"Dax," Owen looked uncertain. How best to phrase this? "Um… You know Luke? And Catherine?"

"Yeah, sure I do. You know I do, Owen. Get to the point."

"Well, they're not the only Colas to be discovered late."

"What?! You're joking, right?" Dax was shocked. How could there be any more surprise Colas? "You have got to be kidding. What now?"

"This sounds crazy, but… " Owen hesitated. It sounded almost stupidly crazy, now…

"Just tell me already!" said Dax impatiently.

"We found this out this morning. There's another shapeshifter. His name's Shan Vuori. He should be coming to stay here pretty soon, as soon as I drive over and sort things out with his parents."

"You mean… I'm not the only one any more?"

"No. Dax, you are no longer the only shapeshifter here at Fenton Lodge."