Chapter 1: Avatar: I'm the Avatar!

"Take that" said Gohan roundhousing Goku. "Whoa son you almost hit me that time" said Goku. "Darn I can't keep up" complained Gohan. "Dinner's ready guys" said Chi Chi. "Dinner!" said Goku and Gohan in perfect unison. They looked at each other and started laughing. "Wanna race?" said Goku. "Sure" said Gohan.

When they got to the house Goku was breathing heavily. "I won" said Gohan. Then he took in Goku's appearance. "Are you okay dad?" asked Gohan. "" said Goku when he collapsed. "Goku!" screamed Chi Chi. "Gohan go get the ice bucket and a wet rag" said Chi Chi. Gohan ran into the kitchen. He grabbed a bucket and filled it with cold water and grabbed a rag. When he came back his father was very pale. "Here" said Gohan handing it to Chi Chi.

For the past couple of weeks Gohan and Chi Chi were taking care of Goku. One day Goku called Gohan and asked "Do you know about the avatar"? "Of course" said Gohan. "Well then you...should...know that he is the only one who can control all four elements" wheezed Goku. "Why hasn't he appeared all these years?" asked Gohan. "That's just it, he has appeared" said Goku. "How do you know?" asked Gohan. "Because i'm looking at're the avatar" said Goku.

"What the HELL!" yelled Gohan. "How can I be the avatar"? "As soon as you were born avatar Roku died" said Goku. "So the avatar spirit went into you". "" thought Gohan. "I always felt like I wasn't normal" said Gohan. "Me too" said Goku thoughtfully. "What do you mean?" Gohan asked. "I just don't feel like I belonged" said Goku. Goku clutched his chest. "Dad!" Gohan yelled. "" said Goku as he fell into his eternal sleep. "Noooooooooooo!" yelled Gohan anger coursing through his veins. And with a shout Gohan was surrounded by a golden aura. He looked in a mirror in the room and saw he had golden hair and green eyes. He looked at his dad and said "Goodbye."

Seven Years Later...

Gohan was having no problem turning into that gold thing. Gohan was thinking back on when Goku said his last words "" "Dad you still coach me even in death" said Gohan. "Okay, i'll go save the world" thought Gohan. "Mom, i'm going to save the world" said Gohan. "Already" said Chi Chi worriedly. "Don't worry i'll survive" said Gohan. Then he turned and said "By mom." "By son" said Chi Chi. And with that Gohan blasted of away from the only home he ever knew.