Welcome, one and all and whoever bothers even reading this section. I suppose I should explain what this particular story/collection is going to be about? Well, to be more verbose than the (22-01-2015) planned title, this series is going to revolve around just about every shipping that the Pokemon Adventures fandom contains.

Partially, this project was initiated because I feel that the archive isn't diverse enough in the mangaverse shippings it offers. In my experience, somewhere between 70 and 90 % of the ship-fics around here are about:

Special - OldRival - MangaQuest - Frantic - Commoner - Haughty - Chess

While I in no way mean to suggest that this is not fully permissible or that these pairings are in any way bad, I just like less run-of-the-mill ships than mostly comes out and about. To illustrate my point, let us consider how many pairings that can be made using only the regional groups.

Red/Yellow - Green/Blue - Red/Green - Blue/Yellow - Red/Blue - Green/Yellow

Gold/Silver - Gold/Crystal - Silver/Crystal

Ruby/Sapphire - Ruby/Emerald - Sapphire/Emerald

And our total comes to 4/12 possible pairings (at the very least, I've got enough ta work with here). To further illustrate the point, let us lift the restriction of 'same region's group' (we have no reason not to, given how they canonically are implied to interact offpage).

I'll spare you the tedious list this time and just tell you the end result: 90 different combinations between the first ten Pokedex Holders alone, and yes, I have spelled it out the long around. Factor in the additions from Sinnoh, Unova & Kalos (Diamond & Pearl & Platinum, Black & White & Lack-Two and Whi-Two, X & Y), we wind up with 19 characters each with 18 possible pairings: Almost 350 possible combinations, threesomes not counted but counting the redundancies of that '350' number.

Relatedly to the above points/fandom gripes, I would be more than happy to accept pairings/threesomes to write about, provided they revolve around any one (or two) of the first 10 Pokedex Holders in some way. Het/Yaoi/Yuri/Interspecies... I severely doubt that any pairing no matter how unconventional could make me hesitant to write about it. Yes, this is a challenge to anyone reading this.

Disregarding my meandering and extensive musings about the shipping fandom, I hope that you enjoy this chapter.

The pairing at hand is Aquamarine (Crystal/Suicune), and it is going to get fairly outlandish and disturbing. Anyone discomforted by that are welcome to click away, in whatever direction strikes your fancy. Read on at your own leisure. Reviews are most welcome.

How did one go about relating the tale of an immortal? By their very nature, such a creature existed beyond time, so where was the beginning and where was the end of their lives?

This, then, was a half-assed attempt at just this, phrasing an experience alien to human nature in terms that might make sense to people, or perhaps not.


The time of the Pokedex Holders was at an end.

Over the years, they had faced enemies almost beyond imagination, and some really strained credibility, mind you... after perhaps their greatest adventure, their time was over, and their end had heralded the end of much else as well.

The evening sun was setting, but its dying floodlights bathed Mount Silver still. Befitting the onset of night, a deathly silence had descended around the majestic mountain.

The mountain was now almost devoid of life, in large part due to the recent events which had plagued the entire continent upon which it stood, and with it, the adjacent regions: Kanto, Johto, Kalos, Sinnoh and Unova. The only exceptions were a pair on a grassy knoll located somewhere on Mount Silver's west side, a human woman and a mythical Pokemon, who were seemingly preparing to bump uglies (if her state of undress and their positions were any indications in that regard)

More than anything else, Crystal felt sickened at the situation. Sickened at what she knew to be wrong and yet could not bring herself to refuse. Sickened at what she had gotten herself into.

If nothing else, she reflected, nervous mental fidgeting meant that she would not have to focus on the more-than-slightly-uncomfortable-and-disturbing-sensation of it brushing against that particular spot.

She cared deeply for the creature, she would not deny that anymore, not ever, but violating this taboo as well, push it this far, was not something that she felt should ever be done. She still found that, in a deep, dark and tasteless part of her soul, she longed for it; the wrongness of it simply held a certain appeal.

Mere moments later, an off-kilter symphony of sorts began, a symphony of flesh warring blissfully with flesh. Within moments, the human reached her peak. Within moments, the Pokemon reached his peak. As the seconds passed, they regained their clarity of consciousness and continued the act. Their apprehensions about it were all but forgotten, replaced by physical sensations of an altogether different nature.

Underneath the moon's silvery lights, the human and Pokemon screwed their own and the other's brains out. At first somewhat reluctant to do so, the raven-haired woman soon began to place earnest kisses against the muzzle of the mythical beast. If Suicune took notice or offense, it did not make that known, but continued its libidinous actions.

In the distances, fires could be seen. In Kanto. In Johto. In Kalos. In Sinnoh. In Unova. Hellish bonfires of enormous proportions had consumed the five regions, and ushered in the end of both species' time on earth. The people were long gone, departed for elsewhere, but the buildings remained, at the moment.

That whole night, the Pokemon and the human boinked relentlessly and endlessly, even as the land they inhabited burned, ignited by both hellfire and phoenix fire.

When the moon began to retreat and a multi-billion tonne sphere of fire and light and continually combusting matter would soon arise in its place, they were soundly asleep.

That very next morning, the immortal human awoke, barely. In about half a minute or perhaps more than a minute, the dark-haired twenty-year-old had awoken fully. Her attention and sight was almost immediately drawn to her vagina, and the light leak of fluid there.

It was with shock that the previous night's events returned to her, hitting the calm surface of her mind like a lump of concrete. Her expression darkeneed in clear discomfort over the conclusion she was arriving at: If the human body was genetically compatible with Pokemon spermatozoa, then she might get pregnant from this.

Strictly biologically speaking, she knew that it was not within the realm of plausibility but within the realm of possibility that it would happen. There were all sorts of biological restrictions involved that should rule it out without argument, but conversely, Pokemon breeding frequently bypassed those restrictions, and she recalled a few theories about humans being one species of Pokemon, from the days where she was still an ordinary person.

She swallowed hard, nervousness written all over her face.

Deciding not to commit further thought on that matter, she sat up, looking out over Kanto. The sight of that region burning was at once terrible and wondrous.

Idly, she wondered how her younger selves, her at twelve and her at sixteen, would react to her as she was now: Immortal, and in love with a Pokemon, and watching Kanto burn like it was a show for her amusement. She imagined that they would be disgusted (or at the very least disapproving) by her callousness and Pokephilia.

She would have been too, if it was somebody else, she mused.

Now, though, she knew better than to be displeased with somebody's choices. She smiled joylessly, reflecting that it was strange how only two years had led her to what and where she now was. It seemed so brief a time, now that it was in the past, yet it had caused her to change more and in more ways than the eighteen years before.

Idly, she speculated about letting go, entirely. Everything that caused her to fret and worry about the situation stemmed from the morals and values from her days as a mortal human living among other humans, in a society built by humans and for humans. What good could those values be in this world of today, where human culture was dead?

Perhaps it was for the best that she severed her remaining ties to humanity. After all, by what standard was it logical or moral to share the stigma against Pokephilia yet not bat an eye at entire cities burning to the ground? Perhaps it would be better to eschew the factor of their differing species altogether.

"If only it was that easy," the immortal human reflected tersely. A mental peptalk was not sufficient to simply brush away the things she had been raised to believe, the things she had believed for almost her entire life, and it was naive to think that it could.

Shaking off that line of thought, she refocused on the eternal bonfires in the distance.

The remote crimson burning was reflected in the deep blues of her eyes, and she peered into the inferno, mesmerized by it.

The Kanto region had burned like the phoenix for two years already. The Kanto region would burn like the phoenix for several years more.

It was impossible to determine how long Crystal spent, just staring into the fires of hell. It might have been hours or minutes, or even days that she sat there. Her sense of time was all but lost to her.

Time passed, and the woman sitting on the mountainside continued to peer at the cities that had been set ablaze, as peculiar as the sentence might seem.

Time passed, and she continued to stare, transfixed, at the fiery death of the Kanto region and the fiery rebirth of that part of the planet.

Still more moments passed, long after the previous forgotten ones, and she bathed in the ruddy floodlights that marked the abandonment of the human race of their homeworld.

Immortal now. More a living idea than a human now.

Her musings were interrupted suddenly, when she felt Suicune affectionately muzzle its head against her neck. with a faint smile, she reached out and caressed the Legendary Beast's head, on the underside.

She let out a sigh. Even if two years wasn't enough time to fully come to terms with her new life, it didn't matter: There would always be more time.

And more time, there was indeed.

Over the months that followed this event, the two immortals journeyed across the Five Star continent, time spent on pursuits of many kinds: Living and exploring and loving, and preparing this world for the next of earth's masters, a race that had unknowingly waited over 200,000 years to be born.

Time passed, mostly unseen yet blindingly fast, as it was known to do.

Years passed, and across the planet, the two immortals roamed. In many places, they left children behind, tiny little mortal Suicunes, to roam the planet as they did.

Decades passed. The children matured and died, the parents lived on without ever aging. The passage of the years left their marks on the two immortals, oh yes, but not physically - at first, Crystal grieved for her lost kids, but as more and more of the little half-human critters shuffled off the mortal coil, her sense of compassion shriveled, a necessity to live for so long, or perhaps not.

Centuries passed. A pack of newborn Suicunes had formed and begun to thrive upon the earth, racing across the world as they desired or needed. In those days of the lives of these ancient demi-gods, the rigors of age had altered Crystal almost beyond all recognition, into a creature that her younger, human self would only be disgusted by.

Millennia passed. Crystal had by now fully realized just how different she now was from a normal human, mind and body and soul. Deep within the Sinjoh Ruins, upon the Mystri stage, the posthuman dudette laid sprawled out, lost in introspection and meditation about everything and anything, no longer paying attention to space and time.

She never ate or drank, never moved or slept, never did anything other than think for a dozen dozen years or so. Suicune watched over her, every second of that time, never leaving her company.

Such was the way they had lived for about four million years. Such was the way they would live for about four million years more. Such was the way of the immortal.