Harry stuck his head outside of the room quickly to see what was going on with the rest of the hospital. He found witches and wizards panicking, screaming about Death Eaters attacking the hospital. He turned back to Arthur to tell him he was going, only to be cut off by the bed ridden man.

"Go, do your 'saving people thing'," Arthur said, a grin on his face.

Harry didn't hesitate and transformed into the Earth Wizard form. He now stood in a black trench coat with armor plating over select parts of his body. The plating was a combination of black, yellows and silver, leaving his face looking like a giant gem. "Stay safe, Arthur," he shot over his shoulder before running out of the room.

Stepping out in to the reception area, he could see several wizards hiding behind whatever cover they could find, as Death Eaters threw curses at the patients, healers, and family members with abandon.

One of the Death Eaters saw Harry and yelled, "There he is, get him!" Before throwing his own spells at Harry.

At this point, Harry was happy he had spent so much time over the summer practicing, not to mention his practice with Sir Nicholas. A blasting hex came flying at him, which he deflected over his shoulder with his blade, whilst spinning out of the way of a nasty looking purple curse. Not getting any time to stop, he had to bring his blade back down to fling a bolt of red down towards the ground. Seeing that all of the Death Eaters now had their attention on him, he slipped a new ring on to his hand and scanned his belt mid dodge. "Defend, please," rang from the belt as Harry held out his hand towards the Death Eaters, summoning a wall of earth between him and them.

Not waiting for Harry to show himself, the Wizards started throwing Bombarda after Bombarda at the wall, trying to bring it down on his head. When the wall had been reduced to rubble, they walked up to search for the body, to only find a hole in the ground.

"The heck?" the one that had originally spotted Harry asked his companions. A sickening crunch could be heard, as he was flung forward from a punch from Harry. The other three turned towards the Masked Rider, before brandishing their wands at him.

Not giving them a chance, Harry grabbed the closest one's wand wrist and twisted it, forcing them to drop their wand. The other two were careful with their spells, slightly worried about hitting their own, but that moment of hesitation was all that Harry needed. His sword came up fast, cutting through the wand, causing a small explosion from the in-progress spell, which led to the last Death Eater covering their face, losing sight of Harry. That was more than long enough for Harry to deliver a back hand to the man's face, sending him flying.

Groaning in pain, the one who had his wand cut ground out, "Who are you?"

Turning fully towards the downed Death Eater, the mysterious man responded, "Kamen Rider, Wizard," before knocking him out.

Harry stood there, panting slightly, not really sure of what had just happened. He knew he had improved strength with the armor, and he knew that the sword was sharp but... This was more than he would have ever guessed. His blood pumping, all he could think was, 'I could get used to this,' before making his getaway to try and turn back without being seen.

Arthur might have been a bit insistent on him having a "secret identity."