Bellamy spent the day bothering Octavia, following her around and not speaking. She snapped at him more than once.

"Bell, stop moping and just go look for her. You're making me miserable."

He finally left her alone after she tried to ditch him in a flower field, he knew she wanted to meet with Lincoln. He wandered back to camp and found himself at Raven's work table.

"Hey, can you hand me -" Raven started as she turned around. "Oh, you're not Wick."

She leaned around him and grabbed some hunk of metal off the table. "What's up?" She asked as she turned and started fiddling with the piece.

"What are we supposed to do now?" He huffed, looking off into the distance.

"Regular life, I guess." She stuck a screwdriver in her mouth and continued to mumble around it.

"No one can understand you when you do that." Wick sang as he walked in. "Hey, Bellamy, good to finally see you." He clapped a hand on Bellamy's shoulder as he walked by.

"I said," Raven huffed, rolling her eyes at Wick, "Why don't you check the Grounder camp for her?"

"Who?" Wick asked, looking between Raven and Bellamy.

"She wouldn't be there." Bellamy's face hardened. "Not after what the Commander did."

Raven scowled at the mention of Lexa, none too pleased with the very recent memory of being drilled for bone marrow because of her. Wick walked behind her chair and gently rubbed her shoulder; her face softened and she looked back up at Bellamy.

"She'll come back eventually, she just needs time."

Bellamy nodded stiffly and walked out. Raven sighed heavily.

"Hey," Wick placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. "You alright?"

She sighed again, "I'll be fine, it's him I'm worried about." She nodded towards the door.

He picked her up out of the chair. "Well, how about I distract you for a while?"

She laughed and kissed him as he carried her to the cot in the far corner.


Bellamy glanced towards the woods, hoping maybe he'd catch a glimpse of her, as he made his way to the makeshift hospital. He found Kane sitting on an improvised bed beside a similar one for Abby.

"Bellamy, how are things out there?"

"Calm. I don't think the Grounders are going to be a threat again."

"We can't know that for sure." Abby said, trying to sit up.

Kane put his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine, Marcus." She said, brushing him off. "We need to keep an eye out for them just in case, and make sure that we're still prepared."

"Bellamy can take care of that, Abby." Marcus smiled at Bellamy. "You've been running things down here long enough to know what you're doing."

Bellamy nodded and walked out to the sounds of Abby trying to argue with Kane. He smiled lightly and shook his head, he knew where Clarke got her stubbornness from. He spent the rest of the morning ordering the remaining guard members around and reminding the newly freed of their responsibilities. He came up to Monty and Jasper's shared space and found them idly fondling plants. Jasper's face was blank, but his eyes were filled with sorrow. Monty hugged himself every now and then when he found his hands empty; they seemed more put together than some of the others.

"Hey," Bellamy called, "how you two doing?"

Jasper looked hard at Monty before staring in the other direction, Monty looked at Bellamy apologetically and lightly shrugged his shoulders before pulling his jacket tighter and wrapping his arms around himself.

"Jasper-" Bellamy started, taking a step closer. He stepped back at Jasper's slight cringe. "When you're ready..." he said to the back of Jasper's head before nodding at Monty and walking out.

He went back to training with the guard for the rest of the afternoon.

· · ·

Clarke woke up that day to the sound of two unidentifiable beasts growling at what she hoped was each other. She slowly got up and crept away until she could no longer hear them then immediately sprinted away until she was exhausted yet again. She napped in trees, hoping to avoid any other animals, and spent the rest of the day wandering through the forest until she came to a small stream.

She hadn't realized how dehydrated she was until she saw the water. She ran down the embankment too fast and tumbled into the cold water. She laughed at her clumsiness and splashed around in the water for hours, relishing in the childlike splendor of carelessness.

She managed to catch what looked to be a mutated fish. The thing had two tails and four eyes, but two of them seemed to be unusable. She managed to fashion a small fire to dry her clothes and cook the fish that she assumed was safe to eat.

Once the sun began to sink beneath the horizon she stomped her fire out, packed her few items back into the pack she swiped from the drop ship, and jogged as far away as she could before the sunlight quit. She hoisted herself into a gargantuan tree and settled in for the night.