Merlin went out with Arthur to confront his brother and the members of the Darcaine. The king had just accepted that magic can be used for good and he will not allow anyone disrupt what he had spent so long fighting for. Stepping out he saw his brother with seven other hooded people. He could feel the power emanating from them and he knows he can't hope to defeat them all.

'My name is Arthur Pendragon may I know your grievance against Camelot. Whatever it is you do not have the right to interfere with the lives of my people. It is this type of behaviour that makes people believe magic is absolutely evil.' Arthur said.

'Who are you to state what is evil or not. You and your father have murdered innocent citizens because of your fear for something you cannot control. When people are being persecuted they only thinking of ways for them to survive.' The leader of the Darcaine replied Arthur. 'you have no right to demand or decide anything. Not anymore.'

This was getting too much for Merlin. He knew if he didn't act soon Camelot and all his hardwork will be destroyed. 'Stop I am Emrys and Camelot is under my protection. Before you do anything I demand that you hear me out. Some months ago my brother came to Camelot and he informed me about your meetings with morgana. She has done nothing but brought problems to the magical community. All for her selfish purpose. Arthur has finally agreed to lift the ban on magic. He has seen the good magic can do. Give him a chance. Please Galahad I appeal to your sense of justice.' Merlin said.

'let us hear it from the king.' Galahad said.

'My servant has shown me the error of my ways. I realize now I was wrong. The one thing I hated saved my life. With the help of my Merlin who from this moment is court sorcerer I will make new laws to accommodate magic. I hereby lift the ban on magic. I will not sit by while magic saves me and still pretend to be disgusted with it.' Arthur said looking as regal as possible.

The darcaine bowed their heads and in a second they were. But not before Galahad told Merlin telepathically that they will meet again.

'Well court sorcerer lets get started. We need to make the laws.' Arthur said.

'Arthur are you sure you want to do this? Don't feel pressured.' Merlin said.

'Merlin this is the first time I think I have taken the right decision in a long time.' With that answer merlin knew everything will be alright.