Two days passed and the only thing I had heard from Edward was a text message on the morning after we had kissed in the rain and then later when he apologised for being so quite, but he was busy with something and it was taking up most of his time. I was starting to think that he was blowing me off and that what happened was a one time thing but I just couldn't make myself believe that. For some reason I knew that he wouldn't do that to me. In other news Rose still hadn't gone to the doctor because she said she was feeling much better but I knew there was something wrong with her and the first sign of sickness I was rushing her ass off to the hospital and I wasn't the only one who was worried. Emmet had started hovering over her like a fly and it was starting to irritate her but he didn't notice and then there was Alice and Jasper. I had gone down to the kitchen last night to get a glass of water and found them there talking in hushed tones, at first I thought they just didn't want to wake anyone up and then Jasper leaned in and kissed her and she practically melted in his arms. I rushed up stairs after that as quietly as I could. I still hadn't spoken to either of them about it. I wanted both of them to be happy even if it was with each other but she is one of my best friends and he was my first love, and even though I was over him it was still pretty weird.

"So what are we going to do today" Jasper asked when we were all sitting down to breakfast. We occupied most of our time by either watching tv or sitting outside and talking or swimming. It was starting to get a little boring and they had planned to stay here for an entire month, I didn't know if I could survive till then.

"We could go out on the lake" Emmet suggested, playing with the left over food on his plate "we have the boat just waiting around for us, just begging to be used" he had a point but I don't think that any of us really felt like it at the moment, especially Rose who looked paler than usual.

"I thought this trip was about me and what I wanted to do" I looked at him and he shrugged his shoulders. Rose got up from the table and grabbed our plates so she could take them into the kitchen. "we could hit the town, maybe get some lunch and look at a few boutiques. I saw a few the other night that looked pretty good" I was trying to appeal to both Rose and Alice when I suggested that because the last thing I felt like doing was going shopping for clothes or looking at them all day.

"That sounds fun" Alice said excitedly and I laughed at her. She was always the first one to jump at the mention of shopping. "but what would the guys do all day" she said looking at the two males in the house with a smirk

"Hold the bags of course" I said and they looked shocked and started shacking their heads at us but they didn't have time to respond when a crashing sound come from the kitchen and Emmet was out of his chair faster than lightning, followed by Jasper and then me and Alice. When we got to the kitchen my heart stopped. Rose was lying on the floor with broken plates around her and the coffee that had spilled on the counter surrounding her in a pool of dark liquid. Emmet rushed to her side and picked her up easily taking her out of the kitchen and into the lounge were he set her down on the couch. She still hadn't woken up and she looked so pale she looked dead. I was scared out of my mind.

"Jasper get the car keys" I heard Alice say behind me, having recovered faster then we did "Emmet get her into the car, we need to get her to the hospital"

Not ten minutes later we were pulling up to the entrance and Emmet was carrying his wife into the hospital, I was crying so badly I could hardly see and Jasper had to hold me up so I wouldn't fall over while Alice cried with me. We walked in together and saw a team of people surrounding my best friend and telling her frantic husband to back off but it was like he couldn't see or hear them, there was only Rose. I quickly told Jasper to go calm him down while me and Alice spoke to the nurse who had figured out we were friends with the patient. We answered all her question as best we could and when Emmet was able he answered the rest. We waited for what felt like forever but was really just two hours before a doctor with blonde hair pale skin and blue eyes walked up to us. He had a kind trusting caring face and if I had to guess I would say at least half the nursing staff had a crush on him. He looked to be about thirty and looked like he could be a model and not a doctor.

Emmet stood up when he stopped in front of us, the untouched cup of coffee Jasper had gotten for him still in his hands.

"Mr McCarthy?" he asked looking at Emmet "I'm Dr Cullen,"

"How is she?" Emmet asked looking so worried it hurt but we were all feeling the same way. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Rose.

"She's fine but her blood pressure was dangerously low and she obtained a head injury from her fall but nothing to serious" he said giving Emmet a reassuring smile "we ran some further tests one your wife, mandatory ones and one of them come back positive" he said and then looked at us, like he was unsure he should go on in front of us "maybe we should talk in private"

"No, what ever you have to say you can say in front of them. Their like family" Emmet said sounding tired but finale.

"Very well" he smiled at us and the turned his attention back to Emmet "I'm not sure if your aware of the fact the your wife is pregnant" he said and Emmet's face went blank.

"That's not possible. We were told she could never fall pregnant" Emmet looked a little lost for words as he ran a hand through his short hair "are you sure"

"I'm quite sure, we had to do an ultra sound to make sure the baby was ok when we got the tests back, your wife is about ten weeks now" he said and Emmet started to looked pale.

"Is the baby fine" he asked and I could hear the fear in his voice. All him and Rose ever wanted was to start a family of their own and now that it was looking like a possibility he was scared and I knew that if anything did happen to the baby Rose would be devastated.

"The baby is perfectly fine now that we have her blood pressure at a more stable rate" Dr Cullen informed him and I could see the relief wash over his face and then relief turned into pure joy.

"Can I see her now" Emmet asked, shifting around on his feet, he was anxious to see her and so was I. I was so worried about her, everyone was and now that we knew she was pregnant I was worried and happy but I should have made her go to the doctor sooner, we all should have including Rose herself and when she was well enough she was going to be getting a lecture.

"You can, she is awake and we have already informed her of the pregnancy" the doctor said and smiled at the soon to be father "congratulations" he said and Emmet beamed at him.

"Can we come as well" Alice asked, looking hopefully at him, he smiled at her kindly and nodded his head. He said we could only stay a few minutes and then we would have to leave. She was still pretty weak and they would be keeping her over night just to make sure everything was ok with both mother and child. We thanked him and then followed him into Rose's room, where we found her sitting up in bed with her hand on her stomach and tears in her eyes as she looked down at her still flat stomach. She was beaming with joy and I felt like crying all over again but not because I was sad or worried this time but because I was happy for my friend.

"Hey baby" Emmet called out to her softly and she looked up at him with a huge smile on her face. I couldn't explain the amount of joy I saw in her eyes. It was pure and so bright.

"We're going to have a baby" she said softly and she opened her arms to him ,wanting a hug and he walked over to her and enveloped her in his arms. They were both crying at this point and I thought it would be a good idea to give them some space so they could talk. We would come back later and see how they were doing. So I pushed the others out the room and turned to the doctor.

"We'll come back later if thats ok" I asked and he informed us that it was fine as long as it was during visiting hours which he then told us would be in another three hours. We said our goodbye and quickly left a note with the nurse to give to Emmet and Rose before we left.

"So what are we going to do now" Jasper asked once we were out of the hospital and walking towards the car. I just shrugged my shoulder and looked at Alice. I was ok with doing anything I just didn't feel like going back to the house at the very second.

"Well I saw this art gallery in town that looked pretty cool" she said looking at us to see if that was ok. Jasper nodded but didn't look that excited about it while I was happy she had made the suggestion. I loved art and how it could have so many different meanings but only the artist knew the truth.

"ok lets get going" I said and hopped into the back seat, letting Alice know that she could ride in front with Jasper. It might be weird for me but they looked like they could make each other happy and if they were happy I was happy.

I looked at my phone quickly but didn't see any new texts from Edward and I sighed. At least I would have the art to look at and maybe that would make me feel better, or at least I hoped it would.