The head injury turned out to be nothing at all, merely a momentary confusion as he remembered one of his first meetings with Dax, Owen explained. Nothing strange at all.

Shan was thrilled to hear about another boy that was also a fox - think of the adventures they could have! He really hoped he could be friends with this Dax Jones person.

Mr. Vuori was very happy to let his son take the place at this school. He felt a little ashamed that his job had kept them moving so much, so the chance to board somewhere might really be beneficial for Shan, he thought. If it didn't work, or turned out to have other children like Seth,well, he was going to have to move to a new town sooner or later so Shan could always use that as an excuse to escape.

Owen kept glancing at Shan when he thought neither of the other two were looking. He couldn't believe it… DAX wouldn't believe this…