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Year 8


Sarah and Jareth had a whirlwind courtship. He took her to places both Underground and Aboveground during their courtship. The Fae soon knew them as a couple deeply in love. One aspect that was a little different from a purely Fae relationship was that usually the males pursued the females, who had the choice to accept or not. However, Sarah was fully ready to court him as well. She was more limited in her magical abilities—though that was rapidly changing—but with Toby as a co-conspirator, she managed to catch Jareth off guard a couple times. He thoroughly loved the feeling of being pursued by her. It made him feel as though her feelings were fully equal to his, and neither of them were going to back down from each other.

A courtship could last for years, but in the case of Jareth and Sarah, they were engaged within two months. As they said, they already had a child together, and had been unofficially seeing each other for years. Why wait any longer? Their engagement barely lasted longer—three months—before they were quietly married in the Labyrinth chapel. Toby agreed to stay with Hoggle, Sir Diddymus and Ludo during the honeymoon, so they were able to concentrate solely on each other. They used that time wisely.

When they came back from their honeymoon, Sarah found that all her magical abilities had expanded far more than before. Jareth only smirked when she commented on it. Between what they shared as spouses, the ambient magic of the Underground, and Sarah's new connection to the powerful, deeply magical realm of the Labyrinth, it didn't surprise him in the least. The married life suited her well, as did being Toby's mother. The switch from sister to mother didn't bother Toby at all.

Even Neiven warmed up to her when he realized she was not playing with Jareth, but truly here to stay.

Years 9-?

It was several hours of hard labor, but all that was forgotten when her daughter was placed in her arms. She held the little girl, and Jareth held her. Toby crept into the room, and then laid on the bed between his parents. He liked his new sister, but still wanted a little brother. As a matter of fact, Sarah and Jareth would give him several little brothers, and more sisters as well.

Sarah felt that same thing happen again, that sudden snap as if everything came into focus, or a piece fit perfectly in place. She now knew it was a heartbond, and it was complete with this introduction into the family. The first time she felt it, with a different baby girl, was merely a foreshadowing of what this would feel like. She was complete. She was home.

And as she looked at her children and her husband, she knew it was all possible because of a father's love.

The End