Chapter 2



When I was young

When I was young I was just a little girl,

When I was young you were my whole world,

When I was young I wanted to travel across the land,

When I was young I wanted you to be my only man,

When I was young you were all that I could see,

When I was young you just couldn't let me be,

When I was young I thought we'd be together,

When I was young I thought our love would last forever,

When I was young I thought I'd be with you till the day I die,

But now that I'm older I know forever was a lie.

Good-bye, Kagome

As Sesshomaru read this poem his heart broke into tiny uncountable pieces for he knew what the poem meant, he knew even before he read the little note that came with it. This was one of Kagome's favorite poems, one she said meant true heartbreak and of no forgiveness. It meant that Kagome was gone and that she was never coming back. That he had had his chance at true, unconditional love and happiness but through it away. He knew all of this and yet his eyes moved to read the note anyways.

Dear Sesshomaru,

If you have somehow taken the time out of your busy life to come home you will probably realize that all my things are gone along with myself. I have tried to be there for you and to be a loving wife and mate, but I can no longer deal with being in this pathetic excuse of a loveless marriage. I am tired of spending weeks at a time without you, never knowing when you will be home, never hearing your voice. And even thought it pains me I can't continue like this so I have filed for a divorce. I didn't want it to come to this, I loved you and a part of me always will, but I cannot and will not sit by while you sleep with other females. And let's face it, it is quite obvious to everyone that I cannot make you happy or love me, so I am freeing you. Sign the papers and we both can move on. Just know I do not now nor could I ever have hated you. I love you and hope you find the happiness that you are searching for.


'No, please god no.' was the only thought going through his head for a few minutes. He could smell the tears she shed on the paper and it broke his heart to know that he was the cause of each and every one of them. 'How could I have been so stupid? How could I hurt this angel, the only female I have ever loved, the only woman who has ever loved me unconditionally? Was it even worth it to lose her in order to have meaningless sex with some stupid whore?' even before he asked himself he knew the answer. 'No it wasn't and now I will live the rest of my life regretting it.'

As he stood there, frozen in and fear, he felt something slid down his cheek. 'What? Is that a tear?' he asked himself rather surprised, for it had been many hundreds of years since he had cried, not since he was but a puppy still nursing. But yes indeed the great and powerful, cold-hearted Lord of the west, Sesshomaru was crying. One by one the tears fell from his eyes, at first, and then it was as if a damn had opened up. He fell on his knees to the floor, trembling, feeling, for the first time in his life, completely and utterly alone and pathetic. Then, as if he could no longer contain his pain and his agony, he howled long and loud.

All who heard knew it was no ordinary howl, but one of pain and of a lost mate. They all bowed their heads in respect as the sky opened up to mourn with the once proud and cold Taiyokai.

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