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Harry had been in the kitchen all day to get everything ready. He just hoped the man would like it. He had not exactly paid that much attention to what the man ate at Hogwarts, he had been more busy hating the man.

He felt so nervous and almost giddy. If Harry had not known, better he would have thought himself to be in love. No, Harry Potter loving Severus Snape, that was ridiculous.

Chapter 2

There was a knock on the door, at exactly 8 o'clock. Harry smiled at that. He should have figured that that man would not even be one minute late.

Harry opened the door.

"Hey, come on in," Harry smiled holding the door open.

Severus gave a slight nod and walked inside. The man took a look around the place.

"Yeah, its all brand new," Harry said. "I painted and did a lot of work to make it more like home."

The man turned towards him, " It certainly looks better than it used to." Severus had his usual mask up, but his voice did show a hint of surprise. He properly had not expected such a radical change to be made to the house, Ginny certainly had thought it a lost cause.

"I hope you like Italian, I made Lasagna," Harry said feeling really nervous.

Harry walked the man over to the table, and the man sat down as Harry put the food on the table.

"So…" Harry said sitting down. Harry held out his hand to invite the man to start eating.

"…" Harry opened his mouth but every question that he wanted to ask was stuck inside.

"I assume you have questions about your mother," Severus said putting some salad on his plate.

"I… Yes I do, I just don't," Harry said looking down on his empty plate, suddenly feeling like a firs year all over again.

"I need you to understand that the subject of your mother is something I would rather not talk about," the man said.

"I realize that it's properly a rather sore subject for you, I mean you loved her, and it is just all messed up," Harry said. He saw that Severus was about to reply so he continued, "You are the last link I have to her. I know you can tell me your friendship fell apart, but you knew her for years! I don't need to know any personal things that happened between you, I would just like to know something more about her. I have been told that she had green eyes, red hair and was good at Charms. But that's almost it. People seem more willing to talk about my father, and I would just like to know something," Harry said looking at Severus meeting his eyes.

Instead of talking, the man remained silent.

Harry was about to say something when the man started to talk.

"As you saw when viewing my memories I met your mother before we both started Hogwarts, and it was I that told her about magic and that she was a witch. Our friendship stopped after our fifth year at Hogwarts," Severus said.

Harry was almost afraid to breath, the man was actually talking.

"Your mother was a natural when it came to charms, and she developed a passion for the subject. But she like your friend Ms. Granger did fairly decent in all her subjects at Hogwarts. Although she had an aptitude for potions she never liked it. She did not appreciate the many different less appealing ingredients one have to handle in the subject," This made Harry smile. He could almost picture his mum grimacing at having to slice up slugs and bat spleens.

"She decided to choose three subject in her third year, Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy and Runes. She quickly developed a passion for all the subjects but Runes became one of her favorite subjects after Charms," Harry listened carefully as the man continued talking.

"She never could forgive me after our fifth year, and we parted ways. After that I of course knew some of what went on in her life. She married Potter and they had you,"

"And then they got killed," Harry said.

"Potter you are not to be blamed for your parents death," Severus said, now looking at him.

"If they had not had me, then they would not have been killed like that. They might still have died in this war, but," Harry stopped talking.

"Potter your parents along with all the people in the order were on the Dark Lords list. You are right, they might not have been hunted quite so effectively, but they would most likely have died," Severus said.

"Okay, look, the past is in the past. What had happened has happened, and we can't change that. I am grateful for every single thing you have told me about my mother today, you did not have to do that, I properly would not have stopped asking, but… Thanks," Harry said getting up to clean up and get dessert.

Harry could see that the man properly wanted to say something else, but instead he gave a small smile "Your welcome."

Harry put the cupcakes on the table.

"Coffee, tea?" Harry asked

"Coffee please, and what is this?" Severus said picking up one of the cupcakes.

Harry smiled shaking his head.

"Hermione loves them, it's more or less a chocolate muffing with a caramel topping," Harry said pouring boiling water in to the press pot with coffee grains and sat down.

"So, is it good?" Harry asked. Severus nodded still chewing. "It is rather good I must admit, who would have thought you would know how to make such a thing considering your potion skills," Severus said as Harry poured some coffee into his cup.

"I think I remember actually besting both Hermione and Draco in my sixth year," Harry said.

"Because you were taking credit for something that was not yours," the man said taking a sip.

"I was using a better book than the others, I won't call that cheating. That just proves that I can follow a recipe. I might not be a potion wonder kid, but I can follow instructions," Harry said.

"Hmm," was the only answer he got for that.

"As much fun as this had been I must get back to my lab, I have potions waiting," Severus got up.

"Yeah, of course you have things to do," Harry reached out to shake the man's hand, and as their hands connected there was a spark. Not only could he feel a tingle, but you could actually see a tiny white spark.

Harry opened his mouth to say something.

"I should go," Severus said and he disappeared. Harry stood there puzzled at what had just happened. What had just happened?


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