In front of Saint Mungo's, a bright flash of light signaled the arrival of Harry and Arthur. The elderly man was holding onto his broken ribs, moaning in pain. Harry wasted no time in barging through the front doors of the hospital.

The next hour was nothing more than a a blur for Harry once a he handed Arthur over to the doctors. He never transformed back, it not even having occurred to him.

Harry looked at the father of his best friend. The person who had had faith in him to give him this armor. One of the few adults he actually respected in his life. And Harry had just saved his life. This is what this armor was for, just like Mr. Weasley had said. Now that he was certain that Arthur was going to live, Harry decided that he had done his job for the night, and should probably let the others know what had happened.

Harry stepped outside of the hospital and once again made use of the Teleportation Ring to return to Hogwarts with a single step. Harry decided that informing Dumbledore first would probably be his best bet, and proceeded over to the Headmaster's office.

Voldemort was infuriated. Nagini, his familiar and Horcrux, was dead. Dead at the hands of some armored fool that would soon regret angering him. He had sent for Lucius once his initial rage had died down, and had the man use his connections for find out who the man in the red armor was, or where he was located. That had been almost three hours ago.

It was almost eight in the morning, when Lucius knocked on his master's door.

"Tell me, what news do you have?" Voldemort asked from his throne.

Kneeling, Lucius explained, "No one knows who the armored man was. All that they knew was that he brought Weasley to the hospital once your familiar had attacked him, and he sat there, talking to nobody. Once the man was stable, he left without a word."

Voldemort mulled over the information for a moment, thinking how best to approach this new...inconvenience. Clearly, a message had to be sent, but what? To play his hand too early would mean that he would be discovered before he was ready. The ease with which they had destroyed Nagini was too unsettling to ignore. His mind made up, he directed Lucius, "I need you to arrange an attack on St. Mungo's. Try to draw this masked person into the open, and make sure he can never interfere with my plans again. Am I clear?"

Bowing, the Malfoy patriarch responded, "Yes, my Lord," before backing out of the room to gather a team for his task. The whole time, he felt a sense of dread at his newest mission.

It was almost ten in the morning at St. Mungo's, where most of the Weasley children, Hermione, and Harry sat in the waiting area. Arthur had been cleared for visitors less than an hour ago, with only two people at a time seeing him, in addition to Mrs. Weasley who refused to leave his side. Fred, George, and even Percy had already all gone in to see him. Ginny and Ron had gone in ten minutes ago, but the news seemed to be all around good. He would make a full recovery, given time, and was mostly tired now.

Eventually, Ron and Ginny joined the rest. "He says he wants to talk to you, mate." Ron said, motioning to Harry.

Harry entered the room to see Arthur lying down, still somewhat in pain, with Mrs. Weasley hovering over him. "Harry! Good to see you. Dear, would you leave for a moment. I need to talk to Harry about something." After a moment of being conflicted, Molly nodded before walking out to the hallway. "I take it that a certain masked rider might have come to my rescue last night?"

Harry nodded sheepishly, slighted embarrassed at the attention.

"Might I ask how you knew I needed the help?" Arthur asked, a small smirk on his face at Harry's modesty.

After a moment of contemplation, Harry admitted, "Because I could see the snake attacking you, sir. I literally saw the attack from the snake's eyes. I don't know why, but I just knew that it couldn't have just been a dream, so I panicked and used the Teleport Ring to save you." After that, Harry rambled on, describing the events between him waking up and now, while Arthur just listened as he spilled it all out.

"What about the snake?" Arthur asked, once Harry finished.

Confused, Harry responded, "What do you mean sir? It's dead."

"But what about its body? Is there just a giant snake corpse laying in some hall in the Ministry for somebody to stumble over?" Arthur elaborated, slightly amused at the thought.

Before Harry could respond, there was a loud commotion from near the hospital entrance accompanied with yelling and screaming. St. Mungo's was under attack.