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The film they had chosen wasn't on, so they decided to just go to a restaurant, this one wasn't owned by the three brothers but by a friend instead, someone by the name of UnderTaker who had named his restaurant after himself owned the gothic style place.

"Hello, and welcome to my Humble abode, here are the menus, I will be back in a jiffy and I'll get you all your drinks now, please take your time choosing a dish." With that the grey haired man with a scar across his eye glided off to take another order.

"He's fucking not right" Alois commented receiving a swat to his rear end from Claude, the harshness of it made him jump and rub his ass with his hand

"Do you need a spanking to learn some manners around my companions?" the phrase was said lightly but the raised eyebrow was a clear warning.

"He is!" Alois grumbled, only after sitting down so he couldn't receive another quick swat though. Claude sighed and tugged his gloves in agitation "I suppose I will have to extend your punishment after all, and I was so looking forward to us mutually enjoying tonight."

The calmed Alois' attitude and he curled inwards a little and whispered "What was tonight, Sir?" he attempted to gain back some favour by using the respectful term, but he knew it wouldn't work much.

"Well, UnderTaker also owns a BDSM club, I thought we could go see a few of the shows that they have on tonight, maybe have some fun while we watch. But unfortunately you can't behave or offer respect to my friends. So it will have to be another time."

"I am sorry for making you lose your own enjoyment, Sir. It's just, he came into the club and he was one of the only decent ones in there and Ciel took him so I was a little embarrassed to see him when I'm with someone else." After the explanation he bowed his head and clasped his hands behind his back submissively, it was his way of showing he was sincere in his apology.

Meanwhile Ciel was sat in Sebastian's lap, his arms around the long neck and his lips attached firmly to the others. You'd think they were elasticated together. Ciel couldn't help but enjoy the way Sebastian's hands gripped at him possessively, or how his mouth was explored by that talented tongue, even just the way Sebastian's eyes would open for a moment to look at some randomer's staring, then wink and continue with his eyes closed.

Alois himself was jealous of the ease between his brother and his own Master, he wanted it to be like that, but he knew it would take work. Work he was willing to put in for a master as well suited to him as Claude.

"You want that don't you, want me to ravish you in public where anyone could stare and see the connection between us?" Claude asked as a long finger trailed gently down Alois' spine and the hand then separated his hands to take one gently and kiss each knuckle individually.

"I just want that connection, to be able to read you like Ciel reads Sebastian and know what you want for me. But that's what this was, you were testing me right?"

"In a way." Claude's deep vice was gentle as he took the other hand and began kissing the knuckles there "But it was also a test for myself. The last time I brought a sub to this place and he disrespected UnderTaker, I was done. That was it. But with you, I've already forgiven you, a simple swat and the emotions are gone and replaced by the need to care for you. I have never had a sub that could make me feel like that by just his own personality. I've never been the type of master to be very reassuring and you've changed that in me. I was testing how far that change in feelings went. It seems that they go very far indeed." Alois smiled and looked down wanting to be closer to his Master but not wanting to be so presumptuous to just climb into his lap. Claude smiled and pulled the other into his lap as UnderTaker arrived carrying a tray of drinks. There were two scotches and two bottles of raspberry soda.


"Am welcome Young Alois. Don't worry about it I know I'm a freak but I do so love it. Have you decided on meals?"

"We'll have four steaks, medium-rare, a diane pepper sauce with a salad side and coleslaw and for desert your special please my friend." Sebastian aid without ever looking away from Ciel and UnderTaker just smiled even wider and left to fulfil the order.

"How did you know how we like steak?" Ciel asked dreamily, his head on Ciel's shoulder

"Because it is done divinely as medium rare, if it isn't then it isn't done right." Claude said as he held Alois closer and took a sip of his scotch.

"Well, thank you." The pair said in tandem each kissing their respective partner as Undertaker watched gleefully from the kitchen.