hard it stung my hand and a few seconds latter four red lines started to form on his face, it didn't make me feel any better to see those four red lines appear. He let go of my arm and I felt the tears start to fall down my face as I took a step away from him. I grabbed my bag and keys and turned away from him again "Bella please" he called to me, down the passage way but I ignored him and flinched when I heard the sound of his fist hitting the wall and his pained scream, I almost turned back to see if he was ok, angry at myself that I would even care about what happened to him after what I just saw but I couldn't help, that even though my heart was broken I still loved him. I ran the rest of the way to my car and jumped in speeding off towards the one place I knew I could find comfort. My eyes were blurry and puffy by the time I knocked on the shinny black door of my best friends house. I was shaking all over and I just wanted to collapse on the spot and melt into the floor. The door swung open and there stood Rosalie in a white apron and a smudge of cake flour on her face, her blonde hair was in a high ponytail and her blue eyes sparkled with the same excitement that were present in mine a half hour ago, she was just as happy as I was when I told her I was getting married, and she was more than happy to offer to help plan everything, as well as my bachelorette party, which was tonight and probably why she was covered in flour.

She took one look at me and the smile she was wearing fell from her face as I fell in to her open arms, once again letting the tears stream down my face, she rubbed my hair and shushed my while leading me in to her house and in to the lounge, where she sat us down and she just held me in her arms.

"Bella sweetie what happened" she asked when I calmed down a bit. I pulled away but she kept my hands in hers and offered me a tissue that appeared out of nowhere.

"Mike... he..." I couldn't get the words out, I didn't want to believe that it was true and speaking the truth out loud would make it real. Rose made a breathing gesture at me and I did as she said and started over again. "He cheated on me" I looked down at our hands and felt her go ridged for a second before she relaxed her body and I felt the tears fall down my face again.

"Oh Bella" she said and moved closer to me so she could hold me in her arms and comfort me, and I did feel comfort but I was still feeling so broken and hurt. She held me for a few seconds more before carrying on "what happened?" she asked and I contemplated on how I would tell her what I saw, if I should just tell her the basics of the whole story or just tell her it doesn't matter and whats done is done. In the end I just decided to start at the beginning.

"i come home early because I wanted to surprise him, when I got there he wasn't down stairs and so I called out but he didn't answer, when I got to the room the door was closed and there was music playing" I paused and cursed myself for being so stupid "I then heard moaning and thought he was just watching porn again, like the poor naïve girl I am. I opened the door and there they were on my bed. I don't even know who the woman is, all I know is that she had reddish hair." I finished and held my tears back this time but was unsuccessful when they started to fall again. Rose pulled me into her arms again and held me "what am I going to do Rose. I mean it's only three days until the wedding that's obviously not going to happen now" I cried

"If I ever see him again I will kill him." she spat and I looked up to see her angry face. the front door opened and closed and in came Alice, with about three different bags over flowing with party decorations.

"Ok I got all the stuff you asked for but we better hurry before Bella..." she looked up and saw the two of us sitting on the couch with tears streaming down my face and Rose looking very pissed off at everything "what happened?" she asked and let the bags drop to the floor and walked over to us and sat in front of us on the coffee table. Her grey eyes searching for answers.

"Mike cheated" Rose answered when I didn't and Alice looked shocked for a second before her face became angry and her grey eyes turned in to storm clouds like they did when she was angry, if she could I'm pretty sure lighting would shoot out of them.

"He did what" she screamed "With who"

"i don't know who it was, and I didn't have time to ask questions before I went running out the door" I said and l sunk into the couch wishing it would swallow me whole. "I slapped him by the way" I said randomly and they both looked at me waiting for more "yeah, he grabbed my arm trying to stop me and I turned around and slapped him" I finished and stared blankly at the painting on the wall, the different colours merging into one. I wished I could slap him again and again until I got all of my anger out and there was nothing left of the heart break he had caused me. "I have to call the wedding off now, I have to tell two hundred people that 'oh no, its been canceled because Mike is a lying cheating son of a bitch', at least his family paid for the entire thing" I finished and I all of a sudden really needed a drink. All our friends and family were going to find this out and it was embarrassing.

"Don't worry about that, we will take care of everything" Rose said and Alice nodded "first we need to cancel tonight, Alice could you get on that" Rose asked and Alice simply got out her phone and started making calls. "don't tell them why though, tell them Bella got sick" she added "second your staying here until this is all sorted out, ill make all the necessary calls in the morning" she said plaining everything out "go take a shower" she ordered and pushed me upstairs and into her bedroom she handed me a pair of her pj's bottoms and a shirt that were a few sizes to big.

"You don't have to do this, I can stay at a hotel" I said and she rolled her eyes and pushed me towards the bathroom

"You don't have any clothes with you and I wont let you go back to your place until he is gone, so your staying, no arguments" she said like her word was finale and left me alone in the bathroom to strengthen that. I sat down on the toilet seat and looked around, it was so familiar to me but I felt like a stranger and I felt alone, I knew I had Rose and Alice but I still felt alone, neither of them had gone through this and I just felt useless and defeated. I wanted to kill Mike and slap the stupid woman until she went mad but I was still in love with him and that just made me hurt more. What had I done wrong, what reason had I given him to cheat on me. He didn't seam unhappy and it wasn't like I was holding out on him, and yet he still cheated on me, I don't think you cheat on someone you claim to love and does this mean that he didn't love me to begin with.

I stayed in the bath, curled up into a tight ball, for about half an hour and cried until the water turned cold. I wrapped myself up in a towel and sunk to the floor leaning against the side of the bath and looked down at me left hand, that still housed the ring Mike had given me, a promise of our future, he had said and I almost laughed. If this was the future he wanted for us then I didn't want it but when I removed the ring something felt wrong, like a part of me was missing. I put it back on and felt tears fall down my face again, I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life, not when my mom left, not when my gran died, i was never as broken as I was right now. I don't know how long I just sat there crying for but it must have been a while because someone started knocking at the door,

"Bella?" it was Rose but I ignored her "are you ok?" she called but I just sat there in silence, I didn't want to move. I heard muffled speaking on the other side and then the door opened and in came Rose followed by Alice. "oh Bella" Rose exclaimed and come rushing over to me and picked me up from the floor with Alice's help, and dragged me to the room where they set me on the bed, Rose went back into the bathroom and Alice held me while I cried. She come out a second later with the clothes I hadn't put on and made me stand up, she first got me into some underwear and then put my legs one by one through the pants and then removed the towel from around my torso and replaced it with a shirt. They then lead me out of the room and down stairs were I could smell pizza and something strong like wine.

I sat on the couch and some one threw a blanket over me and handed me a full glass of a rich red liquid, I didn't even think before I swallowed the whole thing in a few gulps and held the empty glass in my hand and ignored the food Rose pushed at me.

"You have to eat something" Alice said with a sad look on her face but I wouldn't touch the food and eventually it was taken away from me. Rose was looking at me expectantly and Alice sat next to me stroking my hair like she normally did when I was upset. The more I thought about it the more and more I got upset and the more I wanted to scream and shout and kick Mike in the balls. I wasn't feeling sad anymore but rather pissed at him, I wasn't good enough for him and instead of coming to me and breaking up with me he thought it would be ok to propose to me and then cheat on me. In what universe was that right. I looked at Rose and she took one look at my face and made herself comfortable before I snapped.

"How the fuck could he do that to me, three days before our fucking wedding. Who does that! Does he even care what kind of emotional stress this is going to put me in. I was in love with him, I was willing to live the rest of my life with him and he goes and throws that all down the drain. I was going to let him put his name on the apartment I paid for, so that it would be ours. And thank fuck I didn't do that or I would be screwed right now!"i finished and by the time I was done Rose was smiling at me and Alice was trying to hold back laughter. "its not funny" I accused them and glared at them, which only made Alice burst out laughing and so did Rose, I tried to glare at them but it didn't work and I ended up laughing with them but then my laughs turned into crying and Rose and aAice were on either side of me. Holding me and telling me to let it all out, when I was finally done crying, for I what I hoped was the last time tonight, I stayed there in the cocoon of their arms.

"was I not good enough for him?" I asked no one in particular and felt Rose tighten her arms around me and Alice stroked my head that was on her shoulder. "did I do something wrong"

"You didn't do anything wrong Bella, and if Mike had the urge to cheat on you then he doesn't deserve to have you." Alice said and kissed the top of my head like a mother would when she comforted a daughter "you were good enough, he just wanted more" she said and Rose nodded, agreeing with her.

We all turned when we heard the front door open and close and the deep voice of Rose's husband Emmet floated through the house.

"Rose! I know i'm not supposed to be here but I just wanted to drop my tux off" he came into the lounge and stopped when he saw us sitting on the couch "I thought the girls would be here by now" he said and looked around, expecting to see decorations and getting nothing but the three of us sitting on a couch with pizza and a bottle of wine in front of us on the coffee table.

"you wont be needing you tux anytime soon Em" I said and his brown eyes were confused, if you didn't know any better, you would say me and emmet were brother and sister, we had the same brown eyes and chest nut hair, but even though we weren't related he treated me like I was his little sister.


"The wedding is off" I said and he walked over to us and like alice did, sat on the coffee table, only he had to move some stuff to make space.

"Why" he asked but I didn't get a chance to answer him when there was a loud knock on the front door, emmet looked at rose who just shrugged her shoulders and looked in the direction of the door. Emmet got up to check who it was and come back a second later, his face a mix a surprise and shock

"It's Mike"