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On days like today Belle always liked to sit by the window and watch the rain. Being in the dark Castle hardly changed anything. She got her chores done quicker than usual and had more spare time to watch the water droplets fall on the glass. She liked to read as well on these days. Today she was reading Wuthering Heights. It was her favorite for stormy days like this. It was tragic but she loved it all the same. She was distracted however by the creek of a spinning wheel. Not the noise its self but the one who was creating it. Rumpelstiltskin. The man, who for many months now, she was peeling back layer by layer. She could see the man he really is. Deep inside. She knew that the other layers were just masks he wore to keep everyone out. But she also knew that he wore them for so long that they were now apart of him. A crack of thunder broke her thoughts. She jumped. The creaking stopped.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. The thunder just scared me is all. I've never been a fine of thunder. Only rain. Sounds silly I know."

"Actually it doesn't. Rain is useful. Thunder is not. My son used to be afraid of thunder."

"How would you calm him?"

"I would tell him a story and if we had any I would give him tea. Though that was rarely."

"Rumple, I know it might sound silly. But would you mind telling me a story. I don't think i could continue my book with the storm," she said as another crack of thunder rolled.

"I suppose." He then picked up her book and sat next to her on the love seat near the window. He then began to read aloud the tale of Catherine and her love. Near the end as the storm started to slowly come to a stop. Rumple looked down and saw his lovely maid sleeping on his shoulder. He then put a book mark in the book. Set it down on the table in front of him and preceded to carry his lovely belle to her chambers. She no longer slept in the dungeons. She was more a guest in the castle than a servant now. As he laid her down on her bed he wished her peaceful sleep and love. For, as much as he was loathed to admit it, he was in fact in love with her.

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