Summary of Harry and James Potter the Thrice-Blessed Demigods

Percy and his brothers all get a dream from their father. He has five more demigod children in Britain that go or will be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Percy, Dylan, and Jack will need to go and find their brothers and sisters before the manipulative Headmaster Albus Dumbledore can use them for the "greater good".

Harry and James always knew there was something more to Albus Dumbledore, some greater scheme in all of their adventures. I mean seriously what kind of teacher allows students to be bullied so much by their teachers that they're afraid of them, lets them be abused at home, and go on dangerous adventures at school. James and Harry sensed something was about to change something the Headmaster couldn't stop. Powerful forces were at work and Dumbledore couldn't stop godly forces.

Ashley and Allison were going to start Hogwarts this year! It was going to be great, they would have nobody to stop them from playing pranks and they could confuse people by looking extra identical. They are identical twins you see and their younger sister Abigail who was starting Hogwarts next year looked so similar to them that you would think they were identical triplets! But what was with these five boys showing up and telling them they need to go to a summer camp? For demigods? And is that Harry Potter-the Harry Potter their brother? Ok Seriously, how many meds were these guys on. Ah well an adventure's an adventure.

Sam and Dean were running low on Godly metals. They didn't know how long they could keep it from their children that they were Greek Demigods. Monsters kept finding their sent, and it was no surprise with five demigods who were constantly around monsters it was a wonder they hadn't caught on sooner. Now they needed to tell their children the truth and take them to Camp Half-Blood.

The Gang was at the Curtis house for Pony's 15th birthday. They weren't really doing that many things different from usual…then BAM there's a monster in their living room. Dallas even seemed to know what was going on. What was that he was holding? It wasn't there a second ago! Then another kid comes in and shoots it with an arrow. WHAT IS GOING ON!

Author's Note: This is a Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Supernatural, crossover it will start with Percy J. and Harry P. Supernatural will not come in until later and The Outsiders most likely will not come in until later as well. This is set after The Last Olympian, Before the Goblet of Fire, on any normal day for the Winchester's if they had five kids, and after the book but Johnny and Dallas are alive. Please let me know if I get anything about Supernatural wrong because I haven't watched all the episodes.

Dean's children are Johnny, Samantha(Mandy), and Emma (yes pun intended)-to understand watch the episode Slash Girls

Sam's children are DJ(guess what that stands for and virtual cookies), and Mary

Samantha and Emma are twins as well as DJ and Mary

Dylan is Percy's older full-blooded brother, as Jack is his younger full-blooded brother

James is Harry's full-blooded brother and they will have 3 godly parents as well as Lily and James being their parents. Want to know how? Read and find out!

I may include charts about everyone's godly parent and their powers, at least for my own characters.

If you wish for me to include other fandoms (books, TV shows, ect.)I might if I know enough about the fandom like iCarly, Victorious, Ouran High School, Kane Chronicles, Lad Rats ect, then request them. There are others I know about I don't live under a rock I just can't list them all right now or remember them.

If you request these I might not put them in right away, they have to fit in the story line. I'm most likely to include Lab Rats, Kane Chronicles, and iCarly.

If I don't update straight away please be patient I have to use a school computer as mine doesn't have Microsoft word document and I have to use extra time at school.