Chapter 2: Glowing

That night, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl were all in there rooms, while Steven had been asleep on the couch next to the Black gem. A bright light had shined on Stevens face, as his eyes slowly opened, only to find Amethyst at the fridge getting a snack.
"Amethyst, what are you doing?" Steven said tiredly, as he rubbed his eyes.
"Just grabbin a snack dude." She said while opening a bag of powdered cheese. "Wait...did you stay up watching the gem?" Steven nodded his head. The gem then began to glow, and the color turned into a light grey color.
"Why does it keep doing that?" Amethyst asked while pouring the cheese into her mouth.
"I think it's trying to communicate with us." Steven said as the gem kept glowing. Then, it stopped.
"Oh well." Amethyst said, "good night."
"Good night." Steven said. He lied back down on the couch, and stared at the cracked gem. His eyes were growing heavy, but he kept staring at the gem, no matter what. "I'm gonna heal you one day, but until then...good night." He put a small pink blanket on the gem, and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Steven got up, to the sound of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl talking. Steven sat up and rubbed his tired eyes, then yawned.
"Hey guys...good morning." Steven said.
"Oh, good morning Steven, we have a surprise for you." Pearl said. Garnet then walked next to her holding a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies in her hands.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Well, we decided that we treated you to the earths favorite dessert." Pearl said, just as Amethyst was getting ready to devour them in one gulp.
"Slow down Amethyst." Garnet said.
"Amethyst, those weren't for you." Pearl said getting flustered, but all Amethyst did was burp loudly.
"Oh, it's okay, thanks you guys, but I was gonna take gem down to beach city to get some fry bits." Steven explained.
"Gem?" Pearl asked.
"Oh yeah, since I don't know it's real name yet, I named it." Pearl sighed. Steven grabbed a rose colored pouch and put the gem inside. He walked to the front door.
"I'll see you guys later." He said, as he left the house.
"GOOD MORNING LION!?" Steven said, as he ran down the steps and towards his pink feline. "Gem, this is Lion." Lion yawned, as Steven got on top of him, and rode Lion into beach city.

Steven was walking to the Big donut store, but was then stopped by Onion, {one of the other children who Steven talked to}.
"Oh, hi Onion." Steven said. "Gem, this is Onion." He told the black gem, as it began to glow once more. Onion then pointed at the gem.
"Oh, sorry Onion, I'm showing Gem around beach city, so that means, it's not for sale." Steven said as the gem stopped glowing and returned to it's original state. Onion walked away, while Steven and Lion made there way to the Big donut where and walked in. Sadie {The lady who works at the counter} was resting her cheek on her arm, while Lars {A teenager who gets easily annoyed with Steven} Stands in front of the coffee pots, and fills them with piping hot coffee.
"Oh hello Steven." Sadie said.
"Hi Sadie, Hi Lars." Steven said, but Lars couldn't hear him, due to the loud music playing.
"What'll it be today?" Sadie asked.
"Oh you know...the usual." Sadie grabbed a chocolate donut out of the tray, and bagged it in a white paper bag. "Okay, that'll be one dollar." Steven gives Sadie the money.
"Thanks Sadie." Steven said. "
"No problem." She said. "So what's with that black ball in you're pouch? and what's with the pouch?"
"Oh, you see, it's not a ball, it's a gem." Steven said. "And since It won't come out, I'm showing it around beach city."
"Oh, that's pretty cool." Sadie said, "Where did you find it?"
"Well actually, Lion found it in the sand."
"Oh, cool." Sadie said. Steven finished his donut, said goodbye and left the store.

After a long day of showing Gem around beach city, The sun was setting, and Steven was lying back on the sand, watching, and showing Gem the sunset.
"Isn't it wonderful Gem." Steven said, taking the gem out of the pouch to give it a closer look."Just look at how long the ocean stretches...and the way that the sunsets on the horizon, filling what was once a blue sky, into a tropical orange and pink canvas." Steven presses his left hand down on the warm sand. "And the's warm, soft, and...nice. Oh...I wish you could see it, that way...huh, that way we could just watch the waves dance, and the sunset." The gem glows brighter, and brighter like the sun on a summer afternoon.
"Gem." He said. "I wish...I wish you were out here." Steven then pressed his lips against the gem, giving it a quick and meaningful kiss. Steven sighed, but was then engulfed by the gems glowing light. He stared at it and saw that the crack had closed. The gem shined brighter, and was too much for Steven's eyes. He shut them. The gem floated out of his hands, and then became a person, with grey skin. Steven opened his eyes too see the gem, turn into a full grown person with broad and muscular shoulders and black, long spiky-like hair.
"Ugh." He said. The person turned around and stared at Steven with dark and soft eyes.
"Steven...was it?" The gem spoke.
"Yeah, hi." Steven said.
"Thanks for helping me." He said, "By the way, is Onyx." The grey gem said.

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