A young man rides through the forest and pauses at the sight of the castle in facing him, welcoming him with its majestic aura: Camelot. Galahad, for that's the name of the young man had a twisted smile on his face, for he believes he is not just facing his horrible past by being here, he is also here to look for his twin brother. He heard that his brother is now the manservant of the King Arthur of Camelot. He's brothers name is Merlin. So apparently he's going to save his brother from being the servant of a monster. Yes another reason for going to Camelot is to seek revenge for the death of his wife who was killed by Arthur Pendragon just for possessing magic and trying to save a young boy from dying. He plans on taking the kingdom and legalizing magic with his brother by his side. Thinking about his always makes him sad and he is forced to relieve that day again.


'Mary come on, we are going to be late for the festival' Galahad shouted from outside their little cottage where he stood with two horses and some provisions. His wife Mary was pregnant and he hoped she would give birth at the druid festival.

'I am coming Gal, let me touch up a little' Mary answered and came out.

'Well hurry up. I don't have much….' Gal was awestruck by the sight of his wife. A little while later they were on their way to the festival. It was an awfully quiet journey with no incident. Nearing the camp they noticed it was eerily quiet save for the horses occasional sputtering. Then they had rustling of leaves. Galahad pulled out his sword and also readied his magic, but then a small boy came out panting. They recognized him as one of the druid children Dean, he was bloodied then Galahad looked up and saw smoke rising from the camp. Camelot soldiers were here. He ran back to meet his wife and saw that the boy Dean was dead and a young Camelot knight pointed his sword at his wife throat while she begged for mercy.

He wanted to strike them down but before he could move he was shot with a cross bow in the leg. Next thing he was surrounded but he didn't care he released his power and killed those that surrounded him and ran to save his wife but the Camelot knight killed her in cold blood for using magic to cure that young boy. In his rage his magic surged forward to that knight but he was surrounded again and shot with crossbows, daggers and stabbed with swords. When he fell down the knights assumed he was dead and ran to the young knight saying 'My lord or Prince Arthur.' Then he knew he lost his wife at the hands of the Camelot prince.