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Saburou led Megatron and Soundwave's holoforms into a massive building while wearing a trench coat and a fedora to disguise himself. Inside, they could see antique cars on display while wandering through the facility. They laid their eyes on Dylan, who approached them.

"Welcome back," said Dylan, "Saburou."

Saburou took off his fedora.

"Long time," smirked Saburou, "no see, my dear friend."

"Remind me why we're here again," Megatron whispered to Soundwave.

"Are these our new allies?" asked Dylan.

"Yes," nodded Saburou, "I was going to show them the technology you have that they can use."

"What kind of technology were you thinking of providing them?" insisted Dylan.

"How about the weapons we can use to stun their enemies?" suggested Saburou.

Megatron perked up at that. He walked up and held out a hand to Dylan.

"Marcus Taron," greeted Megatron, "and this is my assistant, Shawn Wayne. Saburou tells me you have some weapons that might interest me."

"Nice to meet you, Marcus," replied Dylan, shaking Megatron's hand, "yesterday, I ran into someone named Samuel Prior from Prior Enterprises. I looked up the company, but I couldn't find any information about it."

Megatron flinched, much to Dylan's confusion.

"Ah yes," expressed Megatron, "I've heard of him. You haven't seen his company because he doesn't advertise it in the normal way, but he has many cruise lines, restaurants, product lines and other investments around the world."

"Are you sure?" asked Dylan, "I suspected that he was lying."

"No," answered Megatron, "he and I have a bit of history. But never mind him, I'm doing business with you."

"Of course," nodded Dylan, "if you'll follow me, I'll show you some of the weapons my crew created."

Dylan led Megatron, Soundwave and Saburou down the hall until they reached an underground storage room, where there were a variety of machine-gun-like weapons on display. Dylan pulled out a weapon that resembled a grenade launcher.

"This weapon," explained Dylan, "can be used to stun machine-like creatures by launching an electrocuting net."

"Do you have a location where you could demonstrate them for me?" requested Megatron.

"Of course I do," nodded Dylan, "follow me."

Dylan led Megatron, Soundwave and Saburou out of the storage room and into the shooting range, where they could see a robotic drone causing havoc.

"We found this robotic creature last year in New York," clarified Dylan, "as you can see here, it is very feisty, so how do you calm it down? Watch this."

Dylan aimed carefully and fired a net at the robotic drone. The net restrained the drone and gave a brief electric shock, knocking it unconscious.

"Amazing," marveled Saburou, "this would make a great weapon!"

"Can you tell if this will work for what we need?" Megatron whispered to Soundwave.

"Perhaps we can use it to capture any of the Autobots to lure Sentinel or Optimus to their deaths," Soundwave suggested quietly.

"I need to first know if it will work on our kind," insisted Megatron.

"We could test it out on one of the Vehicons," offered Soundwave.

"So," asked Saburou, "what other weapons would you like us to demonstrate?"

"Would you let us borrow that weapon you used?" requested Megatron.

"Actually," corrected Soundwave, "we would like you to demonstrate on some of our drones."

Soundwave secretly called for several Vehicons on his holoform cell phone. A few moments later, a truck with the Decepticon symbol on the doors pulled in. The Vehicons, in robot form, then stood up off the trailer.

"Thank you, Shawn," praised Megatron, "these are more similar to what I need these weapons to work on."

"In that case," replied Saburou, "let us demonstrate."

Dylan, Saburou, Megatron and Soundwave headed outside, where the Vehicons were waiting. After Saburou gave a nod of approval, Dylan fired a net at one of the Vehicons, which gave it an electric shock and knocked it unconscious.

"Impressive," smirked Megatron, "Shawn, make a note of that one, will you? Let's see the next one."

One of the Vehicons dragged the unconscious Vehicon into the trailer.

"They're programmed to do that," explained Soundwave.

"I didn't ask," replied Dylan.

"So," asked Megatron, "what else have you got?"

Meanwhile, Bailey and Akane were browsing Dylan's Facebook page on her laptop while Sentinel was reading an eBook from his data pad.

"Patriarch Syndicate?" paused Bailey, "what's that?"

"Look at their page," advised Akane.

Nodding in agreement, Bailey clicked on the link that took her straight to the Patriarch Syndicate's Facebook page. She then clicked on a link that took her to the official website.

"Now where can I find the staff of this organization?" pondered Bailey.

Bailey found a link that took her straight to the list of staff members. She found Dylan Gould and Saburou's names among the list.

"I knew it!" bragged Bailey, "no wonder Dylan was trying to hit on me."

"And Saburou is the leader of this organization," added Akane, "I can't believe this."

"There's only one way to find out what it's about," muttered Bailey.

Bailey scrolled through the webpage, disgusted by the articles celebrating movements involving punishing rape victims, torturing gays into becoming straight and scaring pregnant women into keeping their unwanted fetuses.

"And I thought those guys that keep sending me comments about my body were assholes," commented Bailey.

Sentinel growled, as he too had turned over to read the articles, and he'd heard about the guys leaving comments for Bailey.

"See if you can find out where these framers are headquartered," instructed Sentinel, "something tells me we need to keep an eye on them."

"Ok," nodded Bailey.

Bailey browsed through as much of the key webpages as she can, starting with the contact page. However, after several minutes of fruitless searching, she couldn't find the address.

"Damn it," grumbled Bailey, "I can't find the address! I'm starting to think they're keeping their headquarters a secret."

"In that case," suggested Akane, "we track down one of the staff members, place a tracer on him, and let him lead us to the headquarters."

"Hang on," requested Sentinel, "give me the contact information. I'll see if Ratchet or Mearing or someone can get a location out of that."

Bailey spent the next few minutes sending the contact information to Sentinel's data pad via email.

"All right," said Sentinel, "I've got it. I'll be sending the information to Mearing, Ratchet and Optimus."

"Thanks, Sentinel!" smiled Bailey.

"Maybe I'll be able to stop my brother before he succeeds in his goal," replied Akane.

"You mean his plan to eliminate the rights that women have right now?" clarified Bailey.

"Yes," nodded Akane.

"Maybe Megatron will inadvertently stop him for you," assured Sentinel, "your brother considers only some humans worthless. Megatron considers all humans worthless. If your brother's teamed up with Megatron, he's only going to live as long as Megatron has a use for him."

"I remember that Saburou changed after he had been an exchange student for a year when he was in high school," mentioned Akane, "and I highly doubt that he would let Megatron kill him. He'd probably do whatever it takes to avoid his death, even if it includes manipulating Megatron's loyal followers into turning against him."

"Not likely," replied Sentinel, "they share Megatron's view of humans. Shockwave, I've heard, thinks they make good lab rats."

"Either way," sighed Akane, "maybe we should consider taking down this organization Saburou has been running. I'll talk to Mearing about authorizing Bailey to release the information about this Patriarch Syndicate to the public."

"But what if some of the Americans agree with their beliefs?" objected Bailey.

"Why not just have the government release it," added Sentinel, "so it's more credible?"

"Sentinel does have a point," agreed Bailey.

"So do that," commanded Sentinel, "and let's see if anyone gets a location for these aftholes."

Akane left the quarters and wandered through the hallway until she came across Mearing.

"Do you need something?" asked Mearing.

"Did you receive the latest information from Sentinel about Saburou?" questioned Akane.

"Yes," nodded Mearing, "the 'Patriarch Syndicate', that group of radical idiots who are still living in the Stone Age. I'm checking on this Dylan Gould, too. One of his employees told the police he was talking with someone named Marcus Taron. We're looking into him, too."

"Sentinel has also requested that the information about the Patriarch Syndicate be released to the public by the government," added Akane.

"So he said," assured Mearing, "I've got people working on that."

"Thank you, Mearing," smiled Akane.

Akane wandered through the hallway until she reached the hangar, where Optimus was standing.

"Can I help you, Miss Ozaki?" asked Optimus.

"I was thinking of coming up with a plan to find the location of the headquarters of the Patriarch Syndicate," answered Akane.

"Ratchet and the government are hard at work on that," assured Optimus.

Just then, Wheeljack sprinted into the hangar.

"Optimus," reported Wheeljack, "bad news! I detected some Decepticons heading towards where Lennox and his family are living!"

"Damn it," exclaimed Akane, "they must be after Lennox!"

"Get Ironhide and join me on the double!" commanded Optimus.

"Right away," nodded Wheeljack.

Wheeljack sprinted back into the hallway while Optimus withdrew the Pillars from the vault. While the Autobot leader was setting them up, Wheeljack returned with Ironhide and Elita.

"You all know what to do," reminded Optimus, "roll out!"

Optimus pressed on the top of the Control Pillar, activating the space bridge. He led Ironhide, Elita, Wheeljack and Akane through the portal, taking them to Lennox's house. Akane stepped towards the front porch and knocked on the door. Seconds later, Lennox opened it.

"We have a wind of Decepticons heading this way," explained Optimus.

"Seriously?!" warbled Lennox, "oh great, how am I supposed to explain this to my ladies?"

"I thought Sarah knew about us," objected Ironhide.

"Autobots," instructed Optimus, "I want this place guarded at all times."

While Optimus, Ironhide, Wheeljack and Elita surrounded the house, Elita noticed Knockout, Breakdown and Barricade driving towards the house.

"Incoming!" warned Elita.

"Come and get some," shouted Ironhide, bringing out his cannons, "Decepticon punks!"

Knockout, Breakdown and Barricade transformed once they were just feet closer to the house.

"What the—," exclaimed Knockout.

"Scrap," groaned Barricade, "they got here before us!"

"Is there a problem here?" teased Ironhide, "yes."

"Really," groaned Knockout, "what is it?"

The other Decepticons facepalmed.

"You!" barked Ironhide.

Ironhide rapidly fired at Knockout, forcing him to dodge the shots. Unfortunately, one of them grazed his arm.

"MY FINISH," panicked Knockout, "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!"

Knockout extended his arm drill and charged at Ironhide while Elita charged at Barricade. Breakdown charged at the house, but was intercepted by Optimus and Wheeljack.

"Going somewhere, Con?" smirked Wheeljack.

"Not today," added Optimus.

Breakdown didn't say anything, even when he saw Elita pin Barricade to the ground with her foot.

"You mind telling me what you three were up to out here?" demanded Elita.

"Breakdown," called Barricade through the com-link, "I don't think we'll be able to carry out our little plan of breaking Mr. Lennox's heart by harming his loved ones."

"Scrap," grumbled Breakdown.

"How about we harm you instead?" remarked Ironhide.

Ironhide made a tiny scratch in Knockout's finish.

"Stop damaging the paint job," shouted Knockout, "you slagger!"

"Make me," taunted Ironhide, aiming his cannon at Knockout's face.

Knockout scrambled to his feet while Barricade managed to free himself. They and Breakdown quickly fled the scene.

"Stupid Cons," commented Wheeljack.

"At least Lennox and the others are safe," replied Akane.

"For now," added Optimus.

"Should we move them to safety so the Cons don't try to attack them again?" asked Wheeljack.

"That would make me feel better," smiled Optimus.

"I'll talk to Sarah about it," replied Lennox.

Lennox headed into the house, where Sarah and Annabelle were hiding under the dining room table.

"Ok," announced Lennox, "the coast is clear!"

"Thank God," sighed Sarah, relieved.

Sarah and Annabelle emerged from the table before following Lennox outside.

"Talk to me about those—" demanded Sarah.

Sarah caught a glimpse of Optimus.


"Yeah," admitted Lennox, "I've been working with these guys. They said that we should head to their base for a while so we can be safe, especially Anna."

"Will," demanded Sarah, "what are these things?"

"We're not things," huffed Ironhide.

"Not the time," whispered Elita, "Ironhide."

"We are called Autobots," answered Optimus, "and your husband has come in contact with us more than a year ago."

"And you didn't think to say anything, Will?" pestered Sarah.

"It was classified information," answered Lennox.

"That could affect our family, Will," protested Sarah, "you can't keep stuff like that from me."

"I'd better explain to Mearing about this," sighed Lennox.